Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Santa Brought

Instead of doing my quarterly 'stuff we like', here is what Charley got for Christmas, along with what she did and didn't like.

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So Charley got a lot of stuff this Christmas. Mainly because I am a big fan of Christmas spoiling, and less of a fan of spoiling year round. Plus, I love buying gifts so it's fun for me too. It evens out though I think: I don't buy her a toy every time we go into Target, and she gets spoiled on birthdays and Christmases. I like it. Santa was on board with that too, so it all worked out.


Anyways, here's what my little cutie was spoiled with this year, and how she likes them all so far.

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Super Spud
I got this when it was a super good deal at Kohl's. It's for age 24 months and up, but I knew she would like it and not swallow a potato mustache. I was so right. This is probably the thing she's played with the most. She loves to dump out all of the pieces and place eyes where hats go, noses in arm holes, and wear the glasses herself. I give Santa an A+ on this one.

Ready for School Elmo

Charley was probably most excited about this when she opened it. (Yes, we wrap presents here. If you don't you're doing it wrong.) She had played with this Elmo once before with one of her friends, so I knew she liked it. He sings a couple of super catchy songs that I inevitably sing for the rest of the day. She hasn't played with him as much as I thought she would, but it's only 9 days past Christmas so I'm sure she'll come around.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob Puzzle

I told  you about this one here. She's done the puzzle a time or two, but isn't really into it just yet. I'll give her time. I mean, I haven't done my puzzle yet for the year either.

Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box

I caved and gave this one to Charley early. She was trying to play with a couple of my parent's refrigerator magnets that day, and they really weren't much fun so I decided to dig these out of the closet and give them to her then. Loved them. I tend to stand behind her and make the animal's sound as she puts them on the fridge, too. I do a really good elephant, but my panda bear and bunny could use some help.

Fisher-Price Little People Play 'n Float Bath Boat

Charley was lacking in the bath toy department so I got her this boat. She likes it okay, but especially likes the red part that comes off and makes a strainer. She also likes to try and drink some of her bathwater out of it before it drains out. Ick.

But the bath toy she likes even better she got from her Uncle Colt and Aunt Racheal. It's a turtle that floats on the water and is a shape sorter. 

My First Crayola Character Crayon

Just get regular crayons. These things suck.

Little People Figure Set Hedgehog Campfire Set

I had inside information that Charley was getting a couple of Little People sets from other family members, so I wanted to find a little set of extra people to go with them. Every set I found was either cartoon characters (bleh! no!) or had random things included that weren't people. Like this set. A hedgehog, an explorer girl, and a campfire! Would another little people have been too much to ask? She likes them though, even the campfire.

Little People: Barn & House & Car Track

These weren't from Santa, but from Charley's Gamma, Great Aunt Sharon and Aunt Christy. So far they've been a hit!

Leap Frog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

This has been at my sister's house pretty much since Christmas. I was told this was a hit by moms with older children, so I bought it but haven't witnessed myself if it really is a hit or not. I should ask my sister. It is awfully cute though!

Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Doll

This was bought a few days after Christmas after Charley had seen my nieces with their dolls and kidnapped one of them as her own. She kisses this baby a thousand times a day and stuffs the paci and bottle in her mouth too. This is definitely one of her favorite things!

There are a few other things too, and I feel awful because I listed some of the gifts from other family members but not everything. She really likes it all, but this is getting ridiculously long and verging into show-offy, and that's not my intention at all. So, please know she loves what you got her too!

And then, her big gift. As if we hadn't given her enough as it is. (I know, I know.)

But this is where it got really fun!

If you've been around here for long at all, you know I'm a big fan of the blog Young House Love. They have a daughter about a year older than Charley and are the most creative people on the planet, so my plan is to copy all of their DIYed gift ideas for their daughter forever. First up was this kitchen they built.


I absolutely loved it, and knew we were going to have to duplicate this for Charley as soon as I saw it. And duplicate we did:

We bought an old cabinet from the Habitat For Humanity ReStore, just as they did. John and my dad built the countertop, backboard and shelf and then John painted it. I would give more details, but there are already good instructions at Young House Love where I got the idea.

We opted to add the backboard and the shelf so we could hang things from it. And so I could add a backsplash. I HAD to. Those subway tiles were only $.22 each!

Lots of things were from the dollar store: the wire cooling racks used in the oven, the red fruit basket, the cupcake pan and 8x8" pan, all of the red utensils that are hanging, the dishtowel, and the basket and plastic jars on the shelf.


The burners are trivets found at Wal-Mart for $5 each. The sink is a dog bowl from Wal-Mart. A mixing bowl could be used instead, but I wanted something shallow so we wouldn't lose too much space under the sink.


We struggled finding a faucet and knobs. And then we got creative and realized buying a new faucet for $22 to use for this was stupid, and came up with the PVC-pipe-spray-painted-silver faucet. Then, we were going to use the same knobs as we used for the oven for the faucet, but my dad found some old real knobs in his garage and donated them to our cause! Yay for free!


To stock the kitchen, we bought the following:
Melissa and Doug Wooden Pots and Pans
Melissa and Doug Wooden Cutting Fruit (her favorite thing about it all)
Melissa and Doug Wooden Pantry Items
Wooden Toaster
IKEA Pots and Pans (from Gamma and Grandaddy)


And then, I wanted to add a wooden sign to personalize the kitchen, and I knew just the person who could make that for me. My dad is pretty great with his router, and didn't mind one bit making this sign for me. He traced over my hand written letters, and I was left with this to paint on Christmas Eve night. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute)


I think it came out pretty great, and Charley thinks so too!


I know we overdid it, but we honestly didn't spend very much at all. I am a cheap-o bargain shopper, and NONE of the stuff I bought was regular price. Well, except for the stuff at the dollar store. You know, they send out an ad in the paper sometimes and yet everything is still one dollar. I mean, can I at least get a nickel off?


The Beane's said...

LOVE the kitchen! Great job! I also follow YHL and think they are amazing!
It's funny because Colin got a potato head too and could care less :) He mainly sees how far he can throw the ears!

Natalie said...

That kitchen is fabulous! You did a wonderful job. Max got a Little People Barn for Christmas and loves it so much. He is a fan of the superhero characters, must be a boy thing :)

Erica said...

Ha, we got those crayons too and I cannot make them work.

Kristen said...

You guys are so crafty! LOVE the kitchen!

Laura Diniwilk said...

Charley's kitchen is amazing, love it! Lucy got the barn this christmas and Adriana already had the house, plus we got the loving family dollhouse this year. I adore Little People and probably play with it more than they do, ha!

Jennifer Lovett said...

How did you attach the tiles?

Lacey said...

Hi! We just used regular caulk to adhere them to the backboard. It's held up perfectly so far!

Jennifer Lovett said...

Thank you! So excited to make this for my baby girl Korie