Thursday, January 10, 2013

Devoted 2 Jen and Patrick

As I have mentioned, I came out of my internet shell within the last couple of years and due to that have actually formed some wonderful friendships. In addition to the friendships made with my fellow bloggers, I also created friendships with many pregnant ladies due in the same month I was due with Charley. We were 200+ pregnant, hormonal, yet excited, moms-to-be. Throughout our pregnancies and now the 16 months since our babies have been born, it was inevitable that through sharing our experiences with each other day in and day out, that some real friendships would be formed without actually ever meeting in person. It's hard for some people to understand that, but it happens just as easily, if not easier than it happens in school, church, work or wherever. I know the majority of my audience is fellow bloggers so you know exactly what I mean. Friendships can be formed with no thoughts to the physical distance between us.

One of the friendships formed over this time was with a fellow mommy-to-be Jen. She was also due in September with a darling baby boy they had chosen to name Dylan. Without giving too much of their story away here, please watch this video that friends have created for Jen and her husband Patrick. It explains her journey much better than I'll be able to.

(Seems that the YouTube video is having issues. You can also see the video here on the Facebook page)

In short, Dylan was born with many complications and survived only 2 short months. In the months since his passing, Jen has been raising money in his honor for her March of Dimes team, Devoted to Dylan. She is so inspiring and relentless in her efforts for March of Dimes and was the #9 in the country of the top fundraising teams in 2012. She is so giving and would never in a million years ask for anything for herself. Which is why her friends felt that it was time to give something back to her in their time of need. Jen and Patrick are now pregnant with their second baby, Noah, who seems to have all of the same complications as his big brother Dylan. We are trying to raise money for them to be able have genetic testing done so that they can find out what is happening to their babies and one day be able to bring home a healthy baby.

There is a website set up for them here (and a Facebook page here) which gives even more information. If you have anything at all to spare, please help us help Jen and Patrick get the answers they need. I could never imagine going through all of this even one time, and they are now going through it all for a second time.

Even if you aren't able to give anything, please share their story with anyone and everyone that you can.

Thanks so much for listening to their story.

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Laura Diniwilk said...

Okay, that video made me cry. I did what I could - I wish I could do more!