Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful Wednesday?

I can promise you that I won't be blogging tomorrow. And if ever there was a need for a Thankful Thursday, tomorrow would be it. Therefore, today I will tell you why I will be thankful tomorrow. Cause I'm definitely not thankful today, because today is a Wednesday. But tomorrow, yes tomorrow I will be thankful. :)

1. Family. Shouldn't this be first on everyone's list? Mine is the best. I won't go as far to say they are better than yours, (but they are) but I am so so thankful for mine. I have met so many people that have dealt with varying issues in their lives, and more than likely, they will tell me that growing up this happened, or, I am only like this because of my mom, dad or brother, etc. Family can make or break a person, and it's no wonder I turned out PERFECT, since my family is PERFECT.

2. Food, water, shelter. Okay, maybe this should technically be first...the essentials for survival. I am thankful for these items that we all take for granted and pray for those people which may not have these items as easily available.

3. Friends. These are the people that you love and have such a good time with, but without all the, whats the word, umm, loyalty maybe, that you show to family. For example, I could not call a friend for months and neither one of us is going to be upset when we do get around to talking. My family would be banging my door down if I went a week probably without talking to them. (Not that I mind of course, but keeping up with all friends AND family would take a lot of time!)Friends are there for when you selfishly need them, and I'm thankful for that!

4. Freedom. It is incredibly mind boggling when I read news stories about conditions in other countries where a spoken word gets you the death sentence or a belief leads to losing your home and everything you own. It's hard to imagine, with all of the freedoms we are allowed, anyone living like that. I am so thankful for my freedom.

5. God. While I am not a person to talk about religion very often at all, I am not afraid to say that I am thankful that I have an all-loving and all-forgiving God.

And finally, because I just can't be too too serious,

6. Reheat. Just yesterday I discovered the reheat button on the microwave. Why did I not know of this? Am I the only one? Before yesterday, my microwave ritual was like this: place food in microwave, shut door, press 1 minute, after minute stick fingers into middle of food to test for temperature, if still cold, get napkin and wipe fingers off, (go back to 'press 1 minute' and repeat), until finally I was satisfied with the temperature. Who knew there was a nifty reheat button that requires none of this work!?! Reheat senses the temperature of your food and heats until it is just right. This knowledge couldn't have come at a better time, this is after all, the biggest leftover week of them all!

So, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day, Gobble til you Wobble, Give Thanks, Happy Harvest, and whatever else. And if you are not in the United States, happy November 27th! Hope it's a great one! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

Dearest Santy Claus,

I wantwantwantwantwant alllllllll of this:

I need a new Wii game. I beat Super Mario Galaxy (for the most part), I'm stuck on Boom Blox, and I suck at MarioKart. The only thing our Wii is getting used for lately is for the digital scale aspect of the Wii Fit Balance Board. I need a new game to get me interested again. After much research, I have decided on this:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Doesn't that sound fun? Here's a link Santy. And used is just fine.

I would also like to have a Page-A-Day calendar for next year. This year I had the Mensa Puzzle Calendar, which was great. I just proved to myself that I should be a member of Mensa at least 4 days of the week. Next year, I would like either this or this (I LOVE this one! Just like the bar game!), and if you can't find those, this will be fine.

I need new lampshades Santy. It's an emergency, my eyes can't take that unfiltered-straight-from-the-light bulb brightness any longer. But I can't find any the right size and with the right fitter. I can't tell you how many we've had to return. (Okay only 2, but still!) So maybe with the help of all of those elf friends of yours, you could put something together for me. I need 2 measuring 4x11x9.5 with a spider fitter. Here are some that I like for your inspiration:

Santa I need your advice. Do I need one of these?

I really only bake 3 times a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Is this necessary? Will I bake more often if I have one of these? Should I sacrifice a chunk of my Christmas spending allowance on this monster? I'm not sure about this...

I neeeeed this. Really just any plaid trench. And actually I'd prefer something in the brown color family.

And finally, the good stuff:

Is that too much to ask Santa? I've been a really good girl this year...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PJ Party!

Saturday night, my adorable nieces Lindsay and Lori came over to spend the night! Their mom and dad (my sis and bro-in-law) were going to bro-in-laws 20th high school reunion, at the retirement home, obviously. Hahaha, those are just jokes! :) Anyways, Lindsay, Lori and I had so much fun! I swear, I will have a cajillion kids of my own until I have a girl. Here's a brief synopsis of our fun:

First, I took them to one of their neighbor's birthday party!

Then, we went to the Michael's, and they were perfect little angels, so I decided that they were now entitled to dinner. That's how it works, right? I bought them Wendy's. Yummy!

Then, we went to my house to play play play. They wanted to make a pillow pile, I obliged. Sorry sis if they start dragging couch cushions into a pile at home now...I take full responsibility!

They wanted to hide from John...

I seriously was beat by two 4 year olds! And I didn't fake lose either...I'm a competitor!!!! Not too surprising if you ask John though, my memory is shot!

I hope they had as much fun as I did! I love those girls! ♥

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update...I DO have a life.

I realize my blog has been lacking in posts about my very busy exciting life. I figured it's time to do a catch up post including pictures of all of the very different things I've done in the past month or two.

On September 13th, I ventured out to meet some friends at the local bar The Junction. Here is a group shot of some of us from that night:

On October 3rd, I decided on a whim to meet some friends at a local bar, The Junction.

Here is myself with one of my best friends' boyfriends. We always take such good pictures together. Don't worry, my friend Amy is cool with this. We're all swingers anyways.

Then, for some cRaZy reason, I decided to do something really different on November October 17th. I decided to go meet some friends at this local bar called The Junction. Here I am (towards the end of the night, obviously) with friends Matt and Drew.
(I let the guy on the left drive me home.)
See, I DO have a life.


So it's November! Meaning it's Christmas season! What's that you say? What about Thanksgiving? No no no, November 1st is officially the start of the Christmas season, and Thanksgiving is just a warm up holiday. Something to hold us over for the big deal, the jolliest of all holidays, Christmas. Which is why, on the very first day of the Christmas season, my sister Joy (her name is very appropriate I might add) and I sold Christmas ornaments at a church bazaar.

[insert picture of Joy and I at craft sale that I do not have yet because I was a slacker and didn't take any pictures and I only just now asked Joy to send me the one's she took!]

We prepared by making several different Christmas crafts in the weeks leading up to this event. We are usually the type to attend craft sales, not participate in them, but we thought we'd give it a try this year. We have lots of practice making Christmas crafts. For the past 8 or 9 years, the women and children in our family (well there was that ex-boyfriend of mine that participated...what a weirdo) get together one night in December and make Christmas crafts. We call it....craft night. DON'T STEAL OUR NAME if you are thinking about doing the same thing. It is very original, I know. Anyways, the point is, we have had several really good crafts come from this night and since we already knew how to make them, we thought this would be something fun that might possibly make us a few dollars too!

Well, the few dollars part should be taken literally. We made just a few dollars after the cost to participate and the materials. But it was our first time, and we learned a lot and will be doing this again in the future! At least we didn't lose money, AND, most importantly, we still have the ornaments left over to sell! So if you hear of another church in the area having a craft sale, let us know! So, without further ado, here are our creations:

First up, this lovely tree made with 100% pure ribbon. For the low low price of $7, this can be yours. And if you call now, we'll include a second tree for only $6.99 more! Call now, this deal won't last forever!

Next up, in the same ribbon family, we have this lovely ribbon pine cone ornament for just $5. Also made from 100% natural organic ribbon. This product has not been tested on animals.

Next, keeping with the pine cone tree theme, we have these lovely trees made completely from real pine cones! These hearty ornaments will last a lifetime and will be timeless treasures to pass down for generations.

Next for sale we have these fabric tree ornaments. Handcrafted from the finest materials, this item is sure to bring a smile to all who receive it. Act now! This item is only available here and can not be found in stores.

Need the perfect gift for your child's teacher? The mailman/woman? Neighbors? Your doctor? Dentist? Gynecologist? Perhaps the bus driver. Pastor? Maid? Lawn Crew? Your butcher? Baker? Candlestick Maker? Well have I got the deal for you. For sale for only $10 is this beautiful centerpiece coated in 2 carat plastic gold. This will make the most beautiful addition to the holiday dinner table. Each limited edition tree will come with it's own collection number. Don't let this deal pass you by.

Remember that timeless classic 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'? What better way to remember that story than by a commemorative ornament designed after Charlie's own Christmas tree. For just $3, you and your family can relive that classic tale year after year. Hurry, this item is selling fast!

This next item is selling like hot cakes! Get one of these fine handcrafted ice cream cones to make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree.
Finally, these trees constructed of fine Italian fabric round out this collection. Get yours now in order to have it in time for the season!

I believe I've seen one too many infomercials. But seriously, if you see something you are just dying to have, we can make it happen!! But you MUST. ACT. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!