Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

As Charley gets older and has more opinions, this DIY costume thing we have going on is definitely going to be more difficult. This year, I just crossed my fingers she wouldn't choose to be a Disney Princess or any other character and I asked her what she wanted to be. Her answer: a pink hippo! Yay! It was original and I liked it! I brainstormed about how to make the costume for a couple of weeks and then started to buy a few things for it including a pink sweatsuit one size too big that I would stuff to make her nice and plump like a hippo. I couldn't wait!

To steer clear of any meltdowns, I occasionally would ask Charley once again what she wanted to be for Halloween, and about 2 weeks out from Halloween her answer suddenly changed to a pink kitty cat. I asked a couple times a day for several days to be sure she had changed her mind and it seemed she had. Sure, the cat would be easier but it's not as original nor is it as fun in my opinion. But, that's what the girl wanted so that's what we did.

Charley's favorite color is pink, obviously, but her second favorite color is black so I took creative liberty and decided she would have some black stripes on her pink costume also. A few days before Halloween I started putting it together.


I bought a long sleeved pink shirt and some pink pants from Old Navy for about $10 I think. And, even though they were really cheap, I didn't want to waste 2 perfectly good pieces of clothing so I brainstormed on how I could stripe up her clothing without ruining the shirt and pants. My solution: double sided tape and black felt.


It wasn't perfect by any means. Some of the stripes stuck up at the ends because the tape wasn't placed all the way to the end. And once I applied the stripes, it reminded me more of a tiger's stripes (or even Tigger's stripes) than a cat's stripes, but it was good enough and Charley was thrilled about it which is all that matters anyways. 

Charley went back and forth on whether she wanted her whole face painted pink or not but a) I could never find the creamy face paint that covers a face well in pink and b) she ultimately decided against having her whole face pink and opted for just a pink nose and black whiskers. Easy enough!


We made her collar with a piece of ribbon and a toy coin we got from the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago, added a bell, and double sided taped that one together too. The ears we already owned and we did make some paws out of some fuzzy pink fabric adhered to a pair of mittens with the fingertips cut off, but in the end we actually forgot to put those on before heading out to trick or treat. It was definitely the most simple costume we've done yet!


But it wasn't my favorite. I think Raggedy Ann is still my favorite and the peacock a close second! But she still enjoyed herself and still loaded up on candy so I'd call it a win!

My nieces were Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Riding Hood's Sick Granny - their entire costumes (minus the cape) from Goodwill! It was a cheap Halloween for all!

And then when we got home, we ripped the stripes and tape off of the shirt and pants and tossed them into the washer! Cheapest costume ever - paid a few dollars for the face paint, maybe $1 on black felt, $2 or $3 on the pink fuzzy fabric we used on her paws and tail, and everything else we already owned or planned to keep! Pretty awesome!


Can't wait to see what she comes up with next year. I'm still pulling for the pink hippo, but something tells me her mind will change a million times between now and then!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sixteen Weeks

Sixteen weeks! Stealing this little survey thing from a fellow April '15 Mama to get a snapshot of this pregnancy at this point. I don't have it in me to keep this up weekly, so you can either breathe a sigh of relief or chastise me in the comments for that.

Date: November 6, 2014

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: I lost 10 pounds in that awful first trimester, and have gained about 7 of that back. So I'm still down 3 or so.

Belly Shot: 16 weeks is when I started having a bump and not just all over belly pudge with Charley, and it seems to be the same this time. Although looks a bit bigger this time, but I did start out with a bit extra this time too so makes sense.

Charley Bump, Laney Bump

Photo thoughts: In pictures it is definitely a bump because I make sure to hold the top or bottom of my shirt in to highlight the roundness of it. I don't however walk around with my hand like that so I notice many curious glances at my belly both by those that know and strangers that can't tell. Maternity clothes have helped a lot this week in distinguishing a bump versus pudge but it still isn't that pronounced.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: I still have random nausea which is really annoying. GO. AWAY. Also been getting headaches after lunch but am wondering if I just need to up my water intake a bit more. Ahhh. As if I'm not in the bathroom enough as it is. Which is another symptom - I don't know if it's the way she's sitting versus the way Charley was sitting in there, but I remember thinking I didn't have much of a change in how often I had to pee when I was pregnant with Charley and that definitely is not the case with this baby.

Cravings: I WANT sweets all of the time, but 75% of the time they make me feel icky afterwards. Same with soda. I  WANT it, but it makes me feel bad after I drink it.

Sleep: Sleep is good. Occasionally I will wake up after an intense dream around 4 or so in the morning and it takes me a bit to get back to sleep, but falling asleep initially is no problem. I also don't have to get up to pee at all so plenty of good night's sleeps over here.

What I’m loving/I can't live without: Heating pad. Really helps with some tailbone pain I've had or just back pain at the end of the day.

What I miss? All the fall beers. It really hasn't been too bad with missing those tasty drinks, but when I'm going to hang out with a friend or when John and I went on a date it was hard to come up with something to do that doesn't involve getting a couple of drinks. That sounds awful, doesn't it? Ha!

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: I am anxious for my doctor appointment next Thursday. It's just a regular heartbeat check and I'm able to check that at home but I just like going and hearing that everything is still going okay.

What I’m stressing about/worries: Just the usual stuff - something's not right or is going to go wrong.

Milestones: Found out this little baby is a GIRL at our elective ultrasound on Sunday! So excited!

Aha Moment: This baby girl's name is going to be Laney, and my sister realized that my girls are now Laney and Janey (Charley's middle name is Jane, and my sister often calls her Janey). Love it!

Differences between pregnancies: Definitely have felt worse this pregnancy and have had way more worries, but otherwise the belly seems to be growing at about the same rate. Time is definitely going by faster with this pregnancy though!

Highlights of the week: Obviously the big one was finding out this baby is a girl. Also had a great time on Halloween which I promise to write about soon!


Goals for the upcoming week: Organize another area in the house this weekend! Remember to take those darn vitamins every single day! Drink more water!

Movement: Nothing absolute yet. I remember it being later with Charley too, but since I know what it feels like now I'm thinking it will be very soon.

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: Still pretty early for this one and I'm sure I'm shooting myself in the foot by guessing an early date, but I'm going with April 9th.

Summary: I know I won't keep up with these weekly, but I would like some sort of formal documentation of this pregnancy at each stage. I didn't really do these with Charley either and it's not like I'll need this information for future pregnancies because those will not be happening, but it's good to be able to look back on stuff like this for when friends may ask "when did you have your elective ultrasound?" or "were you still nauseous at 16 weeks?" etc.

Overall though, feeling much more positive as each week passes and am excited to get to the anatomy scan first, and then to actually start working on the nursery! Pinterest was not in existence when I designed Charley's nursery so I can't wait to start there.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick Takes

The song 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J. (took me over a month to figure out ANY lyrics to the song so I could Google it and include it here) is the worst song ever made. I listen to a morning show that is on the pop radio station so I get to pretend to stay hip and up to date with all the new pop songs. And this one is AWFUL. Monotone, lady rapping, screaming, screeching. HATE it. It's the only song I can ever remember having to turn the radio all the way down when it comes on.


Charley is cracking me up lately. I don't know if these things will translate well to written form or to people that don't know her personally but I'm sharing anyways. It's not even that funny and it for sure wouldn't be funny if an adult said them, but hearing her use phrases I've not heard her use before and in the appropriate context makes me laugh so hard. It's like she's a little person or something!

So, Charley and I ran to the Dollar Tree to get a few things I needed to finish decorating for Halloween a couple weeks ago. As we were pulling out of the driveway Charley asked where John was since she knew he was outside somewhere but didn't see him. I told her he was in the backyard near her playground set and her follow up question was "Is he working on it??!" I told her no, he was working on the irrigation system and her response was "Oh! You scared me for a minute!" And I died laughing. See, not even that funny but a little wee person using that phrase just amuses me.

Then, while in the Dollar Tree I couldn't find the clothespins within the area I knew they should be. I said out loud "I just don't see them anywhere!" and started to walk away. With Charley following behind me and also helping to look for the missing clothespins she shakes her head and says "strange, strange, strange". Again, I laughed. I wonder at what age will it no longer amuse me that she uses phrases appropriately and in context? I guess when I come to terms with the fact that she really is a little person and not a baby, maybe?


At yard sales one weekend I found an accent chair that I LOVED for $35. It was a minty green color, in great shape and just so happens to help with my mint green accent thing I have going on in my living room. I get it home and get John to bring it in for me's just not right. I need help.

So, our couch is not really 100% my style but it is functional for our room and it was the right price and that's done. It is IKEA, and therefore a bit more modern of a look than I'd normally go for, but since it's a floating couch in a room that didn't offer very many functional configurations it really works well. The lower back keeps the room nice and open which was totally a happy accident. I do normally prefer higher-backed couches so the fact that we ended up with this one and it works well in the room was just by chance.

Anyways, so the chair is not lower-backed like the couch. The seat is higher than the couch and even though it's not directly next to the couch, I think it looks a bit off. First thought was to change the legs. I could even buy the exact legs that are on the couch, but I'm worried that the chair will look funny with short legs and a tall back like that. What are we thinking? Leave it? Put it elsewhere in the house? Another suggestion?


And now that I've taken the pictures to accompany this and have looked at it for a couple of weeks I don't think it's THAT bad. But maybe you'll have some good suggestions anyways.


Can I eat you up Charley?
No, I'm not very tasty.


I've shared on Facebook and on Instagram so I've probably covered most of my bases, but I know there are some exclusive blog people too so I need to share here too. Sorry for those of you that will now see this for the third time! My social networking people are spread across many outlets; I can't help it!

We went to have an elective ultrasound yesterday at 15 weeks 4 days because we aren't very patient people. Also, the anxiety with this pregnancy is only lessened by ultrasounds and this was one to bridge the gap from that last one at 8 weeks and the next one that won't be until 21 weeks or so since we declined the NT scan.

So anyways, I'll post the video of Charley sharing the news but for those of us that can't just watch videos at any time of the day I'll put the cliff's notes transcript right here: IT'S A GIRL!


Still relating to pregnancy, I have been playing hide the bump at work thus far because I wasn't ready for everyone to know because I still am not completely convinced this baby is happening - likely due to my history. I like to go around pretending all is good because I don't want to remember this pregnancy as one that I didn't get as excited about as I did with Charley's or whatever, but that sinking feeling is still there. So, if less people knew at work, the less I would have to put on my fake excited face. (Granted, it isn't ALL fake by any means, but sometimes I just have a hard time accepting congratulations and all.)

Anyways, I guess I am embracing the bump today.

Excuse the bedhead - hadn't gotten around to that yet this morning.

Well, I'll be sure to embrace it as soon as I take this coat off. 


Yesterday I gave myself a 20 minute break in cleaning up our disaster of a house (I am only about 3 months behind on laundry and everything else it seems) to play on the computer for a bit. I really wanted to finally update my header to the current month since I missed October so I played around with that and created a new one. Whew. I wouldn't be missing TWO months in a row - no way.

Last night as we were laying in bed John visited my blog to see if there were any updates and said "Oh! You made a new header!" which reminded me to look at it on mobile to see how I liked it. 

I pull it up and could have smacked myself. That should definitely say NOVEMBER not OCTOBER you idiot. And of course I created it in Photoshop and didn't save the Photoshop version of it (only the jpeg) so I'll have to recreate the whole darn thing. Idiot!

(And I'll stick a picture of it here in case you are reading in a reader or if you read this at a later date...)


That's all I've got I think. I still have some house updates to share and of course Halloween to share, but those will have to be another day. Happy Monday!