Sunday, April 26, 2015

Loved By So Many

Charley is one lucky little girl in that she is very much loved by so many. She gets to spend a lot of time with many different family members since John and I both work and constantly need help juggling schedules, so she has developed such special and strong bonds with many people. Not that children with stay at home parents don't develop these bonds, but in our case that is WHY Charley has these strong bonds with so many. Here are a few little things that have happened lately to prove by how many and by how much this sweet little girl is loved.


A few weeks ago we celebrated my twin nieces' eleventh birthday. Charley LOVES her big cousins who she affectionately calls LoriLindsay (all one word) so she was very excited about their birthday party with our family.

Charley really likes to help at any and all birthday celebrations with the gift opening or blowing out candles as any kid likes to do. I don't force the issue because other family members may actually want to do those things themselves, so I usually take their cue and if they ask her then I'll let her help. Especially with other kids - they quite like to open their own gifts, you know?!

So when it came time for LoriLindsay to open their presents, they told Charley she could help. So Charley plopped herself right in between them both to be in the center of the action. Both girls had a present in their lap as they were getting ready to open gifts and Charley asked for one of her own. Through some misunderstanding of the toddler and all, we thought she was asking for a gift of HER OWN, like, one that she could take home herself afterwards so we told her no and - oh man. The broken-hearted look on her face got us ALL. I had to laugh to keep my hormonal self from crying. She was devastated, until we realized she just wanted to hold one of THEIR presents in assisting them. She even said through a shaky voice and tears "I'm not going to take it home. I just want to help them." or something along those lines. Man. Want to see 8 adults all crippled at the sound of a toddler? You should've been there. Ha.

So a couple of days later my sister Christy and her husband Chris were at Wal-Mart and Christy said to Chris "I wonder if I should get a little something for Charley?" and Chris replied "I think so! Did you see that look on her face at the birthday party?!"

She's spoiled. And loved. And she definitely loves them back too!



My nephew Seth is just 15 years old. He adores Charley though just as she loves him. I remember how he couldn't wait to hold her when she was just a newborn - what 12 year old boy gets so excited to hold a tiny baby, you know?


So anyways, my sister Christy is his mom, and she is the sister that keeps Charley for me every day so she gets to see Seth an awful lot. Christy said something to Seth about being excited to hold Laney soon and Seth's response was something like this:
But we just got through toddler phase! Now we're going to have to start all over with Laney!
That cracks me up. I for sure have thought that myself how Charley is at such an easy phase of her life already and now we will be starting completely over, but I'm her Mama. Seth is just a very loving big cousin who obviously feels some responsibility in helping to raise my kids too and I love that!



Charley probably says the words 'pink and sparkly' on a daily basis, probably a few times daily. So when out running errands with my sister a few days ago Charley came upon the perfect pink and sparkly item. Christy was trying to spend her Extra Care Bucks from CVS and little miss convinced her to choose this as a way to spend those bucks.

Again, she's spoiled. But she's oh-so-sweet about it!


And of course there are plenty of other stories with several other family members. Charley is a very loved little girl and that just makes my heart so happy to share her with them all. I often hear people complain about family members using the phrase "my [child's name]" and getting irritated that someone else is claiming their child. I will continue to be happy to share my child with any family member that loves her. She IS theirs too. They are part of our village and I will forever be grateful for all of their help and love.

Anddddddd cue the watery eyes. These watery eyes brought to you by pregnancy hormones - not post-partum ones or even in labor ones. I'll keep trying to post once a day until Laney comes - so let me go ahead and work on tomorrow's post since the most action that's going on in there today is a case of the hiccups.

I can only hope (and I'm sure she will be unless our family and friends all of a sudden turn into a bunch of meanies) that Laney will be just as loved as Charley. If only Laney knew that so she'd come out already and see for herself!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Date: April 25, 2015

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: Today the scale said 34 pounds, which is 5 pounds heavier than just 9 days ago. I am going to blame it on the swelling that has all of a sudden shown up, and the "healthy" eating habits of the last few days.

Belly Picture:

40 weeks 3 days with Laney, taken by Charley who was kind enough to take this for me while watching Frozen

40 weeks 3 days with Charley

Photo thoughts: So weird to picture a baby that size^ currently in my belly.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: Definitely feeling more uncomfortable these days. The swelling is complaint #1, but I'm awfully thankful it waited until 40 weeks to stick around. My hands and feet just hurt to bend. I also have had indigestion this week - one night in particular it was pretty bad after going out to eat Mexican that evening before and basically eating the entire thing of salsa by myself. I was REALLY testing out that spicy food thing apparently. And it definitely does not work, especially if you are used to eating spicy food as a normal part of your diet in the first place!

I am still sensitive too and can't wait for these hormones to level out. Even though I know that will still take some time even after Laney decides to join us. I'm sensitive not pregnant so I know friends and family are tip toeing around me at this point. Sorry!

Cravings: Nothing new. Just had that same old Chick Fil A sandwich for lunch a few minutes ago and it was delicious as ever. For 3 weeks now I've told myself each time I eat that sandwich that it would be the last one pre-Laney. Ha! But this time I did also get a milkshake to go with it and I'm going to call that a craving too to justify it just a tiny bit more. I HAD to have it.

Sleep: Besides the indigestion night a few days ago, I've been sleeping great again! Got a solid 9.5 hours last night which felt great!

What I’m loving/I can't live without: My phone I guess, since I've been spending more time just sitting or laying in the bed. I am so bored of it though, but I guess without it I'd be even more bored. I just know that it will also be my lifesaver in the middle of the night for the next few weeks so definitely can't live without it right now.

What I miss? Cannot wait to have a beer really soon. John was talking about having one tonight around a fire and I was pretty jealous!

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: Besides the obvious which WILL happen this week for sure (regardless of the fact that I've basically said this the last few times I've posted this) I absolutely cannot wait to see Charley meet Laney. Last night we sat in her room and talked about babies in general and what they require and need and how she can help me if she'd like, and no matter how much I told her she kept asking me to tell her more more more about babies. She's just the sweetest thing ever and I hope Laney is just as sweet.

What I’m stressing about/worries: Getting Laney here ASAP. I know that a due date is just a guess, but at this point for me personally I'd feel better about her being out than in. I know the placenta will continue to function for at least another week or so, but still. I don't feel that comfortable being overdue. It is basically those first few weeks all over again, although not to that extreme since she will kick me here and there to tell me everything is okay.

Milestones: 40 weeks! Being overdue is definitely not something I was anticipating at all! And the fact that I'm still feeling pretty good comparably speaking is making these "extra" days not all that bad. I mean, of course I'm anxious, but anxious AND miserable would be a lot worse.

Differences between pregnancies: We've been over this. Charley was an early bird and Laney is definitely not. After first tri, I've felt pretty good with both pregnancies.

Highlights of the week: The induction date is set for Wednesday morning the 29th at 7:30 a.m., so setting a definite end date was pretty light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnely. There was no change again this week as far as dilation and all but I was kind of expecting that this time.

Also, yesterday was my last day at work which was pretty exciting. Again, I know I've said it so many times, but I love my job and the people there. Everyone was so excited for me and they are just so flexible and understanding about anything at all. It felt nice leaving yesterday with everyone's well wishes. I'll be going back of course, but just glad that they like me enough to hold my job for me since I'm not going to qualify for FMLA due to me not being there 1 year yet.

Goal for the upcoming week: Bring home a baby. 

Movement: She really likes to move around after I get settled in bed or on the couch for a bit. If I'm out walking around outside with Charley or shopping or something, she's napping I think. And it does seem like the movement is less often overall as I'm sure she's running out of space!

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: Ha. Wednesday the 29th.

Summary: This for sure is the last time I'll ever be filling out a little pregnancy survey even though I guess I could technically fill out one for 41 weeks on Wednesday morning before induction. Whoa! Laney tried to make her case for a third child one day by taking it so easy on me these last 2 trimesters, but even though I still feel good now, making those monthly payments on the D&Cs remind me often how awful it was to get to this point and how I really don't want to go through any of that again. Sorry, Laney. But I do appreciate the fact that I was just able to run errands with John and Charley and all that walking (something else that definitely didn't work for me!) didn't wipe me out.

I'm just excited to be done with this phase of my life - the uncertainty and pregnancy part - even though I do enjoy pregnancy and will miss parts about it for sure. I'm ready to see my family for what it will be and to envision family vacations and travel and all that comes easier once the pregnancy and infancy stages are done. Not that I won't miss the baby phase - because I love that too - but you know what I mean. Each stage has its own exciting parts and I look forward to each of them.

Since I'm done with work and I only have 64 or so unpublished blog drafts, I'll try to post daily until Laney arrives just to keep you all in the loop. If there seems to be a lull, then you can safely assume the next post will be introducing Miss Laney. Deal? Deal.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Twenty Dollars

Garage sale season has officially started within the last couple of weeks and seeing as how I'll likely need to take a few weeks off really, REALLY soon, I have been doing my best to take advantage of easily being able to go to garage sales in the mean time. Not only do I love them so, but getting in and out of a car on top of all of the walking and bending over that is involved while shopping in people's driveways and garages certainly can't hurt, right?

We haven't had the kind of luck yet this year that we sometimes have where we have to make a pit stop at home mid-morning because we absolutely cannot fit another thing in the car, but last Saturday started to make up for that. We didn't get a TON of stuff, but the things I found in particular were eerily things I have been looking for or were planning to purchase otherwise. It is so weird when that happens! And fun! That's what makes it so fun!

So Saturday, I took my 39 and a half week pregnant self garage saling and here are the lucky things I found. I spent a total of $20 and here's what I came home with.


When decorating Laney's nursery, I mentioned that one of the last things I wanted to find was a little round accent rug. I either wanted it to place underneath the rocking horse in her room, or to put right in front of her crib. I just thought a little rug was just one more thing that the room could use. I looked EVERYWHERE for a little rug that I liked. I polled several friends on 5 different ones that are still currently in my shopping cart on Overstock that ranged in price from $35-$60. These little rugs were only 3-4' wide, so I had a hard time pulling the trigger, err, pushing that checkout button and deciding on one. Not only because of the price, but also because I just didn't LOVE any of them. 

What I really loved were the cute little rag rugs on Etsy, but again, the price (due to them being handmade) just didn't fit in my (cheapo) budget. I never did pull the trigger on those either.

Finally I found a rug at HomeGoods for $8 that I thought might work and I bought it and brought it home. The colors weren't quite what I had in mind, but I thought that once in the room it may go more than I was envisioning so for $8 I'd give it a go. But no. I really hated it in the room and it just wasn't big enough either. I returned it.

And then Saturday. Found a rug in the perfect colors. It was oval. It was a rag rug. It was clean and it didn't smell. (And turned out I knew the sister of the seller!) And when I asked the price she told me only TWO DOLLARS. I kept my composure, but inside I was jumping for joy. It is perfect! Perfect!

And, I promise not every item I purchased is going to need 4 paragraphs of commentary. Sheesh Lacey.


I updated my mantel for spring recently and for the immediate-must-share Instagram picture I ran out and grabbed some dogwood blooms off a tree out front and plopped them in the vases real quick.. Of course, those lasted all of 2 hours and I was once again left with empty vases. (And fun fact: all of those white vases were obtained at garage sales over the past year also) So all week during lunch I kept telling myself to stop by the craft store to pick up some artificial springy flower to put in the vases because a'int nobody got time for real flowers. I never made it though.

And then, this bundle of flowers was found for just $1 for them all. I had to pull the artificial leaves off because they made them look way too artificial, but I think they work! I think white flowers with some greenery would have been my first choice, but given yellow flowers and the price tag - I think these will work justttt fine. And who knows - I may find just that when I am back out at garage sales with a 3 day old baby next week. ::wink wink::


John is OBSESSED with his garden this year. So when I saw those two children for sale I thought they would be great helpers for him. Justtt kidding. They were way overpriced. Anyways, he had mentioned needing tomato cages for the FIFTEEN tomato plants he is growing this year so this was just a practical purchase. They aren't that expensive new (according to Home Depot's website they are $4 each) but I got all 4 for $4, so saved us a little there. And then, when I got home and took them apart - bonus! - there were 5 there instead of 4. So, saved 80% on these 5 at least.

Okay $2 + $1 + $4 = $7 so far. For the next $13 I got....

2 pair of play shoes for Charley. They both look barely used and when she's outside getting dirty as often as she is play shoes are always needed. Both are in a bigger size so we'll stock them away for a few months. The Nikes were $2 and the Osh Kosh $1. It's a lot easier to see her tramping through mud in shoes that didn't cost me hardly anything at all.


RAPUNZEL. Do you know how much my child loves "Tootunzel"? A whole lot. Definitely her favorite princess. (Followed closely by Ariel and Anna) So, included in her big sister gift we are giving her at the hospital was a Rapunzel dress up dress because somehow she didn't have one of those. I knew she would be thrilled with it. I paid ~$18 for it from Amazon.

And then, here was the exact same dress, lying there all clean and pretty on a table in this family's garage. The daughter apparently had 2 of this one so they were just selling one. It was $3 and I could easily still return the one I bought, so, I had to buy it. And I'm a sucker and gave it to her right when we got home that afternoon because while I'm all for used things - I'm not much of a used thing gifter and it just didn't seem right to stick that in the big sister gift bag. She's worn it all week I think. She loves it.

At the same sale as the Rapunzel dress score were these "glass" Cinderella slippers for $.50. The dad just let me have these to go along with the Rapunzel dress, so FREE! She LOVES these too, and they aren't slippery on the floors like the other dress up shoes she's had. No picture of these - so very sorry.


A pretty little candle stick that looks nice in our bedroom that will be decorated some day. Just $1 for this too - can't beat it.


And this glass pitcher. We don't have guests often, but we actually don't have any pretty pitchers at all. I have a easy place to store it in the china cabinet so it was an easy purchase for just $2. I can see water with limes in it or lemonade or even just tea in it one day at a possible get together at our house. Or maybe something with vodka. That seems more reasonable.

So starting with the $7 from above,

$7 + $3 + $3 + free! + $1 + $2 = we are up to $16 so far.


Remember how I shared way back when about the whole Pampered Chef saga and how even though I liked the products that they were pretty easy to find really cheap at garage sales? (By the way, sorry Pampered Chef, but that review is one of my most viewed and read posts of all times, still getting about 200 views per month 1.5 years later) Well, I guess the same holds true for Thirty-One Gifts items for some people. I actually really like their stuff too but do struggle to spend so much on the bags from the catalog, especially after they tack on the hefty shipping charges. So, when I saw these 2 bags for sale and the HUSBAND running the garage sale (the husband never knows how much we can drop at those kinds of parties), I knew I had to ask how much he wanted for them. One was the cosmetic bag ($30 in the catalog) and the other was the square utility tote (which they don't sell anymore but used to be $24) which will work perfect to house toys between the car seats in the back seat. He said he'd take ONE DOLLAR for each of them. Hope he didn't tell his wife what he sold them for!

Same guy also had that green wallet that I thought was cute, and again, for just $1 I bought it to try it out.

Which brings me to $19. Um. And I'm at a complete loss on what I spent my other dollar on. I'm sure it was something equally fantastic! It was one of the few times I came home from garage sales, plopped all the stuff down on the counter and was able to put it all away in a new home right then. The flowers in the vases, the dress on Charley, the candlestick in our bedroom, and on and on. Nothing went to the basement except those shoes which went into a bigger-sized-Charley-stuff tote I keep down there.

But not bad for $20 and a few hours having fun with my mom and sister! Depending on the weather (not looking good) and little Miss Laney's impending arrival (also, not looking good) I'd love to take my overdue pregnant self out again to garage sales in the morning. The look of panic when you tell strangers you were due a few days ago is almost making up for having to talk to strangers in the first place. Like I might just pop right there in their driveway and soak their collection of koozies and outdated clothing. Don't worry - if that happens, I'll pay you your $.75 before running off to finally have this baby!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


On the brink of baby number 2 coming, I thought I'd make a list of things that I've avoided thus far while being a parent to see if I hold strong through baby number 2 as well. Some of these I don't necessarily have a strong opinion against or anything - I just somehow got by without ever using or having them so I'm curious if I'll find I will need them or will end up with them with a totally different kid.

So, in Charley's 3.5 years, we've avoided:

  • NoseFrida, or anything other than the bulb aspirator
  • Crocs
  • Stick Figure family bumper stickers
  • Gripe water
  • Mastitis
  • Clogged ducts
  • Video Monitor
  • Rock N Play Sleeper
  • The blow-up duck tub
  • Diaper Genie
  • Pacifiers
  • Bath spout cover thing
  • Cabinet Locks
  • Safety Harness/Leash
  • Bed Rails
  • Diaper sensitivities
  • Jogging stroller
  • Bassinet (other than the Pack N Play) or Moses basket or Arms Reach co-sleeper
  • Sling carrier
  • Sink baths
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Orajel

And then there are the things we avoided with Charley but are prepared to use with Laney:

  • Boppy lounger
  • Glass bottles
  • Hands free pumping bra
  • Muslin swaddle blankets (we had tons of blankets, just no muslin ones.)

I love reading different people's MUST HAVE lists and seeing how different they all are. And I know a few of these aren't baby products but I just felt like I will never remember which baby used which stuff or with which one I suffered through xyz ailment, so I decided to include them to even though I have no control over those items. And rest assured that there were a couple of common ailments that are not listed that were for sure NOT avoided with Charley. I'd love to be able to put them on the AVOIDED list with Laney. 

How many of these things are on your MUST HAVE list? What things did you avoid that seem like everyone else swore by? Don't you dare insult Sophie by putting her on the AVOIDED list. Charley only had the classic Sophie, but I'm thinking Laney may need one of each variety. MUST HAVE.


[I think it is only fair to add that no, no baby yet. I know several of you are only reading this to get baby news. Ha! Due date is tomorrow!]

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well, well, well. Didn't think I'd be doing one of these again.

Date: April 15, 2015

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: 29 pounds total.

Belly Picture:

39 weeks with Laney

39 weeks with Charley

Photo thoughts: While I actually really like the way I look pregnant - even at 39 weeks,  I prefer the 39 week picture with Charley. She was already a week old here!

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: Physically, I honestly cannot complain! I am more exhausted in the evenings, but pain wise I really don't have much. I'm shocked about this!

I am growing impatient and HATE that the same few people ask me daily "you're still here?!" which is met with an eye roll and a forced smile and an implied "ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT LOOKING AT ME WITH YOUR OWN EYES WITH THIS GIANT BELLY STILL?" So, maybe emotionally I'm a tidge grumpy.

Cravings: Just going to leave the answer here from the last time I filled this out...

Chocolate chip muffins, chocolate anything actually, and for actual food - a Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Club with no lettuce or tomato with colby jack cheese, waffle fries with honey roasted barbecue sauce and a Dr. Pepper. I don't want to know how many of those I've eaten this pregnancy.

Sleep: Well. Ahem. Last night in particular Charley came into our room at 3:30 for no reason at all and John got up and took her back to bed for me. And that was the end of sleep for me last night. I laid there for another hour trying to go to sleep, and then finally picked up my phone to entertain myself for a while longer, and before I knew it John's alarm went off and he went to go work out and then an hour later mine did. So, sleep wasn't so great last night but the weird part is that I don't feel completely exhausted like I would think I should.

Other than last night, I do still get full nights of sleep some nights mixed with other nights where I wake up on my own around the same time (3:30) and am usually up an hour before I fall back asleep. So, it's a mixed bag in the sleep department at this stage.

What I’m loving/I can't live without: The weather? It's been perfect minus some rainy days. 70s and 80s, breezy, and the short few weeks of the warmer weather where there are NO BUGS. It's a glorious time for a mosquito magnet like me! I can't think of anything that I can't live without right now.

What I miss? My friends! HI FRIENDS! I've either not seen some most of them since before I was even pregnant or the ones I have seen I've not been able to make plans with lately, which is in no way the fault of them not asking. I guess I just kept thinking I'd have Laney at the same(ish) time as Charley and so didn't want to make plans just to break them.

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: Having a baby! Squishy teeny tiny newbornness coming my way SOON. Cannot. wait.

What I’m stressing about/worries: The possibility of my water breaking at work, for one. I have an emergency bag at work with a change of clothes, feminine products, a TOWEL in case of failing feminine products, and a granola bar (because what emergency bag DOESN'T include a granola bar? No emergency bag I'd want anything to do with at least.) and it is ready and waiting for said possible emergency.

And of course just anxious to get her out and have her checked over and know she's healthy.

Milestones: 39 weeks is a milestone itself since I was SO SURE I wouldn't make it this far. Ha!

Differences between pregnancies: Overall length of the pregnancy, for one. Having to time contractions, for two, since I never got to that stage with Charley. Man - timing contractions stinks. I cannot believe this is how the majority of people realize they are about to have a baby. There's got to be something easier we can do. An app for that? And not the app that times contractions. I've got that. Still too difficult.

Maybe they haven't kicked up a notch yet, but they just aren't easy to time for some reason unless I'm sitting down and focused on them. Most have been just squeezy but more and more are more crampy feeling and they still just aren't that obvious to me. Water breaking is way easier.

Highlights of the week: Got to celebrate my birthday with my family Sunday (my birthday was actually yesterday though) which was nice. I thought for sure that since I actually made plans she was going to crash them. Nope. So then I thought she was going to steal my actual birthday thunder and share a birthday with me - nope again. Oh, anyways, HIGHlights.

Other highlights have just been spending more time with Charley. She knows that it is harder for me to do things with her and she's just been so sweet. "You don't have to bend down to get that book, Mama. I'll get it." "I'll hold you hand and help you walk there Mama." And just been overall more agreeable with John doing things for her when in the past she's preferred Mama do them. She's EXTRA sweet this week and I love her for it!


Goals for the upcoming week: Bring home a baby.

Movement: She's all over the place. Even coworkers have seen her moving around while they stop by my desk.

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: I'm thinking this weekend now, since my previous guess of the 8th is long gone.

Summary: We are so ready for this baby. We have completely organized and cleaned every single room of the house over the last few weeks (the basement doesn't count as a room, right?) and it has remained clean in the mean time. Hospital bag has been packed so long I feel like I need to go through it again to remind myself what I packed. Charley's going-to-my-parent's-house bag is packed and ready to go, and her big sister gift is wrapped and ready too. Laney's car seat is in the car. Her room is organized and clean and diapers and wipes are at the ready. My to-do list at work is completely done. John mowed the grass last night and planted the garden over the weekend. The swing is assembled and is in the living room. I even set up the pack n play in our bedroom and every put a clean sheet in the bassinet part. We are for sure the reason we are still waiting - we are TOO READY.

At my appointment last Friday I was 3cm and the doctor said this exactly "You will not make it until your due date" which just added to my anticipation. They also stripped membranes which obviously didn't do anything over the weekend like I'd hoped. So, if I wasn't anticipating an early arrival in my head by myself, the doctor's office amped it up even more. She said "not make it to due date" and I heard "have baby tomorrow" and she meant "have baby on or before the 21st."

I go back tomorrow and am pretty excited about that appointment too. The progress keeps it exciting for me, as well as these contractions and other symptoms of which I'll spare you the details.

But, in summary (of the summary), IT IS FOR SURE BABY TIME. YOU HEAR ME LANEY BETH?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Carrying Laney

During Charley's pregnancy I didn't do any of the weekly (ahem....monthly) pregnancy survey things to keep up with how things progressed during her pregnancy. I think I just mentioned things here and there, and then right at the end did a big wrap up post to cover it all. The wrap up post is HERE.

So even though I did do some of those survey type posts this time with Laney, I still feel like the questions were pretty pointed in that they didn't cover everything that I covered in the wrap-up type post at the end of Charley's pregnancy so I'm going to do one of those too. & I hope this is the last pregnancy post from me - forever. Gasp!

First Trimester ---- July 16 - October 17, 2014

Man. The months of August -  October were not my favorite times ever. I briefly wrote about my first trimester here, but let's draw it out more shall we?

I wouldn't want to do it again. I was sick all day long for at least 2 months. I threw up often. At work and at home. Maybe elsewhere too? I can't remember. Although I didn't venture out of home or work often so maybe not. I'm positive it happened out of an open car door on the way to work at least. Eesh. What a miserable time.

Food obviously was touchy for those months too. I was used to  drinking a healthy kale and berry smoothie every morning up until this point, and once or twice those violently came back up and I was done with those for a while. That was for sure my most nutritious "meal" of the day so to give those up didn't feel all that great. There wasn't a whole lot that was appetizing. A couple of REALLY BAD fast food items did the trick sometimes. And muffins came into the picture here too. Chocolate chip muffins, to be exact. The GIANT ones from the grocery store bakery. And giant glasses of MILK. Weird huh? I remember going to the beach to see two of my friends and when I got there they offered me something to drink and I asked for a giant glass of milk. Of all things to want when you feel nauseous, it usually isn't milk but at that point it is just whatever works. Both the muffins and the giant glass of milk (had both today, in fact, but in addition to the smoothie) continued throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Emotionally. So. I don't know how to describe my thoughts or my emotions this whole pregnancy. They were definitely wacky, but I guess in some way justified too? Anybody that knew I was pregnant during the first trimester and then offered congratulations was often met with a wince from me. I didn't like hearing any congratulations - it felt like they were jinxing something after my previous losses. After our first ultrasound where Laney measured only a few days behind what I was expecting, John and I argued in the waiting area while we waited to meet with the doctor across from a very pregnant lady that probably felt very uncomfortable. We argued whether or not this was yet another miscarriage. I wanted to go on believing it was - it was easier for me to think this because I had grown used to this - and he wanted to be positive this time ("it is only a few days off this time") and I just thought being positive would make it harder on me later. Rough times for my heart and brain and emotions.

And finally size wise. I was paranoid about EVERYTHING, and size was no exception. I lost 10 pounds over this first trimester and then was paranoid on why I didn't need any maternity clothing or even that I didn't have any trouble buttoning up my pants like normal. Looking back now - DUH LACEY - but at the time I thought I should at least be bloated. Not necessarily in the first trimester, but I wore regular clothing up to 20 weeks this time so it just made me scratch my head a lot. We'll see how ironic this is when I get to the third trimester section.

Second Trimester ---- October 18, 2014 - January 17, 2015


This trimester started out still feeling the same as the previous 13 weeks. We were in the midst of fall festival season and I remember feeling icky at several of those after having some of the food at those festivals. We got the anatomy scan scheduled for November 25th, but seeing as how my paranoia was out of control, we shelled out the cash to find out the sex of the baby a few weeks earlier on November 2nd. It had been a long time since that 8 week ultrasound and that cash was well spent for my sanity. And, of course, finding out that we were having another girl was icing on the cake. All three of us wanted Laney to be a girl so obviously we were all happy about that. Not that a healthy boy wouldn't have made us happy, but I am a firm believer that you are allowed to have a preference and still wish for a healthy baby. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Okay! So, this trimester was already starting off pretty good! Sometime between fall festivals and that elective ultrasound, the paranoia died down (not all the way though), the nausea went away and things were looking up! I announced on Facebook and here and was slowly starting to accept congratulations without wincing. Then we had our anatomy scan on the 25th of November and I had a lot riding on this appointment. I knew we were having a girl and I knew she was still growing, but I feared that something else may be wrong. It was just a mindset that was hard to break free of after so many disappointing ultrasounds. At this point prior to Laney's anatomy scan, I'd had 10 ultrasounds in my life, and at least 6 of those had been bad news or questionable news. So I didn't love going into that ultrasound room. I told myself if everything was okay here that I would finally start to believe this was going to happen and move forward with planning for a baby. And the good news was that everything was good! Laney was healthy and growing and this was happening. Hallelujah.


Emotionally this trimester was about half and half. Same as first trimester pre-ultrasound, and post-ultrasound I was obviously much happier, but I still didn't like talking about pregnancy much. I still don't know why I've been like this. I have definitely been grumpier all along too. Luckily anyone around me has given me a pass on this front.

Symptom wise was pretty good this trimester too. I had that one itsy bitsy little blackout episode (darn Cinnamon Toast Crunch!) and then the beginning of some back and tailbone pain, but that was really it. The belly started to become a more profound pregnancy belly versus "does she have a beer belly or is she pregnant?" around this time also. Though I was still hiding it to discourage conversation about it. Me = weird.

Third Trimester ---- January 18 - NOW


So this last little bit has been really good. I knew that second+ pregnancies brought along the pain and discomfort earlier so I was prepared for that but surprisingly it really hasn't been bad at all. I've had to rest more and my energy definitely depletes a lot quicker, but it has been manageable. My biggest complaints have been the shortness of breath and tailbone or back pain, and those things have really just been within the last few weeks so I feel very lucky in this department.

Laney, like her big sister, has never had any movement that was painful to me. I don't know why this is but I've never been kicked hard in the ribs or anything like that. Just sweet little rolls for the most part. Charley was sunny side up and sometimes I feel like Laney may be too - so maybe that is why? Like her feet movements kick the outside of my belly instead of my insides? Who knows. She is most active when I'm sitting down relaxing or laying down in the evenings. Caffeine (obviously) and just cold water seem to wake her up the most. And her big sister loves to feel her move. If she's not moving Charley loves to scream "WAKE UP LANEY" into the womb. She will definitely know her sister's voice when she is born.

The swelling has been nothing like it was during Charley's pregnancy. I've had some fat feet and ankles randomly here and there (usually on the warmer days we've had lately) but they go away by morning. Of course Charley was born in September after a really hot summer so I know that has a ton to do with it. I did take off my rings last week though. They weren't coming off as easily as I liked and that made me panic so I took them off and never looked back.

I haven't weighed myself in about a week I think, but I was up about 25 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight at the time. I started out this pregnancy 10 pounds heavier than I was pre-Charley, so ultimately I'm ending right at the same weight. Well, there could be 2 more weeks to go so I'm sure I have it in me to go above and beyond in this department.

Stretch marks - I'm not sure. I THINK there are a few new ones forming around my belly button but I had a bunch from Charley on my lower belly so I can't tell if any of those are new or not. What difference does it make if I already had some anyways?

I've had Braxton Hicks contractions for the whole trimester at least. Nothing real though.

Emotionally in this trimester - the grump continued and so did the sensitivities. I'm sensitive anyways, but it was definitely easier to touch on the sensitive side these last couple of months. Tears have been just hanging out right behind my eyes just WAITING to pour out. Those suckers are hard to stop sometimes too. I've been extra sensitive about my size - even though I honestly don't feel THAT big. I just didn't like it being brought up at all. Which is the irony I mentioned way up there in the first trimester section.

And when I was checked 2 weeks ago I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. I know the entire internet really wanted to know that about my lady bits, so you are welcome. But I haven't been back to the doctor since and don't have an appointment until Friday (they were way overbooked or something. Jerks.), so not sure if there is more progress or not. When they told me my next appointment would be the 10th I snickered because I thought for sure she'd be here by then. She's still got time to meet that deadline, but I just don't feel like it is coming that soon. But of course John didn't feel Charley was coming that soon either when he ran off to Home Depot and left his cell phone at home. So, I'll just continue to wait and be anxious.

And I think that is it! A second (and last!) pregnancy in just 1,900 words.

As of TOMORROW, that will be the most pregnant I've been as Charley was born at 38 weeks gestation. So this could really happen anyyy time now. But it won't - because we are way too prepared this time. I'll be back in 2 weeks with a 40 week post looking for sympathy. I just want to meet this little lady and see Charley as a big sister already. And I want to experience that feeling of my heart growing because right now I just cannot fathom loving another kid as much as I love Charley. I know that's normal, but I am just anxious to experience it for myself.