Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haiku Thursday

Another blog I read has a regular feature on it called 'Haiku Thursday'. She writes a haiku about whatever is currently on her mind that Thursday, posts it to her blog, and encourages others to participate. I fancy myself as quite the haikuer, so I thought I'd participate for once.

(And for those of you who may also want to participate but have blocked out the part of your brain which housed 5th grade poetry, a haiku is a short poem consisting of three lines, the first line having 5 syllables, the second 7, and the third 5. You're welcome.)

Happy Thursday, y'all
Nothing says Thursday quite like
hitting a parked car.

This would be my car. The other car that I hit had no damage...go figure.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: A Year in Review


As is normal for this time of year, many bloggers are writing up a year in review. Sorta like the cliffs notes of their case you hadn't been paying attention to what they have been saying the last 364 days. I thought I might follow suit and do a review on the Life of Lacey: 2010 since there are a few of you who only look at the pictures [coughJohncough]. Anyways, I am hoping it all comes across as significant, symbolic, important and sentimental as some of the other ones that I've read have been. I can only hope to match up to their skills.

&, in order to make it more Lacey-fied, I figured I'd do this in list form including pictures (of course).

The year 2010. There were highs and lows. Bigs and smalls. Skinnies and boot legs. There were some great moments, and some not so great moments. Moments that I will undoubtedly repeat in 2011, and moments that were so horrendous that they have been donated for someone else to make the best of.

But when it comes to choosing what items would make up my list of favorite things of 2010 and my list of my least favorite things of 2010, I went with the facts. You can't argue with the facts. And as you know, I am an excellent record keeper of all facts of this regard. So without further ado, my 2010....

The Favorites of 2010

It really surprised me what the favorite things were from 2010. I thought I was more fun than this. I thought my favorite things would be things that stood out more in my mind or brought back wonderful memories of the year. But, I can't argue with the facts. And the facts produced a three-way tie of my favorite things of 2010.

Recently Updated4

Each having been worn 7 times in 2010, the three favorite things are these 3 cardigans. Cardigans? Really? That's what I wore the most in 2010? But, to give proper credit, we have a lovely gray Old Navy cardigan in long sleeves, a white Mossimo (that means Target) short-sleeved cardigan, and a lovely ribbed New York and Company teal cardigan with 3/4 sleeves.

But sheesh I'm such a bore!

The Least Favorites of 2010

There were several zeroes on my spreadsheet for the year and many of those things have been donated. But, to make this actually be about the year 2010, I decided to only include the things that were actually worn this year. & out of 15 or items worn one time each, these three rounded out the bottom.

Recently Updated5

First, we have this turquoise and tan floweredy shirt from New York and Company which I feel like is grannyish. So I only wore it once.

Then, there's this bright blue cardigan from Express. I can't ever find anything to wear with this one, and, even more importantly this cardigan is open at the bottom (a.k.a. tummy area) which is typically the part you want to cover up and not the area you want to showcase. Hence, why it was only worn once.

Finally, this green shirt I got from Marshall's. I really loved it and it's crocheted (is that crocheted? I don't know if that's the right word) neck line, but I didn't follow directions after the first time I wore it.

Recently Updated6

You see how it's all flappied over? That's cause I just tossed it in the washer with everything else. Oops, silly me.

& that my friends, was my 2010. I just get so emotional thinking about it. I hope that your year was just as wonderful, and that you can learn to love the lows (think: granny shirt) so that your highs are just that much more appreciated. I know it's out of character for me to get all Socrates on you, but, this is important stuff. Let's all take a minute to soak in the beautifulness that was



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Up to date.

Merry Christmas!

It's 11 or so on Christmas night, it's snowing (the first time I've ever seen snow on Christmas day), and I am so congested and stuffy that I can't breathe. So instead of laying down and me risking my life ('cause you know if I closed my mouth I'd lose my air supply and not breathing = not living), I thought I could bring you all up to date on mundane things going on with me. Sound fun? Great!

  • I got a new camera lens for "Christmas". Why the "" you ask? Because it really wasn't for Christmas, but more of an 'I want this and I'm going to buy it for myself and use the upcoming holiday for an excuse.' I love it. I also got this thing for the flash (since I don't want to be TOO dorky and have one of those gigantic flash thingamajigs....I like to take my dorkiness one step at a time) that I also love lots and lots. Expect better pictures from me coming soon. (And if they aren't better, tell me how to fix them, please!) But that's one more thing checked off my 101 list...yay!
  • Reese still loves to lay on shoes. [P.S. These are some of the better pictures I said were coming soon.]
  • The trashed ornament has been replaced. The original was never found. I added the cats in the windows...tell me it's cute. John has also accidentally trashed something else of mine since then. We're working on the problem.
  • Pierre has won the heart of a neighbor, and she plans on getting him neutered and then taking him in. She renamed him to Eli. I don't know why Pierre didn't just speak up and tell her his name was Pierre. It's so much more sophisticated than Eli.

  • Wyatt hasn't lost any of his original cuteness in the last 3 months. Don't believe me? I'll prove it:

(Next time I'll remind Wyatt my blog has a PG rating and nakedness is against the rules.)

I think that covers everything. & for an update on me: it's still snowing and I still can't breathe. It's gonna be a long night.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had the entire week off of work this week. You would've thought I'd have ample blogging opportunity. But seeing as how I had to dust the keyboard off before I turned on the computer today, I realize that wasn't the case. (Well that and the fact that it has needed a dusting for a month or so now.)

So, in case I don't see you between now and the time the jolly fat man makes his rounds, let me leave you with these. We sent out two different Christmas cards this year because I wanted to take advantage of each web site's offers of free Christmas cards.

From, I made these. If you were one of the lucky 9 people that got these, that just means you are one of our top 9 friends to get a drink with.

Fullscreen capture 12232010 62543 PM

And from, I made these. These were for the other 50 of you. I would've wrote you a cute little poem too, but shutterfly limited my lines of text. The nerve of them to do so.

Fullscreen capture 12232010 62712 PM.bmp-1

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Love you bunches, and especially my 35 loyal Life of Lacey followers...y'all are the best!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Vince!


As of today, December 19th, 2010, I officially have a nephew that is a teenager. It's a really weird thing to me, since I can remember answering the phone when my sister called to share the pregnancy news when I was just a freshman in high school. & you would think that since my memory is so awful that there is no way that I could remember something from 13 years ago. But I'm afraid it's true, and for the first time, I officially feel old(ish).

As I shared on facebook today:
The movie Titanic was released 13 years ago today. Coincidentally, my nephew Vince was born while I was watching it. Happy Birthday Vince!
Which is true. I cried and cried that night because my family was all at the hospital and I was spending the night at a friend's house after the movie and couldn't get to the hospital to be among the first to meet my nephew.

It is so hard to believe that you are no longer playing with play phones and you're texting away on a real one.

(I realize that is his iTouch and not his phone...just play along because I couldn't find a picture of him with his cell phone!)
It's hard to believe I was once a baby holding you, and now you are a baby holding a new baby.


It's hard to believe you used to smile on queue, and now we have to "catch" you or beg you in order to get a real smile out of you.

Recently Updated3

And even harder to believe, is the fact that in a few years we will be watching you wear a hat like this of your very own and not your Uncle Colt's.

I'm excited to see where your life will take you because you have the intelligence in order to do great things. But, if you don't mind, will you do it a a bit of a slower pace than these first 13 years? It would be much appreciated!

Hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday Vince! And since I'm just out of my teenaged years myself (wink wink) let me give you this one piece of advice: have fun and be smart! These will be some of your most favorite years.

Love you!
Aunt Lacey

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Reese!


Today is my darling cat's birthday, and he turns a whopping 6 years old! (That's 36 in cat years!) This is the first year we've actually known it was Reese's birthday, as I came across the cat's veterinary records a couple of months ago which had their birthdays on it. Reese didn't ask for much for his birthday, but his main request was that I take the next week off and spend the majority of my time at home with him. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't oblige?

And since I so rarely talk about my cats on my blog, I figured that I'd tell you all about Reese on this joyous 6th birthday of his.

Reese came to be our pet sometime in early 2005. We had recently lost our first cat when he didn't make it through an ordinary neutering/declawing surgery and were ready to have a new feline love in our lives. We picked Reese from a shelter in Fort Mill, SC that had just gotten a new litter of kittens. We knew we wanted a boy, and after having picked his (presumably) brother out, we second guessed our pick when we checked Reese's parts and saw that he was CLEARLY more noticeably a boy than the first kitten we picked. Not wanting to chance it with the other kitten that could have possibly been of the female variety, we chose Reese. So ultimately, we chose Reese because he had bigger balls.


Reese is a mischievous little kitty. He tends to get bored of napping on the same ol' things. His favorite places include: the foot of the bed, the window sill, and on top of anything that is in the floor. Which is my reasoning to John why I leave shoes and other items in the floor - "But Reese likes it!" As in Exhibit A: Reese laying on my shoes in the floor:


But like I said, Reese gets bored of the same old places and will change it up from time to time.


And even though this next picture has less to do with the birthday boy and more to do with his dear father, I can't help but to include it. Apparently the lid to the cat food dispenser was loose. But if I recall (it was about 5 years ago), I think it had more to do with the drunkeness of the pourer and less to do with the pouring mechanism itself. Reese was also really confused it seems.


I miss the days when dear Reese slept on my pillow instead of at my feet, but something tells me he wouldn't fit as well these days.


But that's okay Reese - you are the best lap cat too! And as long as my belly stays small enough, I'll have room for the both of us there!


Happy Birthday Reesie Piecey! Meow!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is It Just Me: Caped Crusader

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like a caped crusader after getting your eyebrows done? Me especially, since I get them done at the same place I get my hair cut. She does my eyebrows first, and then puts the cape on me and cuts my hair. So, not only do I have a mask, but a cape too.

super hero

Maybe all of you with skin that isn't so pale don't have this issue. But in my case, I am definitely wearing the top half of a red caped crusader mask around for the next few hours.

Super L to the rescue!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

10+ Years And Going Strong: Craft Night


Sunday, my family and I kept up with one of our yearly traditions by having craft night. Each year, we each come up with a Christmas craft to make, and then buy enough supplies for everyone to make it. Except for our newest addition, Racheal (Colt's fiance), who came for the first time this year to get a feel for everything.

I guess since she was new this year, she thought she could test the waters and push the limits a little bit. For our first craft, a chunky wooden Christmas tree by Christy, Racheal tried to show some creativity and stacked her blocks of wood in a different way than what we were instructed.

New Folder (3)-2

Who does she think she is, trying to show creativity on craft night of all nights? We sternly told her there was no such rule breaking allowed, and she promptly tucked her tail between her legs and followed the rules from then on out. It's a good thing, because can you even imagine what her tree would have looked like stacked the other way?? I don't even want to think about it.


Next, we made these cute little frame hangy things courtesy of the Mama. Basically: painted frames, wire, cute little clothespins and clips, and voila: frame hangy thing which can be used at Christmas for hanging cards or other little Christmasy items, and throughout the year to hang other seasonal things!


To attach the wires, we solicited help from the Daddy and his tools.

But while we each waited our turn for his help, some of us had a little impromptu photo shoot right there in the shed.

New Folder (3)1

When we came back inside, we did a quick craft from my nephew Seth,

and then we began working on my craft o' the year: the book wreath. Yes, I do realize it is not a Christmas craft and you may be thinking that now I am the one breaking the rules. But I assure you in the craft night rule book, there is a statute (1.3.1) that states that as long as you (meaning me) have always had the best crafts in previous years, that you may bring whatever you'd like. And since I have always had the best crafts, I was allowed. So there.

I knew that my craft was a little time consuming, so I suggested we just get started on them that night, and then finish them up at home. Homework, if you will. At next years craft night I'm going to need to see to it that everyone completed their task.


So since we didn't finish them that night, some of the pupils began misbehaving with their unfinished book wreaths.

Recently Updated18

Of course I had no part in the misbehaving, and promptly finished my wreath once home. I am just patiently waiting on my dear husband to hang it over my desk for me. I wish I had a library in our house because this would be the perfect decor! [Although if I had a library I suppose I would need to own more than 5 books. Oops, make that 4.]

016 (2)

Finally, Joy's craft was a square wreath made by using a frame, garland, and wreath picks. It was getting late at this point and the majority of us decided to add this to our homework list and to finish it later.


Craft night is definitely one of my favorite holiday traditions. It's another great time with my family that I look forward to each December. But, since I couldn't possibly end this on a sappy note...

What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

It's Christmas, Eve!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday John!



You once ate my last piece of birthday cake,
I often send you back out to further cook my steak,
You insist (on Sundays) to have a milkshake,
And you know how to fix anything may it break.


Wow, you really enjoy playing your video game,
You're my go-to guy when I need to hang a frame,
Tuppy is our code word, our made-up nickname,
& thanks to you, I'll never look at kamikazes the same.

Paris - Eiffel Tower (35)
You're impulsive to a fault,
You sneer at my occasional use of salt,
You are the #1 cleaner of the litter box,
& you enjoy chasing me with your dirty socks.


There's not too much you don't do well,
(but one of those things is know how to spell),
I appreciate how often you cook for me,
'Cause when I cook it's not as good, you see.

Venice - Gondola (2)

Your Mom would be so proud of you,
For there's nothing that you cannot do,
You are you and there is no changing that,
I'm just lucky you are nice to look at!


On this birthday which begins the last year of your twenties,
Make sure you try and make it one of the besties.
Me and the cats have just a little somethin' to say,
We love you more each and every day.

(I figured the most appropriate place to take Tuna's picture was on the counter...the place we most often catch him on and scold him for! Poor thing was so confused when I put him up there!)
(Totally didn't like my real picture holding the 'John!' sign, so I made my own!)
 I love you!


Monday, December 6, 2010



Back in February, we officially entered the realm of crazy cat people. We were teetering on the edge already with 2 cats in a 2 bedroom house. [I'm pretty sure the 'crazy cat people status' formula is that you can have ONE cat for each bedroom in your home. Therefore, 2 bedrooms = maximum 2 cats. Any more than that equals crazy cat people.] [P.S. I totally just made that up.]

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. In February, our already-full cat hearts expanded a bit more when a sad little stray cat started hanging out on our front porch each day. He had the raspiest of all raspy cat voices, and from what I could tell (I've never actually touched him) he only had a couple of teeth left. But he had taken up residence in our Pier One Chairs which I may have mentioned a time or two before. [I know you are thinking - okay woman, how many times can you actually blog about some flippin' chairs. But this is it, I promise!] But since that was his favorite spot to hang out, I began calling him Pierre. Get it? PIER one, PIERre. Hahaha, I'm so darn clever. (Feel free to tell me so in the comment section.) [{(Feel free to also comment on my crazy, obsessive use of parentheticals of all kinds.)}]

Meet Pierre!
& we all know once you name an animal you've unofficially adopted it. But we weren't going to bring sicky outside cat inside with our healthy inside cats. So we decided we'd be okay with him being an outside cat and we'd just buy the cheap cat food for him because he'd be happy to have anything. So after a few days of giving him some of Reese and Tuna's expensive food, I finally made it to the store and bought him a bag of cat food of his very own. He was happy to have a new family to give him food and we saw him daily for a little while.

But only a day or two after I bought the little sucker a bag of food, he disappeared. Ungrateful pussy.

Then, at some point last week Pierre randomly decided to come back! As I was decorating my Christmas tree, I glanced towards the front door and there the little creepster sat. He startled me, but not so bad that I couldn't grab my camera to photograph his return. (But I was actually too startled to wash the door so that you can actually see through the glass, allegedly.)

But, that cat food that was purchased in early March is long gone. We may have fed it to our inside healthy cats when we were trying to push back the trip to the pet store to buy more of their food "just one more day." And I don't know if Pierre deserves another bag of food. He just ran off 9 months ago without even giving us a proper goodbye. Then he just strolls back up our sidewalk with a fat belly and expects us to take him back?

We're not stupid Pierre and one thing is perfectly clear. You have been cheating on us and the evidence is all over that fat belly. You suckered somebody else in to feed you and then when you realized that they didn't have cushy chairs for you to sleep in, you have now tried to come back to us. I feel used and abused.

So my question to you is...should we let him back in our little cat hearts?