Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dangers of Texting

Yesterday I was on my way home on the train and remembered a friend had asked me to text him the weekend before to remind him about a party we are having on Saturday. I decided since I was seated on the train, that I wasn't driving the train, or driving a car, or anything of that nature, that this would be a safe time to do so. The text convo went like this:

Me: Party at our place Saturday. Just wanted to remind ya!

Him: Who is this

Me: Lacey haha

Him: I don't know anyone with that name sorry

Me: Jerk! :-)

Him: Who is Lacey

(at this point I start to realize it was not my friend jokingly saying he doesn't know who I am)

Me: Is this xxxxx....

Him: no

Me: That could be the problem sorry!

Him: it's okay

I realize later that my friend has changed his cell phone number and I had just called some random guy (or girl, I don't really know) a jerk. Sweet of me huh?

Then I realize that if he were to call me back and get my voicemail, that he could then get my last name, which in turn could lead him to my address with some google searching I'm sure, at which I told him that I will be having a party Saturday. I'm thinking I should maybe hire security. For all I know I just called a serial killer a jerk! Do you think that maybe the smiley afterwards is enough to save me??

And if you are coming to our party, please, don't be scared away...I promise we'll all be justttt fine.

Just a little paranoia...

Yet another danger of texting. Consider this a fair warning...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Picky Picky Picky

After seeing this today on another blog, I thought I should play along. Because if anyone knows me at all, you know that I have major food issues and I'm pretty sure I use the word "plain" on a daily basis. Here's my list:

1. ALL veggies excluding corn, sometimes broccoli, and the potato. Although I personally do not think a potato counts. Something about the greenness and lack of flavor really doesn't do it for me. Although, I must say that if any of these veggies I do not like are blended into a nice consistent texture, aka salsa or sometimes soup, I am okay with them then. I LOVE salsa and also quite enjoyed an asparagus soup John made recently.

2. Root beer. Ick. I have always said I don't like root beer because it tastes "pink" to me. No one ever understood, including myself, until recently my friend Katie said that I was probably referring to Pepto when I said it tasted pink. I'm pretty sure she's right. Root beer = Pepto.

3. Tangerines. Or at least the only one's I've ever had which are in the Chick Fil A fruit cup. Why are they so slimy?? Are you actually supposed to chew these or just let them sliver down your throat?

4. Tuna. Now it's not really fair to put this on my list because I've never actually tried it. But do you wanna know why I haven't tried it? Because it stinks! Reeks even! How can you deliberately place such a stench in such close proximity to your nose?

5. Oysters. Same as #3 - "Are you actually supposed to chew these or just let them sliver down your throat?" Gross.

6. Carrot cake. Or any other so called "dessert" that contains a vegetable. Hello!? Vegetables do not belong in desserts!

7. Salads. Kind of goes along with #1, but also includes any other items that include the word "salad", such as tuna salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, etc.

8. Sauerkraut, coleslaw, potato salad. Why do these all get jumbled up together at #8? Because they are all mushy, wet, yucky looking globs. And I haven't tried any of them.

Turns out when I grouped the entire food class of vegetables at #1, I had a hard time thinking of other food issues of mine! It seems like the majority of them stem from vegetables. Why do I hate them so?? I try not to, but they aren't giving me any reason to think otherwise.

However, if you must know, I am doing my best not to inflict these crazy food issues onto others. I wish for you all to enjoy all of these things that I just can't force down my throat!! Just this weekend, when my niece Lindsay asked me if I loved ketchup and "honey mustard" on my hot dog too, I said "Why yes I love those too!!" Knowing that I do not like either of those condiments. And then when I made my hot dog with only chili, I just pretended the ketchup and mustard were underneath! I do what I can, folks.

With all this food chat, I almost forgot about my 4:00 snack...plain ol' cashews. I ♥ plain!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 things...

  • I had my cavity filled this morning. It wasn't bad at all!! Not that I plan on ever having that done again, but if I had to it's no sweat! They did a fabulous job. I didn't even feel the "pinch" of the Novocaine! Whew, glad that's over with.

  • Yesterday was Groundhog Day! That little punk saw his shadow so winter will be here for another 6 weeks. I never did care much about this holiday until...

  • ...this year's Groundhog Day I got engaged! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So forget that little rodent...from now on this day is about me!! Or I mean us! :-) And no, it was definitely not on purpose that it was Groundhog Day....just a coincidence. John didn't have a pet groundhog growing up or anything crazy like that.

John proposed at home using our kitty Reese as his helper. Reese was SUPPOSED to jump up in front of me like he does every time I sit down at the computer desk, at which point I would notice the red ribbon tied around his neck with a very sparkly ring hanging from it, but Reese wasn't in the mood to play along. Instead John had to go get him and place him in front of me. Oh well, I guess that means Reese just lost his spot in the wedding. Ha! Still though, it was very sweet!

So this was the secret I've been keeping. I wasn't actually engaged when I wrote that, but we had already been to the store and purchased the setting. The main diamond was John's moms so we had to get it placed into a setting and that was supposed to take two weeks. So I wanted to tell everyone really badly that I was going to be engaged, but I had to wait until I was officially engaged. And luckily, it only took a week and 2 days to make the ring so I was surprised yesterday when he already had it! :-)

So I'm thinking a fall wedding. October perhaps? It really depends on what venue we find and what their availability is, but that is what I'm hoping for. Hopefully with the help of my very talented and loving wedding planner (my sister Joy), and the rest of my very helpful and talented family, we will have a nice wedding sometime later this year! YAY!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Superbowl Party Consisted Of....

this:I had no interest in watching this year because I could care less about either of those teams (and I still might be a little bitter about the Panthers), so us girls (and my dad too) just hung out for a few hours at my parents house. It wasn't a planned thing really. I usually go to see my parents on Sundays, and Joy was going to go to an actual Superbowl party and my parents were going to watch Lindsay and Lori, but instead she just stayed and we hung out for a few hours.

My dad did have the game on in the other room and he was watching it, but the only time we even watched any of the game was at the end of the second quarter when the super special 3-D commercial was supposed to air. Hence, our 3-D glasses fabulousness above!

And, in case you didn't have 3-D glasses and were wondering if you missed something really cool, don't worry you didn't. The only 3-Dness we even noticed was the ball bouncing at the very beginning. It was pretty lame. But who doesn't love wearing 3-D glasses?? We do!

The rest of the night was spent eating pizza, making cookies and chatting. My kind of Superbowl party! (Unless of course the Panthers were in it!) How was yours??