Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Vacation - Take 2

Remember how I told you I have memory problems? Well, apparently I went on a second family vacation this year. We supposedly went to Daytona for a week earlier this month...earlier as in August 1st through the 8th. All I have left from this vacation are some pictures to help me jog my memory of what exactly we did. I'll just try to remember what we did based on these pictures. Here goes....

This day was apparently spent taking pictures of my dad and my sister's dog Sissy. We must not have stopped taking pictures until they were both smiling and posing just right:

This day, we are trying to play hide and seek in the stacks of inner tubes. At this exact moment I bet we were trying to figure out how to hoist my nephew Vince up and into the tallest stack of inner tubes:

I guess the hiding spot was SO good that my dad and nephew Seth sat down and gave up. They look distraught that they are unable to find Vince! If they just would've taken a couple more inner tubes off of that stack I bet they would have found him!

This day looks really bad. We all must have fallen and hurt our butts and had to get those butt donuts. In order to disguise our butt donut embarrASSment, we decided to take a little float down a perfectly clear 72 degree spring-fed stream....allegedly.

Spring water must be like healing water! All of us are now healed except poor little Seth!

This day, my fear of crabs must have been in full effect. Here I am with my sister and mom, and I'm wearing tennis shoes on the beach so the crabs cannot get my toes.

This day we must have all been impatient and/or hungry. We went out to breakfast and decided instead of waiting for our food, we'd just make our own pancakes at our table. That was awfully rude of us.

This day, I was feeling like I should show off my strength a bit. Believe it or not, but each of those girls weigh 165 pounds! As you can see, carrying 330 pounds of girly girls does not even cause me to break a sweat!
This night must have been my night to stay up and man the lookout station. We took turns staying up all night and making sure that no sea turtles or crabs were trying to break in. Don't mind what looks like daylight out of the window...I'm sure that was just the flash from the camera making it look that way. Because if I was looking out of the window through binoculars during the day, clearly I would be labeled a creep...and we all know that isn't the case.

And finally, this day we must have been thinking if those extra 3 family members were with us, we would never have been able to fit them in this family picture!

Hope you enjoyed my vacation as much as I think I did!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, I have finally found a weight loss program that works for me! After so many other ones I've tried only lasted days, I have been on this program for 38 days, and to be honest it doesn't feel like a program to me. That is I think why it is working...because I am still able to have some of my favorite things. Like McDonald's. And Mexican food (ie: cheese dip). And Chick Fil-A. So anyways, wanna know the super elite, private, members-only program I'm doing? Okayyy, I'll share the info. It's...Weight Watchers! So crazy huh? And you wanna know how much I've lost so far??

And granted, that's not a huge number for 38 days, but I have really only exercised a few times. AND I went on vacation for 7 of those days and threw the program out of the window for the week. I gained 4 pounds that week, but lost them all the next week. So yeah, this is something I can work with here! Especially since my goal is only 15 pounds! Wahoo!

Unfortunately, my pants I'm wearing today are too big. And I just bought them in March. So so SO sad! ;-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good news! Thanks to Facebook, I have started talking and keeping in touch with an old friend, CJ! We were best friends in high school, but over the years talked less and less sadly.

Good news! CJ and I made plans to have lunch and catch up today!

Good news! I went to the Hurt concert last night and had a really great time!

Bad news. We all had a really REALLY great time and had to phone-a-friend to take us home, therefore leaving our car in the concert's parking lot.

Good news! We all made it home safely!

Good news! We do have another vehicle in the form of a motorcycle, so John said he would take me to get the car on the motorcycle. (Mama, you didn't read that.)

Good news! I woke up in time and got ready to meet CJ precisely at 1:00.

Bad news. We look out of the window at 12:00 and it was raining. Uh-oh.

Good news! It stopped raining!

Good news! We are on our way to get the car, and then for me to go meet CJ.

Bad news. We see rain in the distance.

Good news! We turn off of the rainy road to a sunnier road and decided to go another way instead!

Bad news. It starts raining on the sunnier road too. And hard.

Good news! We pull off to a gas station and park to wait out the rain.

Bad news. The rain isn't stopping. It is POURING. I need to call CJ to tell her I'm going to be late.

Bad news. My speaker on my phone is strangely not working. CJ can hear me, but I can just barely hear her. I manage to tell her the bad news though.

Good news! CJ is super nice and is going to wait for me!

Bad news. The rain hasn't stopped, but has let up quite a bit. We decide we better go now if we want to make it.

Bad news. It starts POURING again. John is getting pelted by the rain drops so we have to stop again at another gas station.

Good news! I'm not really that wet! I was hunkering down behind John the whole time and really was pretty much dry.

Bad news. It won't. stop. raining. We are within 5 miles of the concert venue, but the road to get there looks very very rainy. We are also now seeing lightning.

Good news! The rain pretty much stops! We get back on our way!

Bad news. You guessed it, it started pouring again.

Bad news. We start hitting every single red light. This is when I start to get wet.

Good news! We made it! I wish John a safe and dry ride home and I'm off!

Good news! My car links with my cell phone so I'm able to call CJ and hear her this time and tell her I'm on the way!

Good news! My car is super fancy and even has heat! I crank the heat all the way up in order to dry myself before I get to the restaurant!

Good news! I'm wearing a shirt with a camisole underneath, so I take off the top shirt and lay it over the vent! It will be dry in no time!

Bad news. Turning the heat on while it's raining outside makes the windows fog up. I'm forced to switch back and forth between heat/defrost all the way to the restaurant.

Good news! Besides some pesky traffic, I make it to the restaurant on time. John calls me to tell me he was home safe also.

Good news! My speaker on my phone works again!

Good news! CJ and I have a great healthy lunch and a long chat and we promise to not lose touch again!

Good news (for you)! This longest blog post ever is finally over!