Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stuff We Like: 6-9+ Months

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From the previous editions of 'Stuff I Like', I feel like I should mention that these things we STILL like. She's 10 almost 11 months old now, so 10 11 months of use is pretty stellar in terms of the lives of baby stuff. 

(She WAS 10 months old when I first wrote this, but now that I'm finally about to post it she is closer to 11 months. Whoops!)

Sleep Sheep
City Mini Stroller
Beco Gemini Carrier
Honeywell Fan
Crane Penguin Humidifier

This is the stuff that we've loved this quarter (and then some, since this is late).

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station


Charley got this for Christmas because I was trying to be a smartie and eliminate the need for extra baby equipment. I thought we could just get this and she could stand on a pillow for a while to play, and then when she was big enough she could then utilize the walkabout feature.


That didn't work so well since you know we ended up buying a Jumperoo too. She really was just too small for this for a long time. And not just because of her short legs, but also because she couldn't reach the toys very well either.

But these past few months she has absolutely loved this thing. She runs in circles now and doesn't seem to be bored of the same old toys each time she does the circle, either. The walkabout part comes off when she's ready and then we are left with just an activity table for her to play at. And when that part comes off, we gain back a few more square feet of floor space in my living room, hooray!

Charley is pulling up on things now, but I think this particular table is still just a tidge bit too high for her to pull up on. She's almost there, but I'm going to keep the other part attached for just a bit longer.

UPDATE: In the month since I first wrote this until now, we have now removed the walkabout part and are just using it as the activity table. She can pull up on it just fine these days.

Speaking of activity tables,

Playskool Air-tivity Table Toy


Charley just loves this one. It's older and was a hand-me-down from my sister's kids so I don't even think they make it anymore. But it's a good bit shorter than the walkabout one (in the picture you can see the walkabout one behind her), and this was one of the first things Charley pulled up on. Basically there are holes that blow air out, and you put these cylinder toys on top of the air to make them move or make noise. Charley loves the loudest one, obviously.

(P.S. Heather, those are the only two standing toys we have and neither of them would work for you probably. Sorry!)

Stacking Cups, Nesting Blocks, Blocks

Check, check, check. She loves these toys and they are very cheap, too.

This Pink Maraca.


This was a party favor from a birthday party we went to in December at Gymboree. It's not a baby toy, and probably isn't even safe for her. But she loves this darn maraca. She will work so hard to dig this out of the toy basket every day. I once stepped on it and thought I broke it, and before I could even inspect the damages (there weren't any, thankfully) I was already mentally making a list of who all was at the birthday party that I could contact to find a replacement for it.

Good Morning, Good Night


 This book has saved Charley's future literacy, seriously. I didn't know what I was doing wrong but I could not read to my child. She was too busy - either wanting down out of my lap, or wanting to eat the book, or close the book we were reading. I could never read more than a few pages of any book to her and I was afraid she would always have a hatred of books. I think reading to her is very important, so I asked some of the moms on my message board for a recommendation. (I.E: HELP!) This book was recommended to me because it is an interactive book that she can touch and feel and she absolutely loves it. L O V E S it. Seriously. Thank you internet mommy friend for saving Charley's future literacy!

(Also recommended: Tails. Ordered that one too!)


In the stuff we need category, we are no longer using anything in the bath tub. We used this infant tub until she was able to sit on her own, and then just started sitting her straight in the tub. I know a lot of people use the duck tub in transition, but I never saw the need for that one personally.

We are using this high chair with no complaints. I personally love that the straps are dark brown so they won't look as nasty after she starts smashing food all over them. Icky high chair straps give me the willies.

We went with the Britax Roundabout carseats because Target had them as a daily deal for my car and John's car. We got the Cosco Scenera for my sister's car because it has just as high of safety ratings (actually higher than the Britax we bought) for a cheaper price. The fallback to this seat is it's not as comfortable, but my sister isn't driving cross country with her during my work days (hopefully, unless she's not telling me something!) so it wasn't as big of a deal to me. The Britax seat did not come with strap covers though so I bought these to protect from strap burns on her little neck. No complaints.

Now, we've almost made it through the first year and a certain someone's birthday party is coming up. I considered getting her a wagon for her birthday, but we don't have a great area for wagonning, so I'm thinking about scratching that idea now. Give me some suggestions! What did your babies love at this age?


MillerMama said...

Amelia loves that Good Night book too! While I hate to say it, a lot of her current favorites are dolls and stuffed animals. She also loves that walking toy dinosaur (Fisher Price, I think?) and they can ride on it when they get bigger.

I want to get her a water table too.

Heather said...

Ha! How did you know I was reading this and taking notes on your activity table toys?!

Tory loves Good Morning, Good Night also. The Karen Katz lift the flap books are also big with her (although I don't love them because the flaps rip too easily). Really, any book with a furry object to touch is a favorite of Tory's and I usually find cheap ones at TJ Maxx. Indescrutable books are another good one if you're looking for book ideas.

Lately, Tory is really into baby dolls (like MillerMama mentioned also) and laying-around-the-house things like spatulas, measuring cups and cardboard boxes. I suggested puzzles, books, baby dolls, and one of those cool personalized name stepping stools to our family as 1 year old gift ideas, FYI.