Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365 Day Photo Challenge Completed.

I actually completed something on my 101 list that I never thought I'd do. I have trouble completing anything for a week straight, so one would think a year straight would be laughable. But, I guess when the thing to complete doesn't involve dieting, exercising, cleaning, being on time or cooking - I'm all for it!

I took a picture every single day in the year 2012 and posted them to my other blog here. Charley was such a wee little thing back in January compared to the slightly larger thing she was in December. And then, I had an "original" idea to make each month's pictures into a collage for 2013. Like, January 2012's pictures are in the collage shown for January 2013. See?


I say "original" because it was one of those things I thought I came up with, and then a friend of mine said she does the same thing (she did her first 365 challenge a year earlier than me) and I then I remembered that's where my "original" idea came from. Duh. It was a great idea though, Kelly! Thanks for letting me steal it!

(I made the collages in Picasa, and had the calendar printed by Shutterfly. I had a free promo code emailed to me so I think I paid $6ish dollars for shipping total.)

So yeah. I spend a lot of my time at work now staring at my calendar. And analyzing things about the pictures. Like, it doesn't look like Charley repeated an outfit in all of January and I didn't even make her a spreadsheet! And, man our old house really photographed yellowy/orangey. I think I finally figured out the appropriate camera settings to use a month before we moved out.

Anyways, feel free to look at all of the pictures over on the other blog if you'd like. Or if you'd prefer not to scroll through 366 pictures, I made a set of the collages I used for the calendar over here on Flickr. Or not. I know looking through other people's pictures is kind of a snoozefest. Unless you are in them yourself of course. A couple of you ARE in some of them so now you must go play a game of Where's Waldo to find yourself.

I also said I'd keep up the picture a day thing in 2013. I'd like to go ahead and say nevermind to that. That's okay with you, right? You're not really missing anything in 2013 so far.

Except of course for a cutie pie baby rocking out with some old school headphones.


And her kissing concrete frogs trying to find her prince.


And then her playing in a bird bath on a warm January afternoon.


But that's it, really.


toi said...

well done lady for completing this project. great work

Bob and Elysha said...

Nice work! Trying to do the same for 2013! 22 down, 343 to go! ;)

The Beane's said...

Haha you are too funny :) looks great!

Diana said...

I don't blame you for staring at the calendar all day!

I love the December pic of Charley and the walking stick....she's such a big girl!

Laura Diniwilk said...

I am so, so, so impressed that you did this! And I really do think the effort paid off - you have grown so much as a photographer over the course of the project. I aspire to be like you :)

MillerMama said...

I LOVE that frog picture. You should frame that for her wedding, when she finds her prince! And good job, mama!

Megan@TwoDelighted said...

She is completely precious. Is she kissing a frog?