Thursday, June 25, 2009

Desultory Ideas

2 posts in one day when I've only posted 3 times for the whole rest of June!? What has come over me!?

(If you are running to your dictionary to look up 'desultory', don't. I really wanted to say "Random Thoughts", but I really think the word 'random' is overused so I thesaurused it and used a synonym. And then I looked up the pronunciation, and I definitely wasn't pronouncing that one right. If you are pronouncing it dee-sull-tor-ee also, you are wrong. [English class over])
  • I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. Yippee! I'm thinking I need to do something with these bangs, eh? I was growing them out, but then I saw this picture of me from our engagement pictures when I must have just pushed them over or something, and I decided my forehead definitely needs some coverage. Just a couple of side-swoopies will do, right?
  • At least twice a week, I come home to this on my kitchen counter: That would be a new pack of gum opened, wrapper still laying there and FOUR gum wrappers dispersed about around it. I know John loves gum, but I hope he's not chewing four pieces at once. He's by himself most days at work and I'm not sure if you can Heimlich yourself.

  • I got an iPhone! Yippee! The price finally looked reasonable so I made the switch and am officially a cool person now. I've waited 27 years to be cool. It feels so good.

  • I saw Transformers last night in an IMAX theater. Not impressed by either. But don't take my word for Transformers because I don't like those kind of movies; I just went so I can blackmail John into going to see Up with me on Friday. However, I wouldn't ever see a movie in an IMAX theater again. Maybe I'm spoiled from HD, but that junk was blurry. And way too big. And it made me feel way too close to the screen. And my back hurt. But that could have been from de-weeding my flower beds before we went. I guess I'll never know.

  • I may have mentioned a time or two that I'm going camping next week with my family in my parents' camper. Last night, I talked to my Mama and she mentioned that the a/c went out and my first thought was that it went out on the camper and I thought "ohhh nooo". But then I realize she meant the a/c at her house and I was relieved. I was so ashamed of myself after I realized what I did. I am such a selfish person sometimes! But for the record Mama, I still feel really bad about my first thoughts and hope your a/c gets fixed ASAP.

  • I can't end this blog post with a negative thing about myself, so I'll just remind you that I'm cool now. I am so, so cool.

Happy Desultory Thursday!


I'm leaving for the beach on Sunday and made myself a list of the things I needed to do before I leave. For whatever reason, before I go on vacation I think I need to complete all of the little projects I've been putting off for weeks so that I don't have that left to do when I get back. It makes no sense really, I will have a great time on vacation whether or not I cleaned out my refrigerator or de-weeded my flower beds, but this is how my brain typically works.

I LOVE making lists, and love a CHECKlist even more. I especially like a list on a plain piece of (unwrinkled) white letter paper wrote in a sharp, bold, black sharpie, with little square check boxes for each item so that I can check off things as I do them. Call me feelers won't be hurt. I understand I might be a little anal-retentive sometimes.

So, I made my list and left it on the desk for a day or so because I wasn't finished and wanted to add things as I thought of them. John happened to see my list and decided to add a few things of his own...
So far I have completed the de-weeding of the front flowers, and I Miracle-grew the flowers and garden on my section of the list. On John's section, I have pet both Reese and Tuna. I doubt I will ever get to check off "tell John that he is the best" or "do whatever John says". Which really irritates me because I love a fully check marked checklist.

Reese, who is me in cat form, knew exactly what I thought about John's additions to my list. He wanted me to show you how I feel about it:

Normally I wouldn't condone this behavior of rubbing his boo-tay over my precious lists, but in this case I can't really say anything since it was ruined! And when I go to remake it, I will have to rewrite the things I have already accomplished and then recheck them off. Am I the only crazy list maker out there??

Friday, June 19, 2009


Hurry, everyone buy one of these laptop privacy sweaters!

Yesterday I panicked. I was reading some public forums on the internets and came across someone bullying someone else on there. She was e-yelling at this other girl and said to her, "I googled your screen name and know where you live, have tons of pictures of you, etc. etc." As interesting as it was to read, it made me realize something. The internets are not safe, yo! I had never thought to do this, but I then googled my own screen name. I was completely shocked!

I don't know about you, but my memory can only handle remembering so many screen names, user names, passwords, secret questions, site keys, etc. So I typically use the same screen name for everything. Maybe not the best idea I've ever had. But hey, hindsight is 20/20.

So googling myself led to this:

First, I put all of my pictures on a photo sharing website and kept all of the albums public. I didn't want my friends to have the hassle of logging in every single time. What kind of friend would I be if I did that? So, upon googling, I discovered all 71 un-private albums. And did you know that I had to go into each and every album and change the settings from public to private for every single one? That's 71 times, for those of you not good at math!

All I could think of was something crazy ridiculous happening to myself or my family, say, like one of us running for president, and those crazy media peeps going through all of my pictures looking for some dirt until they see this one:
....and plastering it all over newspapers, magazines, and billboards. Disgracing my family completely because I am sitting on a plastic paint bucket drinking a beer with the illegal Mexican next door neighbors who no habla ingles. NOT good press at all for daughter/sister/aunt to be mingling with the illegals!

Next, I found reviews I posted of the various activities my parents and I did on our trip to Alaska last year. I guess this one isn't a dangerous, because, well, we aren't still in Alaska so they can keep searching the Godwin Glacier Dogsled place but we're not there anymore! Suckers! But still! I post reviews on things to be of help to others, but I do it anonymously. If I knew I could be traced to my reviews, I wouldn't be reviewing!

Then, on a local website for Charlotte's nightlife, I found the most embarrassing thing yet. Apparently, allegedly, supposedly, seemingly, I was a bit bitter after my break-up with my old boyfriend. When he showed up in a picture on this website because he was out having fun at a bar AFTER we broke up (I know, how could he possibly have ANY fun after we broke up??) I may have, allegedly, apparently, supposedly, seemingly commented on his picture that he was a loser. But that might not have been me, I may have been set up!

So, what I'm trying to say is the internets are not safe! Privatize everything....facebook, myspace, photo sharing sites, etc.

What about this blog, you may ask? Well, duh, have you been reading at all? I'm not making this private! What kind of friend would I be if I made you log in every single time you wanted to read my words of wisdom?

And for those of you acronymly challenged, PSA = Public Service Announcement.
You can't tell me my blog isn't educational!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 weeks later...

So I took a two week hiatus from blogging. Don't hate. Let's get you caught up on me. This is gonna be a long one so buckle up...

~So my last blog post was about getting in better shape for the beach. That lasted for 4 days. Eating right SUCKS. And you know what sucks even more? Exercising. The word alone makes me cringe.

~June 2nd must have sucked cause I don't remember one thing about that day.

~June 3rd was a two hour long SYTYCD!!!!!! (So You Think You Can Dance, for you people not in the know.) This show is my absolute favorite and after watching each episode I mistakenly think I too can dance like those people. The mirror however, is quick to prove me wrong each Wednesday and Thursday nights.

~June 4th was more SYTYCD! The top 20 was picked this night and my early favorites are Brandon, I think Kayla, Phillip and Janette.

~June 5th was a big day. I took the day off of work because I had court for my speeding ticket that morning and then my friend Matt's birthday that night.

Court sucked and I not only got to pay court costs of $121, but I also get to waste four hours of my life (tomorrow night) in driving school, which also will cost me an additional $50. You are welcome Mecklenburg County.

Then that night, we went to see a local band Sunny Ledfurd at this hole in the wall type place appropriately called, The Knothole. Unfortunately for Matt, he is not in either of (what I consider) the best pictures from the night. Sucks for you Matthew...hope you remember your birthday on your own! What's that you say? You don't remember it? Hmm, that's odd.

~June 6th I did some more concerting and went to see No Doubt! I'm pretty sure everyone I went with only went because the tickets were just $10 and left me by myself to scream every word to every song. They clearly were not die hard fans such as myself. Gwen was AWESOME and only would've been awesomer if she would have brought out Gavin, Kingston or Zuma.

~June 7th had to have been a lazy day after two concerts in a row.

~June 8th I worked as usual during the day, then went to a dermatology appointment where I lost a small chunk of my leg because of some abnormal mole, but gained three stitches, and then rushed over to Cajun Canvas to meet my sisters for some painting. We had never been there before but it was awesome and we are all quitting our jobs to become full time artists because we discovered our talent:

My sister Christy's:
My sister Joy's:
and mine:

~June 9th was a normal day except my department at work went out to eat and one person in particular decided to order our entire departments food for us. And not because he/she's the nicest person in the world and knows us all so well that he/she knew what we wanted, but just because he/she's rude.

~June 10th I went out to dinner at Salsarita's with my little bro Colt. We went shopping afterwards and I bought a new Wii game that Colt highly recommended called Rayman something or other, but I have yet to even open it. I think I am officially a grown-up now because this is the first time I didn't rush home to open my new game (I LOVE opening new things) and play with it right then. This adult stuff sucks.

~June 11th that same he/she talked about above wore the following to work: black tank equipped with bra straps showing, s t r e t c h ankle length skirt that didn't quite make it to the ankles, white, I repeat, WHITE tights with some sort of a flowered texture design on them, and black cloggy shoes. Now, I know I'm being a mean girl, but how could someone EVER rationalize wearing a tank top with pantyhose of any kind, much less white tights!! And who over the age of 10 wears white tights?! And did I mention tanks are a no-no according to the official dress code? And did I also mention it was 90 degrees that day? Sheesh.

~June 12th John, Matt, Drew and I went to a bar that a friend bartends at , excuse me, at which a friend bartends. I really need to be careful where I put that preposition at.

~June 13th was my brother's 25th bday! Happy Bday Colt!!

~June 14th, yesterday, was the day we actually celebrated my brother's bday. Happy Birthday Again Colt!

Check out his bowl cut, and my Bart Simpson shirt. And quit trying to blow out my candles Colt! Not much has changed between us...

~Today, June 15th, I am re-dying some of my black clothes black, and while I wait I am catching up the ole blog. I am hoping you are still reading because it took me a freaking hour to type all this junk! But it beats the alternative....John's at softball tonight and thinks I'm home cleaning! Ha! Sucker!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day One

Today was day one of get-off-my-butt-and-exercise-and-why-don't-you-try-eating-better-while-you-are-at-it day. I did pretty good I think. Did 2 of the 3 daily DVDs so far (pick up your jaw off of the floor, they are only 10 minutes long each) and ate really good so far. I say so far because it is 9:01 p.m. and I have yet to eat dinner. Which is a big problem, I know. But John had softball and I refuse to cook for myself because then if my dinner turns out edible he would know I actually AM able to cook and I would be expected to cook for myself once in a while. We aren't even married yet so I'm not ruining my hot streak now!

I would have done all 3 DVDs already, however, I MIGHT have forgotten that my kitties were completely out of food until 8:40 p.m. and had to rush to PetSmart to purchase their high class kitty food that is only available at pet stores because Tuna has expensive taste. That said, I am going to make a great effort to do the third DVD (Upper Body) before bedtime. And Upper body should be a breeeezzzee for me, we all know I have rockin biceps and amazzzzzzzziingg upper body strength. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

So, to document my progress I decided I would post my Day 1 pictures to give me some additional motivation to continue this lifestyle. I even went to the lake and posed in my bikini to get great Day 1 pictures. But don't let me sway your opinion, be as mean as you have to. It's only going to give me more motivation to get my boh-day beach ready in 27 days. So without further ado, here is one of my Day 1 pictures...........

I know, I know, I can really stand to lose (quite) a few inches. And yikes, look at those thunder thighs! I can't believe I'm actually posting this. But, I just need to hear the truth from other people to give me the extra motivation I need. So let me have it.