Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Laney: 2 Months


Another month older for my little thing! 2 whole months!



Let's start with the part she's excelling in. Sleep. Well, sleep at night. She is sleeping through the night and I couldn't be more thankful. I nurse her one last time around 10 and she wakes up every morning around 6:30, so about 8.5 hours on average. Which is PERFECT for when I go back to work very shortly. Of course, I hope that the 10:00 becomes 9:00 or so but I am not messing with a good thing right now. She started consistently sleeping through the night right when Charley did too, at 6 weeks or so. Yay sleep!

Naps though. Naps are a bit tougher with Laney. She seems like she's just content to fuss to sleep for every single nap during the day. So that requires lots of bouncing and shushing and when all else fails, I have to just put her in the Beco until she's out. And she needs to be OUT out too, not just out, or else her eyes will pop open the second her head hits the bouncer/crib/boppy/bed. So, naps are a bit more tough and I do wonder if they'd be as easy as night time if she was swaddled for those also, but I hesitate to do that since I want her to know the distinction of nighttime sleep versus daytime sleep. Who knows. All I know is that IF there has to be some sleep issues, I'd much rather fight to get her to sleep during the day than at night so I'll take what I've got!



Yay play! Laney is really starting to enjoy her play mats! She will happily lay on them for a good 10-15 minutes, and even longer if someone is down there with her.


Nursing is still going awesome. However, I start back to work really soon so that is when things are really put to the test when the pump becomes part of the routine. Ughhhhhhh that darn pump. I have right at 100 ounces in the freezer, but I really could have had so much more if I wasn't a lazy pumper. If I woke up in the middle of the night to pump, I could easily have doubled that since Laney's been sleeping through the night, but woulda coulda shoulda. It is what it is, and I'm just going to go as long as I can go.

In fact, on one particularly fussy day where Laney nursed every hour the entire day and I was completely spent by bedtime, I mixed up 2 ounces of formula because I needed a break. And of course, she wouldn't take it because she's still finicky about bottles in the first place, and that was NOT the same flavor apparently. So, I'm no where near as much of a stickler about nursing as I was with Charley. I'm just glad things are going well and have been going well thus far.



Whew. I really think we turned a corner in this department since the 1 month update. Laney is no where near as fussy as she was that first month, and even the first week or two of month two. Her fusses really seem to stem from a couple of explainable and identifiable reasons now and there isn't quite as much "I don't know". She still fusses, don't get me wrong, but it is a lot easier to manage when you know WHY she's fussing.

So, her fussing tends to be 1 of these things: she's tired or she wants Mama. She almost always (except at night) fusses to sleep. So every nap begins with bouncing and shushing a fussy baby. Not the worst thing in the world because it isn't CRYing, just fussing, you know? But at night time she usually just nurses to sleep and I lay her down, likely because she's swaddled and understands that one better. She does cry some (most) times when other people hold her right now. I think this one will be solved once she's at my sister's for a bit and she gets more comfortable with getting nourishment from someone else, and just getting held by someone else. But man - WORLD of a difference from last month wondering if it was tummy troubles from something I was eating or if she was in pain from something else or colic or silent reflux or what! Glad that didn't last very long, but of course it felt long while going through it.

Other random things about Laney at two months old:


- The girl likes to be extra warm. She falls asleep really easily when we are outside, especially if I'm carrying her and her face is against my chest where we both sweat so much that we stick together. THAT is her favorite thing. Bleh. She constantly gets a heat rash on whichever cheek she rests against me because of it.

- She still loves to be carried in the Beco Gemini and I've really started using that a lot when going out shopping. I used to think it was too much of a hassle to put it on for a quicker run into a grocery store, but if it saves me from having her wake up in her carseat and start screaming, it is really worth it. Plus, I can pick her up sleeping out of her carseat, put her in the Beco, do all shopping, and put her back in her carseat still sleeping. Pretty awesome.

- She's up to 10 pounds and 14 ounces and 22.5" from 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" at birth. She's wearing all 0-3 month clothing, which Charley didn't fit into until 3 months old! Wearing size 1 diapers too.

- She is pretty smiley lately (except apparently not for my mom, who nervously asked me as she handed a fussy baby back to me yesterday if she EVER smiled? Ha!) and I don't think giggles are that far off. She can kick those legs a mile a minute and does so quite a bit on her changing table, just like Charley used to do. But, again, just like Charley, she has no interest in picking her head up yet. She has great control when I'm holding her upright, but definitely not picking her head and upper body up off of the floor yet.

- Comparison time. EVERYone says how much Laney looks just like baby Charley, but I have such a hard time seeing it sometimes. In size comparison, Laney is just a half inch longer and 7 ounces bigger than Charley was at the same age, even though they started out 1 pounds 7 ounces different. That definitely surprised me at Laney's two month doctor's appointment.

And in the looks department...


Ok so maybe they do resemble each other a bit. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Charley Lately


My big girl is three quarters of the way to FOUR and is such a joy. Here are some of my favorite things about her right now.


She still has a few adorable mispronunciations that I'm in no hurry to correct. They all seem to correct on their own anyways. Oddly, many of them seem to be around the letter "p", though she has no trouble with the letter in most words.

Clause it! - Pause it! (Very thankful she can work the pause button on her own so she doesn't miss any of her beloved cartoons when a potty break must be taken.)

Tootunzel - Rapunzel

Tuhtend - Pretend

Clastic - Plastic

Membered - Remember

Last Morning - Yesterday, or any time in the past, not even necessarily morning

Ballilla - Vanilla. Loves ballilla ice cream or these ballilla granola bars we buy her.

Lellow - Yellow


Charley is such a girly girl when it comes to toys especially. She loves all things princesses (Ariel and Rapunzel are favorites) and My Little Pony and Barbies. She is constantly in a princess dress and wearing a tiara. She's really into art these days too, and her desk is a constant disaster which only means she's having fun. I mean, we made her her own personal space for stuff like that so I try to not worry about the mess she makes over there so much.



She is still very particular about her clothing too. Though she isn't AS stubborn about only wearing dresses or skirts these days as she was (was able to convince her to have at least a couple of pairs of shorts this summer), she still has quite a bit of push when it comes to clothing. Unless I want to waste my money I just bring her with me when I go shopping these days. Didn't expect that to happen until the pre-teen years at the earliest. Definitely not at age 3!

But! Jackets are back in the picture. After going through an ENTIRE winter without once wearing a jacket or coat, I somehow convinced her to wear a rain jacket one rainy day and ever since all jackets have been approved. Not that we NEED jackets much when it is 100 degrees outside at the moment, but hopefully that hurdle is over before fall and winter get here again. It sure is embarrassing to walk into a store when I'm wearing a heavier coat and my child has nothing on her arms!



She's not a complete girly girl though. She still loves to play outside in the dirt. Give her some dirt, buckets and water and she's entertained for a long time.


She also loves planting flowers and picking flowers and seems like she will have a green thumb already. She's my mom's little gardening buddy for sure.


On the big sister front, Charley is doing so awesome so far. It has only been 8 weeks but the normal jealousy issues haven't really been much of an issue. They aren't completely non-existent, but instead of her taking them out on Laney, she instead makes the saddest little face and sheds a couple of tears when she thinks it his her turn for some Mama time. And, it works every time so who can blame her?

She adores Laney though. Yesterday in the library I was carrying Laney in her car seat and set her on top of a low shelf of books while I picked out some books for Charley. Charley didn't see her and immediately panicked and asked me where Laney was. I could see the fear in her little face for that split second and as sad as it was it made me so happy to see. Already looking out for her little sister. I hope they have a great sisterly relationship growing up but we'll just have to wait and see.

She always wants to hold her too, so almost every night I have pictures like this because I can't resist.



Charley has definitely entered the "three-nager" phase. (Please say it is a phase!) She's sassy and emotional and constantly testing us. One thing I've learned about her on this maternity leave is that she thrives on routine and does so much better when she has one. We are sleeping until 8:30 or so daily, lots of TV time and just whatever floats our boats right now. Charley gets bored with that it seems and acts out much more on those types of days versus days where I take her to my sisters.

Her sass includes anything from just talking back or having a sassy inflection in her words, to outright doing things she knows she's not allowed to do, and hiding when I'm steps away from discovering her wrong-doings. Meaning, she KNOWS it was something she wasn't allowed to do but did it anyways. I know this is very normal though. I'm perfectly fine with her testing boundaries by say, cutting Barbie hair and stuffed animal's ears rather than hurting Laney or ruining something of mine. So, I'll take what we've got right now for this phase.


On the emotional end of things, again, it is mainly when she thinks it is her rightful turn for some Mama time versus Laney. I feel like I've been good about taking Charley out to do things with just us, well, as good as I can be with an 8 week old that depends on me for nourishment so it isn't that she's not getting any dedicated time for just us at all. She's just using her emotions to her advantage when she wants some extra cuddles because she knows I have a hard time when I see that lip quiver. But that is fine. A few extra fusses isn't going to hurt Laney and a few extra minutes of Mama snuggles certainly isn't going to hurt Charley.

Charley LOVED preschool so much this past year. She was in the two year old class because she misses the cutoff by 4 days so this fall she will be in the three year old class. She made a couple of friends in her class that she talks about all of the time which made me thrilled for her because Charley is all about making friends. She for sure didn't get that from me, because my shy demeanor has always worked to my disadvantage in that department. But Charley tries to make a friend no matter if we are at a playground, pool, or even if I just saw a high school classmate and her children in Home Depot. She wanted me to follow them so bad so she could make a friend. Ha! Whoops, sorry, tangent.

Charley's best buddy Ella

She still doesn't really recognize any letters at all and has NO interest in learning them at the moment. I think the three year old class at preschool should help with that, not that there is any hurry really. She's got a full 2 years left before Kindergarten because of the cutoff.

We have recently looked at signing her up for both dance and swim lessons. Swim lessons are a must do, and of all the extra-curriculars we could think of, dance seemed like the thing she would like the most so we are going to give that a try soon.


A few changes from the last Charley update - she hasn't had any night terrors in a few months and she can now take her shirt off and put it on and often gets dressed on her own. And a few things that haven't changed much - we still fight with brushing teeth unless we are using a sticker chart, she still paints almost daily, and she still throws the crab and the shark toys out of the bathtub for being too mean.

Charley has always been a Mama's girl and I would say she still is for the most part, but she's been a Daddy's girl more and more too. At the end of my pregnancy and of course now with Laney being so needy, she and John have played together so much. He does the things that I just don't enjoy as much - playing tag (ugh running!), letting her drive her car around, or setting up her kiddy pool or slip n slide or sprinkler for her. Basically, outdoor activities - Daddy's her guy. They also work out together in the basement pretty often (I think she rides her tricycle or other toys around while he exercises for the most part) and she gives him the best welcomes when he comes home every day. I love seeing him with a lap full of his babies when he gets home.

I swear John is wearing shorts. Ha!

And finally - the basic Charley stats that I know I'll refer to when Laney is the same age -

Charley is 41" tall and around 36 pounds. She's wearing 4T for the most part, but has several 5T or just size 4 things from the girl's department too. She wears a size 9 shoe. Her height is ALL legs because she's still not even to the top notch in her convertible car seat. She's my skinny mini little thing and I just love her to pieces!

That's a "ballilla" bar in her hand!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day In The Life

Per usual, I like to do these when something major has changed up our routine and it just so happens that something major named Laney has changed things up around here. So! I figured it was time to document a day in the life of maternity leave with Laney. I did one while on leave with Charley but things are different this time around!

This was Tuesday, June 18, 2015.
Charley is 3 years 9 months old.
Laney is 7 weeks old.

5:50 AM

Baby monitor sounds. Laney is waking up so I make my way to her room to nurse her. I use an app on my phone to monitor which side to nurse from and also how long it has been since the last time she nursed and it has been 8 hours and 8 minutes! Wahoo! That's the longest stretch yet. Not too shabby for a 7 week old baby.

6:08 AM

Laney is done & back asleep in her crib so I make my way back to my bed and back to sleep.

7:45 AM or so

(I'm guessing here - because I hadn't decided I was going to do a Day in the Life post yet at this point, so no pictures yet or actual times unless I use the nursing app on my phone.)

Charley makes her way into our room. I think John was just leaving for work too, or maybe he had already left. I don't remember. I go start a cartoon for Charley in the living room so I can have a few minutes to wake up myself.

8:15 AM or so

Charley and I make pancakes for breakfast and eat them together. She insists on a Mickey Mouse and a snowman pancakes. I like when the timing works out with Laney's sleep that Charley and I get some time together in the mornings. Makes me feel slightly less neglectful since Laney needs so much attention the rest of the day.

9:16 AM

Laney wakes up from a 3 hour nap and I get her dressed for the day. She sleeps really well at night and in the mornings, but the daytime naps are more sporadic and she nurses quite a bit more often too. So, don't shoot me just yet. She nurses for just 6 minutes. So.......

9:46 AM

She realizes she wasn't full and nurses for another 10 minutes here.

Which brings us to

10:05 AM


A face-planted nap on the couch after nursing, and the moment when I decide to do this post. Whew. Now the timestamp on the pictures can guide the rest of the day for me. Charley is to my left watching another cartoon.


10:15 AM

That tiny catnap is over and I need to pump because it is impossible for Laney to catch up after going for that long stretch at night. I need some relief! If I was smart and not lazy, I would wake up in the night to pump to keep my supply nice and healthy and build my stash even more for when I return to work, but I am not either of those things (smart and not lazy). Oh well.


10:30 AM

Whoa it has been a good half hour so Laney must be STARVING. Ha. Nurses again for 15 minutes this time. I've turned off the TV too and ushered Charley to her room to play a little Waffle Town - my favorite toy from my childhood. We set up the town last night so it is all ready to be played with.


10:50 AM

I attempt to put Laney down for her nap in a 'drowsy but awake' state. I've had some luck with this lately so I at least try it at every nap. This time was a dud though, so I ended up rocking her to sleep. Can't win them all.


11:00 AM

For the next half hour I start typing this blog post. I'm on a blogging roll lately because I have at least 6 drafts and a couple other ideas too that I've been itching to type up. Finally getting a chance to write them this week so it has been a very bloggy week.

11:30 AM

I get myself dressed for the day. Nursing tank, very light tank to go over that and some shorts. So fashionable, right? Ha.

Makes mental note to clean mirror.
I then go outside to check the mail. I'm so anxious to check the mail every day because we haven't gotten any hospital bills yet. I'm so strange. I'm really curious how much we are going to owe. But, mail hasn't even come yet so I take a picture of one of my pretty dahlias instead.


I came back inside and got Charley dressed and brushed her teeth. She's been asking for a haircut ("my hair is getting as long at Tootunzel (Rapunzel) Mama!") so I tell her we can go today after Laney wakes up and eats.

12:03 PM

Laney's up! Nurses for 26 whole minutes this time. During that, I make an appointment for Charley's haircut at Great Clips. We go there or take advantage of my friend Melissa's skills when we are with her for haircuts. I of course prefer Melissa, but Great Clips works for now since we are just really cutting it straight across.

12:35 PM

Charley gets her hair cut and is so wiggly. I wear Laney in the Beco during the haircut because girlfriend hates the car seat. The man cutting Charley's hair doesn't have a ton of patience and basically tells me he will do the best he can and even has me hold her head still at one point. I try to get her to be still but it doesn't work much. Definitely prefer the girl we had the other time we came - if only I wrote down her name. Oh well. It still looks cute.

1:00 PM

We walk next door to Target to do our grocery shopping since Laney is snoozing in the Beco. It is also lunch time and we are hungry so we have some nutritious snacks from the snack bar. Icee, popcorn and a soft pretzel for me. Also, don't mind the empty shelves - our Target lost power to their refrigerated cases on Sunday (when we originally came to grocery shop) and had to toss ALL refrigerated items and they are still trying to get everything back in stock. They estimated a half-million dollar loss. Whoa.


1:58 PM

Home from the grocery store. Laney is hungry, but lets me lay her down on her play mat while I put away the refrigerated items at least. I then nurse her for 10 minutes.


2:33 PM

She wasn't full. Nurse her again for 20 minutes and then put her down for another nap.

Charley has some rest time and watches a couple shows. I cleaned up the kitchen and then had to vacuum our bedroom after Charley threw a handful of cat food on the carpet (don't ask) so I cleaned up that room also.

4:12 PM

Laney is up again and nurses again for 7 minutes. Charley goes outside to play on the deck with her water table. We definitely need the awning out because it is hot, hot, hot. Even the thermostat tells me that it is 'Extremely hot.'


4:45 PM

Charley has some fruit and more of the popcorn from Target. We kind of skipped lunch today. I'm not much of a lunch eater when I'm home and today Charley wasn't either.


5:00 PM

We go down to my parent's house for a visit. My mom has a summer cold and doesn't feel well so we don't stay long.

5:18 PM

Back home and Laney's hungry again. While I'm nursing her John gets home from work and we decide to go out for Mexican for dinner.

7:35 PM

We are back home (actually had been home for 45 minutes at this point) and Charley is in the bath and I'm nursing Laney again. She tends to load up in the evenings before bed so 25 minutes this time. I lay her down in the Boppy Lounger after she's done.


8:00 PM

The next hour consists of getting Charley out of the bath and in her nightgown and then she wanted her hair dried also. John takes Laney and I take on Charley. Charley then watches a cartoon to wind down, and we start to get Laney ready for bed.


9:00 PM

Charley's ready for bed. John and I each read her a book at night so we do that and kiss her goodnight. I then make my way to the couch with a drowsy Laney. She falls asleep on me, but I know it's not for the night just yet so I just let her sleep on me.

10:09 PM

Laney's up and ready for her last meal. Nurses for 27 minutes and she's out for the night. John watches some of the NBA finals and I go finish the blog I started 11 hours ago. At 11:00 I post the blog and then I'm off to bed too. 


Glad I documented a day in the life of maternity leave because it will be over pretty soon and a whole new adventure begins - getting to work on time after getting TWO babies up and ready for the day. I'll have to do another one of these posts once that starts and we get in a new routine. Right now I feel like it takes me FOREVER to get us out of the door and that's usually with me looking a mess (see Target photo above). Let's hope that I can not look like that when I return to work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stuff We Like So Far - Laney edition

So I know I posted a list like this for Charley way back in January 2012. But three years, three months and a different child makes a huge difference apparently because I just went back to read that one and NONE of the stuff in that list are on this list. Ha! While I do still love the City Mini stroller on Charley's list, we haven't even used it one time yet with Laney. Anyways, on to the stuff we are liking so far this time.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle


Although I just went to the Miracle Blanket website and saw we've been doing it wrong all along, I still love this thing and so does Laney. At first she gets a little grunty when she realizes she can't.move.her.arms!! but it really does calm her down and let her sleep soundly at night. The only bad part is that we only have ONE of these, so one spit-up or diaper that gets overfull at night and it makes for a laundry must the next day. I hesitate to buy another because they really don't stay swaddled for too long. But for now we love it!

On Charley's list we had the SwaddleMe, and that one really just didn't work as well for Laney. I didn't like the sound of the loud velcro that could wake her up in the middle of the night as I changed her diaper and Laney just preferred the other one more. So I have a stack of SwaddleMe blankets that aren't getting used this time. Oh well!

In that same picture above, we also love the

Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

Since we've spent 2 weeks of Laney's 7 weeks on vacation, this thing has gotten a ton of use. I love that it folds up so small and can really just go anywhere. When I used it when Charley was 6 weeks old I had it next to me in a double bed because it was just me and her. This time John vacationed with us too so he and I shared the bed and I had Laney in her little bed beside me on the floor. She slept great in it and therefore we slept great too! Of course, the pack n play would give us the same results, but since our vacations are usually in a camper, limited space makes this little travel bed make much more sense. I'm just a little sad that we are probably done with this piece of baby gear now as we have no other vacations planned in the immediate future. Sad! First thing that we are done with.

Udder Covers Nursing Cover

I think this is the nursing cover I have. My sister actually gave it to me before I had Charley and I never really used it until this time. And I've used it A LOT this time and I really love it.

I actually have another nursing cover I was really excited to use this time and turns out I really don't like it all that much. The difference being the top of them. The Udder Cover one (can I just say I hate that name?) has a rigid top neckline so you can see what you are doing under there really easily and the Oslo one doesn't. I used the Oslo one only once and basically had to pull it up over my face to see what I was doing when trying to get her latched. That doesn't look awkward at all. Ha. Maybe other people don't need to see to get their babies latched, but I'm just not that talented.

Boppy Newborn Lounger


Another thing I have really loved this time is this Boppy Lounger. I didn't have this when Charley was a baby but I knew how much I loved letting Charley nap in the regular Boppy so figured this would be good to have because it is made for that. (Even though it says it should only be used for newborns and infants that are awake.)

I wasn't going to buy any new baby gear because we really didn't need it, but I found this for only $10 at a garage sale and you can throw the whole thing in the washing machine so I figured why not? And it definitely was worth the $10. Laney had some nice naps in this thing, and in the first couple of weeks she even slept part of the night in this next to me in the bed. I'm not saying anyone else should do that since they say they shouldn't nap in them, I'm just saying I chose to take that risk myself and Laney really seemed to like it. BUT, I took that picture tonight and I can see it really won't last that long. So, worth $10 for sure, but not sure I would have felt it was worth the $30+ had I paid retail.

Regardless, another thing we've loved so far.

Schylling Infant UV Play Shade


Since we already have a beach trip under our belts I can already recommend this beach tent. It was so easy to put up (well, I think it looked easy as John put it up) and take down (again - looked easy enough to me as I watched him do it!) and it was the perfect place for Laney to nap. The sound of the ocean and the nice breeze knocked her out every time. I loved how the wind could blow through with the window opening in the back too. Hope we get a few more chances to use it this summer!

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water


Hey remember how I said we had avoided ever using Gripe Water with Charley? Well Laney is a whole 'nother baby. She's griped quite a bit so we gripe watered her often. We're on our second bottle already and the stuff really seems to work to calm a gurgly tummy. Gurgly tummy = crying baby so anything to relieve that is a win in my book.

Beco Gemini Carrier


I am sure I've mentioned this carrier on the ol' blog at some point before but the search wasn't pulling anything up. Anyways, I LOVE THIS CARRIER. We got it later on in Charley's babyhood, so never got to test out a carrier with a newborn but man. This thing is awesome. I love that you don't need an infant insert because it is good from 7 pounds and up and it is really so easy to put on yourself. I feel very secure with it also, which is why I was able to take a 4 week old baby hiking in it. If nothing else calms Laney while she's fussy this thing will do it for sure. In fact, I wore it today during Charley's haircut and then we walked next door to Target and did grocery shopping afterwards and she slept the entire time. Well over an hour. It was the best grocery shopping trip to date. I will wear her here or there, I will wear her anywhere!

And the whole reason I chose this one in the first place with Charley was that Charley NEEDED to see out and not face me. I had heard about the crotch dangling thing and still don't know if is a real thing but figured I'd buy one of the carriers that didn't carry that risk anyways just in case it was a real thing. And with this carrier they can look out forward facing or you can wear them on your back also. I think there is a side carry too but we've never tried that one. Versatile and both kiddos have loved it.

Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer


Charley, Laney

Another thing both girls loved. Forget all of the expensive baby seat type gear. Swings, Bumbo and even the Rock N Play (that I purchased and then returned when I realized it did nothing for us). This $35 bouncer is where it's at for my girls. Both have loved it and it is another easy thing to take on vacation too.

So. That's the stuff we're loving so far. And just within the last couple of days she's really started to like the Kick And Play Piano Playmat, but since it has only been a couple of days I'll wait to see if it is hit or just a couple days' flukes. Another piece of baby gear where she will happily lay instead of being in my arms all day? Sign me up!

Not that I'm really willing to buy much more baby stuff at this point (I'm more counting down the days until I can start selling some of this stuff!) but if you have something you really love and think I must have - tell me about it! I kind of like that I got to try out a few different things this time!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Poor Chooser

During one of the middle of the night nursing sessions last week I had an epiphany about myself. I realized right then and there in the dark that I am a poor chooser. My choosing ability is just really not up to par. Here's how.

First, my car. I think this is what I was thinking about which led to all my other examples of being a poor chooser. I know when most people go out looking for a new vehicle, they car shop. Compare brands. Test drive different cars and do a lot of research. Me? Nope. My brother-in-law used to work for a Honda dealership so I let that be my way of choosing a vehicle because it would have been silly to go to another dealership and not use his connections. I once wanted a sedan type of car - boom. Bought a Civic. Then wanted a large SUV just a few weeks after Charley was born - boom. Bought the Pilot. Never even gave a thought to choosing something else. Limited choices make me happy. 


Decorating my house is one of my favorite things to do. While I don't agree with the statement, people have told me I missed my calling and could have gone into interior design. That would never work because of my poor choosing abilities. I realized this recently at a trip to a new HomeGoods store near me. I was so excited about going to a HomeGoods for the first time after seeing some of the things other bloggers have gotten from there before. But, I was so overwhelmed. It occurred to me that I wasn't able to pick and choose things from a store full of so many things I liked. I couldn't focus. I couldn't remember what spaces needed decor items in our house, and the couple things I did remember I couldn't pick anything that would work in a store that probably had a thousand different things that would work. I truly loved so much of what I saw but that was exactly the problem. There were TOO MANY THINGS I liked. Isn't that ridiculous?

Instead, garage sales do the choosing for me. With garage sales, there is a driveway full of stuff - most of it that I DON'T like and just a few things that I do. So I snag all of the things I like whether or not I currently have a place for it and I'm out a whopping $3 or something. If I snagged all of the things I liked in HomeGoods I would spend several thousand dollars. Don't make me choose! I'll go broke!

Where all of those things are stored until they find a home. 

And then clothing. It is the exact same thing there. When I go into a store if I don't have a specific item in mind that I'm looking for I just wander around. There are so many things I like that I just cannot pick a few to try. Those darn dressing room limits hinder that too. Even with Charley and Laney's clothing I struggle to just pick a few things. I need to have something specific in mind before I go into clothing stores or it just doesn't work and I walk out with nothing instead.

One way I remedy that for myself is with Twice. (that's a referral link) I know I've talked about that website a million times before, but it is truly how I've done MOST of my shopping for the last few years, minus the maternity part. Someone already has made the choices, (and then chose they didn't want it anymore, but we'll just forget about that part) and then I can just choose among the things in my size. Much easier.

And then, I added a new way to let somebody else do the choosing for me. I'm late to the game because I've been pregnant (and then not pregnant and then pregnant again) for as long as it has been around, but I didn't waste much time after having Laney to try it out. Stitch Fix. (also a referral link) If you don't know about it, it is a service where a personal stylist picks 5 things to send you at an interval of your choosing (I'm starting out by doing monthly) and then you pick what you like of those things and send the rest back. They try to give you things that you maybe would not have picked up yourself in a store. I got my first one on Saturday and it was a decent start. Here's what someone else CHOSE FOR ME. (Those words are just magic to my poor choosing ears)

#1 - Jersey dress. It is actually navy and white and I did like the fit and the pattern, but it was way too short. Especially in the back. Sent back.


#2 - Necklace. This is actually just my style. I like statement necklaces and I especially like this one since it is pretty neutral and can go with so much. KEPT.


#3 - Printed top. The jeans are maternity because I'm not quite into my regular jeans yet. Womp womp. Hope to get a nice Stitch Fix pair of jeans in the next few months. 

Anyways, this top is my favorite thing I got. The fit is perfect and I really like the design too. It has a zipper in the back too that I also liked. The only thing I don't like about it is that the sleeves go in at the back so a regular bra shows. I'll have to criss cross straps in the back to avoid that, so not a huge deal, but nursing bras typically aren't versatile like that so may not be able to wear it much right now. Regardless, I kept it. I do love it!


#4 - Dolman top. (again, same maternity jeans so don't judge those) This top is very flattering and I love the fit and the weight of it too. It WOULD be great for a postpartum body except that it is a little hot for a southern summer, so again, may not get a ton of use out of it right away. But I liked it enough that I kept it too. Next time I need to send a note to my stylist to be sure to account for how hot it is here right now. 


#5 - Maxi skirt. (that shirt is mine - they had it paired with the Dolman top but it didn't look right together). This skirt was just okay. I'm widest at my hips, so maxi skirts, while GREAT for postpartum, don't do much for my body type. It essentially starts at the widest part of me and goes straight down from there. Not exactly ideal. I sent this one back.


So! One more way to get around choosing things myself. Any other services I should know about for poor choosers? Anyone else suck at choosing too?