Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Laney Bug is ONE!

I have a 1 year old and a 4.5 year old yet it feels like I have a 6 month old and a 3 year old. Time is weird, y'all.

Laney turned one last Friday, and we celebrated with a bug themed party on Saturday. But I'll tell you about that in another post. This is my last monthly post...EVER. While, I'm glad, because these things can feel like a chore sometimes, I'm also like "welllllll, at least that was one gimme' prompt a month where I can barely squeak out 2 posts a month lately". 


I chose that picture because I loved that I finally got a picture where you can see her teeth! She has those 4 up front, and then randomly one molar has broken most of the way through too. I thought the molar was a canine, but doesn't seem that way in the 2.8 seconds she allows me to look and feel around in there. She is not following the proper teething order!

She's starting to talk more and more. She can say dog (dah!), more (dah!), that (dah!) and cat (dah!). Ha. But seriously, even though she does say dah! for many many things, she does throw in some actual words/sounds here and there. Mmmmmmmmmmm means she wants to eat, or wants more. She says awwwwwww when she lays her head down on your shoulder or when she cuddles. She makes barking noises for any animals, which as I said are mostly dah, but she will actually say cat sometimes. She says hi and bye bye. She definitely knows yes and no and shakes her head appropriately for those responses. And just today I about melted when she pointed to Charley and said "Char-yah". I mean, close enough, right? A couple other family members had heard it before, but this was the first time I heard it and I melted into a puddle right there on the spot. She also says Mama, Dada, Gaga and sort of Gran-da-da.


She still loves playing in Charley's room whenever she can. She pulls up to stand and cruises still, but is now also standing unassisted for longer and longer periods of time. (nooooooooooo!) I give her a couple weeks before that first step is taken.

She's wearing some 12 month stuff, but moving more into 18 month stuff. Still a size 4 diaper and I've started putting shoes on her more lately and it seems she is a size 3, but she also has some size 3-6 month shoes from Carter's that fit great too. Itty bitty feet for her age I guess. I don't have official weight and height - her 12 month appointment is still a couple weeks out.


She went on her first theme park ride on her birthday and mostly loved it. No tears, but no smiles either. Mostly her face read "what in the world are you guys doing to me?" She was more amazed at the people watching and the lights and sounds. Other firsts this month - whole milk! I ran out of formula a week before her birthday so I made the switch. She also had her first sweets (cookie cake on my birthday) and first ice cream.

Speaking of that first milk though...I know I shouldn't expect the same out of two different children, but when Charley switched to whole milk it went like this: that first time I put some cold whole milk in a bottle where she was used to having warm formula. She immediately pushed the bottle away so I then poured the cold whole milk into a sippy and gave it to her. She took right to it and that was it for bottles with Charley. I mean, could not possibly get any easier than that. So it was some extreme wishful thinking that I thought Laney would do the same. While she has taken her milk in a cup a few times, most times she is pushing the cup away and crying for a bottle instead. Soooo, I may actually have to do something to help this transition along.


But besides all the stats and the things she's up to now, she's just really, really great, y'all. She is full of surprises and full of snuggles and I cannot stop kissing those cheeks and that soft head of hair. She nuzzles her little face right into the crook of my neck and says "awwwwww" and it is in moments like that where I just plead with the universe to freeze, even if just for a couple minutes. Her and Charley are so close to being so close if that makes sense and it just warms my heart. She is just perfect for our family and we are so glad she's ours.


Laney - thank you for the year full of new challenges for us all, but most of all thank you for the additional smiles, giggles and love you brought into our home. And my parent's home. And my sister's home. You share your sweetness with us all and we all soak it up.


Last of all - Laney started out looking pretty similar to Charley but as the months have gone on, the similarities are getting a little harder to see. We are starting to see more and more John in Laney and Charley is more me, we think. I know they change a million more times between now and adulthood, but that's what we are thinking as of now. Both cute & both ours, but looking less alike. What do you think?

Charley, Laney

Happy birthday sweet Laney! 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Charley Lately

Hey guys - guess what?! I'm blogging...FROM WORK! At lunch, obviously. I'm so excited. Flickr is still blocked though so I may resort back to using the ol' Blogger photo uploader tool. Anyway, high five IT guys!

So, it has been a while since my biggest girl Charley had an update post. (Oh wait just realized I did do a 4 year old post too.) I haven't done one since before Laney was born and she not only looks so different to me now, she is so much more mature too.  Excuse me while I have a little cry over this.

Anyway, this is Charley at age four (and a half).


Some little Charley funnies lately.

John is finishing up loading the dishwasher and was about to add the Finish tablet to the dispenser when Charley asks if she can do it instead. He hands her the tablet and upon walking up to the opened dishwasher gets a whiff of the dirty dishes.

C: What's that smell!??
J: That's the dirty dishes.
C: ::drops tablet and runs away:: Get me outta this smell!

C, while pointing to a valentine hung on the fridge: Mama this one was yours!
Me: Yes I really liked it!
C: Then why did you throw it in the trash?!
I've GOT to learn to bury stuff in the trash can better.


The AT-TI-TUDE of a four year old. Whew. Charley is as sweet as she can be most of the time, but when that switch flips and the attitude comes out, watch out. This morning I was lucky enough to witness a bit of this attitude.

We were attempting to get dressed for the day when the incident occurred. Per usual, because MANY of our issues come during this time or task. We have some workarounds to avoid this, but this morning none of those things happened so I knew even last night that this morning would be rough. (we got home late last night and she was already exhausted, she laid in bed for over an hour before falling asleep, we didn't pick out clothes last night, she ate breakfast BEFORE getting dressed, to name a few)

So, her and I are standing in front of her wardrobe trying to decide on an outfit. I have a dress picked out that is perfect for today's weather (short sleeves for the warmer afternoon, but not sleeveless where she'll be cold in the morning) so I'm trying to convince her of that dress. She will NOT wear something I pick unless she deems it a "Mama pick day" which is rare. But I'm trying to hurry us along. Finally she decides on a short-sleeved shirt. But of course now we need something on the bottom. Leggings are the obvious choice but she doesn't love wearing leggings without a skirt or dress over them so then she wants to pick a skirt. There's just one that would match, but she says "that one makes walking harder" so that one is out. I say something trying to hurry her along and she says "THIS TAKES TIME, MAMA" and I go on to explain that it doesn't need to take time - Daddy, Laney and Mama had clothing picked out and on our bodies in minutes so I didn't think it needed to take this long. That struck a nerve so the tears started to flow and she shouts "YOU ARE THE WORST THE WORST THE WORST MAMA AND DADA EVAH!". (I can't even remember what poor John did to get lumped in there with me.) This is her go to lately when she feels defeated. I just go along with it and tell her that even if I'm terrible, I love her an awful lot. Eventually she comes around after getting herself dressed in the tee and just leggings, but it was touch and go.

On the way out of the house she did tell us she is just kidding when she says that and that she still loves us. I sense a bit of her Mama's guilty conscience, especially before separating for the day, in my little mini me. She's got my sensitivity AND my guilty conscience. You're welcome, baby.


The 2016 Spring school picture

Charley has done really well in preschool these last two years. She's in the three year old class this year and they did parent-teacher conferences that I really enjoyed. It's not often that someone else gets to tell me about my daughter, especially in instances that are different than ones I know her in. Her teachers love her; I could just tell from the visit. They mentioned how mature she was and that she stayed away from some of the three year old drama that occurred with some of her classmates. This very well could be because she's the oldest in the class, but it made me proud anyway.

She's got a handful of "best friends" that she talks about all the time. She doesn't tell me a whole lot about her school days unless I dig and dig, but she's getting better about it. The thing I seem to hear most often is that she tells her teachers when a classmate is not following the rules or if they hurt someone else...even if the person that got hurt doesn't tell the teachers. She's leaning towards being a tattle, but I don't want to discourage her from talking to her teachers if she feels the need to, so I'm going to let that sort itself out. She's just a rule follower that maybe doesn't always want to follow the rules so she gets a little jealous when so and so wears sandals to school instead of tennis shoes and socks like is recommended, for example. I have to do the whole "well, their Mom and Dad make decisions that they think is best for their child, so we have to make decisions on what is best for Charley and those things may differ." Does she get it? Probably not, but I'm going with it.


Speaking of making decisions that others may not deem as good for their child(ren), I strapped Laney into the passenger seat of Charley's little car last weekend and Charley thought it was the BEST. THING. EVER. She's been begging to do it again ever since.

Laney may not have agreed with Charley that this was the BEST THING EVER.

I used our Beco carrier and tightened the straps as tight as they'd go, and they just so happened to be just the right length to go around Laney's torso and the back of the seat. So since there are three buckles (one over each shoulder and one around the waist) I felt that the triple buckle was secure enough to let her ride around in the grass while I ran alongside them. I am positive that Beco designed their carriers to be able to double as a seat belt. ;)

Anyway, again, Charley just loved it. She gets so darn excited that Laney is starting to be able to be included in play. While Charley does get jealous of snuggles if she feels Laney is getting more than her, she is still pretty great with sharing toys with her. When she isn't in the mood to share, or she's worried that the small pieces of something may hurt Laney, she just shuts her bedroom door to play. She's very concerned with helping us keep Laney safe and Charley will just SOB if she accidentally hurts Laney.

So far so good on the sister thing.


Gaga (my mom) remains one of Charley's very favorite people on the planet. They share dirt soup together, they go on walks in the woods together, they pretend to be Fred and Daphne together (my moms favorite activity to do with her - ha!), they plant flowers together. I struggle with keeping Charley at our house on the weekends so that Gaga can have time on weekends to do as she pleases too because if we step foot outside Charley immediately starts walking in Gaga's direction. 

I love their close relationship.


I just love my girl. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Laney: 11 Months

Welp. The countdown to the first birthday is on. I can't believe ONE is just 4 weeks away.


The biggest change this month as far as milestones go is that Laney is standing up all over the place. She is pulling up and standing up as often as she can. She is getting more steady on her feet, but she can't stand without holding on to anything just yet.


Nothing changed size wise - 12 month clothing, 18 month pajamas, size 4 diaper. I realized the other day that I have absolutely no clue what size shoe she wears because I never put her in shoes. I think over these 11 months I've put her in shoes exactly 3 times.

Laney is generally a pretty happy baby, but so very serious. She really makes you work for a smile most of the time & bubbles were not doing the trick this particular day.


She really loves to swing (despite appearances), loves to eat, loves Charley and hanging out in Charley's room, loves her Grandaddy, loves to crawl around outside in the grass and dirt, and loves her bunny loveys.

She doesn't like getting strapped into her carseat, having her diaper changed, being told and forced back into a sitting position (from standing) in the bathtub (goodness how long did this stage last?!), and that's really all I can think of on the dislike list. She's pretty agreeable!


We are up to TWO teeth now. Charley had 7 or 8 by this point so I don't know what the hold up is. Haha. She doesn't seem to be as easy a teether as Charley was, so maybe I shouldn't be wishing for more teeth at this point. She eats perfectly fine with just those two.

"Charley's Kitchen" needs an upgrade to include baby sister, AND all the kitcheny stuff we've acquired over the years. Possible birthday gift in the works.

I don't think she's saying much new from last month - Mama, Dada, cat, dog, ::barks::, bye bye, hi. She mimics sounds - like if Charley shouts something she mimics the tone and volume. She holds objects up to her ear to pretend they are a phone, shakes her head no, and points in the directions she wants you to take her.


She also celebrated her last first holiday, Easter, this month, though John looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that. It's a big deal! How often do you realize when it is the LAST of something, ya know? The baby book doesn't care about any holidays from this point forward, after all!


Laney, Charley

Just 4 weeks until we get to celebrate the first year of Laney bug's life with a bug themed party. I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Y'all. The big ol' meanies at work are blocking websites left and right. A few weeks ago Facebook was blocked - first time in NINE years that I haven't been able to get on Facebook from work. I spend many a lunch at my desk perusing the internet, so having that suddenly blocked has dampened my lunchy spirits. How dare they! But, blogger was safe, so I was happy that I could at least attempt to blog during lunch here and there. But I guess they weren't done on stripping me from all of my lunchtime happiness because a couple days ago, blogger too was blocked. And I quietly wept at my desk. I am afraid to mention that I am still able to read blogs both through my reader and on the actual blog pages (so blogger is blocked, but anything with blogspot is still ok, for example) because I'm sure they are just looking at our browsing history and axing things. It's not nice, guys. I know you have seen this site listed in the browsing history and are reading without me knowing (I know), but it really isn't nice. Have you ever tried blogging from a phone? TERRIBLE. Oh! And before blogger got the ax I still wasn't able to finish a post and publish it during lunch time because the site I use to host my pictures, Flickr, had already been blocked too. THEY ARE STEALING MY JOY, Y'ALL. So now I'm blogging from home instead of over lunch and darn it - this is my time to crawl in bed and Netflix. But I'm not giving this place up. I'll fight for you, bloggy friends! Post some (non) threatening comments to our IT guys so they'll accidentally move blogger (and Flickr!) back over to the safe list.

So. What else has been going on? Well, I'll tell you!

We are about 95% done with our bedroom updates. I hesitate to use the word 'updates' because it was never originally set up/painted/decorated to begin with. Just plopped our furniture down almost 3 years ago and it had been that way ever since. But regardless, it looks much better now! 


One day I'll learn to take pictures in the daytime so the colors aren't all wonky and the natural light helps me out. One day.


Laney had croup again last week. Her second time with it, but Charley never had it so we are still newbies with it. But that cough is instantly recognizable so at least it is pretty darn easy to diagnose. She is just now getting over the 7-10 day cold that follows it. And she was generous and shared it with me as well. But! I woke up with it Monday morning and my nose ran like a freaking faucet all day Monday and then again on Tuesday, but maybe not quite as bad as Monday. Then yesterday and today - all clear! I don't do cold medicines if I can help it since my doctor once told me that cold medicines make you feel better in the interim, but prolong the length of the cold overall. So far it seems what he said was right though! Go immune system, go! Ha.

Snuggling with Aunt Christy on one of her sickly days. Or maybe a teething day. I can't remember.
In related news, as Laney is getting over her cold she is pulling at her ears. She is prone to the after-cold-ear-infection, so that would just be lovely too. But no fever so far and ate, drank, and slept great today so I'm leaning more towards the ear pulling being a teething symptom. Why can't teething symptoms be as clear as croup symptoms?!


So I downloaded Snapchat because two of my very bestest friends are not on Facebook but are both Snapchatters. It is.....interesting. My main problem is that I don't think I can snapchat a picture I took earlier. Like it has to be a live, just took it kind of deal. And most of the time I snap the picture and post it to Instagram or Facebook later when I get a chance, so it is not second nature to open the app and send it right away. Maybe I'll get the hang of it and I'll be cool again. Doubtful, though.


How does this always happen? So, y'all know I do Stitch Fix, right? (That's a referral link) Well, I have gotten some great things with it but the last couple have irritated me because I felt like they weren't listening to what I wanted AT ALL and just sending me every last black top that ever existed in the world. So I had decided to quit altogether or maybe just pause the service for a while. Then my sister joined through my link and I got $25! YAY! So, obviously I decided I'd quit after just one more fix so I could spend my referral dollars. The shipment should get here tomorrow, but guys. It looks like it might be my best one ever!


How do they DO that?  As soon as they detect my interest was waning they pulled out all the stops and gave me a fix that is right up my alley. Well, mostly up my alley. I don't think there is a question on the personal style questionnaire about skin tone. Because if there was and I told them how pale I was I doubt they would send me that all white dress. But the rest of it just screams Lacey to me. So, hope it fits! 

And after that - what do I do?! Do I ask to keep the same stylist and continue on? Or do I stick with my guns and give it a rest for a while? Decisions are so harddddddddd.


Speaking of fitting in my clothing, clothing is fitting much better these days. I joined Weight Watchers on March 1st, and have lost 10 of the 20 pounds I'd like to lose so far. GO ME! Of course I remember from doing it before that it comes off much quicker at first and then levels out to maybe a pound or two a week from there, but still. I'm really happy with the results so far. I knew Weight Watchers worked for me since I did it pre-wedding back in 2009, so it was more of a mental thing to be ready to get back on the plan and re-learn what healthy portion sizes were. And well, healthy food in general. Which, as you know, is tough for a non-vegetable eater like myself. I may or may not have Googled "diets for picky eaters" prior to giving Weight Watchers another go. Guess what? There really aren't any. I know that shocks no one. So I'm glad that Weight Watchers works with my ridiculous eating habits that I cannot grow out of so I'm not forced to eat lettuce. DON'T MAKE ME EAT LETTUCE!


Jekyll Island, Georgia. Have you been there? What's there to see? What's there to do? We are going there this summer and will all be newbies to the island so we want to see it all and do it all! Of course I'll rely on my trusty friend Trip Advisor, but I've gotten great advice on other trips we've taken from y'all, so hoping someone will come through for me this time too. 

And while we are on the topic of vacations, John and I are also going on a quick cruise to the Bahamas soon (that's where the whole Weight Watchers motivation originated!). Neither of us have ever cruised, or Bahamaed, so some suggestions on cruising and/or stuff to do on our one port day in Nassau is welcomed! I got a ton of great advice when I asked on Facebook already, but maybe you have something super awesome that we hadn't considered yet. 


Ok. Obligatory pictures of my babies to follow, and that's it for now. If you guys get my work IT department to change the block settings of Blogger by leaving them really nice persuasive comments, (they really are nice guys!) then I'll send all of you a cookie! 


They are so big, right!? 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Laney: 10 Months

Laney is 10 months old now and is so darn big already! Goodness.


At her 9 month appointment a couple weeks ago, Laney was 18 pounds 9 ounces and 27.5" long. So far there has been about a pound between Charley and Laney's stats at the same ages, but Laney has taken a leap this month. Charley was just 16 pounds 12 ounces and 27.5" long at the same age. So, same height, but Laney has a full two pounds on her.

She has definitely moved out of most of her 9 month clothing (just an outfit or two still work) and 12 month clothing fits the best. However, we really don't have much 12 month clothing for chillier temperatures and have a ton of 18 month long sleeved/pant items, so we've been wearing that size during the season transition. They really aren't that big at all and I don't see the point in buying clothes that are only going to be useful for another few weeks. Her 12 month pajamas were all too short so she is wearing 18 month in pajamas too. I went ahead and moved her up to a size 4 diaper. I think she could have stayed in the 3's for another pound or two but I already had several size 4 boxes so I chose the lazy route.


Laney is on the move! She crawls, although sometimes not in a very traditional crawling stance, but it works for her. It seems like the majority of the time she does her weird crawl with one leg up when she is on the hardwood floors, so maybe it makes it easier to not slip by crawling this way.

This particular day Charley was in her room crying over something and little sister was very concerned and made a beeline to her room to go check on her. She had just started crawling a day or two before this so this was the first time she was making her way across the house and I thought it was so cute!
She pulls up to her knees pretty often, and this morning was actually the first time I'd seen her pull up to standing, too. She was standing in her crib waiting for us this morning and I about died from the cuteness. It goes way too fast.


Laney. LOVES. Food. All kinds, every kind. She definitely seems to be like her daddy so far in the eating department because he also eats everything. I remember Charley being a much better eater as a baby though so I know not to put too much stock in this stage as a sign for their future eating habits. So far they are both TONS better than me so I hope it stays that way. Laney also loves water, and can chug some water down in a straw cup.

Also, we are done nursing. She just wasn't getting enough from nursing anymore so formula it is. It was almost exactly the same amount of time as I nursed Charley too which was really weird. I do feel a little sad to be done with nursing forever but I am so thankful that I was able to experience it with both my girls.



We have one tooth! (Last month I said both bottom teeth were poking through but I was wrong - just the one.) It is still not all the way in and is taking its sweet time coming in, but it is there. The pediatrician pointed out some bulging gums up top a couple weeks ago at her appointment but we haven't seen any activity there yet.


Laney says Mama, Dada, bye bye, cat, dog and mimics some barking sounds. She can nod her head yes and no and sometimes she really floors me when I ask her a question and she nods yes or no in response. I'm not sure if she really understands what I ask, but she sure knows how to fake it. She can also wave which we all know is one of the cutest baby things ever. But why won't these stubborn babies do it on demand to the stranger in the store?! Wave, baby, WAVE. She's also very LOUD and very talkative. Two things I most definitely am not.


She is still very much attached to her bunny lovey blankets. She also loves that hairbrush she's holding in that picture, and I think her favorite toy of all is the Little People Zoo she got for Christmas. She loves that thing and can sit and play with it for 30 minutes. She's just about over the jumperoo and the other baby wrangling piece of equipment that she walks circles in (this one). She doesn't mind the walker and can get all over the house in it.


She's just a happy little chunky thing and I love her so much. Her and Charley truly love each other and I can't wait to see the ups and downs of them growing up together.


Charley on the left, Laney on the right

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Weekend

It was a good one!

Not a whole lot planned but we seemed to get a whole lot done, despite the house still being messy as we go to bed tonight. But we were on a major project kick, so anytime we weren't playing with our girls we were working on projects around the house. I feel accomplished!

So, I really have to give John so much of the credit. While I come up with things I'd like to do or buy, he really is the 99% doer. While I know my task is important too (keep the kids alive and the house in order-ish so one of us can work on house stuff), his really takes the cake when I think about how much that man can accomplish in such a short amount of time. Y'all - HE. DID. NOT. STOP today. Until around 8:45 when he headed to my sister's house to watch The Walking Dead with my brother-in-law, he worked. And man. Let me tell you - I am THANKFUL. Truly.

So. Lets do a paragraph 'Day In John's Life'. Wake up when Charley comes in our room around 7. She gets in the bed to snuggle, so he goes ahead and gets out. Makes coffee, realizes we don't have much for breakfast and heads to the store. Comes back, makes breakfast and feeds us all. Goes to the basement and brings up our end tables that he put the last coat of paint on last night. Reassembles the drawers and puts them in place. Then we go to Home Depot to pick out tile for a little project I came up with last week. Stopped by my parent's house to get a tile saw and got straight to work on that. Thinset, tile placement, cuts, etc etc. Gets the entire project done and says we'll have to wait 24 hours for grout. Then goes outside and cuts the grass. I left for one hour and while I'm gone (both girls were sleeping) he hangs up a porch swing I scored at a garage sale. I get back home and we test out the swing and it squeaks a little, so then he gets the ladder and tools back out to fix the squeak. Comes in, makes dinner for all of us. Feeds Laney her dinner and then eats his. Then, realizes he can actually grout today, so mixes up some grout and finishes that. Wipes it down, invites me to admire it (I LOVE it!) and then cleans up all the tools. Throw in doing the dishes a couple times and then leaving to go to my sister's house and that's basically his day. Insane, right?

So! The tile project. I was trying to think of what I wanted inside the mantel surround in our bedroom. I knew I didn't want to do the same thing as we did in the living room with the log pieces, but I just couldn't figure out what to do. Finally one day at work last week it came to me and I emailed him - tile! We went and picked it out today and I really couldn't be happier with it. It goes so well with our freshly painted walls (thanks to John from last weekend).


Charley's desk was starting to always be a total disaster. We had upgraded her little desk we started out with to a larger desk that we scored for free, but it just wasn't functional still and remained messy at all times. I came up with a couple ideas to help it be more functional but just needed a couple things from IKEA to make it happen. We went to IKEA yesterday morning to get those things, and then spent a good chunk of time afterwards hanging stuff up and reorganizing.


We used the curtain wire hangers to hang up artwork above the desk where a shelf used to be. (Oh yeah - yesterday when we took the shelf down John patched the holes and repainted too. Ok, ok. I'll stop.) And then we used a couple of IKEA spice racks on the inside of the desk to hold her paints and glitter and all. I really needed a place for coloring books and paper so I took a peruse around our storage room in the basement and saw these flower window boxes that I got at a yard sale a few years ago and hadn't used yet. Those were perfect, so we hung them up to store that kind of stuff. I love it! It looks a tad cluttery, but it is tucked away in a corner that you don't really see and it already is so much more functional for Charley. She plays at this desk every single day so I'm hoping it continues to be functional for her.


It wasn't all work all weekend though! We also spent a lot of time outside yesterday and today. Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law had a fire/hot-dog cookout at the property they bought next door so we hung out and played over there for a couple hours.

We had hot dogs and s'mores, and then we played with a Chinese jump rope we got at IKEA earlier in the day. Then we used it as a limbo bar until dark.

12806255_10153896996336772_1126927991422248863_n 12794506_10153896996671772_5477820274098243345_n12717928_10153896996751772_6250267405848823349_n

That is John limboing in that last picture. Proof he didn't work the whole weekend away! We had a lot of fun though and we were home before 8:00! Perfect evening! But it did make me want to go camping ASAP. So, we are planning something soon!

Oh! So that porch swing John hung. Last weekend I spontaneously decided to check out 2 yard sales (we don't go in the winter usually - no need to get up early for only a couple sales) and one of them was SO GOOD. I ended up getting a really nice porch swing for $40 and then an iron kid's bench for $5, not to mention TWO really big nice woven rugs for $5...FOR BOTH. They were moving and were just trying to get rid of it all, so they had some awesome deals. They didn't include the hardware for hanging up the porch swing, though, just the chains and actual swing. When I got it home John remembered that last year I came home with swing hardware still in the package from another yard sale that I got for just $1 because I thought it might work for the swings we hung under the deck. It didn't, though, but he hung onto it anyway. It was actually just what we needed for this swing though! How crazy, right? So that is now hung, and there is a tiny spot for my two little loves to sit, too. 


Man, I love a productive weekend. On top of that I finished up tagging stuff for a consignment sale and dropped that stuff off today. As crazy as it sounds though, there was still time for tire swings and just having fun.

But now? Now it is time for bed. Remind me how thrilled I was with our productive weekend when I'm struggling through the morning at work. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week In Review

This is for the week of February 14-20.

The highs of the week were:

Finding and booking a house for our family summer vacation! SUPER excited!
Getting a much needed haircut on Saturday. 
Getting some delicious warm Rice Krispy treats delivered on Valentine's day from my sister and nieces.


The lows of the week were:

Laney had a more cranky week. I think/hope it is mainly teeth related.
Resorting to tons of bribery (for Charley, obviously) during a mother/daughters photo shoot on Saturday. It remains to be seen if we will get many good photos from the shoot so the crap I promised her may have been for nothing. Ha.

The best money I spent was on:

Definitely on the deposit for the beach house we rented for our summer vacation. It has a PRIVATE POOL, y'all. We fancy.

The book I am currently reading is:

Tonight I began and finished 'Curious George Counts to 10 and Back Again.'

The TV shows I watched were:

Survivor, and I think that's it. 

The dinners we had were:

Sunday: Pork tenderloin, rice, green beans and peas. Learned tonight that Laney LOVES peas.
Monday: Our favorite crock pot meal, Chile Colorado Burritos and rice again. (Heather, are you the one that originally recommended these?) Laney had the meat from the burritos, rice, tomatoes and more peas and CLEANED THE TRAY. Picture below is from this night.
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes with sweet potato fries
Wednesday:  Chick Fil A! Laney had a pediatrician appointment at 4, we made a Target run afterwards at 5, so quick dinner sounded good to me. I got a 4 piece grilled nuggets to give Laney along with some fruit we had at home and she ate ALL FOUR NUGGETS. 
Thursday: Publix Rotisserie Chicken, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes
Friday: The girls and I went out to eat with my sister, nieces and my mom at Cracker Barrel, or, Crack Bucket as Charley called it once. I mean, who can go back to calling it Cracker Barrel after hearing it called Crack Bucket instead?
Saturday: I stopped to get gas with Charley on the way to fulfill my bribery promises and she smelt BBQ at a restaurant near the gas station and asked if we could have that for dinner. So, I obliged. She and I had that for dinner, and I'm not sure what John and Laney had.

My favorite picture from the week was:

Sadly there weren't many to choose from this week, but I do love this one. My sister took it during a tiny bit of snow we got on Monday.