Friday, January 31, 2014

A Day In The Life

I haven't done one of these since October 2012 even though I have grand plans of participating each quarter when Laura does her quarterly Day In The Life round-up, but I a) never remember or b) never finish in time. Which, I've missed the deadline again this quarter, but oh well. I really really like looking back at these so I need to do this for myself.

This was a day in the life pre-baby: No baby! I EXERCISED! And even cooked dinner?! I was weird then.

This was a day in the life during maternity leave. Which seems like it consisted of watching a baby sleep all day. Oh please let future (not-yet-created) baby 2.0 sleep like Charley did.

And a day in the life after I'd gone back to work. Charley was a little over 1 here, and our days haven't changed a whole lot from then it seems.

Anyways, Charley is 2 years 4 months old, and here's today:

6:04 a.m. Alarm goes off. I call my work's inclement weather hotline and hear that there is no delay. Yesterday we had a 2 hour delay due to snow & ice, so even though the roads are fine today, I was hoping for some sort of miracle. Darn. Snooze.

6:13 a.m. Alarm again. Snooze again.

6:22 a.m. Alarm. Contemplate getting up for real this time. Nah. Snoooze

6:31 a.m. Okay okay I'm up. Do a quick check of email, Facebook, Words with Friends and Instagram. Get out of bed and make my way to get Charley up. Lately she's been waking US up about this time saying she has to go pee. But she had no nap yesterday so she's still snoozing. She's tough to get up in the morning so I gently wake her as much as I can without causing a tantrum and then leave her while I go get dressed so she can finish waking up on her own, as she prefers. John's also up now and getting ready himself.

6:40 I'm dressed and Charley wanders into my room carrying her two blankets. She says she needs to go pee so I follow her to her bathroom to help her. Afterwards I tell her if she gets dressed and eats her breakfast in a timely manner she can watch a few minutes of TV before we have to leave. She agrees. Picks yogurt to eat and lets me get her dressed. 3T pants for the first time ever! They are a little big in the waist, but at least she's not expecting a flood today.

7:15 We're all ready and all leaving the house. John takes Charley to my sister's on his way to work and I make my way to work.

7:59 I pull up in the parking lot. It takes about 10 minutes to get from the lot to my desk, so at a minimum I am 9 minutes late right now. Unfortunately though, I still need to add on a little bit more makeup that I didn't get to do at stoplights this morning so I'll be a couple of minutes later. Also, at this point I just remembered that I wanted to do a day in the life post today, so FIRST PICTURE!


8:11 a.m. Got an elevator to myself and I make it up to my desk. It was only 10 degrees outside and there were icy patches on the sidewalks so I booked it inside. Brrrr.


8:45 a.m. Realize I forgot (sheesh...can forgot be the word of the day today?) my bagel for breakfast, and since I don't feel like going ALL THE WAY downstairs to get something, I just go to the break room and buy myself some Pop Tarts out of the vending machine as they were the only breakfasty item available. I'd show you a picture of my Pop Tarts, but I forgot to take one. Forgot forgot forgot!

8:50 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Work. Take a couple of internetting breaks. A couple of chat breaks with my coworker. Drink some water. Work some more. It's a slower part of the month for us this week so I don't feel slammed like I have in the past few weeks. Next week however will be a different story...

12:46 p.m. Coworker and I decide to get pizza for lunch. Man, I am the epitome of healthy eating. I chose a buffalo chicken pizza on WHOLE WHEAT crust. See? Totally healthy.


1:15 p.m. We stop by the break room on the way back up to get ourselves something to drink. I wanted Dr. Pepper. It was sold out. I get Coke instead. Another healthy decision!

Look you can see me in the reflection! Hiii!

1:45 p.m. Pizza is consumed. Drink is not (I like soda + pizza together but rarely drink all of a 20 oz which is why I get a bottled drink instead of a fountain drink since I can spread it out a day or two.) Back to work.

2:30 p.m. Need to use the restroom and realize I never took an outfit picture this morning for you, so I do that while I'm in there as well. Not my favorite outfit ever, but it'll do.


Until 4:00 p.m. More work. I am usually really productive the last couple of hours of the day. I'm definitely a more productive afternoon worker than a morning worker.

4:10 p.m. Make it to my car and start the commute to get Charley. There's always one big decision on my drive home everyday and that's regarding which interstate to take. One of them gets me there 5 minutes quicker when there's no traffic (which is rare) and the other takes 5 minutes longer but rarely has ANY traffic. The choice seems obvious, but I like to change things up and since today was a snow day for the kids in school, I'm banking on there being less traffic. I was right. Saved myself 5 minutes today.

4:52 p.m. Arrive at my sister's house and get Charley. Talk with sis for a few minutes, wrangle Charley and all of her things and we are in the car to go home by 5:05 p.m.

She's such a faker!

5:22 p.m. We pull into our driveway. I go check the mail and there's a package in there. Yay! I get back in the car and Charley asks to go see Gaga and Grandaddy, who live next door. So instead of going home, we go straight there to visit for a little bit. 
Charley refuses to let me document our day. JUST SIT WITH GRANDADDY SO I CAN TAKE YOUR PICTURE!

6:04 p.m. Time to go home. John will be home in just a minute. We give hugs and say bye to my parents and make our way back home.

6:18 p.m. Charley plays in her room and I check the mail and open my package. 
Recently Updated4
It was some reusable paper towels I ordered. Yay!

6:40 p.m. Charley is not hungry, I'm not hungry and John's downstairs working out. Charley asks to watch dinosaurs (Land Before Time) so I let her. 


7:15 p.m. Okay kiddo. It's getting late and you've got to eat SOMEthing. I offer her everything we have and she declines it all. Finally I get her to say yes to an apple sandwich (apples, peanut butter, raisins) and I make that for her. I set it down on the table for her and she won't eat it. Ugh. I try to force her, and no dice. She finally asks for a banana instead and I give in. Dinner tonight was kind of a fend-for-yourself disaster. She eats in the floor. I can't even remember if she had anything else besides a banana. Oh well. She is like me in that she's not a huge dinner person. I know she ate a good lunch so I'm thinking she truly just wasn't that hungry.

Recently Updated3

7:40 p.m. John is done working out and is making himself some dinner, Charley is riding her scooter around before bedtime. Oh, and at some point in the last 25 minutes I put her in her jammies. Tonight is not a bath night.


7:55 p.m. We shoot for an 8:00 bedtime so obviously we are running a little late tonight. Tonight was just a weird evening. We didn't have a real dinner like we normally do (I never ate at all) and we're just running behind in general. We all play in Charley's room for a bit (including Reese) to sort of wind down. I clean up her room while we are in there as well. I also notice Charley's nails are like talons so I cut them.

091Recently Updated2

8:10 p.m. Charley's least favorite part of the bedtime routine! Brushing teeth! 

Recently Updated

8:15 p.m. Charley must be tired tonight. After we finish brushing teeth she gets in her bed without even being asked and asks me to read her a book. After just one book (some nights I've done 6-7 books...ahhh!) she is content to roll over and go to sleep.

Recently Updated1

8:18 p.m. John is going snowboarding tomorrow so he needs to get his stuff together for his trip since he's leaving straight from work. I upload the pictures for this post so I'll be able to type it all up tomorrow (now). 

8:35 p.m. Clink! He's all set so time for an adult beverage and our favorite show at the moment...


8:37 p.m. Dexter! Season 8 (the last season! :( ) episode 6. We tell each other we are only watching ONE episode tonight. Let's go to bed early tonight...


9:30 p.m. Oh man that was so good we've got to watch another episode! (This happens EVERY night.) So we start episode 7 and Reese cuddles up next to me.


10:25 or so: Time for bed! Or, well, time to get IN bed and we'll actually go to sleep after 10 or so minutes of playing on our phones. Good night!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Answers - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

It's been two days and I had all of 10 players. 10 players, how does it feel to be the last 10 people on the planet that like to have fun? We're a dying breed, you fellow fun people.

If you haven't played my little game and want to BEFORE you read the answers, go here.

Also, nobody got all three right, so, I'll keep the million dollar winnings to myself. Sorry about that!

Anyways, here are the answers.



The majority of you thought that the lie was that Tuna was living with us again. And, the majority of you are right! That means that we DID take a cat back to the store after only adopting it for one day and I DID take a cat outside for a walk on a leash (back in 2001) which is just weird. What is up with you weird Lacey of 2001? But, good job lie detectors. You figured me out.

Forgetfulness - High School Edition


You guys were all over the board here. The story about leaving my keys on top of my car in the high school parking lot won out by just one vote, but that is NOT the lie. I really did that. Whoops.

Andddd I really did have to call my dad at work to jump off my car when I was skipping school for some breakfast. But, he wasn't upset because I had told my parents of my plans. There was standardized testing that morning for freshman so the rest of the classes were to stay in their homerooms for the 2 hours or however long it took for the testing to be administered. So, instead of going to homeroom we decided to go for breakfast. 

The story that was 100% fabricated was the marching band story. Yes, I was in band for part of high school, but that was the only truth of the story. But, totally something I would do so I don't blame you that didn't pick this one. 



This one was the most surprising to me. You guys think I'm braver than I am as most of you picked the dog sledding regret story for the lie. Nope. Really happened. Not that it wasn't an amazing experience RIDING on the sled as well, but I am thinking that given the chance I should have taken it. Whoops. My mom and I rode on the sled and let my dad do all the mushing. See, I get my non-bravery honest!

The story in Rome was true as well. Definitely left a smelly surprise in a toilet that I couldn't figure out how to flush. Sorry Romans!

So, the story that was the lie was the one nobody picked about me getting stuck in an airplane bathroom! Again, something that totally WOULD happen to me so it was an easy story to fabricate. Hey, turns out I'm a good liar! What would you think if I told you my name wasn't even Lacey at all?! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 Truths and 1 Lie

It's been about 4 years since I played this little game, so I thought it'd be fun to do again. Basically I'm going to tell you three short stories in each category- two of them truthful, one not so much- and it's your job to tell me which one was the lie. I mean, if you want to. You don't have to play. Maybe you are against all things fun and then how rude would it be of me to assume that you too like to do fun things? If you are against all fun, you are excused from participating.


Cat nap

1. Tuna is actually living with us again. Turns out he was even too annoying for John's coworker so she asked if she could send him back.

2. When John and I first moved in together we got our first cat. We took that cat to get neutered when he was old enough and sadly he didn't make it through the procedure. We went out the next day and got a rebound cat that we didn't immediately fall in love with, so we returned the rebound cat to the store.

3.  I once took a cat outside for a walk on a leash. (I know, I were thinking that was the whole story) Turns out cats aren't fans of "walking" and the cat took a rest underneath a parked car. A few minutes later I spot a very similar looking cat walking several feet away. I look under the car for my cat when I realized he had Houdini-ed out of the leash and left me holding a leash connected to an empty collar.

Forgetfulness - High School Edition


1. I once got called to the office to retrieve my car keys which I mistakenly forgot on top of my car and someone thankfully turned them in instead of going for a joy ride.

2. A few friends and I skipped a class or two one morning to go get some breakfast at a Waffle House. Forgetful me left my headlights on and came out of the Waffle House to a dead battery. Luckily/Unluckily, the restaurant was on the same street as my dad's work so I had to call him and tell him I actually wasn't in school and I needed him to jump my car off.

3. I played the flute in marching band for part of high school. We went to competitions each weekend and one Saturday I got to the school late, was in a rush to get my uniform together and boarded the bus at the last possible second. When we got to the competition to start warming up, I realized I forgot an integral part of my uniform: my flute. The band director made me march anyways as we were a small band and the effect of losing one member would be noticeable in the formations on the field. So I looked like an idiot playing an invisible flute during that competition.



1. On a long flight overseas, I watched a movie and then wanted to go use the restroom before going to sleep. I seemed to be one of the last ones on the plane still awake, so I quietly made my way to the restroom so I wouldn't wake anyone. When I was finished, I tried opening the door to go back to my seat and the door wouldn't open. I tried wiggling the handle quietly, and then I tried a bit more forcefully and nothing was making the door budge. I didn't want to start banging on the door and wake the whole plane, so I just hung out for a few minutes (while thinking this stuff ONLY happens to me I swear) waiting to hear some activity outside of the door. Finally, I heard a couple of flight attendants outside and banged on the door to get their attention. They finally wiggled the door open (and they didn't bother being quiet about it) and I got to take a walk of shame back to my seat in front of several awakened passengers. Sorry!

2. We were standing in line outside of The Vatican waiting for it to open. My stomach was a little less-than-settled and all of a sudden I felt a sudden need for a bathroom, and FAST. My mom ran across the street with me to a little market where we quickly found a toilet in some sort of back stock room. I used the toilet and then desperately needed to flush and get out of there as I wasn't sure it was a public toilet in the first place. There was no flushing mechanism on the toilet and it looked like one of the chains hanging from the ceiling should have done the job, but in my panic I gave up and booked it out of there leaving an unpleasant surprise for the little market's employees.

3. In Alaska we rode in a helicopter to the top of glacier where we then got to go on a dogsled tour. We were each going go get a turn to be the musher! Truly a once in a lifetime chance. Instead of facing my fears of the dogsled running off the side of the glacier under my control, I chose to opt out of the driving experience and just ride instead.


Okay, go! 10,000 internet points to the winner!

Answers have been posted! Nobody got all three right, so, I'll keep the million dollar winnings to myself. Sorry about that!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Charley Speaks


Here are just a few of my favorite Charley conversations lately. See them all here.

Aunt Christy: What time is it?
Charley: Two dollars.

Me: :whistles a song::
Charley: (on a whinier day) Wahh! I don't know how to do those hoo hoo hoos!

I pick up Charley, give her a big hug and say 'that's my girl!' while patting her back.
She pats my back in return and says 'that's my boy!'

John: How much do you love Daddy?
Charley: Two dollars.

Me: Charley do you need to go potty?
Charley: Yes, I do it myself. (she turns to see me following her to the bathroom) No, stop. Don't move.
Me: Don't you at least want me to come and turn the light on for you?
Charley: Yeah, sure.
::I turn the light on for her::
Charley: Okay now leave. Move. Go.
(All of that to say potty training went awesome this weekend. Maybe TOO awesome. That little independent thing.)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I am stealing this prompt idea as well from elsewhere in the Blogosphere. Not my idea, but I like it and am using it. Thanks Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow creator!

  • I worked. John worked. Charley went to my sister's. It was a fairly normal day.
  • My sister had errands to run yesterday afternoon so took Charley to my parent's for the second half of the day. While Charley was there, she managed to go to the bathroom by herself and do her business on the big potty while my mom ran around the house looking for her. She didn't think to look ON THE POTTY, so when she found her and saw what she had done she was shocked. Charley is not potty trained, nor did we think she could get up on the regular potty (and stay up there) without a potty ring. Guess she proved us wrong! 
  • Afterwards my mom had to fight with her to put a diaper back on her. She said diapers were for babies. [Please see 'tomorrow' for the continuation of the potty talk.]
  • When I got to my parent's house to pick up Charley I noticed sidewalks were chalked and other outside toys around. When I got inside, my mom was thawing out underneath a blanket because they went outside to play for a bit and that 'bit' turned in to a couple of hours because Charley just didn't want to come in even though it was freezing. Seems Charley was extra difficult for my mom yesterday and tried to freeze her to death!
  • For dinner last night we ended up getting takeout from Salsarita's. So so so good. 
  • After we bathed the munchkin and put her to bed, John and I continued our Dexter obsession. We're up to the last two episodes of season 6 and have really enjoyed it ALL except for a couple of episodes this season that were a little out there. 

  • I worked. John left super early this morning to go snowboarding for the day with his friend. He'll be back late tonight. 
 I stole this picture from his friend because the post needed a picture and well, the majority of the post is about potty training and that topic should remain pictureless.
  • I will probably go eat dinner with my parent's tonight. John's not home to cook, so what's a girl to do?!
  • I have big plans to go to Costco tonight with my sister. 
  • I also think I might watch a movie after Charley goes to bed. 

  • First thing tomorrow morning, we are starting the 3 day potty training method. Charley is obviously ready, but we haven't had three consecutive days to lock ourselves in the house and get it over with so we've had to put it off until now. I'm off on Monday for MLK day, so I think we can finally make this happen.
  • So, yeah. Potty training. 
  • That will be about it.
  • Yay! This sounds fun!
  • I need to make a list of extra things for us to do together since I'm not supposed to leave her side all weekend. Ideas?
  • This is gonna be a blast, right!?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's Luv?


I was on my way home today streaming some Pandora in my car. Fat Joe comes on in this classic song from 2001 and I start to sing along. I decide I want to 'thumbs up' said song, so I glance down at my phone (it's hooked up via the auxiliary cable to my car) (I have a feeling when I reread this blog in 10 years I'm going to be like whaaaa in the world was an auxiliary cable? We don't have ANY type of what you call cords in our flying cars these days!) so I can hit the little 'thumbs up' icon. I mean, I really like to sing along with Ashanti's part and am pretty certain I sound just like her so I'd like to increase my chances of singing this song again in the near future. 

Anyways as I glance down I see the name of the song is "What's Luv?" and it makes me ponder for a bit. What's Luv? Huh? When do they sing that? I figured the song would be called "Last Night" since Ashanti, and therefore I, sing it 26 times in one song. 

Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that all 26 times she's saying "what's love" and not "last night" and I've been singing this wrong since 2001?