Tuesday, June 19, 2012


When I was pregnant, I sometimes worried (among many other worries) about whether or not I'd have a cute baby. I know, I know. The vanity is shameful, but cute babies are just so cuuuute and I wanted one! You know?

Anyways, I know you always think your own baby is cute, so then I took my worries one step further and worried that I'd have a less-than-cute baby which I would think was the cutest baby ever because I was biased and couldn't see clearly, and then strangers would come up to me, see my baby and give me the generic "Oh! She's just something, isn't she?" response because it's hard to fake genuine adoration for uncute babies. I'm not sure if that sentence should have ended in a "." or a "?" because it got long and I really don't remember where I was going with it. Moving on.

Good news though! All my worries were for naught. My baby IS cute and you don't have to tell me if you agree. I think it's pretty darn obvious and you can see for yourself thanks to these pictures we got taken by Dimples and Curls Photography

I wanted a photographer with a studio and lots of props and things for this session because Charley gives her best modeling performances inside, with no grass to eat, with funny people dancing around to pry smiles out of her, and props of their own so I don't have to break the bank buying stuff on Etsy myself. But not a Sears studio...that's really just not my style. This particular photographer does do outdoor lifestyle shoots too, but also has a permanent studio to use and I just loved the whole set-up and experience.
(All of that just sounded like a commercial, but I promise I have no affiliation with this photographer...I just really liked her!)

Out of the 60+ images she got in our 1 hour shoot, I was trying to narrow it down to 10ish pictures because that's what the budget told me I could afford. I even asked Facebook to help me make choices, made a spreadsheet** to tally up the votes, and gave mine and John's columns extra weight so that we'd ultimately have a greater say in which ones to get. In the end, I bought 18. Nearly doubling my budget, but I'd say they are worth it. 

**Are you really surprised at my use of spreadsheet?

Let me finally shut-up and share the cuteness with you. I'm sorry if you are a Facebook friend and have already seen these. Twice. A third time isn't going to kill you, unless you have an allergy to cute.
Digital Files4 Digital Files3 Digital Files2 Digital FilesDigital Files1

Sorry for the picture overload. I couldn't narrow it down to less than 18 when I bought them so you couldn't possibly expect me to narrow it down to less than that when I shared them here. It's impossible, I tell you!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Charley Bear: 9 Months

[1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8.5 months]

It's only been 2 weeks since the 8 month update was late, and as predicted, there are lots of new things in Charley's world in just these last 2 weeks.

She had her 9 month well visit with the pediatrician and Charley is 16 pounds 12 ounces and 27.5" long. Still a peanut in the 25th percentile. She's wearing some 3-6 month clothing, and some 6-9. I feel like the 3-6 shorts and dresses outfits fit the best, and anything that is long (pants, jammies, etc) needs to be 6-9. Which makes sense since she was in the 50th percentile for height. Tall and skinny!

Also, it is very said for me to announce the end of something I really, really loved.

This cutie pie, lying perfectly still on a blanket and smiling; with no limbs chopped off, the blanket as smooth as possible, her name showing, etc, etc:

has now turned into this:

Recently Updated38 Recently Updated37

There's maybe one or two that I can salvage, but they definitely don't follow all of my "rules". But, I bet looking back that these will be some of my favorites!

1) She is crawling. Everywhere. Some of her very first crawl steps I managed to catch on video.

2) She has said uh-oh and cat (well, cah), in addition to the occasional Mama and Dada. I don't think she said any of them with purpose (like knowing she is calling me Mama for example) so I don't think any of them count as her first word since she's still just mimicking the sounds.

3) She can pull up onto her knees. & yes, we did finally lower her crib mattress and remove the IKEA Himmel since she was pulling it into her crib. Should I now decorate over her crib, or just leave the wall blank since we are hopefully moving sometime soon?


4) Her love of water is out of control. We got her a tiny kiddy pool for the back patio, and her favorite thing to do is lean forward to put her face in the water, often with her mouth wide open, and try to give me a heart attack in the process. The only thing that will stop her from doing that is taking cups of water and dumping them over her head and face. Crazy baby.


5) She's started having a little bit of real people food, here and there. She has full fat plain yogurt, with a fruit puree mixed in for breakfast on the weekends. She has also had pancakes (no syrup), egg yolks, baked potato, and bits of a pork roast. She's ready to start trying more, but the thought of messy baby eating and the mess they make in their high chairs (on the straps that don't come clean!) gives me the willies. Maybe she will let me spoon feed her table foods forever to avoid any messes!


Also, never realized the reason you just put the table foods all over the high chair tray instead of contained in a bowl or plate is because otherwise they'll just take the plate or bowl and toss it (and all food on it) into the floor. I get it now.

6) She gives kisses now, to other people besides herself. A sweet, slobbery, open mouth baby kiss (with a side of hair pulling). Doesn't get better than that.

[I think I just attracted some unwanted visitors to my blog with that last sentence. Get out of here, and get your minds out of the gutters! I don't want your kind around here!]

7) Her top two teeth have come through! And, she still doesn't bite me thank goodness. I think we may be able to keep up the morning & night nursing gig for a couple months longer which makes me super happy.

See those top two teeth poking through?

8) We moved her to a convertible car seat. She still had several pounds and a couple inches to go to max out of her infant seat (which is why she is still using that one in my sister's car) but carrying the seat plus all 16 pounds of her was too much for my weak arms.


(Are you also the car seat police when people post pictures of their babies in car seats? I know I am. I haven't found the nerve to say something when I see something blatantly wrong {specifically, the chest clip not being at armpit level} but I really want to! Safety first!)

I can't believe so much 'happens' in just two weeks of babyness.

And even though the bear shots like the monthly blanket pictures were still a bit of a challenge...
Recently Updated39

...I still managed to get some cute ones. Since I just bought the 13-24 month stickers, I'm hoping she'll at least cooperate with the bear for a long time to come!

Happy 9 months, sweet baby!

Friday, June 1, 2012

101 update: 1 year to go

So yikes. I have one year to go to complete my 101 in 1001 list, and it's not looking pretty. BUT, I have an entire year to get my stuff together and get it done. I never quit or give up on things so that's not even an option. But I have done some of the stuff listed and just never shared it with you, so let's at least get you up to date before I see how much is actually left.

93. Buy a sewing machine, Cricut cutting machine, or some other crafty machine.
072 Um, check. After borrowing my mom's brand new sewing machine for the first 30 or so bird mobiles we sold, we finally decided we could afford a sewing machine of our own. But, since my mom's was brand new when we borrowed it, it wouldn't be right to then give her back her used sewing machine and then go buy ourselves a new one. So, we went and bought the exact same one and gave the brand new one back to her. Maybe one day she'll actually open it and use it!

85. Go to a zoo. 581788_10151096634939325_595680218_n 005

Check. Did that on April 28, 2012 with a couple friends and their babies. And my best friend Amy, who serves as my memory and overall Lacey historian,  (since my own memory took a sick leave about a year ago and has yet to return) is the one that reminded me that this item was on my list and that I'd just completed it!

41. Get parents’ home videos transferred to DVD.


Calling them "videos" was a little forward thinking. They were more like home films as they were the rolls of film on 3" reels. For Christmas, my sisters and I started the process of getting them transferred to DVD for them and we got to watch them together on Christmas morning. Crazy how 50 feet of film really only accounted for about 5 minutes of play time, and how short the films were once they were all transferred to DVD. But they were thankful to have them saved to a type of media that wasn't going to break down or fall apart anytime soon so the mission was a success.

21. Publish at least 101 blog posts. Fullscreen capture 612012 114749 AM.bmp

Published number 101 (since beginning the 101 challenge) on October 27, 2011, and it was just a quick little blog to say that Charley was now taking the cute pacifier. But that lasted for probably 30 minutes or so, and then she was done with pacifiers all together. She sucked her thumb for a little while, but doesn't even do that anymore. That stuff is for babies she says! (Although, this same pacifier resurfaced at the bottom of a toy basket not too long ago and Charley thought it was fun to play with it now. But she obviously doesn't need a pacifier therefore there was no need to start that habit at 8 months old, so I took it from her after taking a picture.)

There are a few items I'm working on:

15. Go to the movies 10 times.
In the 1 year and 9 months since this began, I have been to TWO movies. So, I'm obviously working on it, although very slowly and I better pick up the pace a bit to finish in time. The two movies were: Horrible Bosses and Hunger Games.

1. Read 101 books. 
Um, yeah. Like I predicted a way long time ago, I'm definitely going to need to start counting the books I read to Charley because the books I've read myself over this time period is a whoppingNINETEEN. I've been attempting to read my latest book for over a month now, and despite the fact that every other female whipped through this book and the following two in the series in just days, I just haven't been able to get into it. Although, once you get to certain 'scenes', the book should start to go by faster and I haven't got there yet. I'm still too busy reading through the 'inner goddesses' inner dialogue. So annoying.

Anyways, I'm going to make a valiant effort to finish all 101 books. Starting tonight. With, The Cat in the Hat.

To update you since I last did, these are the other 6 books I've read which brings me to my current 19:

14. Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson
15. Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen
16. Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
17. Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
18. Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
19. Room - Emma Donoghue

33. Learn to identify all 50 states on the map and their capitals.
Who put this one on my list? It's a dumb one, but oh well. It's there which means I have to do it. Plus, my mind could use a little exercising these days. I'm real close to saying I have them all memorized (not learned, because I know I'll forget them in a year or so) but that darn Frankfort, Kentucky and Concord, New Hampshire throw me every time. I did download an iPhone app to quiz myself with when I'm bored.

   IMG_2674   IMG_2673

59. Have no soda for an one month.
I have probably already completed this one, in fact, I'm sure I did while I was pregnant as I rarely had soda then. But, because I didn't 'track' it per say, I'm going to make June the month of no soda just for fun. I love a Dr. Pepper as much as the next person, but I pretty much get a headache every time I drink one because I'm not used to the caffeine I guess. So, yesterday I had one just because I knew it'd be a month before I would have another, and yes, I got a headache. Why do I enjoy things that hurt me so?


65. Bring my lunch 4 days of the week for an entire month.

I'm pretty sure I completed this one without trying too, but I'll re-do it to make it official. I prefer to bring my lunch these days because 1) it's cheaper and 2) I'm too lazy to walk and get something. That's terrible isn't it? Today being Friday means I just completed my first week of this task as I only bought lunch once this week. It was Chinese food, in case you were curious.


So that's where we are. 30 completed and several in the works. And as I read down the list, I know of several that will be completed over the rest of this year. Looks like I'm procrastinating on this project as I tend to do with everything else in my life. Find me on June 10 next year (the day before my deadline) and I'll be running around going to movies whilst forcing John to go out on a date night with me, and reciting state capitals and constellations on our way.