Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Workings of a Lacey Brain

I'm bored today. And have nothing new to write about. So I figured I'd just keep this window open and write down the random random thoughts throughout the day that are going through my head as I sit here. Doesn't that sound exciting!?!

Plastic poisoning. Is that really true? My mom told me that it is not good to refill a water bottle (like the Deer Park or Aquafina, or the super exclusive luxury kind we have in our work vending machine Table Rock...don't be jealous) because the plastic used in making those bottles isn't meant to be reused. She read an article or something. But doing my own little research I found this, and then this that disproves it. So there! I will continue to spend my $.75 on Monday and refill it throughout the week. Just, don't tell my mom.
If the person in control of the weather is reading this, can you please please please make it rain tomorrow afternoon. Not just a drizzle. I am requesting a ground soaking storm. Please?! My logic here, is that if it rains tomorrow that we get to leave right after work for Daytona. If no rain, those stupid boys I'm going with want to stay in town to play their softball game and we'd have to leave after that. Who postpones the beginning of a vacation for a game!?! So just this once if Mr. Weather could help me out it would be so much appreciated. Thx. And in case you don't know how hard to make it rain (not this kind of make it rain), one like this will be just fine:

Awwww look at this 44 pound kitty!!
The article (here) says that he is homeless! But my question is, how does a cat this fat, and I'm assuming slow, get lost? It's not like he can run out the door really fast like our kitty Reese does. Or he's too big to just hide behind something like our little 6 pounder kitty Tuna does. So I think someone purposefully "lost" him. Awww poor guy. But, the economy is bad, people are broke and such, and it probably takes as much as a mortgage payment to feed this big boy. Poor little big guy.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...but, I REALLY have to pee, and I am trying to wait because a co-worker is on the phone talking about really interesting stuff. GOOD gossip. If I leave, I might miss something. Especially when she gets quieter and I have to quit typing for a minute because I can't hear over the clickety click of the keyboard. But why do people talk about personal things like that at work? If John calls about something personal, I talk so quietly that he can't even hear me and he gets mad and hangs up. Whew, she's off the phone now, I'll brb. AHHH, I'm back, and she's back on the phone....I probably missed something. I hope another coworker can fill me in!!!
That's all that I have for now. It's 3:23 now and this is all I've thought about all day!?! Geez. And it's already getting cloudyish and I haven't even posted this blog yet. Makes me think the person in charge of the weather can see all things. Hmmm. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Howling Whisky Tiki Torches

Another FULL weekend, lots of pictures and LOTS of fun!

***Side note...So remember how I said I LOVED Webshots? Mainly because they store the pictures at full size and you can just right click/save? Well, because I had to go and say something, they freaking took that ability away!! I'm so mad! Now if people I share with want the picture for themselves I don't know how they can get it! And it makes it difficult for me to blog when I'm "not at home." NOT COOL. I guess now I might switch to Flickr. I just need to make my own website or something. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday night we (John, me, Matt, Drew, Cathrin and Ilsa) went to a new place uptown called 'Howl at the Moon'. It's a dueling piano bar and we wanted to try it out, plus one of my friends Brooke was celebrating her birthday there that night. Usually the place gets really packed pretty fast so we made sure we got there somewhat early. It was okay....maybe it would have been more fun if we were up front where you could see the pianists, but we weren't that thrilled with the place. So after hanging out for a little bit, we decided to leave and go downstairs to Whisky River. We like this place mucho bettero.

Open your eyes Cathrin! It's not scary I promise!
The girls...I decided to go topless for this picture.

He's such a picture ruiner.
Then, Saturday we went out to the lake for the 3rd Annual Tiki Torch Party! This is the first year John and I have gone, but it was lotsa fun! Matt invited us to go out on his parents' supergigantic we took him up on the offer. :) It's just a giant gathering of boats at the sandbar with lots of mingling and drinking and such. The weather wasn't looking so good early in the day, but it ended up being a pretty nice day with just a rain shower or two.

Here are John and I, and you can see some of the boats all tied up in the background.
Next to us was a boat with some children on it and one little boy that was fishing off of the front of their boat. We thought it was cute, and said things like "aww poor kid, there aren't going to be any fish around with all these people in the water". Silly kid. But then, his fishing rod made the shape of a parabola (don't be jealous of my mad geometry skillz) and he fished a 8 ft. catfish outta the water. Outta the water that was only 3 ft. deep max. Outta the water that we swim in. Outta the water where I think, "If there are fish, they are probably teeny tiny." I didn't get a great picture of it, but you can still see how gigantic it was.

I know what you are thinking. The other 6 1/2 ft. of it is still underwater. I wouldn't exaggerate. So yeah, after that I decided I would NEVER get in the water again.

We stayed out there until about 8:30 on that boat and went back to the yacht club. When we got back, JG and Shelley decided they hadn't had enough of the Tiki Torch party and JG took his dad's boat back out there and forced us at gun point to come with him. We obliged, obviously.

When we got back, we tied up at the <---- end of the boats in that picture above, and made our way to the middle, where the party was. To do that, we got in the water and walked over anchors and ropes. I almost busted my face a couple of times. Then we found some people we knew, and hung out on their boat to watch the craziness. It looked like this:
We had so much fun, and made it back to our car around 2 a.m.

Yesterday, I should've been cleaning and packing because we leave for Daytona on Thursday, but I was too tired and lazy to do anything! I did manage to go to Kohl's with one of my 2 favorite sisters and 2 of my favorite nieces. So maybe tonight. But I MUST watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and Intervention, and I want to go to Target to get a summery dress to take with us, so I don't know. Ya gotta have priorities in life. Maybe tomorrow?

So that was the weekend. It was super fun and all, but I'm thinking next weekend will be even funner at the beach! Whoo hoo!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Webshots. I must have my pictures on some sort of website so that they may be accessed at any time or place in case of a picture emergency. I have tried them all. Kodak Gallery had a good run as my favorite. I tried Snapfish because that's what the sisters use. I have PhotoBucket for MySpace. And I'm sure there are more. But webshots was the first one I ever had, and it is seriously the best. The only one that stores the pictures at full size AND it's easy to just right click and save. Now I'm in the process of uploading all 8,000 pictures of the last 4 years onto Webshots instead of having my pictures scattered randomly throughout photo-cyberworld.

2. My Mama. I talk to her at least 3 times a week for about 30-45 minutes each time. I tell her just about everything. However, before I call her is usually because I have a "Oooh I need to tell Mama that" thought, and then as soon as she answers the phone, I can never remember what I wanted to tell her. Sometimes it's like silence for a minute or so while I try to jump start my brain into working. Not cool. But she's pretty forgiving about it and only hangs up on me about once each time we talk. 3. A nice large closet to myself! The townhouse we live in is the first place I've lived in where I have my own LARGE closet to myself! Makes things so much easier. I remember this closet:
at our old apartment that we shared and my stuff was packed so tightly in there that the hangers did that every time you took a shirt off of them. This was really a picture of Reese, but it gets my point across. I am just so thankful to not have to share (I never really mastered that in Kindergarten) and to have the space to organize by sleeve length and color. :)

4. My work radio. Joy got me this radio for a birthday present a couple of years ago, and I don't know how I lived without it before. At my old company, I still used it to listen to Ace & TJ in the morning, but after they went off I listened to XM Radio through my computer. Now that I work at this company that very rudely blocks us from the XM Radio website, I rely on this guy all day! Most useful birthday present EVER. :) Plus it's got a super cool feature called "Nature Sounds" in case I ever get the urge to listen to a thunderstorm at my desk.

5. My creativity. I love being creative and able to make things on my own and such. Pretty self explanatory.

That seriously took me all you can tell by comparing the time of this post (why does it post the time you started the blog? Makes no sense to me.) to the time on that clock up there. Why can I not think of things that I am thankful for!? Katie suggested that 5 things was too many and I tone it down a bit next week. I might have to take her advice cause this junk is hard!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last Weekend

I've been putting this blog off because I hardly took any pictures, and the ones I did take I keep forgetting to upload, but I figure if I don't blog this now, I won't remember last weekend. It's fading fast so I need to do this now! Plus....I think I might just be able to dig up some pictures somewhere...

Friday night I had several options. A friend of mine Jody, that I haven't seen in 6 months or so because she's hatin', invited me to go out with her and a friend downtown. Also, co-worker Katie had a friend in town and was also going out downtown and invited me to go with. But earlier in the week, we had decided that we were just hanging out at Roger and Nikki's house because they just bought the house and I hadn't seen it they have a pool. Major points for them. So all day Friday I tried to decide which option to take, and the one I chose was...

Don't we look like we are having so much fun? I am not sure why Roger's shorts were pulled up so high. Or why Matt's torso was so long. Must've been the camera. You can probably tell that the picture is not quite the same quality as the one I normally use.

Yeah, but no offense to the other two options. I am very sorry there is only one of me and my presence could not be with you that night. I just decided on this option because I knew we had a long day on the lake planned for Saturday and didn't want to stay out til 2 Friday night. So Roger, Nikki, John, Matt, Bryan and myself swam and had a few beers and such, nothing too crazy.

Saturday, we went out to the lake. The usuals joined us (Matt, Roger and Nikki), along with friends Hayley and Martha. We saw them at the funny t-shirt party last weekend and made plans for them to come out with us this weekend. So we set the time to meet at our place at 11:00, and finally made it out to the lake around 12:30. There was some wake boarding, some sand barring/football throwing, some burger making at Matt's parents' boat, and some swimming.
Wow, this camera makes the lake water look so pretty and blue. And wow, I just noticed that John is wake boarding naked! Glad he didn't get arrested...that would've been a bummer.

Anyways, so we had a fabulous time. So much so that on the way back to the car, Martha fell asleep sitting up and was doing the whole head bob thing. Hahaha, so funny! Hayley took a nice little nap in the front of the boat too.

So I decided I wasn't all that tired and I wanted to go to the Junction,

a restaurant/bar that's only 3 minutes away from our house. I was having trouble convincing anyone to come with me though. When suddenly, I got a text message from friends/neighbors Brooke/Jamey that said they were going to the Junction that night and invited us to join them. Sweet! So I thought I had Matt convinced to go with me, but he bailed at the last minute and I just went by myself. This place is pretty tame normally, at least every other time I've been there, but this night it was a little wild! We didn't get in on the wildness, just sat and watched the crazies around us, and when we'd had enough we left. Brooke and Jamey and friends went across the street to Hickory Tavern, but I called it a night and went home.

Sunday I seriously spent around 6 hours playing Mario Galaxy. Then I went to the good ol' Wally World for some groceries and that about sums up the day.

Monday (yeah yeah, I know the title is last WEEKEND and Monday is not considered the weekend, so shoot me) we went to work as usual and went out to eat with Drew, Cathrin, and Matt to this new BBQ place that is near us.

Three words...De. Lic. Ious. A little pricey, but not too bad, and definitely worth it. John liked it a lot too, but said that my brother-in-law Danny's BBQ is better. Danny should open a restaurant!

Back to Saturday. My parents...

...celebrated their 39th anniversary! That is such a long time! I think they just went out to eat to celebrate, but I did wish them a Happy Anniversary Eve on Friday, AND a Happy Anniversary on Saturday. Unlike a certain sibling that completely forgot until I said something about it yesterday. But I won't name names. He or She's already having to deal with the fact that I just moved way up in the favorite ranks.

Anyways, that was the weekend. I'm also thinking about going into photography, so let me know if you'd like to book me. I mean, if I can make Lake Wylie water look as nice as I did, I must have some talent! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This was really hard...I kept thinking of the same 5 things from last week.

1. I am thankful for vacations. Mostly, thankful that John and I have the means to go on vacations! We are going to Daytona in 2 weeks (thank you sooo sooo much Joy and Danny) and next year we are going to GERMANY! Our friend Cathrin is turning 30 next September (as in 2009) and invited us to go to Germany with her (where she is from). If that isn't excting enough...we will be there during Oktoberfest! How awesome is that!? Now we just need to decide which beer tent to hang out in:

2. Friends at work. I really do like my job, but having friends at work makes it even better. We eat lunch together everyday and have so much fun people watching and being approached by bums wanting change (the guy today totally had yellow crusty stuff all over his lips...yuck!), etc. When I worked at my last job, I didn't really have friends to eat with everyday so I just usually played on the internet and ate at my desk. Which, doesn't sound so bad, but when I had nothing to do the rest of the day but play on the internet, I was pretty much sick of the internet by lunch time. So yeah, it's nice to go outside and eat everyday. Makes the day go by so much faster.

3. Myspace and Facebook. Maybe you call it nosy, but I just hate to lose touch with people! There are still a couple of old friends that either don't have either Myspace or Facebook (I know, what is WRONG with them?), or have gotten married and I don't know their last names, but I think about them all the time...not in a psycho stalker way. :) I just always wonder what they've been up to. It's just so easy to find people and keep in touch!

4. My straightener. (Don't you just love hyperlinks?!) I don't know what I'd do without her. Even if I only have 2 minutes to get ready, this straightener can do wonders in 2 minutes. It may not be perfect after only 2 minutes, but I can at least get it to the point where I can wear it down and not be fearful that a bird will think it is his nest!

5. Carmex. How did I not think of this one sooner? I have a MAJOR obsession with this stuff. I probably apply/reapply about 5 or so times a day (okay okay maybe 8-9 times a day) and I cannot live without it! I personally prefer the click stick over the jar or the squeezy ones...which makes things somewhat more difficult because you can't find Mr. Stick at the grocery store or even at some drug stores. I don't understand why the jar one is so freaking popular...what do you do with your greasy finger after you have applied the Carmex?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny T-shirts and Flip Flops

Saturday night John and I were invited to a friends' 30th bday bash at his house. His house was pretty much designed for parties...mostly all tile downstairs (very little carpet) and a huge deck out back so he can accommodate LOTS of people at his parties. The theme of this party was funny t-shirts and flip flops, and while I had the flip flops part covered, I didn't own a funny t-shirt. I found one I really liked online, but that wasn't until Friday night, and the party was Saturday night so I'm thinking it wouldn't have shipped in time. SO, in typical John and Lacey fashion, we decided to make our own. I made this one and I made John this one. They turned out really good...and I even added this funny graphic (found here...thanks Google Image search!) to the back of mine...

Niiccee little touch there eh? John couldn't decide if he wanted to wear his or not after I SLAVED all day making it so I have no pictures of him wearing it. He already had this shirt:

...that says "John Drunk", and that black shirt draped over his shoulder is the one I made him. Wasn't that nice of him?? Anyways, we had a pretty good time...saw some crazy things, heard some crazy gossip (which is all normal for one of these parties) and left around 12:30. We did get to see some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while so that was good.

Oh, and about that "very little carpet" I mentioned above...yeah it got chocolate cake all over it. Nice huh? He has one room downstairs that is carpeted and that is where they decided to have him blow out his candles, and then shove his face in the cake, causing a CHOCOLATE cake explosion and it went everywhere. Nobody ate any, obviously, but John has talked about that cake all week. He LOVES chocolate cake, and was pretty distraught over the fact that it was ruined and he couldn't have any.

Me, Martha, and Hayley

Daniel and I
Friends since 3rd grade!! Rodney and I
Andrea, Lindsay, me and Brooke

So after looking at myself in these pictures, I realize I desperately need a haircut. So Friday has to be the day. The reason I have put it off so long is because I'm going to a new person this time and that is scarrryyy. I have gone to Toni and Guy for the last 5 years or so, and as much as I LOVE it there and love Melissa, I probably shouldn't spend $65 on just a haircut anymore. So both Brooke and my co-worker Christelle go to Modern Salon and Spa, which conveniently enough, is just downstairs from my office! So wish me luck...I hope I can figure out what I want before I get there!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photoshop Fun!

Look what I made last night...

I was playing around in Adobe Photoshop and decided I wanted 1 picture that had all of our friends in it. Well, not ALL, but the ones that we see most often. So I started with the picture of just John and I, and cut everyone else out seperately from different pictures. It was lots of fun to make...even though everytime I look at it I see things I want to fix. But oh well. Maybe I'll make another one some other day!

Anyways, happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So I was blurking around, and came across this blogger who does a Thankful Thursday post each week and thought it was a good idea. So hopefully this will kill some time for me, and let me realize how much I have to be thankful for all in one shot!

1. This guy As crazy and LOUD as he can be, I am so thankful to have him in my life. It really bothered me at first that everyone thought "he's not good for her" and I stressed about making them see the John I saw...but now, either they finally get John, or it doesn't bother me anymore. I love that our relationship is so trusting and comfortable.

2. Family all being within 10.3 miles (yes, I google mapped that. What? I like to be precise!) of me. Although I loved living off of Carmel Road too and that whole area, but nothing is better than having family so close.

3. The Chic Fil A Honey Roasted BBQ sauce. Now, I've always been a big fan of Chic Fil A, but my consumption habits have multiplied since the introduction of this sauce. I prefer to use it on my fries, but it goes with everything! I may or may not have had an emergency packet stored in my wallet just in case this gem was left out of my bag.
4. The bus/train. With gas prices so high, and the $110/month parking deck fee, I am so so thankful that I have other options to get to work. It is very hard to get out of the door 10 minutes earlier than I would if I drove, but it's worth it. Plus it's so nice to just ride and not worry about driving. And much safer to put my makeup on on the bus or train than in my car while driving. The thing that sucks though is that I'm always running so late that I have to drive to the front of the neighborhood in order to get the bus on time, so the other people in my neighborhood that ride it probably think I'm lazy. I'm not gonna argue with them. :)

5. My MovieWatcher Card. John and I went to the movies yesterday to see Hancock (ehhh, not that good, don't waste your time) and only spent $14.75! All movies at AMC from Mon-Thurs are only $5 and then if you have a Movie Watcher card, you get 2 free small popcorns on Wednesdays. On top of all that, every 10 points you earn (you get 2 points per ticket) you get something free so we got a free small drink too. So $10 for the movie tickets and $4.75 for John's giant Icee. Not bad at all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Due to popular demand, I am 1) writing a blog post today when I really don't have anything to write about and 2) giving a shout out to my peeps over the cube walls. This post idea was theirs...they just wanted so badly to read a 'Life of Lacey' post today that they gave me the, might I say, BRILLIANT idea to write about them. How so very unselfish of them!? So I obliged. Here is a diagram of the extremely complicated layout of our cubes. I wouldn't want anyone to get lost if they ever came for a visit.

Sonja. Isn't she lovely? She is located in cube D. She is from London so she has the cutest slightest English accent. She is the most popular employee ever, and you can barely hold a conversation with her because she's saying hi to someone every 6.78 seconds. But it's cool, I long to be as popular as her one day. Anyways, she is a big fan of Quizno's and if you ever happen to see her in there, don't be confused when the employees call her Sharon. She has an alias because she is so popular, so don't bother correcting them. When you become really good friends with her, she will even allow you to call her Son-jah. She also has all the nicest office supplies. You should see her stapler and calculator. Unbelievable. I guess you could say we are jealous.

Katie. Located in cube A. She has since organized the haphazard placement of papers on her wall, don't worry, I've taken care of that. She has earned the reputation of the party girl of the group. Once one of our bosses saw her chugging a beer at her desk! In the middle of the day!! She claims it was cream soda, but I have a hard time believing that. I should give her the number to the hotline. She's also an avid golfer...she has her own clubs and even went to golf camp! She's the only girl golfer I know that's not old or retired. Go Katie, Go Katie, Go!

Christelle. Located in cube C. Every month our department has breakfast together which always includes several awkward silences. Christelle is our go to person to save us from D.B.A. (Death By Awkwardness). I don't know how she does it, but she'll come up with something to keep the conversation flowing and keep us from staring at the table any longer.

And finally, me! I had to include me!! I am located in cube B. B for best. I am our bosses' favorite after all. You don't believe me? Well I am. At our monthly breakfasts the conversation is ALWAYS about me and my trips on the light rail. Seeee, they always want to talk to me. It's okay that they ask the same 3 questions every month, they are busy people and it's very easy for them to forget.

So those are the people I spend 9 hours a day with. Makes coming to work not so bad, well, we'll say tolerable. I don't want them to get the big head or anything. Sonja and Katie will be the ones to blame when you are wondering why I wrote a blog about absolutely nothing. Sometimes you just have to give into their nagging. So there you go...hope you two liked it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth Fourth

Comparing to last year isn't really fair. Last July 4th, we had an injury free day, so it was a good time to all. This year was still a great time, but included some injuries and difficulties. But, it's cool, there are LOTS of funny stories we will be laughing at for a while!

We didn't end up taking our boat out that morning and all just met at the yacht club around noon to swim and hang out. This was the group this year: Matt, John, myself, Drew B., Cathrin, Drew E., Steph, Emily, Julie, Roger, Nikki and Ilsa. Also, Matt invited out a girl he had been talking to recently and she brought her friend. Names aren't necessary for these two!

So us girls sat up top in the shade for a while gossiping, what we do best!

Then someone (probably someone named Mr. Miller Light) convinced us to finally get in the water, so we swam for a while. It takes a little convincing for me because I'm slightly afraid of the water...more specifically, fish. Eek! Around 2 we headed out to the area where the fireworks are going to be. On the way there, our lovely little preggers friend Stephanie was stung by a bee! Injury numero uno. Here is John taking care of her...instead of her husband who told her to "walk it off"! So funny!
When we got there, the boat spun in circles for the next two hours because it was pretty windy and it was difficult to get the boat anchored. At one point the anchor was almost lost or something, I know that John and Drew B. had blisters on their hands (the second of the injuries) from hanging onto the rope while it was sinking and it wasn't tied down. I don't have many details on this because I was relaxing while they were all in the water doing this not-so-fun stuff. :) Then, finally we were anchored in somewhat of a little cove where the wind wasn't so bad and we ate.

The funniest part of the entire day was when those two girls who shall remain nameless, made other plans for the night. I overheard them talking on the phone to some friends saying they would definitely be there later and I thought to myself, hmmm, unless they mean around 1 a.m. later, they are going to be disappointed when they find out we are going to be out here all day. But my thinking did not take into account their stupidity. They actually decided to swim to shore (and it wasn't a short swim!) with all of their stuff!! When we warned them that everything they had would be wet and ruined, they insured us it would be okay because everything was in ziploc bags. SERIOUSLY. I couldn't make this stuff up. Here they are swimming to shore, right after everyone on the boat cheered their exit. :)
They ended up calling the police on us though because apparently we were holding their car keys from them. The police came over and asked us if we had their keys, which of course, we did not. They probably fell out of their ziploc bags and are sitting at the bottom of Lake Wylie! Hahaha.
After food, we played Kings:
At some point, I don't know the exact timeline for the day because it was a very llllooonnnggg day, but Matt decided he wanted to dive off the top deck of the boat. It's not the first time he had done that, but this time it didn't go so well. He kind of just ran and jumped off the side without looking first, and there happened to be a boat tied up to that side (the red/white one in the picture above) that he just didn't quite clear. Luckily, he cleared it enough that he didn't hit his head or anything, but he did have a nice gash under his chin that required 7 stitches (on an emergency room visit later that night) and another owie on his chest. Poor thing, had to quit drinking at that point so I think it's safe to say that this wasn't his favorite July 4th ever. Here is his mom, Bright, talking to Drew B., myself, and Matt, and I think this picture is so funny because Matt probably told me 15 times not to touch his shoulder because he was so sore, but I didn't obviously listen. Sorry Matt!
The last injuries were to me and Cathrin. I don't remember exactly what I ran into, but I walked up to the top deck of the boat to Emily, Julie, Nikki and Cathrin and simply said "My toe's bleeding." Quite the understatement because it was more like gushing. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that! It was a team effort but they patched me up with a band-aid and neosporin. I have a history of hurting my toes, (as one friend put it, Lacey 0, Toes 1,484,942), but this one is by far the worst. It's even hindering my sleeping and walking. I can't sleep well because every time the sheets graze it I wake up wincing, and I am limping everywhere I go.
And then finally Cathrin went out to her car when we got back that night to get her pillows and blankets and walked into a tow hitch thingy on some one's car in the parking lot. So yeah, we're all still recovering.

But other than alllllll that, a great time for all! Here are some more pictures...
This is Roger is one of the nameless' girls shorts. She left them, and Roger decided he would wear them. Crazy boy.

Such a fun day! For the rest of the weekend we did nothing. Watched a lot of t.v. and played a lot of Wii. Not so happy about being back at work today...but only 24 (not that I'm counting) more days until we go on vacation so that will be the next thing we have to look forward to. Yayyyy summer! :-D