Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stuff We Like: 6-9+ Months

[Stuff We Liked 3-6 MonthsStuff We Liked 0-3 Months]

From the previous editions of 'Stuff I Like', I feel like I should mention that these things we STILL like. She's 10 almost 11 months old now, so 10 11 months of use is pretty stellar in terms of the lives of baby stuff. 

(She WAS 10 months old when I first wrote this, but now that I'm finally about to post it she is closer to 11 months. Whoops!)

Sleep Sheep
City Mini Stroller
Beco Gemini Carrier
Honeywell Fan
Crane Penguin Humidifier

This is the stuff that we've loved this quarter (and then some, since this is late).

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station


Charley got this for Christmas because I was trying to be a smartie and eliminate the need for extra baby equipment. I thought we could just get this and she could stand on a pillow for a while to play, and then when she was big enough she could then utilize the walkabout feature.


That didn't work so well since you know we ended up buying a Jumperoo too. She really was just too small for this for a long time. And not just because of her short legs, but also because she couldn't reach the toys very well either.

But these past few months she has absolutely loved this thing. She runs in circles now and doesn't seem to be bored of the same old toys each time she does the circle, either. The walkabout part comes off when she's ready and then we are left with just an activity table for her to play at. And when that part comes off, we gain back a few more square feet of floor space in my living room, hooray!

Charley is pulling up on things now, but I think this particular table is still just a tidge bit too high for her to pull up on. She's almost there, but I'm going to keep the other part attached for just a bit longer.

UPDATE: In the month since I first wrote this until now, we have now removed the walkabout part and are just using it as the activity table. She can pull up on it just fine these days.

Speaking of activity tables,

Playskool Air-tivity Table Toy


Charley just loves this one. It's older and was a hand-me-down from my sister's kids so I don't even think they make it anymore. But it's a good bit shorter than the walkabout one (in the picture you can see the walkabout one behind her), and this was one of the first things Charley pulled up on. Basically there are holes that blow air out, and you put these cylinder toys on top of the air to make them move or make noise. Charley loves the loudest one, obviously.

(P.S. Heather, those are the only two standing toys we have and neither of them would work for you probably. Sorry!)

Stacking Cups, Nesting Blocks, Blocks

Check, check, check. She loves these toys and they are very cheap, too.

This Pink Maraca.


This was a party favor from a birthday party we went to in December at Gymboree. It's not a baby toy, and probably isn't even safe for her. But she loves this darn maraca. She will work so hard to dig this out of the toy basket every day. I once stepped on it and thought I broke it, and before I could even inspect the damages (there weren't any, thankfully) I was already mentally making a list of who all was at the birthday party that I could contact to find a replacement for it.

Good Morning, Good Night


 This book has saved Charley's future literacy, seriously. I didn't know what I was doing wrong but I could not read to my child. She was too busy - either wanting down out of my lap, or wanting to eat the book, or close the book we were reading. I could never read more than a few pages of any book to her and I was afraid she would always have a hatred of books. I think reading to her is very important, so I asked some of the moms on my message board for a recommendation. (I.E: HELP!) This book was recommended to me because it is an interactive book that she can touch and feel and she absolutely loves it. L O V E S it. Seriously. Thank you internet mommy friend for saving Charley's future literacy!

(Also recommended: Tails. Ordered that one too!)


In the stuff we need category, we are no longer using anything in the bath tub. We used this infant tub until she was able to sit on her own, and then just started sitting her straight in the tub. I know a lot of people use the duck tub in transition, but I never saw the need for that one personally.

We are using this high chair with no complaints. I personally love that the straps are dark brown so they won't look as nasty after she starts smashing food all over them. Icky high chair straps give me the willies.

We went with the Britax Roundabout carseats because Target had them as a daily deal for my car and John's car. We got the Cosco Scenera for my sister's car because it has just as high of safety ratings (actually higher than the Britax we bought) for a cheaper price. The fallback to this seat is it's not as comfortable, but my sister isn't driving cross country with her during my work days (hopefully, unless she's not telling me something!) so it wasn't as big of a deal to me. The Britax seat did not come with strap covers though so I bought these to protect from strap burns on her little neck. No complaints.

Now, we've almost made it through the first year and a certain someone's birthday party is coming up. I considered getting her a wagon for her birthday, but we don't have a great area for wagonning, so I'm thinking about scratching that idea now. Give me some suggestions! What did your babies love at this age?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Being Neighborly

I'm not a good neighbor, y'all. It's not that I would let that burglar break into your  home without me doing something (calling someone, preferably) or that I am having loud raging parties until 4 in the morning, but, I'm just not that friendly. And it's not because I don't like my neighbors, because I do from what little exchanges we have had. It's just that I'm kind of shy. I've been faking being a not-shy person for over 10 years now. Fake it until  you make it, right? Well, I can fake all I want. Shyness is in my blood and it's not going to go away.

Anyways, so I'm shy and don't speak much. John speaks enough for the both of us, and I don't care if they think he has a weird wife. If it saves me from having to have that forced conversation on my porch every day, then so be it. I can definitely be weird, no problem.

Plus, we are planning to move really soon. (I'll  update you soon about that...I'm so so afraid of jinxing anything else that I'm waiting a bit longer before I give updates.) So, if we aren't going to be there much longer, why would I all of a sudden try to form great friendships with neighbors that will soon no longer be our neighbors? Beats me!

Side note: When we move, my parents will be our neighbors and I like them. Whew. Also, these will be our other neighbors:

In case you didn't watch that, our other neighbors will be trees and a rooster. I can talk to trees and/or a rooster all day long. See, I'm not weird at all!

Back to the story. So, about a month ago we noticed that one used-to-be normal neighbor was acting not so normal anymore. She had a semi-new boyfriend living with her now, and the two of them would argue in the parking lot all the dang time. Very bizarre, as I prefer to have my arguments not in public. But whatever works for them. If they need to argue with an audience, I'll be that perfect audience member peering through my blinds to watch them. Allegedly. And when they weren't arguing, they constantly had the hoods up on their cars or were re-pumping their tires up. Lots of car trouble I suppose.

So then one morning John had to go to the ATM on his way to work. As he is driving around the bank to get to the ATM, he notices Crazy Neighbors in the parking lot with what looked like car trouble once again. But, they had other people parked next to them helping it seemed, so John waved like a good neighbor and went on to work.

This particular day Charley was sick so I stayed home with her. I guess Crazy Neighbors got their car trouble figured out because both cars were back by the time I woke up. Also, they were both in the parking lot with a pile of luggage and beachy looking things next to them. He was now working on his car with the hood up. Mind you, working on your cars in the parking lot is against our homeowner's policy. But, I decided not to report them because it looked as if they were getting ready to go to the beach and had more car trouble all of a sudden. I felt for them, and I checked on them periodically through the blinds. You know, just trying to be a better neighbor and all.

Another reason I'm a terrible neighbor: I'm a creep that takes pictures of you to text to John.

They were out there for HOURS. He underneath the hood, and her sitting on the sidewalk next to all of their stuff. It was literally 5 hours or something that she sat there. Occasionally she'd get up, walk up to him working on the car, and have a screaming match with him complete with waving-arms-in-a-negative-fashion body language. I wish I could hear what they were saying! But, our insulation must be doing it's job because I couldn't make it out. She was also crying/sobbing and blowing her nose in a paper towel. My ears may not be good, but my eyesight was killer! This fight was a doozy.

A few hours later I had to leave the house. So Charley and I got into our car which was right next to broken down car he's working on. I half smile at them, and he says "Finally done!" and I assume he thinks I've seen them out there all day. I mean, I wasn't watching them through the blinds all day long!? Why did he even say that? Also, as I get in my car, I notice lots of debris around the front of his car. Looks like bits of plastic broken up all over the ground.

I get back home and they are still out there and still arguing. I go inside. Their argument gets louder and I can make out what they are saying now. "It's probably someone around here! They all hate you anyways!" "Oh yeah, like who!?" I peek out just as Male Crazy Neighbor points to our house. "Well what about them!? That a-hole and the effing wife you hate!?" GASP! That's me! She doesn't just think I'm weird, she hates me!

Fast forward a few hours. I'd been keeping John up to date on their antics all day long while he was at work. So he knew something was up when he got home at 5:30 and they were still in the parking lot. The man said something to John as he was walking in, but John didn't understand it so he kept going in. But then, like a typical man, found a reason to go back out to see what the deal was. He went to check the mail, and as he came back in, the man started talking to John. Asked him why he didn't stop at the bank this morning. John said because someone was already helping them. Starts accusing John and the rest of the neighborhood about not being neighborly. And then, the crazy happened.

Says that someone has been planting tracking devices and cameras in their cars. Thinks they are tracking their every move and broadcasting it all on the internet. (Who would talk about them on the internet, for goodness sakes?!) Says he had spent all day under the hood of his car pulling out plastic tracking device disks. Apparently they are gold if you'd like to check your own vehicles for such devices. Thinks its us since we just so happen to be around every time they have car issues. (Um, maybe because the majority happen in the parking lot and we LIVE there, no??) Female Crazy Neighbor says (through sobs) that she's been calling the police and FBI to try and get them to investigate and no one cares. John realizes there is no point in fighting crazy, and makes amends with the guy and shakes his hand in order to not be the enemy of crazy. We have a baby to keep safe, after all.

Basically, they must be on drugs to be that paranoid and psycho. Female Crazy Neighbor has only recently been crazy. She's been here for all 5 years we've lived here and we've never had any issues. Drugs are bad, bad things.

They finally left and went to the beach (I'm assuming) for a week. It was a glorious week and all of our other neighbors rejoiced in the peacefulness of it all. But then they came back and started giving us all dirty glary looks in the parking lots again. It was very uncomfortable and I wished they'd leave again. They were sarcastically waving to me as I'd leave in the mornings (I'd see them in my mirrors) because I wasn't being neighborly and greeting them. They really are always in the parking lot I tell you. I wished and wished that they'd just leave. And then...

That afternoon as I was driving home I passed an accident. 3 cars. A series of rear-endings. Guess who was at the back of the rear-endedness? Yep. Male Crazy Neighbor. His car was toast. Once again, I was there when they had car issues. Was it really us!? [I don't think he saw me though.]

That must have pushed them over the edge though. The next day, they packed up lots of suitcases and left and haven't been back yet. Someone was out to get them in our neighborhood and they weren't going to stick around and let it happen. I just hope they stay gone until we can get outta there. I mean, I would hate for whoever is out to get them to try the same stuff on us! Can you imagine someone broadcasting pictures and videos of my life all over the internet?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Ever

I've had no problems telling you the things I'd never do when I was a parent - knowing I'd have to eat my words on the majority of them at some point in my parenting. I even titled the posts 'Mock Me Later' and  'More Mocking Material' to be sure everyone realized that I knew I was setting myself of for some classic word-eating. And then when Charley was just a month old, I came back and told you how I'd been doing so far and how yummy some of those words tasted. But Charley is now nearly 10 months old and it's time for another update. Mainly because Laura told me to do so, and anything she says, I do.

Also, I shared my house pre-baby and I owe a post-baby house tour to you, too. I've been thinking about updating this one for a while, but, in order to take house pictures you should probably not have a disaster of a house. I kept telling myself that the next time it was cleanish I'd take pictures for you. And then I waited, and waited and waited. Finally, I'm just giving in. I may need to reevaluate my definition of cleanish.

& then, as if the universe was telling me not to share pictures of my "cleanish" house on the internet for fear of ridicule, I lugged my tripod and camera and baby all through the house so I could take pictures of each room, got them onto the computer and they are all washy-outty and I have no idea why. These were the best of the bunch and they still are pretty awful. But in an effort to make this blog "draft" finally be published 2 weeks after I started typing it, I'm just going to go with it.

The living room. Baby central. Basket of toys. Gate in front of the fireplace. Giant walky thing. Baby stroller. Baby standing toy. Foam play mat. It's out of control but we really have no other place unless we want to sit in her bedroom upstairs with her while she plays all day. So yeah, just as I feared, my house is way babyfied.


The dining area. Usually has a sewing machine on the table, fabrics everywhere and cat hair gathers around the table legs. Such an elegant dining area, no?


The kitchen...if you can see through the wash-outtedness. High chair. Cheerios on the counter. Wipes and bibs on the island.


Our bedroom. Jumperoo to contain Charley in the mornings when we get ready. (This doesn't really work anymore.) Toys in the floor. Also, that red basket in the corner used to be Reese's "bed", but now houses baby toys. Poor Reese.


Charley's nursery. Her room stays pretty clean actually. Pillow that goes in the glider usually gets tossed in the floor. A toy and blanket here and there. Not so bad.


& the other side, which I'm totally only sharing because of the cute in the bottom right corner.


So yes. As I feared, every room is babyfied. It makes it that much worse when you don't have a whole lot of space. Hopefully in the new house we can alleviate some of this! I'm still holding out hope, Miss Diniwilk, that I can have a house that doesn't scream A BABY LIVES HERE!

So, my never evers. Here's how I'm doing.

2. My kids will never sleep in the bed with me. Cats are welcome; children get out!

I told you before that Charley had fallen asleep on my chest a few times at 4 in the morning as an itty bitty newborn and therefore she technically slept in the bed with me. She no longer wakes up in the night, so there never is a need for late-night bringeth-to-the-beddeth, therefore I'm happy to say that she still has never napped or slept in bed with me.

I'll admit, there are some weekend days where she's about to go down for her first morning nap and I'm still sleepy and think I'll take a nap myself too and oh, wouldn't it be sweet to cuddle this baby in the bed and nap together? and so I try and position pillows on the empty side, and her in the middle and then me on the other side and settle down for a sweet mommy-daughter nap. Only to have her rolling everywhere, trying to crawl over me and all of a sudden not-tiredness. BUT, there was one day that she did finally settle down into the middle of the bed, laying in the same direction as me and everything and her little eyelids fluttered closed. I couldn't wait to fall asleep myself and share this nap together. And then, 15 minutes later I determined I couldn't get back to sleep (I'm not a good napper) and I picked her up and moved her to her crib. The end. 

Basically, this 'never' is working out for me splendidly.

3. I don't see myself ever getting over my hatred of all things sticky. If my baby just ate a sucker and the majority of it is on their hands, cheeks, lips and nose, I will not welcome a kiss or a hand-hold. Sticky is icky.

Charley has yet to have a sucker, but she has had puffs and Cheerios that get a little sticky/soggy after a bit. I still hate stickiness, and still will wipe her up before I kiss or touch her little cheeks and hands. I just can't. Not yet, anyways.

9. My facebook profile picture will always at least have me in it. There will never be any confusion when my status says: "I am as drunk as a skunk", and the picture beside it shows a drooling, toothless babyface. Something is just not right about that. 

I'm still pulling this one off too. Pretty much every profile picture since Charley was born has had her in it too, but the key word in that sentence is 'TOO'. I'm also in the picture. And it helped that Facebook now gives us cover photos as well which they didn't have back when I made this list so they aren't included. Which is why I was able to use this picture as a cover photo without any qualms about it.


From the sounds of things so far, I'm doing really well on my 'never' lists!


7. Birthday parties will just be with the family. Cake, ice cream, singing happy birthday and presents. I was always perfectly happy with this option, why won't my kids be??

I'm in the midst of first birthday party planning as we speak. I'm probably going a little (a lot) overboard for her me for a birthday she won't even remember, and even though I have a big family, what fun is going overboard for a birthday party if you can't show it off? Friends will be invited for sure. Now, do I invite our friends, most of whom have older kids, or do I invite my few friends with children her age? Or both? That's where I'm struggling right now.

A big fat fail for this one.

8. Showers and bathroom breaks are private time. No kids allowed. This one sounds so obvious when written out that there really shouldn't be any question about it!

Well. Yeah. See, this one time I was cleaning and cooking and such, and Charley was having a clingy day where she wanted to be held constantly. Easiest way to do that and clean is to put her in the Beco and she's as happy as a clam. (Hey, that's my first time using that little saying. Who says clams are happy anyways?) So, mid-clean I have to pee. And I plan on continuing my cleaning post-pee. So, do you unstrap her and put her down where she'll begin screaming to go pee, and then return, pick her up, strap her back on and commence cleaning, OR do you just sit on the toilet with a baby strapped to your front? I mean come on, is that even a question!?

Or, now that she's mobile and following me everywhere, there may have been a time or two that she crawled herself to the bathroom while I was occupying it. Who am I to shut the door in her sweet little face?
Totally going back on my word about this one.

10. There will never be any "kids music" in my car. They can grow up listening to what I like, no need to tone it down for them. By the age of 4, they will have their head-bob mastered for when I'm listening to rap, their head-banging mastered for when I'm in a rock mood, and their feet will be tapping (but not on the back of my seat!) for when I'm in a country mood. 

It's true, I still have yet to play any kids music in my car...FOR CHARLEY. So, still completely
passing this with flying colors. However, when I was pregnant I went to a yard sale that happened to have a Disney CD at it that I used to love as a kid teenager. I knew my nieces would like it too, so I bought it for them and gave it to them. First though, I ripped the songs onto my computer, just for safekeeping. You know, in case they scratched up the CD I could always burn them a new copy.

Or maybe, it was so I could sing The Lion King's I Just Can't Wait to be King at the top of my lungs in my car, where Charley is unfortunately an innocent bystander. So yes, kids music, but it's for me I tell you!

6. I will not blog only about my child. I hope to have a good mixture of what I blog about now, plus baby thrown in here and there. This is Life of Lacey, not Exclusively Life of Lacey's Child.

I updated you on this one a while ago. I was failing. Since then, I've pretty much continued along that path of failure. Or path of winning, depending of how you look at it. I mean, I consider it to be winning to talk about sweet Charley and get 13 comments, and then talk about a non-Charley topic and get 3. I mean, I have to give the people what they want, and apparently they want Charley.


So that got long. Basically, I fail. Mock me now I suppose. Maybe I should lay out some "I nevers" for the toddler age as well. I don't want to run out of things for you all to laugh at me about.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Charley Bear: 10 Months

[1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8.5 months, 9 months]


Last Wednesday, Charley turned 10 months old. & she's doing all kinds of new stuff. It's so so fun being her mommy!

Also, 10 months means it's only 2 months until her first birthday party. I came up with a theme Friday night after a couple months of searching for just the right thing. I knew it would come to me soon, but usually I get great ideas at the very last minute, and last minute party planning isn't exactly what I wanted to do. I'm glad I got an idea with 2 months to spare. And, if you must know, the theme was inspired by this picture:


I'm not going to spend a lot, but I have a lot of ideas so far. Usually those two things don't go together, but I'm going to make this work! She's going to remember her first birthday party forever, after all! {That was sarcasm if you are new around here.}

This is what the little miss Charley is up to these days...

She pulls up on everything, and this just started this week. I love how proud she is of herself every time she does it, and it makes my heart swell to walk in and see her standing in her crib after a nap waiting for me to get her. It makes me so sad though because she is such a big girl now!


She's eating almost anything. We are slowly phasing out the purees and giving her more and more table food. She's liked everything we've given her so far except for broccoli. Hated it. Spit it out. Threw it on the floor. But, honorable mentions go to Cheerios, mashed potatoes, cheese, and pancakes.
Having a taste of Daddy's smoothie.
We are completely done nursing. A week ago we lost our last remaining nursing session in the mornings. I think she wasn't getting enough or getting it fast enough that way anymore and just wanted a bottle instead. I was sad, but it makes it easier on me too. I had planned to quit before our family vacation in a couple weeks, or if not then, then by me and John's trip to Europe coming up in August. I was struggling with how I'd figure out exactly WHEN our last nursing session would be because I'd hate to stop for my own selfish reasons if she still wanted it. So when she decided for me, that made it that much easier. I think we did good, Charley!


She talks! I'm calling it: her first word is cat. It's the first word that she says with intent. She has mimicked Mama and Dada, but she knows what a cat is! She also says and waves bye bye, and knows how to throw toys/food on the floor to say uh-oh. Yeah that one's real fun.


Sleep is still going great. From about 7:30 or 8pm until 6:45am on weekdays, and she sleeps in so late until 7 on the weekends. John and I usually each take a day (Saturday/Sunday) so the other can sleep. She still takes two long naps also, a 2ish hour one and a 1.5ish hour one. Those with normal babies that didn't hit the sleep lottery, you may want to skip this next paragraph or else you may want to punch me...

One night this month Charley woke up around 3 or 4 because she had a cold and couldn't breathe very well laying down. I know personally it's easier to sleep when you are propped up when you have a cold, so I got her out of her crib and sat down in the glider with her and let her sleep the rest of the night on my shoulder. I was tired, of course, but I really really enjoyed that mommy time with Charley. I love that she really needed me and I was able to help her, at the price of my own sleep or not.  Now, remind me about this when baby #2 comes along and gets up at 3 or 4 every night!


So yeah, things are still going swimmingly. We did forgo the blanket picture this month...I think we're done with that one. Having a 10 month old baby lay down on a blanket just so isn't exactly cake anymore. We'll stick with the bear from here on out. It's not like that's a one-shot deal, either.
Now you listen here, Big Bear...
Happy 10 months Charley! My last 10 months certainly have been!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mama Knows Best

Charley has lots of second hand stuff. The majority of her clothes and toys are from cousins, yard sales, or consignment sales. She doesn't know the difference, and you can't tell the difference by looking at them and my bank account is happy, too. A win/win.

But, every once in a while I like to buy something NEW for Charley. It rarely happens, but she is such a good baby that she deserves something now and then. One of these days was just a few weeks ago.

I picked Charley up from my sister's house after work and she was super happy and had just eaten and just woken up from her nap. She was in perfect take-to-a-store shape, in other words. Not that she's ever really bad at a store, but I prefer to take her when there is much less of a chance that something could go wrong - ie: nap-needing, food-needing, etc. Since we pass a Wal-Mart on our way home and since she had been such a good baby, I decided I was going to stop and buy her a brand new toy. I'd even let her help me pick it out.

We got to the baby toy aisle and I was a little overwhelmed by all of the choices. I really had no idea what kind of toy I wanted to get her, except I knew it wouldn't be something with cartoon characters on it. Anyways, I strolled up and down the aisle with Charley on my hip. I showed her several different toys and pulled them off the shelves so I could show her what they did and try to guage her reaction to them. She was definitely interested in everything I showed her, but not any more interested in one toy over the next. I was going to have to make this decision on my own with my mother's instincts.

Also, this picture was taken while we were strolling up and down the toy aisle. She was so darn cute already this day, and then she decided that she'd start sucking her thumb again after a few months' hiatus. It was so so adorable and made her that much more toy-worthy.


So, after much thought I decided to get this V-Tech cat. Cat IS her first word after all. (The only word she says and really KNOWS what she's saying.)
This one:


I also bought a smaller toy for her for the car ride home because the cat was too big to open and play with right away. And what fun is a new toy if you can't rip it open (err, Mama can't rip it open) as soon as you get in the car? She loved the little shaky bean things I bought her for the car, so I thought I would for sure be 2 for 2 when we got home and she could play with the cat, too.

The cat is really for ages 12 months+ because it is a cat that moves on it's own and the baby is supposed to chase it. I thought it would be appropriate for my 9 month old, and would have a long life in our home since Charley was just starting to crawl and it would give her a fake cat to chase instead of the real ones she loves to torment.


So we get home and get inside with the new cat, take an hour to get the darn thing out of the box and I set it down on the floor and turned it on. The cat started to move. The baby started to cry. She hated it already.

I tried to enthusiastically show her how awesome the cat was. I sat her in my lap and held the cat up for her to closely examine. She screamed. And cried. And eventually I had to hide the toy because she was that afraid of it. Of alllll the toys in the store, I chose this one for my child because I knew her so well and knew she'd love it and it ended up that she's so afraid of it that she doesn't even want it in her line of sight. Mama certainly did not know best.

So the cat was hidden for a few days/weeks. I thought I'd give it another try at a later date where I was sure she would be more welcoming to the cat. So this weekend, I decided it was time to try again. She had been playing in the floor (hence the toy basket overturned in our living room) so I placed the cat on the floor, a good distance away from her just in case, and turned it on.

Please ignore the bird-mobile-business crap on the chair/table. The stuff is taking over my house.
She was no where near the cat. The cat wasn't even moving in her direction. And cue the tears anyways. The cat tried to win her over. "Here I come! I'm on the run! Catch me! Meow, meow!" But to no avail. She wasn't having it.


I think I'll stick to second-hand toys. Nothing worse than paying $22 for something that she hates, when she has a basket full of toys that cost us nothing or just a few dollars that she loves. I think the girl takes after her Mama and hates wasting money, and THAT was the reason for the tears.

I'm crying too Charley. It took so much effort to get the darn cat OUT of the box that there was no way to repackage it and return it. Perhaps Reese or Tuna are looking for a new friend and can get some use out of it. She even sings! And also says something about traveling to London to see the queen! (??) What more could you want from a toy?