Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Laney: 8 Months

No lie. I went to upload my pictures for this post to Flickr before I started typing this up and uploaded the SIX month pictures instead. I am in total denial, but this baby is EIGHT months old now.



I feel like there were lots of changes this month too. Most notably the lack of clothing in her monthly picture there. Ha. She protested clothing, and then protested her original 8 month sticker on the chair as well (that's the crumpled thing in her hands) so I resorted to using Charley's old sticker and taking a picture as quick as I could. Little stinker!


In the sleep department, Laney has upped her bedtime by about an hour these days to a much more reasonable 8:30. Now as soon as Charley is settled in bed Laney is ready for a bottle and then it is lights out for her too. She is so great about falling to sleep on her own, AS LONG AS she has one of her lovey bunny blankets with her. She has 3, much like big sister. (One stays home, one stays at my sisters, one floater/extra) And, just like her sister she sucks on them too to soothe herself to sleep. Weird right?! But whatever works!

Big changes in the nourishment department. I went back to read the 7 month update and couldn't believe that was just one month ago. So, last month we were still nursing 4 times a day and pumping at work once. A few purees here and there and a random puff here and there. This month, we are just nursing twice a day in the morning and evenings, and NO MORE PUMPING!!! HALLLLLLLLELUJAH! I quit pumping at work maybe a week after the last update, and then had to pump once or twice while we were at the beach Laney-less for my company Christmas party, and that was IT. Gah. So glad to be done with that part! I'm not engorged or anything going 12 hours between each nursing session, so I know our time is winding down, but I'm totally okay with that. We did good, Laney bug!


Laney can kill some pouches these days. One day while I was spoon feeding her a pouch she got a hold of it and it found its way into her mouth. From there she just started sucking it down herself and we never looked back. I normally hold them for her, but she slurps them down in a minute flat. Easiest thing ever! She's also gotten pretty good with getting puffs into her mouth and she's loved trying our dinner foods as well. Chicken & noodles are the easiest, but we usually find a way to share at least some of what we are having with her every night.


Her first Christmas was as expected - she loved the wrapping paper and didn't have a clue what was going on. She slept through the entire meal/present portion of Christmas at my parent's house so when she woke up she got her very own unwrapping time. She did get a couple of toys that she's really loved so far. Of course, the ones with the loud annoying music are her favorites. But hey, give the baby what she likes!


She's getting really close to crawling! Well, I think so. She can really only get into the position from sitting and not from laying on her belly, but I think that's how it starts, right? I can't remember these things. As soon as she figures out how to swing that other leg out from underneath her she will be gone. She's reaching further and further and rocking rocking rocking. It's cominggggggggg. Let me drag out the baby gate.


Last month I thought FOR SURE we'd have teeth to write about this month, but, still no teeth over here. Her hand stays in her mouth these days and I think that maybe some of the symptoms we thought were related to her ear infection this past week might be teething symptoms. But who knows. Every single symptom of anything from months 5-9 of a baby's life we call teething symptoms. Am I right? For now we are just enjoying the extended gummy smile!


I just re-read Charley's 8 month update and it was eerily similar to this. So crazy! It reminded me that we've started to recognize some maaaa sounds and daaaaaaaa sounds and even a guhhhhhh sound here and there too. Just like her sister at this age. But, they are not looking much alike at all, I don't think! Some people still see it, but I never saw it much at the beginning so I really don't see it now. Developmentally they are similar, but not so much in the looks department. Laney looks more like her Daddy. 


Laney is already wearing some 12 month clothing which boggles my mind because she is able to wear the clothing Charley wore despite them being born in complete opposite seasons. (September and April) Charley was wearing 12 month clothing during her SECOND winter when she was 15 months old, and Laney is wearing them now at 8 months old. Which, is great that we are getting to use the clothing, but totally screws up some of the stuff I bought for Laney for the summer in sizes similar to how her sister grew. Truthfully I think we are just having to put her in larger sizes to get over those cheeks.


Anyway - that's month 8! 


(Also, hiiiiiii bloggy friends! I miss blogging and feel so behind over here, but work is crazy busy lately so I've been working through lunches instead of taking time to do this occasionally. We had a great Christmas that I'll hopefully share soon and we (ahem, John) is still working away on finishing the basement. I'll catch up soon!)