Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuff I Like

I have gotten some of the best ideas of awesome baby stuff from other blogs. I trust a picture and a recommendation from a fellow blogger more than an Amazon review any day! I figured it was time for me to pay it forward and list some of my favorite baby things thus far. This stuff was my favorite stuff for the 0-3 month age.

Sleep Sheep/Gentle Giraffe


We have both of these and they do the exact same thing. It's basically a white noise machine covered in stuffing with a cute animal face. The Sleep Sheep I own is the travel sized one, so it goes downstairs with me when Charley is napping on the couch, or in the car, or on vacation, or to Aunt Christy's house every day! Gentle Giraffe stays tethered to a crib slat and isn't to be removed, or else! & by the way, the rain setting is the very best. Charley told me it's her favorite.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets

Swaddling is very important in the first couple of months of a babies life. They may act like they hate it, but if you value sleep, you will swaddle them anyways! A swaddled baby = a sleeping baby in my limited experience.

Swaddling with a regular blanket works fine at first. They are little, they don't move much and you can pretty much be the worst swaddler ever and they'll sleep. But once they realize they have arms, little Houdini may start busting out of your best attempt at swaddling. That's where these come in. Velcro. It works. At first we were swaddling Charley's arms down because otherwise they were out of control.

Remember my little burrito? Once she got her arms under control, she started to express her hatred for having them swaddled and we compromised. I give you, the under arm swaddle:


She's still all snuggly, but her arms are free to do with what she wants. This works perfectly on the nights where it's too warm for a fleecy sleep sack, but putting her to bed without any sort of blanket obviously isn't going to work either.

I will say though, we are now completely done with swaddling so they don't last very long so you don't need too many. They come in packs of 2 or 3, and that was just enough for us!

Bright Starts Cuddly Carrier Pal

We've talked about Charley's love/hate relationship with her carseat. But when it was at its absolute worst, wanna know what makes it somewhat doable some of the time? This little pink elephant, that's what.

This is the only picture I could find of Ms. Elephant, so you also get the bonus of seeing Charley's rockstar cousins!
Sometimes while we are in the car and Charley is strangely silent, I peek back at her in the mirror to make sure she is in fact still there. And 99% of those times, what I see is her giving great big gummy smiles to Ms. Elephant.

City Mini Stroller

I've mentioned this one before, but it deserves to be on this list too. I absolutely love our stroller. It's so smooth, so easy to fold up, and most importantly, since Charley isn't the biggest fan of her carseat, we can still go on walks by just using the regular part of the stroller fully reclined. (We also have the car seat adapter, which works awesome, but not when your child doesn't like the car seat.)



No, we don't cloth diaper. Sorry, Earth. But, we do use the heck out of the cloth prefold diapers for burp cloths. Charley doesn't spit up a ton, but she usually has a bit of spit up after she eats and so I burp her while holding one of these under her chin to catch any liquid regurgitation. Works every time.

Here's a true story: Charley was just a few weeks old and John and I were both in her room while one of us changing her diaper or something. We both realized there was an AWFUL smell coming from something in her room, and John went around the room on his hands and knees trying to find the source of the smell. We just knew one of the cats had decided they'd had enough with being ignored and were starting to pee in Charley's room in revenge. John said he had tracked the source of the smell to a corner behind the glider. We were so mad at the little furballs who had never done anything like that before. And then, somehow we realized it wasn't from that corner at all, but from the opposite corner which housed Charley's hamper full of dirty spit up filled burp cloths. Silly us, it was just time for laundry!


I knew I didn't want a Diaper Genie. I remembered from when my nephews and nieces were babies and I was babysitting that they didn't mask the smell very well, and had some weird twisty thing you had to do to get them to work. On top of that, I'd heard lots of people say not to waste your money. A lot of people also suggested to not get a diaper pail at all, and just take the stinky diapers outside to the trash immeditely afterwards. Fair enough, for most people.

But I'm not most people. I rarely clean the cat's litter box (John does daily, thankfully) and when I do, I drop the grocery bag full of poop right outside of the sliding glass door instead of walking out of our fenced in yard to put it in the trash can. So I knew that there was no way I'd be walking 6 poopy diapers a day to the big trash can outside in the beginning. I had to have SOMEthing in Charley's room for diaper disposal.

And then John and I stumbled upon this pail at the baby superstore. We were sold on the fact that it didn't require special bags, and you could just use a regular trash bag in it. And now that we've been using it for four months, I can also vouch for the smelliness of it. Which, is very little to none. The top part of it flips around so you never really open it up, and occasionally a stinch will escape when adding a new diaper to the pail, but it's really rare. It's easy to use, works great, and my laziness is super glad we found it.


In my 3 months of experience, these were the only socks that consistently stayed on my baby's feet. They aren't cheap, but are on BabySteals.com pretty often which is where I got the 3 pairs that I have. I suppose they are more expensive because they are organic, which you know I couldn't care less about, but these socks stay in regular rotation in my house while most of all of the other socks Charley owns stay in the dresser.


And that's really about it for the 0-3 month age range, I think. We do have a bouncer and a swing too, and Charley didn't mind either of these, but didn't love them either so I left them off of my list. So far there isn't anything I absolutely hate, besides a few brands of bottles, but that's different for every child so I left that off of my list too.

I started writing this on November 18th and here it is January 3rd and I'm just finishing it up. In the last month, Charley has really started playing and using much more of her stuff, so the 3-6 month version of this list should be much more exciting!

Any suggestions for 3-6 month stuff that I just HAVE to have? Any comments on the stuff I liked for 0-3 months? Happy baby shopping!


MillerMama said...

I MUST get those socks! I have decided I could get rich if I invented baby socks that stay on flailing little baby feet.

Also, I am terrible at cleaning out the litter box. And I stick it by our back door instead of outside as well :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

Elephant twins! If you tell me I'm not the only one to get that for Charley, I will cover my ears and say "LALALALALALA".

Our swing and our Arm's reach cosleeper would be on my 0-3 list, as would the Itzbeen if we were talking about my first kid. I am STILL swaddling Lucy thanks to the Miracle Blanket (she scoffs at the Swaddle Me). She is SO CLOSE to rolling though, I probably need to give it up.

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 3-6...I am a fan of the jumparoo and the bumbo (it's not just for sitting, we did all of our cereal feedings in it too!). Tons of bibs, as the drooling starts in earnest after 3 months. Is she still rejecting a pacifier? I think the wubbanub is going to be a new friend now that Lucy is putting her own binky back in her mouth.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Oh and our diaper genie worked well until we were a 2 kid family. Possibly due to the extra diapers, or the fact that we have NEVER ONCE cleaned it. YUMMY!

Heather said...

Love the list! I would completely agree with the Summer Infant Swaddle Me blankets as well as the Halo fleece one which we used when it got colder.

We also have the City Mini but I never thought about reclining it all the way back for Tory. Such a good idea! i thought we were doomed until she was out of her car seat (which, as you know, she hates like Charley).

We also have the Diaper Genie and I like it ... but I wonder if it's because she is small enough her diapers aren't that rank yet. I do hate that the bags are so expensive so perhaps your version would be better. Good tips :)

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I have none of these :( We just use a white noise app on our iPods for the sound although I think one of the sleep animals may be a better option.

I also like my diaper genie. We haven't had a problem with smell yet- but then again he's only drinking milk still. The need to make sure we don't run out of bags is annoying but I never buy them without a coupon of some sort so I guess it's give and take.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

That photo of Charley with her cousins is PRICELESS! So cute!

Shannon said...

I completely agree with the swaddle me blankets! Did Charley just decided she had enough of being swaddled one day? I'm still waiting on that day to happen because my little guy is out growing the small swaddlers and I'm a cheapo who doesn't want to waste money on the bigger ones if he will soon decide he hates them :/

Shell said...

I will go ahead & vote for the WubbaNub. Parker loves his. I'll admit I wasn't a fan before we owned one, in fact I thought they looked dopey hanging out of a baby's mouth, now I wouldn't trade it. You can swaddle them in place, they're so much easier to locate when looking around the room for paci, and now that he's big enough he can hold it himself.

I also love my Balboa Baby nursing cover. It's cute, more importantly it covers enough for me to be confident nursing anywhere.

Shell said...

For 3-6 months, a toy I love is the Skip Hop Activity Dog. It's got a little bit of everything without being overwhelming. They even have an owl for Charley!