Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walls & Windows & Doors

Last time I updated you on the house was about 3 weeks ago and at that point the roof had just been added, and I shared this lovely picture with you:


We've come a bit further than that now in which we now have walls and windows and doors (and daylight) in addition to the roof, but the whole process is still just putt-putting along. I am thinking that by the time we get into this house, it will have nearly been a year since the whole process started. Crazy, right? But we don't plan to ever move again so we're trying to be patient. And plus, we're really kind of liking living with my parents (at least John acts like he is too) and I think we'll all be lonely when we are in our respective houses afterwards. Good thing we are only moving 700 feet away.

Anyways, since I've done a really poor job of keeping you updated as this moves along, I figured we'd do a picture story to sort of catch you up.

October 8, 2012

October 19, 2012

November 3, 2012

November 18, 2012

December 4, 2012 - That would be a concrete pumping truck pouring the far corners of the basement floor.

December 8, 2012 - Ooh! We have walls!

December 11, 2012 - Checking out the basement. Giant front room:
And back room which will be a home gym and eventually a theater room:

And the front of the house that same day:

December 16, 2012 - Looking like a house!

It's c-c-c-c-cooold down here, Mama.



December 21, 2012

January 5, 2012

They have run the outlets and all, and done the plumbing now too. I think next is waterproofing and backfill so we will no longer have a moat around our house, and I have no idea after that. I know they still need to pour the concrete for the porch, and the inside could use some real walls. The latest estimate is MARCH. MARCH! Why so slowwww?

I don't know what other updates to share, because really, is someone else's house building process really that interesting? I think probably not. But I wanted to document it for myself. My parents said they regret not taking many pictures when they built their house. But I think they are being too hard on themselves. When the 6 pictures you take are this high in quality, you don't need to take hundreds of pictures to document the process.



The Beane's said...

It's beautiful! It is exciting watching your house being built! March really isn't that far away :)

Jess said...

Ooh, you're getting close! The house is beautiful! And the fact that plumbing and electrical stuff is already in means you only have HVAC and insulation to go until you get drywall, and it's amazing what a difference having drywall up can make. Can't wait for the next update. PS--Charley is SO adorable! :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

YAY! And I love your hair, your coat, and Charlie's hat!

Heather said...

Yay! It's starting to look like the house drawings and that's really exciting :) March will be here before you know it!

Diana said...

I counted two references to cement...you might want to talk to your building about that. ;)

I like seeing the progression, and I would definitely document it! From an outsider looking in, it seems like the building is going quickly!

Lacey said...

I don't know what you are talking about, Diana! ;)

Missy said...

Wow yall's house is really coming along!
It looks great!

Diana said...

I must have misread...

maggie said...

Lacey I think it's SO interesting! Although it helps that I got to see several months worth of progress all together, right?! :) That's so exciting! And it looks beautiful!

Haley said...

Lacey the house is looking awesome! I know you have to be excited! When are you expected to settle on it? I can't wait to see new pictures and see it once you move in and decorate! They just poured the footers to our house so I hope it flies :)