Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snippy II

Snippy part one was about me being snippy.

Part two is about me needing some snippy and I was thinking you could help. Well, hoping you could help. I've gone too long in between appointments trying to figure out what I wanted to do on my own. And clearly I've gotten nowhere.

Yes, this snippy is about hair.

So my hair has pretty much been the same for the last, oh, 8 years. Some variations in length and bangs, but the same basic concept. One time (#8) I got real adventurous and did all one length (well, except for some long layering) instead. Oooh, really brave of me, right? Or one time when I was cheating on my tried and true hair lady, I told my temporary hair person that I wanted my bangs trimmed as she had done for me for the last couple of appointments and without asking any questions, gave me straight across bangs instead of swoopy side bangs (#9). It wasn't horrible, but I don't think it was great, either.


The last time I got my hair cut was #3 and that was in July. Right now my hair is medium length, my bangs are just long enough to tuck behind my ear and give the illusion of no bangs, and I'm in need of something new and fresh. But what?

I have thought a lot about going short. Not like super short, but maybe something like this:


My hair is naturally pretty wavy like how it is in #4 above so I think I could do this, but then I fear that the days that I don't have time to style it this way that I'll have a giant mushroom hair because my hair is so thick and it dries very puffy. Does that make any sense at all? Like it continues to puff out, out, out as it dries naturally. And then it'd be too short to put in a ponytail for the day so I'd be forced to either fix my hair every single day (OMG) or go out with mushroom hair. 

I am awful about picking hairstyles out on the internet or on Pinterest. In fact, I have unfollowed every single hair Pinterest board that any of my friends create. I don't like looking at pictures of hair or hairstyles because it's really hard for me to see how that hair would transition to my face, you know? So I avoid hair inspiration pictures at all costs.

So, I need you to save the hair day. Leave me links, comments, tips, etc. I don't care if they are like "Please NEVER wear your hair like it is in #8 again." I just need some help. Also, I don't dye my hair just so you know. I can't justify the cost to keep up with it when I like my hair color just fine. Just keep that in mind when you are giving suggestions.

And for those of you that don't feel like you know me well enough to give me constructive hair criticism (which is just silly, I'm ASKING for it!) (even though I know I'd be ascared to do that on some people's blogs too) here's a survey you can answer anonymously.

So please! Help! And keep in mind I am meeting 59 strangers next week so if you suggest I do a Britney Spears shave job and everyone agrees and then I go and do that and get laughed out of New Orleans, I may cry. And no one wants that, right?

Monday, October 29, 2012



Hi, I'm Lacey, and sometimes I get snippy for no good reason.

I don't exactly like this fact about myself, nor do I know how to change it. When you get snippy it happens in an instant and there is no time to reevaluate snippiness before that instant to try and change my course of snippy action. Instead, I end up analyzing my behavior afterwards and I dwell on it for months. WHY did I snip at the poor security guard/salesperson/girl scouts selling cookies? (pssst...made up that last one. No snipping at the sweet seller of Tagalongs, ever.)

But now, my snippiness has me breaking the law every single weekday. I don't want to go to jail over my snips!

A couple weeks ago I was leaving work and walking to my car. On my way to the car I pass an entrance to a parking garage which is for deliveries and such. There are security guards that guard (imagine that!) the entrance as they have to secure (guarding and securing!?) each vehicle that comes through the entrance to make sure it's not carrying explosives or whatever. Since the entrance crosses over the sidewalk there is one of those giant convex mirror things so the truck drivers can see any possible sidewalking pedestrians, and so pedestrians can make sure not to walk out in front of a giant truck.

This particular day, I was walking and playing on my phone simultaneously. I was watching where I was going though and even glanced up at the mirror and saw the truck heading out of the garage. I also saw the security guard holding her hand up to stop the truck until I walked past so I continued walking instead of stopping. But, she decided to say something to me like "watch where you are going" or something and I snipped. I snipped back "I AM! I CAN SEE THE MIRROR!" and pointed to the mirror. She resnipped "well I didn't know since you were texting or whatever." I WAS NOT TEXTING. I was probably playing a word on Words With Friends, and I clearly saw that she had stopped the truck from running over me and my phone. And then I'm sure I mumbled something like "Gahhhhh. Uhhh. I can freaking SEE" as I walked off.

It took me all of two seconds to be like why in the world did I just say all that? Why couldn't I just have been like, oh, thanks and moved on? I walk past this lady every single day and hello, awkward! She's going to start telling her coworkers each day "oh that's the snippy girl" when I see her.

So instead of walking past her each day, I've decided to jaywalk to the other side of the street to distance myself from her just a little bit more. I mean the street is at least four lanes wide, and who knows...she could be really nearsighted or something and can't see me all the way across the street. It makes me feel better that we aren't within eye contact distance anyways.

But jaywalking is illegal! Am I really going to keep this illegal activity up forever to avoid a product of my snippiness?

I think today I'll look for a new route to walk to my car that doesn't involve jaywalking. Anything to avoid the real problem at hand.

Can any other fellow snippy people commiserate with me?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho: Part II

Part I

I've left you on the edge of your seats for 5 months now while you waited for Part II. I'm sure by now your legs are asleep and you have a weird cramp in your bum from only using a small sliver of booty to sit in your chair. Please, sit back. Here is part 2, and it's pretty good.

So I've got 3 jobs under my belt now and I am just now a senior in high school. Which means I am starting to get a cramp in my hand from filling out all that information on those pesky job applications. But I like working (except not on major holidays which is why I quit the previous job) and having money so I'm out to try and find something new. Just as I had done with my first 3 jobs, I relied on a new friend to get me my next job. I got hired, and started there just in time for the holiday retail season. I was an official Kids 'R Us employee and I really wasn't too fond of kids at all. It was a perfect match for me!

I liked my coworkers and liked that there was a McDonald's next door. (I ordered that #7 Crispy Chicken Sandwich [plain] so many darn times from that McDonald's. And then McDonald's had to go and change their menu and who knows what a #7 is these days, and they definitely don't have the same plain chicken sandwich. Curses!) I don't remember much about the actual job, honestly. I know we got paid on Friday's and sometimes my friend and I would ditch out of school a class or two early to go get our paychecks and go to the mall. I know there was a coworker there that went to the beach for vacation and while hanging out on the beach late one night, was passed by a masked man that had just committed a murder and had to go back to the beach town later to be a witness. (It's crazy what stuff I remember.) I also remember another coworker telling me my hair looked best when in a pony tail, and I still think of that to this day some mornings when I'm getting flustered trying to fix my hair and I pony tail it up.

And then, there's this little story I remember about actually working there, and it coincides with my confession about this job.

Confession: So I mentioned that I started working here during the holiday season, right? So, I was a new girl and was learning the registers just so I could be a back-up cashier should they need me. Well, of course they needed me - it was the holidays after all! So I get called up to the register and a family comes up with a HUGE pile of clothes they were purchasing. No biggie. I can scan, de-hanger, toss in a bag with the best of them. But then, dun dun dun. A COUPON. And I'm sure I'd accepted coupons before, but this one was extra tricky. It was making my register beep and clang and make all sorts of WRONG noises. In an effort not to alert my manager (who was busy with someone else) from the racket my register was making, I just started hitting buttons acting like I knew what I was doing. Eventually, it went through. And maybe it went through a couple times because when I got to the "Your total today is" portion of this transaction, I KNEW the total was way less than it should have been. And I'm sure the patient family knew too. But they didn't say anything and neither did I. I stuffed their receipt as far down in their bag as I could get it and prayed they got out of the store before someone checked their receipt (no idea why that would have happened anyways). They made it out safely, and I never told a soul about the disaster of a transaction I rung up. I just hope that this family still tells the story of the year they were broke and were going to go into overdraft just to clothe their children and then a Christmas miracle happened and the new girl at Kids R Us saved the day. And ever since that day their financial struggles turned around and they lived happily ever after. It totally could have happened, I'm sure of it.

I'm not sure why I quit this job. I think I got mad at the manager or something and never went back? Regardless, I was on to the next job. This time on the job hunt with a different friend. And lucky for us, we were interviewed and hired together. We were the newest employees of The Great American Cookie Company.

I've talked about this job before because I loved it so so much. There are SO many stories I could tell you about this job. Like how each morning when baking the cookies for the day I'd make myself a special cookie(s) - a peanut butter cookie topped with the cinnamon/sugar topping we used on the snickerdoodles. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Or sometimes I'd make a chocolate chip cookie for myself but I'd get rid of all of the chips first. Or lots of other concoctions that I came up with over my couple of years here.

scan0001 (2)
Yes, those glasses are gigantic and I cannot remember why I was wearing them. They weren't mine if that helps my case at all.)
 Lots of things happened here. One manager got fired for sexual harassment (he didn't harass me!). Another coworker was fired for stealing a Powerade (because the register was coming up exactly $40 short every time he worked and no one could prove it was him so they had to find another reason and fast!), another manager was fired for taking two cookie cakes for himself (another had-to-find-a-reason issue - he had all sorts of problems and winded up in prison not too long afterwards) and several other coworkers became great friends. I only left this job begrudgingly because it was a corporate store that was then sold to a franchisee, and I didn't want to work for the new franchise owner because I was mad. Basically. Don't come into my perfect cookie world trying to change things up. I'M LEAVING. & that was that. Sad.

LOVED decorating the cookie cakes. What I wouldn't give for a giant bucket of icing right now.

CONFESSION: I ate way too many cookies at this job. And then, when it was time to throw out the cookies at the end of the day, I took entirely too many "old" cookies home and ate them too. & I think I wore size 5 jeans and was skinny and never had to worry about it at all. On second thought, maybe I'm glad I quit when I did, as I think I left my high metabolism there on the counter. I wonder if it's still there; I'd love to go back and retrieve it. It may help with the 6 cookies (not Great American cookies, sadly) that I had as my "side" for dinner last night. A piece of grilled chicken and cookies. Sounds delish right?

After that job, I started working in a toy store in the same mall. Again, I got this job because of a friend I made while working at the cookie store. He worked at a different mall store that ended up closing and he got the job at the toy store, and then hired me. Apparently I'm afraid to get a job without someone I know there.

Worked here for the next couple of years while I was in college. Learned a lot about toys (Thomas the Train, Beanie Babies, Lee Middleton Dolls, Calico Critters, etc.) and ended up maybe getting fired from this job. It wasn't really clear. Same friend that got me the job basically wrote me off the schedule and on one day I was scheduled to work by myself, I showed up for my shift and another coworker was there and said that he'd been called in to work. We called "friend", confused, and he basically said coworker was supposed to work and for me to go home. That was my last day there and I've been confused on what happened ever since. "Friend" and I hadn't really been getting along so much anymore anyways, so I cut my losses and moved on. It had gotten awkward with him, and I obviously had no problem jumping from job to job. This was my 5th job in 5 years, after all.

CONFESSION: I still didn't like kids. No idea why I chose to work at a toy store.

Also, this is getting boring for me now, so instead of dragging this out to a third edition, let me finish this real quick.

After the mysterious toy store "firing", I worked at Dillard's in the same mall for a bit.

Then right before I graduated college, I got a job in a call center at Wachovia to sort of get my foot in the door there.

Once I graduated, I got transferred within Wachovia to my first real job as a Database Analyst or some ridic title. I hated that job more than I've ever hated a job, EVER. So awful. Stayed there almost two years, and that "experience" got me my current job as a Financial Analyst, and then Senior Financial Analyst. I've been here five years. Or, I've been THERE five years. Saying HERE implies that I'm currently at work and blogging, and that's a ludicrous idea that I'd be doing anything besides work at work. Ludicrous, I tell you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day In The Life: Working Mama

I promised this post to you nearly a year ago. I may be late, but I'm not breaking promises. This is a typical day for me.

(And for comparison purposes, this was a typical day pre-Charley, and this was a typical day while I was on  maternity leave - which I just reread & holy sleeping baby! It's crazy how you forget.)

Alarm goes off for the first time at 6:05 a.m. I hit snooze as fast as I can because Charley's bedroom is across the hall and we've been keeping her door open at nights since it gets cold in there otherwise. So, I am quick to slap the snooze button and I drift back off to dreamland.

6:14 a.m. Alarm. Snooze.

6:23 a.m. Alarm. Snooze.

6:32 a.m. Okay okay. I'll get up. (Some days I go one snooze further)

photo 1.JPG

John and I usually get up at about the same time. We both make our way to the bathroom and begin to get ready. The "goal" is to get both of us ready before we go to get Charley up at 6:45 a.m., so we can focus on her until it's time to leave. Obviously, I realize that that is a lofty goal since we only got up 13 minutes prior to this, but it's what I strive for, and why the first alarm goes off at 6:05 a.m.

I rarely shower in the mornings, so my goal is to either minimize the mess that occurred from sleeping on wet hair at night, or touch up yesterday's hair with a flat iron and/or baby powder. I wash my hair only a few times a week.

I get dressed, and then make my way to Charley's room where she's always peacefully snoozing. I always feel so bad having to wake her up, so I do it slowly and only turn on a lamp instead of the overhead light once she's awake.

I change her, dress her...

photo 3.JPG

...and make our way downstairs where John is already preparing his breakfast. A lot of the time he makes Charley's breakfast too so it has a minute or two to cool off before we get down there. She goes straight into the high chair, and I grab her milk out of the fridge.

photo 4.JPG

Bib her. Feed her. Clean her. Pick her up. Kiss her. Tell her bye. She blows kisses:

photo 1.JPG

John and Charley leave, and I run around trying to grab my breakfast/lunch/any last minute things I need for me. I SHOULD leave at the same time as them, but I rarely do. Therefore I am rarely on time. Oops.

Start the drive to work. I go through 35 stoplights on the way to work, so that's 35 chances for me to put on my make-up.

Park, and start my walk into work.

photo 2.JPG 

For the next 8 hours:

photo 3.JPG

During which I have a SlimFast for breakfast (no, I don't follow the diet but I like a quick, filling breakfast I can grab on the go, and I've been drinking these for breakfast for years), have lunch which is normally  leftovers, and do my work.

Until finally, it's time to leave and go get my shuggie pop. I get so excited to go get her every day. But, it's a pretty long drive so I have to contain my excitement for at least 45 more minutes while I make the drive.

Ding dong. Ring the doorbell. Sister comes to the door - sometimes with Charley in her arms - and I get some hugs and she gets lots of kisses. Usually chat with my sister for a few minutes, and we're back in the car for a 20-30 minute drive home. If John gets off on time, he usually will get home just a few minutes later than us and one of us is instantly on dinner duty since we try to eat by 6:00.

So one of us cooks, one of us plays with Charley. Or, if John isn't home yet, I cook and I let Charley rummage through one of the cabinets and pull out all of her old bottles and things. It entertains her, I get to still be with her in the same room, and I get dinner made. A win/win/win.

We eat, and then on some nights it's bath time. Tonight happened to be one of those nights, much to Charley's delight.

photo 3.JPGphoto 4.JPG

After her bath, I put her jammies on her and John and I like to play with her in her room until it's time for bed. She has been going to bed a bit later lately (which I really like since I get more time with her) so we get to play until 7:45 or 8.

photo 2.JPGphoto 1.JPGphoto 4.JPG

When the eye rubbing starts, I get her cup of milk and we sit in the glider together while she has a little bit before bed.

After that, I brush her teeth, then lay her down. Nighty night, sweet baby.

Yes, this picture was from another day. I didn't want to risk waking her up from the flash so I'm using this day's picture instead.

From now until my bedtime, I either a) watch a show (tonight was Survivor!), b) make bird mobiles (had to do this tonight too, so did it while I was watching Survivor) or c) play on the computer or iPad. John is usually doing the same, although he likes to be an over achiever and adds in an at-home workout right after Charley goes to bed. One day I'll be able to steal/borrow some of his willpower.

Throw in some kitchen cleaning, laundry doing, next day lunch-preparing, toy picking-upping, and an occasional grocery store or CVS run here too.

And then, a little bit later we head upstairs to get ready to go to bed. Showers. Brush teeth. Pick out and iron my clothes for the next day (very rarely happens). Set the alarm clock. Peek in at Charley and cover her back up. Crawl in bed and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Ahh, the life of a working Mama.

Stuff We Like: 12 Month Edition

[Stuff We Liked 6-9 MonthsStuff We Liked 3-6 MonthsStuff We Liked 0-3 Months]

There are lots of changes from the last edition of Stuff We Like. Which means lots of dolla dolla bills spent on all new stuff. I'm done buying things for Charley until kindergarten. Hope she likes this stuff for the next few years!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
I took the advice from Amanda at modgblog.com (you don't read that? You should!) and got this as one of Charley's first toys because her son apparently loved it from a young age. Charley got this from Santa Claus as I requested in her letter to Santa last year, and 10 months later she finally loves it. Loves it so much that it is our weapon of choice in coercing her cute little zombie steps.

Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup

I was told to try and skip the regular sippy, and to go with the straw cup instead. I listened (for the most part, Charley still has some regular sippy cups sometimes) and tried to find the best straw cup of all, because the first few we tried were awful and leaked everywhere. (This one would start leaking as it was sitting there with no one touching it - milk just erupting out of the straw, and this one did the same, but not as bad.)

So anyways, I went on Amazon and read reviews for all of the cups I could find, and decided to order a couple to start my quest to find the best cup ever. The Zo-li bot came two days later (thanks Amazon Prime!) and it was love at first sight. We've since ordered two more of those. The other cup I ordered has been backordered for over a month now so I'll let you know how it is when I finally get it.


 Fullscreen capture 1042012 123151 PM.bmp

I have no idea how this wasn't included on the 3-6 and 6-9 month lists. This is a must. Every nap, sleep, & drowsy moment is shared with this little blankie. So much so that I now own 3 of these just to be sure that one is on hand shall a spontaneous nap decide to occur. Also, since her preferred method of soothing herself to sleep with this is by sucking on one of the four corners, it gets stinky rather quickly, so we have to have a backup in case one gets stuck in the laundry for too long. 


Step 2 Wagon for Two (But mine is red!)

This was a birthday gift from my sisters and their families, and we have gotten so much use out of it. Charley climbs in it almost every day (it's by our front door since we don't really have a place for it in this house) and sits down and stares at you until you buckle her and take her on a walk. She absolutely loves it. I don't know why a wagon ride is so much better than a stroller ride, but it is. And, when we are back inside, her favorite thing to do is to climb in and out of it through that little wagon door. In and out. And in and out. But hey, whatever makes her happy.


Regalo Walk-Thru Gate

I had to have a gate at the top of the stairs fairly early and this was the one we went with. I have no complaints about it at all and for the price you can't beat it. I know it's at least twice the price to get something similar at Target or Babies R Us. This one can be pressure mounted or screwed into the wall/banister. For the bottom of the stairs I got this one at a yard sale ($3!) that we either have to step over or take down/put back up constantly which is annoying, but I didn't want to buy another walk through gate when we won't have a use for it in a couple of months.


We got one duplicate gift for Charley's birthday, so we went to the store as a family to exchange it and pick out a different toy for Charley. Holy overwhelmingness. We struggled to pick something. We wanted it to be something she would love and use for a while, but not something gigantic for the sake of our poor living room's space, and something with music would be a plus because she really loves stuff that plays music, much to our dismay. This was what we finally decided on. We did good! She loves it! Although normally only about 2 of the 6 balls are available at any time as they've rolled underneath furniture, etc. 

Favorite books at the moment: 


Also, Heads,
Alphabet, all 3 by Matthew Van Fleet

It never fails that as soon as I hit "publish", I will come up with more things I wished I'd included on this list. So if you are looking for suggestions for something in particular, ask me and I'll come back and add my opinion. Hopefully you value my opinion as much as I do. [Winky wink]