Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Katie, there's nothing funny.

Katie insisted I blog today. Mainly cause I was whining to her about being bored and wanting to go home early. She suggested I blog, says she appreciates a daily post. Well Katie, ya know what? I prefer to blog about something that I did, or something funny that happened. I've done nothing, and nothing funny has happened, okay?

I mean, sure the bathroom smells like there may be a natural gas leak somewhere, or maybe the same person has had some bathroom issues for the last 3 days, but regardless, this is not a large enough issue, or a funny enough issue, for a blog post to itself.

Yeah, that gangsta looking dude behind me in McDonalds was all up in my personal space, but I only would've blogged about that if I would've gotten a "secret" camera phone picture. And if I would've taken a picture, I might've gotten a beat down. Do you really wish that upon me?

Then there was the crazy chatty lady that decided today, on "Wear your Panther's gear and jeans to work" day, that braided pigtails completed her outfit of jeans and a jersey. And yes she is about 40 years old. Funny to us, sure, hilarious even. We got lots of laughs about it, but what about my readers?? I would take a picture for them, but I'm pretty sure my camera phone makes the "take picture" noise. Which is kind of a dead giveaway. But you described her best like this: And then, what have I done today?

Well, I figured out how to hook up our headphones to our computers today. Finally we can have some audio when we watch videos. That is great news for us, but does nothing for my loyal readers. They are not impressed. They might laugh a little when I tell them how my headphones are just barely long enough to reach my ears from the computer underneath my desk, and when I move too quickly to the left, I get a nice little head jolt. Sorta funny, no?

We ate super fattening double cheeseburgers while someone interviewed a personal trainer at the table beside us at lunch today. Sure, we were begging for him not to see us and use us as an example as we stuffed our faces with McDonalds' greasy burger goodness.

And I told you about how yesterday some super giant huge woman sat next to me on the bus, took allll of her seat and a good chunk of mine, and I was all smooshed up against the window. Then, after we had a little silent elbow fight over arm space, she got up and moved. I am always victorious!

So see Katie, there has been absolutely nothing funny at all for me to blog about.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, I'm taking the bus home today. Reading my book. Finish a chapter and realize I'm almost home, no need to start a new chapter, so I put the book away and just look out of the window to people watch in traffic. First I saw a man with a gut so big I am not sure he was able to turn the wheel without giving himself quite the rash. I felt sorry for him. Then, I swear to you I saw a pink dog. Some lady with longgggg pink fingernails about was sitting in the passenger seat of a Mustang holding a dog. And it was pink.

But then, I convinced myself that it was just the tint of the window on a white dog. No way would anyone dye their poor doggy pink. And the car had passed us and I figured I would never see them again. But then, the light turned red and we were right next to them again. So I looked again, and yes, pup was pink.

Poor puppy. I just googled 'dye dog pink' and found this. Must be more common than I thought. How cruel! And you thought Tuna's hair cut was cruel!

Celebrity Gossip Obsession

I'm a big Perez Hilton fan. Along with this, this, this, this (gotta check that Wheel of Fortune Spin I.D. DAILY!), this, this, this, and finally this, it is one of my daily website reads. (You know you have that many daily websites you visit too!) Perez is way better than TMZ, and I don't like looking at OK or US Weekly because there is too much other junk on their websites to sort through. Perez gives me just what I wanna know and a single picture to sum it up. Not 60 gazillion pictures of the exact. same. thing TMZ!! (Poor poor Amy) So I thought I'd give you my opinion of the latest stories that interest me. Who knows, maybe I can be the next celebrity blogger. Only, there usually aren't that many celebrities hanging out in Charlotte. I know once Mel Gibson was in the Y downtown while I was at work. And Jack Black and Cameron Diaz filmed Shallow Hal here several years ago. But that's not exactly enough sightings to put me on the same level as Perez. Almost, but not quite. Anywho...

Girls Next Door
I'm a fan of this show and all, but I agree girls...time to move on. You got what you needed from Hef. Everyone knows your names now, well except for that one girl...Bridget. I can never remember her name, or anything about her, except she talks like a baby. VERY annoying. Maybe she can get a part on the next Look Who's Talking Now. Holly has been seen with Chris Angel...not sure what she's thinking, and Kendra has been seen with some football player, very fitting.

I've never been able to pick a favorite. Bridget - no, for reasons I've already stated. Holly - no, because she seriously thinks that a man of Hef's age can give her a wedding and a baby!! Dummy! And Kendra - no, she's funny, but pretty stupid most of the time. But I like the three of them together! Give these girls a spin off show and lose the old guy!

Lindsay ♥ Sam

So it's official. Lindsay and Sam are a couple. Not like we all didn't know it months ago, but they finally admit it. Did I really just include this as one of my posts in the inaugural Lacey Hilton Celebrity Gossip column? I am wasting my time. Next.

I love me some Spice Girls. Posh always was my favorite. One time when I was younger we dressed up like the Spice Girls and I was posh. Only my outfit wasn't so posh. I'm pretty sure it was an over sized t-shirt I wore as a dress. ***EDIT - Just remembered, it wasn't a t-shirt, but an oversized wife-beater. Classssyyy.*** Besides the point. I know Halloween is right around the corner, but it's still a little soon to be wearing orange and black. But anyways, she still looks "Hawt". Thanks Perez. And if you are unfamiliar, Perez adds the comments/drawings in white. See he and I are just alike, both adding our own special touches to pictures using paintbrush.

The Hills
I'm trying really hard to still like The Hills. Am I the only one who hears all of the voice-overs every episode? Clearly you can hear that certain lines were recorded and edited in to where they needed them. Makes me think that instead of saying "We'll never be friends" Audrina actually said "Do you want burgers for dinner" and that's what Lo nods her head about. Really bugs me.

And what's with the random things they are carrying in this picture while Audrina moves out...Audrina has a pinata, bathroom trash can and a hook thingy of some sort, Lauren has a blanket and Lo a box. Did they just randomly grab some things for this scene?? Cause you know making this much an episode that she hired movers. But I'll keep watching. Mainly because on Tuesdays at work we like to discuss the episode from the night before, and I'd hate to be left out!

So that's what I've got this week. Maybe we'll make this a weekly feature, but I'm not making any promises because Thankful Thursday tanked pretty quickly. But I'll see what I can do. And maybe I'll hire my own personal paparazzi to take pictures for me so I don't have to steal Perez's. I'll see what I can do. Until next time...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 58th Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I hope you know how much we all appreciate everything you do for us.

You give a whole new meaning to being 58. You look and act like you could be 38. I can only hope that I have that kind of energy when I'm 58.

You always make sure we all are taken care of, so much so that I have to remind myself that John can do things for me too because I always think of you first! (Don't tell John!) :)

You have such a positive attitude about everything. Even with the personal things you've been through in the past, you were always the one telling us everything would be okay when we should've been the ones telling that to you. I strive to be like that too.

Even though I don't say it enough, I hope you know how much I love you!

***Added a few more that I had on my home computer...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is here!!

I don't care that it is currently 86 degrees outside. Or that fall doesn't officially start until next Monday. All I know is, it is officially fall in my house! I've been wanting to put these few fall decorations out for weeks now. So I finally gave in yesterday. With the colors scheme of our downstairs, fall decorations are so pretty so I need more more MORE!! I did at least keep the ones that were clearly Halloween in the box...but I doubt I'll make it to October before I put those out!

Sorry to everyone that is still holding onto the last weeks of summer, those of you still going to the pool, still clinging to your summer wardrobe of tanks and shorts. SUMMER IS OVAH! Okay, I'll admit, I did try to give up on shorts and I wore jeans a couple weekends ago, only to sweat my @$$ off and I converted back to shorts. But I assure you, my bathing suit drawer is locked and I won't find the key again until mid-May.

Happy Fall! Go to a corn maze, a festival of some sort, (I recommend this one), drink some beer at an Oktoberfest, just do something fall-y! It really is my most fave time of year!

Autumn (Fall) MySpace Graphics

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Cathrin!

So remember the whole post saying we were taking a limo to Whisky River? Welll, the limo part fell through. But we did go to Whisky River. And I think that our mode of transportation was way cooler than a limo:
Supa sweet right?

So Saturday night, we all gathered at Drew's house to do some pre-gaming before the journey uptown for Cathrin's bday. Our clan consisted of me, Drew, Cathrin (yes her name is spelt that way, those Germans do everything weird), Matt, Zack, Roger, Nikki, Ilsa and 2 of Cathrin's German friends that flew in, Melanie and Christina. I actually can't remember if Christina was really her name, so if it was something totally different like Nancy, sorry! Emily and Julie met us at Whisky River. They claim that they had another friend's social gathering to attend to before Cathrin's, but I know that they just didn't want to ride in the van. They think they're too good for some van action I guess! John was lame and didn't join us.

I wasn't going to blog about this night yet because I looked through the 30 something pictures I took, and there weren't any good ones of me. Cathrin's camera must have all the good ones of me, I'm sure of it! But she's being a total slacker (that and I think she might be in the Bahamas right now) and not sending them to me quickly enough. So for now, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

The Germans: Melanie, Christina/Nancy, Cathrin, Ilsa Julie, myself, Emily. WHY oh why do I have some obsession about making sure my head touches someone elses when my picture's being tooked? Gotta work on that. Sorry for not giving you any head touch love Emily!

Julie, Matt, Emily, Drew, me.
Zack. Head touch syndrome:
Melanie. It really was that hot in there. I think this one was her fault for the head touchiness
Cathrin and some Zack in the background. Head touching.

It was Emily's bday too, so Happy Birthday Emily! I bought her a birthday hotdog when we left da clubbb.

And Zack's bday is this weekend, but, going out 2 weeks in a row is too much for me in my old age, so Happy Birthday Zack!

We hitched a ride home in a van, but not a supa sweet van like the one up there, it was just a boring taxi van. And ya know what? That dude tried to rip us off!! I totally called him out on it and made it a very awkward ride home. Sorry Matt, Drew and Zack! But I probably saved us at least $3 and don't you think that 30 minutes of awkwardness was worth it? Yeah you're welcome.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Junkyard Cat

Our kitty Tuna is the prettiest fluffiest kitty ever. That is, until we got sick of the shedding, and tired of getting mats out of him. We decided, he needed a new do. We got out the clippers and went to work. Tuna went from this beautiful fluffy kitty:

Yes, that is a cat, not just a ball of fur.

To this:

Don't laugh too hard, he might get his lil feelings hurt. The picture doesn't really showcase the choppiness of the haircut. Do you tell someone when they get a bad haircut, or is that adding insult to injury? Poor kitty.

In the Dark

I think I have super powers. But I was programmed backwards. I just need to find someone who can reprogram me the right way and I will be capable of anything. For example...

Last night, around 7:40, I was downstairs watching Wheel of Fortune. Every night, a viewer at home has a chance to win the same trip the player on wheel of fortune wins. They show the wheel watcher number which is your initials plus some number. So mine is LB*****, *'s being numbers. (I don't want anyone stealing my wheel watcher identity!) They show the winning number and it's LB*****! WHAT!?!?! I won a trip to London!? ("Of all places in the world, somewhere I've already been twice" I think to myself.) But really I don't have my number memorized I just know that it starts with an LB duh. And what are the chances there is another person in this country that not only has my same initials, but that also has a wheel watcher spin i.d. Slim to none I'm thinking. So I run upstairs, log onto the laptop because John is working out with this abs/back DVD that's playing on the desktop, log onto the website, and I'm crushed. It's not me. How could this be?! It's probably because I thought to myself "Of all places in the world, somewhere I've already been twice." I JINXED myself!!

So not 2 seconds later, the power goes out. John is mad that his workout was interrupted. I'm still getting over the fact that I was thisclose to winning a trip and didn't.

I don't know about you, but I rather like a power outage. At least for a little while. It forces you to be creative and do something different. So John and I look outside. Every house is dark so it must be the whole neighborhood. John says "Man I wanted to finish my workout" and I say "Don't worry, it will be back on in just a second!"

I'm secretly hoping that it won't be back on in a second. And since my magical power is backwards, I only say this because I know this is the only way to make it stay off for a while. It worked. We were in the dark until late last night. I don't know when it came back on, sometime after 10:00 when I fell asleep. All I know is, if I would've said "Yay I love it when the power goes out," it would've been one of those annoying power flashes where it only goes off long enough to make you have to reset all the clocks in the house and that's it. Those are no fun at all.

So, John went and got some Chinese for dinner. He came back and we played some Yahtzee over candlelight. So romantical. I lost every freaking time though.

When we got bored of that, we just sat in the dark, got the laser pointer out for the kitties to chase, and talked. It was all fun and games until it started to get hot. No A/C for a couple of hours really isn't all that fun anymore. So we went to sleep.

So in closing,

I really hope I don't find a bag of money, especially not one million dollars, lying in the street when I get off today.

I really hope it pours down rain right at 5:00, especially since I neglected to bring an umbrella.

I hope this week drags on even slower than it has been.

That should be good for now. I'll let you know how it works out for me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Classic Concentration



***For those of you Classic Concentrationly challenged (even though I didn't even make you match cards to solve the hidden puzzle underneath!), this says: Dear friends, Sorry for being antisocial this weekend. We still love you! See you Saturday in the limo on the way to Whisky River. Love, Lacey.