Saturday, August 30, 2008

Internet Thief

Happy Saturday! What a lovely day it is. I have never actually blogged from home, but due to today's circumstances, I felt it was a necessity. See, about 3 months ago, I was on John's desktop and all of a sudden the computer froze and after waiting a longgg time (approximately 2.39 minutes) for it to un-freeze, I simply took it upon myself to hit the ol' power button to restart. I know you aren't supposed to do that, but what was I supposed to do!? Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn't work or anything!!!

Unfortunately, the computer never came back on. It kept getting stuck at some error screen and would never start up.

Fortunately, John is pretty computer savvy and thought he could fix it.

Unfortunately, he couldn't. I was about to have a mid 20's breakdown because all 7000 of our pictures were on this computer!!!!!!!! Sure, most were online too, but that's not good enough!!!

Fortunately, John has an IT department at his job that got our pictures off, stored them on a new separate hard drive in case I ever screw up his computer again, and fixed our computer, FREE of charge!

Unfortunately, John gave me crap about this incident every time I touched finger on his keyboard!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the same thing happened to him last night. I'm not the only dummy anymore!! And this time I ain't skeerrrreeed, cause all or our music and pictures are stored safely on that other hard drive! :)

So anyways, (geez I really know how to drag out a 2 minute story, don't I) since the desktop is no worky, I am FORCED to steal internet for my laptop from some unknowing neighbor. So I feel like I have to do something productive with this thievery or it wasn't worth it in the first place. Alas, today's bloggery.

I don't have any one thing I need to share, so this will just be a mish mosh of thoughts.

A couple of weeks ago we went out to The Junction, and then to Roger and Nikki's after that. It was way fun. Here's a picture:

(John, Zack, Nikki, Brooke, me) Matt and Roger are not pictured. Sorry guys! Nevermind, I was just reading over this blog after I posted it and realized they are both in the background chattin' it up.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to downsize my closet. I'm getting rid of all of this:

I offered it to a couple of (smaller than me) friends first, and the lucky winner is Andrea! She is going to go through it and keep anything she might want first and then take the rest to her place of employment where they have a store for people that doesn't even charge for the clothes. This is even better than giving to goodwill because the people that shop there cannot even afford goodwill. Yay!

So Thursday night, John and I are sitting on the couch watching some football, when, he looks over at the carpeted stairs (the only carpet left that hasn't been replaced since we moved in) and says, "I want to pull that carpet up and make the stairs hardwoods." I say, sure whatever okay, thinking this is a distant project and I in turn tell him projects that are ahead of that one on MY list, and then before I have time to really convince him that my projects are better, he has ripped the carpet up on the first 5 stairs or so. This boy doesn't like to wait around!

So, he then proceeds to start removing tack strips and carpet padding and discovers stainable wood underneath! Wahoo! So, this weekend our project is to sand the overspray off the stainable steps, stain the step part, and paint the kickboard part white to match the other moldings.

We go to Lowe's to buy some supplies, and come home with a storm door too. That always happens to us...we always come out of Home Depot or Lowe's with something we totally did not intend to buy walking in. But oh well, the kitties love it!
When we got back from Lowe's, I was DIEING to talk to my Mom, I had some good gossip to tell her this day, so I went upstairs to chat while John unloaded the door and things. When I came downstairs about 30-40 minutes later, the door was done! I'm glad I was such a good helper on this one!

So last night we started working on the stairs again. We had to pull out about 50 gazillion staples and nails and then sand the paint off, use wood putty on the blemishes and then stain the stairs. This is what it's looking like so far:

I love it! Today we might do one more coat of stain, and then tonight put the first coat of poly on overnight because it takes a while for that to dry. Tomorrow, another coat or two of poly and then we get to paint the white moldings and kickboards....which I am most excited about because I am a finished-project type of person...I have a hard time really liking something and trusting that it will look good until I see the finished project.

Oh yeah, I forgot about this part. For the landing in between the stairs, where particle board was used, we will make that hardwoods like the downstairs. And the top step looks stupid with carpet like this so we should do the top landing in hardwoods too:

My main project after all of this is finished, is to clean. FUN! This is what everything downstairs is covered in....dust from the sanding:
Those would be kitty tracks through the dust. Meaning I will have to clean EVERYTHING because they love to get on the couch too. Fun fun! (If you click to enlarge the stairs pictures, you can see the footprints we have left because of the dust!)

The funniest part about doing the stairs is about our kitty Tuna. Tuna is pretty dumb to put it bluntly. Not the smartest kitty on the planet. The first night we were working on the stairs, John stained a "test stair" to see if the color was right, and when Tuna was making his way upstairs we yelled at him to not step on the step that was wet. Not that he understood what we said, but he did manage to jump over that one step and continue upstairs. Well now that they are all stained, he pretty much flies up the stairs, jumping up at least 3 at a time and only letting his paws touch for a brief second. He must think that they are all still wet! Ha! It's so funny to watch him!

Finally, I have two adorable nieces that started pre-school on Thursday and I would love to see how incredibly cute they were. However, my sister is neglecting to blog about it. I don't know what could be so much more important than blogging while she is AT THE BEACH. Some people. Geez.

I feel like I have adequately used my internet thievery now. Have a lovely Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lacey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TUESDay

I hate Tuesdays. Most people hate Mondays. But Tuesdays are the worst ever for me. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday.

Take today for example. My alarm normally goes off at 6ish. I normally snooze until 6:45ish. John's normally goes off at 7ish. For those of you confused already mine goes off FIRST. This morning, his goes off first and I awake in a state of confusion. Hmm, his is going off before mine, but that MUST be a mistake because it's still very dark outside. ***rubbed eyes, squinted to see the clock*** SHOOT! I forgot to set my alarm! I missed the "on time bus". But why is it so dark out?

***walked over to window, peeked out blinds*** SHOOOOTT! It's like a monsoon out there! I don't wanna stand out in that mess to wait on the bus! ***lay back down*** Okay, Okay, here's the plan. I will wait until the next bus comes at 7:30 because surely the rain will be over by then. Then, I may get to work late, but I get to work dry. Brilliant idea! So that gives me about 5 more minutes of time to sleep.

5 minutes later I re-wake up and realize it's still raining. raining hard. ugghhhh. I get dressed and look in the mirror. SHOOOOOOT! I went to bed with my hair wet the night before and usually I sleep on it in such a way that in the morning it has dried into perfect form. Last night must've been restless because my hair is a mess. For example:
Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but all of my hairs are pretending they are on the right side of my part. The left side hairs are just in denial and this is gonna take some major work. I think to myself "I should've just stayed up those 5 minutes."

I pony tail the long hairs, and try to work with the bangs. They don't wanna play today. They get bobby pinned in a somewhat poof. It's the best I can do. "Everyone's hair will be ugly today in this weather," I think trying to convince myself it's okay to walk outta the house like this.

Fast forward to 7:25. I need to drive to the front of the neighborhood pronto, and cross the street to get to the bus stop. It's still pouring. Yuckkk. I get my rain jacket and umbrella and brace for a miserable 5 minutes. I drive to the front, get out and start walking across the street. The first step I take is in a gigantic puddle and now my pants are soaked from the knee down. SHOOOOOOOT! ***cussing, covering my face (don't want anyone to recognize me in this misery)*** I get to the median, halfway between the 4 lane road, and it is a complete river of mud. Water is one thing, but mud is totally different. I say screw this, I've gotta come up with plan B because this is not working. I recross those first two lanes and manage to avoid bottomless puddle this time, go back to the car, drive back to my house, run back inside and regroup. And change pants...those other one's were drenched.

John's wondering what on Earth I'm doing. I don't really know either. In my mind, I think he'll just break down after seeing me in this misery and offer to drive me to work so that I don't melt in the rain. He doesn't see it that way. He's "got his own job to get to and responsibilities" blah blah blah. I thought about just driving to work, but $20 to park for the day doesn't sound like all that much fun. So, plan B ends up being the light rail. I'll drive to the station and stand underneath the covered part until the train comes. This is my driest option at this point. I'll be about half an hour late, but at this point, who cares?!

I call my work, make up something about accidents and traffic and such and make my way to the train. Well, there was LOTS of traffic so that part wasn't made up. I get to the station and catch the 8:07 train. Mind you, I am supposed to be at work at 8:00. There are no seats. Standing room only. SHOOT! So I find me a nice little spot to stand by the door. Not too bad, except when we get to a station, the doors open and the sideways rain is coming in on me. SHUT THE FREAKING DOOR ALREADY I want to scream. And I don't think the people around me would appreciate me opening my umbrella every time the doors open...but I did consider it. Especially when the roof starts to leak. Not everywhere, but just above me. Me and me alone. I am the sole person affected by this leaky roof. I just put my hood on. Should I just catch a train going the other way and go back home at this point?

I make it downtown. Walk the 4 blocks to work. Squeak my way to my desk. It's 8:40. Ahhh Tuesday.

P.S. If you think I'm just a whiny baby that can't take a little rain, this is what the newspaper has said about today:

A record has been set today for rainfall in Charlotte. As of 1 p.m., 4.08 inches had fallen at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. That easily shattered the record for Aug. 26, of 1.86 inches, set in 1891.

I'm telling you, it was a LOT of rain!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brand Snob

Working in uptown, I see lots of brand snobs...ladies that feel powerful carrying around the most expensive purse with the brand name splattered in about 50 different places on the purse. They WANT you to look at it and notice it, so I do all I can to look elsewhere. I'm a brat like that. I don't care if we're in a crowded elevator, the lady is 7'5, standing in front of me and her purse is hanging right in my face...I will NOT give her the satisfaction of looking at her purse. I will turn around and look at the back of the elevator. So there. Ya know what else, (this is way off point but hear me out), if they realllly had the kind of money to have expensive bags, they wouldn't buy the one's that had the name all over it. Noooo, they would buy the ones that actually look nice because they wouldn't care if everyone knew whether or not it was designer. Whatev!

Or the ladies wearing the ugliest sunglasses ever because they are designer, and then wearing them on the cloudiest day, or wearing them inside because they MUSTWEARTHEMEVERYSINGLEDAYBECAUSEIPAIDWAYTOOMUCHFORTHEMTOEVERLEAVETHEMINTHECASE! Yeah, those ladies.

But it made me start to think, am I a brand snob in other ways? Why yes I am. Here are my snobisms:

Peter Pan Peanut Butter: It is the very best creamy rich peanut butter everrrr. John likes some other brand that rhymes with whiff (I will not do that brand the favor of posting the actual brand name and giving that brand free advertising) so we have to take turns with which one we buy at the grocery when we run out. But yes, I cannot buy store brand peanut butter. I can't say that I've ever tried it, but in a moment of weakness when I tried the "whiff" brand, I decided I will never stray again. If that brand is that un-creamy rich peanut buttery, I can't IMAGINE how awful the store brands might be. I, Lacey, am a peanut butter brand snob.

Syrups - Mrs. Butterworth's and/or Log Cabin

(Not the sugar free Log Cabin...but you get the idea.)

Syrup is a major one. When I was little, my mom made pancakes, waffles, and french toast for us quite often before school. And she didn't take the lazy way out with Eggo's, she would make them from scratch! Go mom!! Anyways, so my Dad, being the sole breadwinner in our house for a good 24ish years, did a little analysis and saw our syrup consumption was through the roof and we could probably save $1.56/month if he quit splurgin on the syrups. So, he bought.... STORE BRAND! (dun dun dun) My mom tried it on us one morning, and we weren't having it. She thought it was just because we saw that it wasn't the butterlady or the wood house kind, so she tried to trick us and filled an empty butterlady bottle with the imposter store brand kind some weeks later. Well, little did she know she had raised syrup snobs and our taste buds could tell the difference. We protested, and store brand was never purchased again. I love happy endings.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Not just the cups, but the pieces, the nutrageouses, the fast breaks etc. Basically any peanut butter candy at all, MUST be Reese's brand. What is it with those other peanut butter candies? They are all disgusting! Wait wait, I did just think of one exception to the rule...the almighty peanut butter M&M's, but they are also a brand name so you would expect greatness from them as well. But really, all of those "other" peanut butter candies should just hang it up. It's not gonna happen. The only thing that might stand a chance next to Reese's is if Peter Pan started making their own line of candy. Now that would be a dream come true!

Now this one is a little more snobby than the others I have mentioned thus far:

TIGI Hair Products

Yes, each and every one of these bottles costs $10-$20 each, and I will admit to owning at least 6 of the ones included in this picture, but to me, this snobism is worth it. I have tried the cheaper Wal-Mart hair products, and after you get the goop in your hair and want to wash the excess off of your hands and it WON'T. COME. OFF., you realize, hmmm, if it won't wash off my hands, how will I ever get it outta my hair in the 7 minute showers I typically take? Not gonna work. Not to mention they really do nothing for your hair. But these babies do. And they smell oh so good. So, since I must have them, I just wait until ULTA puts them on sale. See, even if I was beginning to look high maintenanceish, I prove my frugalness.

So in conclusion, while I have spent $77.27 on all the products mentioned in this post (including all 6 TIGI products that are shown in that picture), I am only a brand snob when it makes a difference. So that's my outlook on that! And if you are a bit more brand snobby than me, no worries. I ain't hatin', I'm just talkin about me here. And to me, 189 Reese's cups, or 50 jars of Peter Pan, or 42 Mrs. Butterworths, or 101 Reese's plus 20 Log Cabins (you get the idea??) are better than one stinking bag.

The End. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goooooo Panthers!

In honor of the second preseason game tonight, I thought I'd post our pictures from the preseason game we went to Saturday night. We were lounging around all day Saturday because we were pretty tired from the drive home from Florida the night before, but when Roger called around 4:30 and offered us the tickets, I think we moved faster than we have in a long time! We both needed showers, dinner, to pick up the tickets from Roger's house, and to get to the light rail in time to make the 7:30 game. This was how it worked:

4:35 - I called Papa John's and placed a pick up order. (We had a coupon for a free pizza!)

4:37 - I get in the shower (I take longer so it only makes sense)

4:40 - John gets in the car to go pick up the tickets and the pizza.

4:45 - I hear John come back in cussing and I'm suspecting grabbing his wallet this time.
(I figure it out, I remember the night before we barely made it home with the amount of gas left in the car. We were just too tired to stop for gas again! So now he has to go to the gas station first)

5:10 - John's back, I'm getting ready faster than ever before.

5:11 - John showers

5:30 -Left our house whilst shoving pizza in our mouths.

5:40 - Get some cash out of the bank

5:45 - Pick up a little drinky drink at the gas station.

5:50 - Arrive at light rail station

6:00 - Squeeze into already packed train.

6:30 - Get off train and walk to stadium.

Section 131, Row 1A!! (For some reason there is a row 1A and then row 1 is behind it. I bet it's a disappointment for people when they see that they are in row 1 and they get there to have a row in front of them!)

So we watched the game, stayed the whole game even after the starters were out, and stayed for overtime. It was so fun! I had more fun watching the players on the sideline than watching the game this time. And we had a great time watching the almost fight happen right next to us. (I was videoing it, but they chickened out before any blows were thrown.)

Coach Foxy

Deangelo short he had to stand on the bench to watch!


The only other game we have tickets for atm is the Monday night game in December. Anyone have tickets that they would like to give to us for any other games?? :)

Gooooooooooo Panthers!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daytona - Part 3

Okay, we're up to Wednesday night now. This night it was only John, Drew, Matt and myself because Roger and Nikki went to Melbourne for the day and weren't back yet. The four of us decided we wanted to go out somewhere for dinner and drinks that night, and ended up deciding on a place called North Turn that was only a few miles away from the house. It's actually called 'Racing's North Turn' and it was very racingly decorated. Everything down to the large shark outside:

A little much eh??
Anyways, they have a big outside area that is right on the beach and live music. The food was only okay, but they had decent drink specials so we planned on staying there for a few hours. Little did we know they closed at 10:00! What kind of place was this!? So we asked our waiter where he recommended we should go. He threw out a couple of suggestions, but we really didn't want to drive too far so he said the place we should go is Yaya's. Now I have driven past this place a thousand times and never really knew what it was (I always thought it was a liquor store) but our waiter swore that it was the place to go. So we went. It was a little hole-in-the-wallish, but we did have a great time. And it was no more than a half mile from home.

John and Drew at North Turn

Yaya's had a couple of (sucky) pool tables and (dysfunctional) dart boards and a jukebox. It was fun playing pool since I hadn't done that in a long time. I'm no where near as good as I used to be, but still not too shabby if I do say so myself. :)

The next day (we're up to Thursday now) we decided to just have a beach day. We were out in the water for a while, but then we saw a couple of large animals of some sort swimming not too far off from where we were, so we escaped out of the water. As they moved down the shore we saw other people getting out of the water too. Whew...glad we weren't the only scaredy cats. I still don't know what they were...they weren't surfacing like dolphins normally do, and sharks don't normally surface at all, so who knows! Maybe they were mermaids!

We got out my nieces sand toys this day. Who said you are too old for sand toys in your mid-twenties? (I also played with their sidewalk chalk this week, but that's besides the point!) First, John and Drew were buried in the sand. They dug a hole first:

Sat in it, and we covered everything but their heads with sand. Then, Roger created a sand sculpture between them that may not be so appropriate for posting. Sorry!! Use your imaginations! Here they are busting outta the sand:

Ha, it looks like Drew may have been losing his shorts!

Then, Nikki made a dolphin and John and I made a giant sea turtle!

The dolphin actually lasted until the next day and we saw people stopping to take pictures of it. I am pretty sure they would have taken pictures of the turtle too had the following not happened

They killed him!!!! Were they not aware that this section of beach was a Sea Turtle Nature Preserve!?! Rude.

That night we stayed in and tried to make our own Bahama Mamas like the ones at Ocean Deck. They were quite tasty, but still not as good as the ones at Ocean Deck. Matt, Roger and Drew also taught me how to play Spades this night. It was okay, but I don't think I pay enough attention to the cards that have been played, therefore I'll never be good at this game. Oh well, not so bad if it's the very first thing in my life that I'm not good at. :)

The next day was rainy and stormy. Booooo. But it was the only day that it rained all week, except for a couple showers on the first day we were down there. Not too shabby for typical Florida weather. So we just hung around the house and decided, A) we can watch TV here and leave early tomorrow morning or B) we can leave today and watch all the TV we want to at home tomorrow. We obviously decided on option B. We cleaned the house, packed, and left around 5:30. Well, that's when John and I left. Everyone left at different times and we were just the last to leave. Right before John and I left there was a crazy storm with the strongest winds I've ever been in! This was the wind storm that blew all of my sand dollars around and broke them! We left in the midst of the storm and drove in it for a couple hours on the way home:

Glad I wasn't driving! I normally like driving on road trips, but John forbid me from driving there or home. I dunno why, I am an excellent driver!

So that was our vacay. The only thing that would make it better for me is if I was able to stay another week with my family that is down there now. :( Thank you again Joy and Danny for letting us stay there!! We promise we didn't steal any washcloths or forks!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daytona - Part 2

Let's see, where was I....

Oh yeah. Sunday. Sunday night everyone but John (he was too tired from all the 'yaking earlier in the day) went to play putt-putt at Congo River Golf. Shoooott, if I would've gone to the website before now I could've printed off a sweet $1 off coupon. Anyways, it was pretty fun. Matt and Drew are the golfers of the group. (Easy now. Don't make fun of them.) So I decided that in order to take all of their money later, I should pretend that my putt putting skills aren't as magnificent as they really are. I believe this would be called hustlin'. So in the end, Drew came in 1st, Matt 2nd, I came in at a very comfortable 3rd, and Roger and Nikki each had some ridiculously awful score. I thought I did pretty good, they probably don't suspect anything since I came in right in the middle. Ha! Just wait til next time we play!

Monday was another beach day. Matt and Drew went to play "real golf" (as if putt-putt isn't real golf) and the rest of us stayed on the beach all day. This day we found out Roger was a bird whisperer:

They just loved him!! Maybe it had something to do with the handful of french fries in his hand:
But I don't know. I think we may have an idea for a new reality show on our hands. Roger: Bird Psychic. But he's got to learn to control his temper first. He can't get mad at them like this:
Then, Nikki made this:

While we did this:
Then, that night we went out to eat at Down the Hatch. It is a seafood restaurant on the inlet and has lots of outside seating and live music. Just a nice fun place to go. Roger, Matt and Drew don't like seafood so they ordered chicken or burgers. I normally don't order seafood either because I don't want to order a whole plate of something and then not like it, but I was feeling adventurous that night. They had a combo thing where you picked 2 different fried items (I figured anything fried would be edible) so I got that. It was really good! I think it was scallops and some other fish, trigger maybe? I can't remember. But it was my first seafood plate that I've ever ordered myself!! Aren't you proud of me? Matt decided not to grace us with his face in the pictures, so I fixed that.

The next day we went to Inlet Harbor for lunch. Delish! That afternoon we ended up going to Hooter's (well, everyone except John...he wasn't feeling so well) because our original plan of go-karts fell through, and just had a couple of beers there. We were leaving just as the night shift girls were getting there and the day shifters were all still there, so Nikki asked them to take a picture with Roger, Matt and Drew:
That night, John Drew and I decided we hadn't spent enough money yet and that we wanted to go lose some more Benjamins Washingtons at the dog track. We didn't do too too bad. There are 15 races a night, and we didn't get there until about race 7. So that left us with 8 chances to lose every dollar in our pockets. We came close to that goal, but we did actually win $12 here and $10 there so it wasn't a complete loss!
There were signs everywhere inside that said "No flash photography" so I took this one outside in the parking lot as we left. Thinking back though, if I had just "accidentally" taken a couple of pictures of the dog in the lead when the dog we had money on was in 2nd, it might've helped us out. I'll have to remember that for next time. And I should probably bring a personal body guard with me too if that's my plan because there were some people there that took it WAY too seriously!

The next morning, Matt and Drew played golf again, Nikki and Roger made a trip down to Melbourne, FL where Nikki's sister lived, and John and I went to the lighthouse. I have been a couple of times before but I just think it is something fun to do. So we climbed the 203 stairs to the top and had a great view of the area.

Next we went to this boardwalk thing that is on the inlet side of the island and goes out over the marsh.
It was pretty cool, saw a conch shell, cajillions of tiny crabs, and more fish than I care about talking about. DISGUSTING.

***I just realized those two pictures are pretty much identical. I swear we went to both of those places...I didn't just go and change the background! I know you've seen my mad skills with using Paint, but this might be a little above my skill level.

Anyways, that's it for part 2. You'll have to wait at least 24 hours for part 3 of this epic tale. Ta ta for now.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daytona - Part 1

Let me give you a little preview of where I was last week:

So peaceful and relaxing! And yes, that is a fish in the mouth of that bird, maybe not so peaceful and relaxing for him, but you get the point. And there aren't normally that many birds around, they may or may not have been coaxed with french fries.

So yeah, John and I were in Daytona with friends Matt, Drew, Nikki and Roger since Thursday night (July 31st) and just got back in town early Saturday morning (August 9th) around 12:30 a.m. We are so tired and I hate the first day back in the real world. Especially when my parents, my sister Joy, and my nieces are in Daytona as I type this, and will be down there for 13 more days. I try not to think about it or I might tear up. :)

Every day pretty much started out on the beach. That is, after the lazy friends we invited finally decided to wake up! I was the first one awake every day, around 8 or 9, (10 at the latest if we stayed up really late the night before) and the first one of our friends would finally come crawling out of their rooms around 11ish, and the last one (NIKKI!!) would sleep til 1 sometimes! Crazy! After sunscreening up, we'd sit around with drinks in hand, play horseshoes, frisbee, football, or swim. Mainly I only participated in the sitting and swimming. I came really far in overcoming my fear of the ocean. That might be partly due to activity #1, sitting around with drinks in hand. Helps me to not constantly think about what disgusting little fishy creatures are swimming around me. And, for the first few days, the ocean was waveless. Honestly. There were no waves. Our Pizza Hut (PASTA! YUM!) delivery guy one of the first nights even said "how are you guys enjoying the lake today?"

The lazy way to play football.

One of the first nights we went for a walk down the beach and found lots of sand dollars and star fish. It was crazy because I've been down here quite a few times in my life and I've never even found a shell on this beach because there is a sandbar that pretty much blocks most things from making it to shore. Most of the starfish we're alive so we threw them back. This little guy was dead though so I kept him.

We found around 10-12 sand dollars too, and I had them all laid underneath the house (half of it is on stilts) and then some crazy wind storm came one of the last days and blew them around everywhere and broke most of them. Stupid wind.

On Saturday, we went to Ocean Deck, a very popular beach bar in Daytona. Apparently it's where all the NASCAR drivers go when they are in town, and of course that was the big selling point for me. Ha. But it really was so much fun. We went pretty early in the afternoon, around 2ish, and stayed until 9ish I think.

The group shot The boys - John, Drew, Matt, Roger
The girls - Nikki and I
Matt and John beating me up. Owie.

We took a walk outside for a little bit because a couple of people may have needed a break from drinking and some sobering up.

Obviously that walk didn't help Roger. He limboed underneath the beach access gate.

John and Roger in their super cool glasses.

The next day was another beach day. The neighbor to the beach house, Mike, let John borrow whatever beach toys he wanted. He has everything: kayaks, surfboards, kite surfing, sailboats, etc. John kayaked and surfed, and we sat on the beach and watched, drinks in hand. :)

(playing with the cool feature on my camera)

So that was Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. The only good thing about being back home is no more no-see-ums. I probably had 30 bites from those suckers, no pun intended. I'm going to keep reminding myself of this so I can come to terms with being back home.
Tomorrow, I'll give you 'Daytona - Part 2." Stay calm, I know you'll be on the edge of your seats until then.