Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MP3s are the devil!

I remember wayyy back when, in the ancient year of 1997, when I would peruse the music store at the mall (yes, there did used to be a music store at the mall!) every weekend and pick out one CD to purchase. Sure, CD would cost me $19 at the store in the mall, and Best Buy right across the street would have it for $9, but we didn't care. The only thing that was important was the music.

We would take the CD home, open it, breathe in that new CD smell, and play it from beginning to end. Reading/singing along with the teensytiny words in the booklet. Until we had the entire CD memorized. And we'd look at the artsy photos and talk to each other on land lines and tell each other what songs were our favorites. Ahhh, how music has changed.

These days, I don't buy CDs. I rarely even download the whole album. If I hear a song I like, I download the song. Why would I download a song I don't know?!?! What a crazy idea! Spend $.99 (okay, maybe I don't pay for them sometimes, but let's keep that between you and me) for a song that I don't even know if I'll like? That's absurd!

So when someone was talking about albums that were so good they could listen to every song from beginning to end, I was pretty much stuck in the 90's. I have been missing out on 8-10 songs from every album that's been released in the last 10 years! That adds up to 345,234,912,389,290,282 songs, roughly. So my list, as follows, is pretty much all from the 90's, the last decade that I even cared about the songs that weren't released. It's a sad sad day.

Here's my list:

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (1995) Gwen has never been as good as she was in this album. I remember Angela, Amy and myself singing out little hearts out at their house. I would take the background "whoa-o-oah" during the chorus on Sunday Morning, they would take lead. And sometimes we'd switch. We just had it down like that.

Matchbox 20 - Yourself or Someone Like You (1996)

Another great one. Not a bad song on the entire album. I remember talking to Tracey on the land line after we BOTH purchased this one at the ol mall CD store (before you could dub a CD) when we discovered that Rob Thomas had thanked both Tracey and Lacey in his thank yous. And yes, we even read the thank yous. But it had to have been us, he even spelt our names right!

Bush - Sixteen Stone (1994) Another one we played over and over at Amy and Angela's. I actually bought Bush's other CD Razorblade Suitcase first, cause stupid BMG didn't offer the really good CDs. But Sixteen Stone is way better and I love every song. I am pretty sure we might have had a little dance to Little Things.

Hanson - Middle of Nowhere (1997)

Umm yeah this CD is like the best like ever, totally. I still know every like word to like every song, even like the bonus song that you have to like skip 10 blank tracks to get to. Ohhh you didn't know about that one did you? But seriously, I'm not ashamed. I really really loved this CD. And I definitely get excited when my MP3 player shuffle lands on some Hanson.

Everclear - So Much For the Afterglow (1997) Another lovely. Okay, I'll admit, when listening from track 1 to track 13, sometimes I might skip track 8, the one with no words. So technically it shouldn't make this list, but 12/13 isn't bad! I don't like when there's no words....what am I supposed to sing along to? Du du. Doot de doo, doot de doo, du du. De de de da de da do do. De da da de do! De de de de de do de de. Do da de day-do.

Trapt - Trapt (don't you hate self-titleds? Come on people be creative!) (2002)
So finally one I love from the 2000's! Probably one of the last CDs I ever purchased. And the only reason I purchased this one was because we were at a concert that they opened for and we loved them! I remember when John and I first got together singing every song together in the car. Ahh memories.

But that's all I got. Or at least all I can think of. Pathetic huh? Surely there has to be other great albums in the past 10 years. Or even before that. I just need some advice.
What ya got?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Today is a very important day in my bloggerhood. Today, actually just 33 minutes ago, I received my first comment from someone I only know through blurking. (She's actually the same lady I stole graciously duplicated the Thankful Thursday idea and logo from) I don't know how to express my thanks. I feel like I've finally been accepted in this bloggy world. This might just have something to do with the fact that I'm starting to comment on other's blogs. I mean, don't hate me for being just a blurker for so long, but it takes a while to feel confident enough with your own blog to post a comment. Cause once you do, you are inviting a whole influx of people to read/critique your own blog skillz. This is a big day, real big.

2. John has made the thankful list before, but he deserves a shout out again. He is currently on the P90X extreme, and I mean extreme, workout/diet program. Not that he needed to weigh LESS than me, but whatev. I don't have that kind of motivation. Anyways, back to the thankful part. This morning his plan called for just a protein shake for brekky. So he could've slept another 30 mins or so since no cooking for his breakfast was required. And yesterday he was exhausted, so I know he needed that extra sleep. But no, he woke up early and made me the most delicious egg, turkey bacon, and cheese english muffin ever. Isn't that sweet. Awwwwwwwww.

3. The autumn season. But excuse me autumn season, did you decide you were done for the year and ready to turn the show over to old man winter? Cause tomorrows high is a pathetic 55°F. If I'm not mistaken, that's pretty close to winter in these parts. And to make things worse, my coworkers are blaming ME for this cause I wished for summer to leave and autumn to arrive. They say this is what I get. But really autumn? Is this what I asked for? NO. Fix it. Oh, and thanks for the lovely couple of weeks we did get to enjoy. If you would kindly just bring those back....

4. I'm thankful that I'm the meanest person I know. I remember last year at the Halloween party that I, being mean girl and all, might've talked a lil (friendly) crap about the people who bothered to show up sans costume. This year, if we decide to show up, it will be sans costume. Whoa. Glad I'm the only mean person I know so no one will talk crap about me. Gosh I love nice people.

5. One more thankful blog related item. I'm thankful people tell me all the time that they read my blog and like it. Makes me feel good. My sis was the only one I knew that blogged, and she's clearly in a different age bracket than me, she's OLD, and I mean OLD, so I didn't think that I should blog at my young young age. But I took a risk. And now, I might have just helped in convincing an even YOUNGER whipper snapper to blog. (Please please please do, you know you wanna!) I'm thankful people my age didn't think this was a dumb idea. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This weekend did not go as planned. We decided against the Renaissance Festival Saturday, and also did not attend HomeARama as planned on Sunday. Ehh, plans change!

However, John and I did carve pumpkins Saturday night and it was quite enjoyable I must say. Now, me, I prefer to use the ol' pumpkin carving kit because I love carving pumpkins, and carving a simple face just simply won't last long enough. I always flip to the back of the book and pick out the hardest design possible. I like to be challenged. John however, who could care less if we carve pumpkins or not, opted to just do a face, and was finished about an hour before I was. I had no issues with that, at least he participated and acted like he was having fun. :)

So we placed them out by the front door. The sun shines on them all day, which we thought might be a problem, but ignored this threat due to the chilly temperatures lately. So here it is 3 days later andddd, let's just say my pumpkin is not looking so good. How could this happen to me!? All that time I spent carving every little space out of the spider web, careful not to slip and saw too far, and after 3 short days I come home and see this:

What happened!?!? Was it the cheap $5 pumpkin this year or maybe just cause I left it out to roast in the sun all day and it had those teensy little lines. Well I'm making another one dammit. I'm not gonna have this monstrosity sitting on my porch like this. No way. My pumpkin carving skillz are far too great to have this disaster sitting on my porch. So neighborhood kids, this one is a freebie, come on over with your baseball bats, I promise I won't be mad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Am I Just Weird?

Perhaps once or twice in my life I've been called weird. Or strange. Peculiar, odd or bizarre even. I thought nothing of it really. Until recently, I realized that maybe I do do some things that others might consider....strange.

1. Tonight, it is supposed to be really cold outside for one of the first times this year. Which really excites me for this reason: When it gets cold outside, the pipes get cold, which in turn makes the tap water extra cold. I LOVE when I brush my teeth and the water is so cold. After I have finished rinsing my mouth out, I will drink what seems like gallons of cold cold water. I fill up my hands with water and drink it about 20-30ish times. I just.can't.get.enough!

2. I have hand self-consciousness. I just don't know what to do with my hands if I'm not holding something. If I'm standing, I typically will hold the strap of my purse that's on my shoulder if available. If not, I have to cross my arms. I also like hands on the hips, but that feels too attitudy in most situations. I feel so awkward just standing there with my arms just hanging. What am I supposed to do with them? Or if I'm riding in a car and nothing is in my lap, I can't figure out where to put my hands there either. Should they rest on the seat beside me? Should I place them proper like on my knees? No no, definitely not that, that looks dorky just picturing it in my head. But where?? I usually will hold my purse in my lap. See, without that purse I would be in trouble! But help! Seriously, what do you do with your hands? And I realize now that everyone is going to notice this when maybe they didn't before. Damn you blog!

3. Speaking of self-consciousness, I also have windshield wiper self-consciousness. I MUST have my windshield wipers at just the right speed so that no drops stay on my windshield long enough to impair my vision, and also so they aren't going too fast and making that awful sound. I also like to look around at the other cars and make sure my wipers aren't at the hyper super speed while theirs are just on that slow INT. THAT would be so embarrassing. And that INT, what the hell does that mean anyways? But seriously, I'm just glad that our car has about 10 different speeds. I am constantly changing the speed when driving in the rain. I just can't ever seem to get it perfect.

4. I prefer my middle finger over my index finger. It just seems stronger and more symmetrical to use that finger to me. I write with my middle finger guiding the pen. When I'm squirting some hair spray, I use the middle finger. Plenty of things I do with my middle finger when most people use the index. Now, if I could just get those other drivers to realize I'm not being rude, I'm just simply pointing to the sky as if to say "look up, isn't the sky just lovely today?" For some reason, they never quite take it that way. Hm.

5. I don't like words. No words on art or decorations or clothing. Yuck yuck words. For example, I don't want a sign that says "welcome." I might not want to tell EVERYONE that walks in my door that they are welcome. Some people quite honestly are not welcome. And what kind of trouble would I be in if the sign was always there that said welcome yet I didn't treat them like they were welcome. They'd leave and say "well her sign right inside her door said welcome but she didn't treat us like we were welcome at all." I just couldn't live with myself. Words should be spoken and not written. (Kind of ironic as I'm typing this huh?) That way, you can always change the story and say you didn't say that. Words however, those are incriminating.

There are more, but my brain is shutting down for the night. This should give you an insight into my weirdness. And maybe you have some other things you think are weird about me you'd like to share. Please do. And finally, please tell me, am I weird?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sorry lifeoflacey.blogspot.com has been lame-o lately. This is mainly due to life of Lacey being lame-o. Not too much going on...but hopefully that should change!

Tomorrow night the (almost) entire family is going to see Traces, which we got tickets to for free!

Hopefully if the weather is nice Saturday, I will be attending my 3rd ever Carolina Renaissance Festival. Such a fun thing to do. Although, one of my favorite things to do each year (before I had a big girl job) was to get my hair braided. And it's only worth it if you keep it up for a few days. But I don't see braided renaissance hair (that's not me, just an example!) being too work appropriate.

Sunday my Mom had mentioned (oh yeah, sisters, wanna go?) wanting to go to this year's homeArama, which is just a few miles from her house. And yes, she lives in a mansion the size of the homeArama homes too. I mean it's only a few miles away so she's clearly in the same neighborhood duh.

Next weekend I'll be attending our good friends Stephanie and Drew's baby shower that afternoon. Normally, I'm not such a baby shower lover (see 2nd grade) but I'm actually really excited for this one. Stephanie's sister is throwing it and it looks like it will be much more funner than most others! :)

That night, is the night that most Halloween parties will be. Which brings me to my dilemma. First, which (if any) party to go to? Should we do the downtown scene with the costume contests and all, or go to our friends' party, etc. The much bigger dilemma is....what on Earth will I be?! John and I always have so much fun coming up with costumes and making them each year. And this year we have done NONE of that. It's depressing actually. John really doesn't want to participate this year. Maybe he feels overwhelmed when trying to top previous years:

So 1) Where to go? and 2) What to be?

Then the next weekend on Friday night (which is actually Halloween), the tentative plan is to go to this corn maze that does a flashlight maze thing that night. Sounds fun right?

Thennnnnnn, the next day my sis and I are selling Christmas crafts (or "craps" as Lindsay and Lori have been known to say) at a church "crap" sale. Ya know how every year everyone complains that the stores put Christmas crap (this time I am using the word as is should be used, in case you are getting your craps confused) out too early? Well, not early enough I say! It's pretty difficult to make Christmas craps when there are no Christmas materials to be found. Crap!

So should be a busy couple of weeks. Maybe I'll fit a haunted house in there sometime too. Should make for lots of pictures, and therefore lots of blogging. You are thrilled, just admit it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Story Time!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lacey.

In preschool, her hair was still blondish. But it wouldn't stay that way for long...

In Kindergarten, not only was her hair dark brown now, but, she had the most awesome boy hair cut ever. One day in the cafeteria, a little boy stood up, pointed at her, and screamed "Look that boy's wearing a dress!"

In second grade, Lacey has girl hair again. Whew. Those were a rough couple of years. This year she discovers NKOTB (New Kids on the Block for anyone that's clearly uninformed!). Joey is her fave. She gets a couple weeks out of school because of Hurricane Hugo. Her teacher is pregnant and is thrown a baby shower in the classroom. Lacey attends her first baby shower ever...maybe where the dislike for things of that nature begins. Lovely year that second grade.

3rd grade. Lacey's in brownies this year. Top cookie seller in her troop. She sat next to Lori and Rodney this year. Jamey was in the row behind her. David in the first row. A girl that ate her boogers sat at the end of her row. When teacher Mrs. Chapman passes out papers, everyone in our row makes sure not to take the paper that touched the one booger eater girl touched. Lori always ended up with the booger paper. Sorry Lori. Which may be the reason that.......

4th grade. Lori's in this class with Lacey too. Lacey's one and only year being a cheerleader. Lori's mom had some pull with the athletic association and let Lori pick all of the girls she wanted on her squad. She picks allll of her friends, but not Lacey. One too many booger papers in third grade Lori?? Lacey gets stuck on the dork squad with none of her friends. Her cheerleading career is OVER!

5th grade. At a brand new school this year. Her older sister who recently graduated college sometimes got to be her substitute teacher. Really really cool she thought she was. First sex ed class ever in 5th grade. Her and her friends argue over something sex-ed-ish and end up asking science teacher really awkward question one day while her teacher was eating lunch with her visiting husband. They ask, "Mrs. Camp, is it true you have to have sex to have a baby?"Lacey did NOT believe her answer. She was such a liar cause her parents did NOT do that.

6th grade. Her and her friends make up super cool dances every day at recess on the parallel bars. They OWNED the parallel bars. They ate lunch outside in the courtyard every day. First year that she remembers picking out some of her own clothes when shopping. But she's sure she didn't pick out this way uncool shirt!

7th grade. Oh yeah that's definitely a body suit. She had two, yes she did. She doesn't remember much about 7th grade. She remembers thinking that if she crossed her arms and shoved some of her shirt fabric up, maybe somebody would mistakenly think she had some boobs.

8th grade. Yay braces! Hair is super long and pretty, and she now wonders how in the world was it so straight before she owned a flat iron? She loved loved loved this jean jumper and wore it all the time.

Still 8th grade. Super cool older sister Joy gave her this shirt from Limited Too for her birthday.

10th grade. Went to Europe for Spring Break this year. Started driving to school after her 16th bday (which occurred in Paris, mind you). She parked in the senior lot, not the junior lot (and there was no sophomore lot) because she was ultra cool and had senior friends. She had no parking pass, but she didn't care, she was a rebel! She even sat at seniors' lunch table!

She went to college. Graduated. Got a big girl job. But she wishes that she had these cheesy yearbook photos for every year of her life. As painful as some of them are, aren't they fun to look at??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just a lil interior decorating...

This past weekend I finally convinced John to hang up some of the decor in the bedroom. We've lived here one full year and had an unpacked box of bedroom decor in the corner the entire time! I thought the bedroom was sort of close to being finished, but I took a couple of pictures and noticed how many things I still need to do. And, if you must know, I went to take these pictures yesterday to do this blog post and the bed wasn't made so I said forget it! Luckily today, John made the bed! :)

This is what I've got so far...

I took the picture and realized there is a lot more I want to do. So, in HGTV style, I did a nice little sketch of what I want for this side of the bedroom. (Don't ya love when they do those??)
Basically this:
  • Hang the curtains
  • Get a bigger comforter.
  • Get matching nightstands and get rid of the hand-me-downs. Not that we don't appreciate the hand-me-down furniture, but it's time for it to go!
  • Get taller, matchier lamps.
  • Put a picture in that frame on the wall with the default picture in it. Those people are pretty, but I honestly don't know them!
  • Get some tall plantage for the corners. This room really needs some green. Has to be fake though cause our cat loves to eat plants.

Then, the other side of the bedroom...not looking too good.

On this side I need to do all of this:

  • Paint the dresser black.
  • Get an accent chair. I've been on craigslist everyday but haven't found anything just yet.
  • Get a lil table to put beside the chair.
  • Move the fan onto said lil table.
  • Get a lamp for said lil table.
  • Rearrange the metal candle holder thingys on the wall.
  • Get rid of that curtain rod for two of those short cute ones you put on either side of the window.
  • And on John's wish list (and on mine too but a bit further down) get rid of the ultra-modern TV/VCR combo and get a tv for the wall.

So that's our current project. I wanna do the downstairs half bath or the laundry room next. You can do really funky fun things in little rooms like that! FUN!!

Are the online shopping gods trying to tell me something?

It's fall. The temps are getting cooler. Time to start pulling out some of the fall/winter wardrobe. When you realize, yikes, fall/winter wardrobe is looking a little lacking. Definitely need to beefen up that section of my closet. So, today's a little slow so I decided to do some online shopping. First, New York & Co. sent me an email...

Wow, what perfect timing I thought! So I went to their website. And I assumed 203948572309475 other people did too at that exact moment cause it was the slowest website ever. Then it crashed and they said it was down for "scheduled maintenance." Yeah right whatever. Why would you send such an enticing email if you had maintenance scheduled for 10 minutes later. That lame website couldn't handle the traffic. Next.

So then after striking out on a couple of other websites, I go to the trusty Target.com. Wow look at all this clearance! 43 pages of it to be exact! Not that much of it is fall clothing, but I am always drawn to a good sale. So, I start clicking through the pages. Added a thing or 2 to my shopping cart. See a "free shipping when you spend $50" deal. Yes, I'll just spend $50 and get so much clearance junk cause it's all $4 and $5! But then, this happened:

What!? How can this be? How can you still have the item on your website if it's all of a sudden out of stock?? Everything I clicked on was "We're sorry. This item is out of stock." And then, for some dumb reason Liz Lange (the maternity brand) is listed among the other women's clothes. Excuse me but should maternity wear really be shown in it's own category??

So are the online shopping gods trying to tell me that I do not need this stuff? But I dooooooooo. I doo need this stuff. Really! I promise I'll use my debit card and not my credit card and everything! Please?? Please make it work. Thanks.