Monday, March 30, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why I Got Crappy Sleep Last Night

Back in the old days where I could stay up late enough to watch a late show (and before they put all the best parts on YouTube the next day), I used to really enjoy watching David Letterman and his top 10 list. So I made one myself and it only took me all night to come up with this list.

And so, imagine I'm reading from my little blue note cards as I give you: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Got Crappy Sleep Last Night.

10. Our cat Reese. He always sleeps at my feet probably because I'm less likely to kick him off than John, but John's side was vacant last night and yet he still tried to sleep wherever I wanted to put my feet. MOVE CAT.

9. I actually had to get up and pee once. ::ducks to avoid daggers thrown at me from every other pregnant woman ever::

8. While laying awake in the 3-4 o'clock hours somewhere, I decided to catch up on Facebook, Instagram and Timehop. Newsflash: they didn't lull me back to sleep.

7. Hot. So, so, hot and the switch to turn on the ceiling fan is so, so far away so I'll just stick one leg out of the covers and hope that helps.

6. Cold! So cold! Pulled my one leg back under the covers and screwed up all the covers in the process. Super hard to fix them with this giant belly in my way.

5. Frozen pizza for dinner = Indigestion. No worries - Tums were on the nightstand.

4. I came down with Charley's cold overnight. So breathing was already tough with Laney hanging out by my lungs, and this just made it worse.

3. John was out of town last night. I always wish for more space when he's in the bed with me, and then when he's gone I can't sleep as well.

2. Because when I finally fell asleep and got my deepest sleep of the night, my alarm to wake up went off 45 minutes later.

1. And finally, because I was mentally writing this post as I lay awake from any of these other 9 reasons. Couldn't turn the brain OFF.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

36 Weeks

Date: March 24, 2015

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: 24 pounds, plus the 10 I lost and regained for a grand total of 34. I gained 42 total with Charley so will probably gain less overall this time yet I look bigger in the belly at least. I was pretty swollen with Charley so maybe the difference was the extra water weight? Who knows.

Belly Shot:

Laney Bump - one day shy of 36 weeks.
Charley bump one day shy of 36 weeks - and I showed this to a friend last week who thought I was wearing a super short dress. I assure you those are just sleep shorts. Ha! 

Photo thoughts: I definitely look bigger this time around, which should be expected I suppose. Belly just seems much more round in all directions.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: I still feel pretty good, surprisingly. Which makes me think that a) labor is still a long way away and b) that this is just the universe saying it is sorry for the path it put me on to get to this point. Thanks, universe, I appreciate it!

Actual symptoms are back pain, some occasional swelling - but no where near like I had with Charley, and shortness of breath - likely because she is sitting so high up in my lungs. That's really not too bad, huh?

Cravings: Chocolate chip muffins, chocolate anything actually, and for actual food - a Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Club with no lettuce or tomato with colby jack cheese, waffle fries with honey roasted barbecue sauce and a Dr. Pepper. I don't want to know how many of those I've eaten this pregnancy.

Sleep: Still loving my pregnancy pillow and really give it tons of credit for the good sleep I'm still getting. Sleep definitely isn't as solid as pre-pregnancy as I wake up a little while maneuvering myself from one side to the other or wake up some when I have indigestion, but I don't think I have the right to complain about this department at all.

What I’m loving/I can't live without: Heating pad, I guess? I love sitting back against that in the evenings. Oh and the support belt is a huge help too.

What I miss? Being able to go anywhere without people wanting to talk to me about the pregnancy. Ha. Here were three conversations I had in three consecutive days this week:

Saturday at a fast food restaurant: "You look so cute! Your belly is so tiny!" (Okay, so I truly didn't mind this conversation at all. I want to clone this woman and put one of her everywhere I go!)

Sunday at a baby shower: "When are you due? (me: one month from today) "Oh yeah I was going to say because you are really big."

Monday at work: "Whoa! I had to do a double take! I didn't even know you were pregnant!" (I didn't mind this conversation at all either - especially since I see that salesman pretty often!)

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: Doing some last fun things with Charley as a family of 3. Easter egg hunts, going to the local theme park, dying eggs, etc.

And my sisters and mom are throwing me a little "sprinkle" on Saturday which should be fun!

And! John's work is throwing a full blown shower next Tuesday which I'm excited about. They gave us one for Charley too and it was really nice, so I was surprised when they wanted to do another one. I threw together a registry super quick-like!

What I’m stressing about/worries: Just getting my work done before I go into labor. I hate to leave things open for someone else to finish up not knowing where I left off or anything. But, since I can't predict when it will happen and it is impossible to just have everything done every single day before I leave, I just need to let go of that worry a little bit. This is a "me" problem because I know my boss would not care and would get whatever taken care of.

Also, the whole budget while I'm out of work. I have absolutely NO IDEA when or how much I'll get paid while out because it is very complicated. I remember having some of this with Charley too, but my old employer had a more straightforward plan so even though I didn't know down to the penny what I'd bring home, I knew roughly what it would be and when it would be. Using short term disability and then just relying on working from home if/when/as I can is a total crap-shoot as far as budgeting purposes. I don't know if I will feel up to it, or WHEN I'll feel up to it or anything, so therefore I know nothing about if or when I'll get paid and that makes my budget really scary! 

Milestones: Just about full-term, which is just insane. And when choosing the Charley bump picture to compare to, there was just ONE MORE after that one. This really just is not sinking in for me.

Differences between pregnancies: Not a whole lot. I feel similar in the way I'm carrying and she seems to move similarly too, even maybe a little less than Charley did.

Highlights of the week: Much like what I'm looking forward to in the next weeks, the things I most enjoyed of the past week (or month) are just all of the things, big and small, that we have done with Charley. Whether it was just watching her drive around in her car outside, taking a little trip to the library, hiding/finding Easter eggs with her or just snuggling with her, she is such a joy and we have so much fun together. I feel the need to maximize all fun with her because I know I personally won't be able to do as much when Laney gets here - at least for a few weeks - so it is probably more for me than it is for her, but she is for sure reaping the benefits.


Goals for the upcoming week: Want to make some busy bags for Charley to do while I'm out on maternity leave so need to get those together. Also, would LOVE to come up with just a few freezer meals or at least some grocery lists to keep our house more stocked with food. I remember with Charley that we just do not keep enough food in our house for someone to be there full-time. I think it was mainly snack stuff we just didn't keep on hand enough because we truly don't eat out much at all for any meals (well, okay, except for that Chick-Fil-A addiction I've developed).

Movement: Still a good bit when I lay down at night or sit still in front of the TV in the evenings or something. Not much when I'm out and about.

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: I am jinxing this, I know, but I still feel like she's going to be a couple weeks early just because Charley was. That puts me at April 8th-ish.

Summary: Since I really only manage to do these monthly this very well could be the LAST pregnancy update. Insanity. Tomorrow starts weekly appointments. 29 days until my due date. Charley was 13 days early, so if Laney follows suit that 29 days may just be 16 days! Whattt!? We are basically ready though. I even put the swing together last night and it is now sitting in my living room. Everything has been washed and her drawers are crammed full (seriously - the amount of 0-3 month stuff we have is insane) and the blankets are washed and stacked high in her closet (that's another area of WAY EXCESSIVENESS.) I even packed a hospital bag this weekend instead of waiting around and doing it after my water had broken like last time. All of this preparedness can only mean that she will be late though, right?

I am feeling pretty emotional about Charley's last days of only child-dom winding down but am excited to see her as a big sister. I think she will be an awesome big sister - most likely a pretty bossy one - but awesome nonetheless.

And now - we wait for Laney!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Still


Regarding my 3 year old, I still...

....use those worthless baby washcloths.

...use hooded towels that don't reach down to her feet, so we dry feet and bottoms of her legs first before putting the hood on.

...check on her nightly before I go to bed myself by going in her room, resituating her covers, giving her a kiss on the forehead, and staring at her for a borderline-creepy amount of time.

...have her nap in a pack n' play at my sister's house during the week. I mean, she still likes it, so who am I to suggest anything else?! Maybe we'll put the second mattress at the top for the bassinet and then Charley and Laney can have Pack n' Play bunk beds.

...use kiddie silverware and plates.

...use a baby gate - it traps her in her room at night as she falls asleep. We remove it before we go to bed. (Actually - I started typing this months ago and just this past weekend we moved the baby gate to the basement. She doesn't get out of bed anymore like she used to so the need was no longer there.)

...must be sure that her beloved "owlies" (lovey blankets) travel back and forth from my sister's house to mine each day or bedtime would be pretty difficult. We have forgotten a couple of times and considered starting to ditch them, but decided against and went to pick them up. She doesn't seem as attached to them as she used to be so maybe she'll cut this one out on her own. that she fits the length of my arm to snuggle in the bed on the weekends. Although, only her trunk fits now versus her entire body before, but it still makes for easy snuggling. her get dressed in the mornings. Although all outfit choices must be approved by Ms. Picky herself, I still do help her get into them even though I know she can do most of them herself. I have a feeling this will change very, very soon when Laney is here. I also think it is my own fault for always being in a rush in the mornings to get ready to go - I can do it faster so I just help.


...rock her from time to time. Although lately (KNOCKING ON WOOD!) she hasn't had any night terrors, she did have a couple of bad ones just a month or 2 ago where rocking her back to sleep was my last resort and it totally worked. Sure, the glider is in Laney's room but my bigger baby still needs me sometimes too so Laney can share.

...brush her teeth for her. Is that normal? Sometimes I'll let her do either the morning OR the night herself, but I feel like at least one of those times she needs a good brushing and I don't think she does well enough herself yet.

...cut up some of her food for her - like pancakes and pizza. Makes it easier and less messy.

...think of her as a baby. A BABY that is 3 and a half. It just doesn't seem right; like we've counted incorrectly or skipped a year somewhere.

...cannot wait to get to her every afternoon. It is by far the best part of my day.


Monday, March 16, 2015

L is for: Laney's Nursery

And not Late, but Later than I would have preferred, And Lovely.

833 copy 

It is (mostly) done. Hallelujah. I just need my seamstress to sew a couple of new pillow covers and my painter to spray paint one more frame for me and I think that would be it. (Can you  believe that my landscaper Juan is also my painter and seamstress? Man of many talents.) Oh, and if a little round accent rug that I actually like finds its way into my hands/shopping cart that would be lovely too. But I'm at least at a point where I feel like I can share it.

(If only I loved the pictures as much as I love the room. Turns out I'm a horrible room photographer. Just awful. And then trying to get the coloring right in Photoshop was horrible too. Just take the average coloring from every picture and find the common denominator hue. Those are the actual colors. Maybe I'll get the newborn photographer to take a couple of pictures for me since I am incapable.)

Anyways, this room took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted. I originally started out just knowing I was going to start by mimicking this picture from MODGblog's playroom.

Even on my Pinterest board, I kept coming back to this peach/gold color combo so eventually I was settled on that. I went ahead and picked a wall color and got that ingrained in my head. 

Oh look! There's Juan there!

With that out of the way, I started pricing those star decals (not cheap! or easy to find!), or deciding if I was going to ask Juan to stencil those for me. I thought about that for a long, long time. So long that when I finally got inspired to move on to other areas of the room, I had long since forgotten about them and ultimately decided against using them at all. 

The next thing I got inspired to do came from some basement cleaning. At one point about a year ago, I started buying any and all letters I could find for an Etsy idea that never came to be. I have no idea how we were able to do the bird mobiles for so long and do so many of them! I never even made a good attempt at getting the letter business off the ground. So while cleaning the basement and seeing all of these letters sitting there unused, I decided to see how much of the alphabet I already owned since I had seen that idea on Pinterest a million times. I mean, use what you've got, right? Turned out I only needed to buy 6 more letters to complete the alphabet, so I decided to go ahead with that project.


I bought about 6 different pieces of scrapbook paper that I liked and modge-podged the tops of the letters while painting the sides gold. It was actually a very easy (and cheap!) project. Then those got hung over the crib (instead of over the bookcase like I had envisioned) after some mild panicking about furniture placement and it not all fitting. Sure, would have made more sense over the bookcase but I loved the finished product so much I wanted it to be on the focal wall when you came in the room, so over the crib they went.

And the room stayed that way for several weeks after that. I couldn't decide on anything so I just did nothing. But then. THEN! Ideas started coming all at once! I found some wrapping paper I liked at Marshall's, and then a roll of wallpaper I liked for only $1 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and curtains that didn't break the bank from a pin on Pinterest and, and, and, and!! It just all started coming together and rolling in.

I used the wallpaper to cut some silhouette shapes for a few frames I got at Marshall's and to cover a couple of books I used on a shelf and I framed pieces of the wrapping paper for a triptych I made to go over the bookcase. Basically just doing my cheapo decorating as I normally do.

And then I came across this mobile on Pinterest that I loved and was sold on Etsy anywhere from $150-$175. I wondered if I should splurge on this since I'd yet to even spend $30 on this room.

I considered that for negative 2 seconds (meaning not at all, no way, no how) and instead Googled DIY instructions to make it myself. I came across a couple of YouTube videos on the flowers themselves, and then this blog with a tutorial that I roughly followed (except I for sure did not make a pattern for every flower - I just free handed those.) It was definitely time consuming, but I felt like I wanted to make Laney a special mobile too since we spent so much time making (and the duplicating 200x over) the one we made for Charley so it was my first moment of "let's make everything fair for my kids". I love the way it turned out so much though. And it cost me maybe $15 total.

815 copy832 copy

There was one other last minute project we completed over the weekend, but again, I just cannot get a good picture of it. It uses an IKEA Lyrik Pendant lamp shade (with the Hemma cord set), a pack of $1.50 paper flowers, and a roll of jute string I got for $1 at a yard sale forever ago. Oh, and for the bracket John went to the basement and found this wirey photo frame thing that I had planned to use in our bedroom one day if we ever got around to it. It was one of two swirly wirey pieces that connected, and had 4 frames hanging down from them. But he saw its potential as a bracket instead and once I agreed that it would be perfect, he re-engineered it to hold the pendant up. I wrapped the cord in the jute string to make it a little more visually appealing since it ran down the wall and added paper flowers to the pick-ups in the lamp shade. 

816 copy

Okay okay enough. Let me just show you the whole room. 

796 copy 2

804 copy


And a few little details - somehow bunnies kept finding their way into everything, so bunnies it is! Charley has even already picked out a bunny lovey for Laney so I guess bunnies are to Laney as birds and owls were to Charley.


I love that I know what is functional for me this time when designing a nursery and that I can get to as many burp cloths as I could possibly need (the basket on top of the dresser closest to the glider), the laundry hamper to dispose of those burp cloths and the switch for the lamp all easily and from the comfort of that glider. I spent a lot of time in that glider with Charley and foresee doing much of the same with Laney. And I love that I'll get to spend that time with Laney in a room I truly love!

I bought very few things new (shocker!) so I'm not going to bother with a source list, but if there is something in particular you want to know about feel free to ask! My biggest splurge in the entire room was that crib sheet - it was $39 which is insane for a sheet that will just get peed upon and spit up on. But, if that was the most expensive item in the whole room, I think I did okay.

And just for fun, here is the link to Charley's nursery. I like looking at them both and seeing how different they are! They have definitely been some of my favorite rooms to decorate.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Last Month

The title of this makes me chuckle - this post is about the last month of my life, however it could also mean that I'm entering the last month of this pregnancy. Hehe! Double meanings are so clever.

Anyways, I just knew my next post would be about the nursery. Ha! Really hoping this weekend I can get that done.

Instead, another catch-up type post.

We've been to the zoo and a children's museum, spring has now sprung shortly after we had a tiny bit of (our only) winterish weather this winter, I bought Charley some Disney princess sheets (!!), we visited an aquarium, took Charley to a sibling class at the hospital and John took her to a little building class at Home Depot, and we've just spent a lot of time at home since we've last spoken.


And then this stuff, too:


Last night I had to run to Target because spring is all of a sudden here! I've gotten Charley quite a few dresses for summer (not even going to bother buying shorts at this point - it'd be a waste of money) but they are all sleeveless because that is what we need for the majority of the spring/summer down here. But, it's not quite sleeveless weather yet so needed some plain tees to wear under the dresses for now. 

I have had this issue every single year since Charley has been here, yet I return to Target every single spring looking for the same thing that just isn't there. PLAIN tees, Target. No bows, no lace, and good grief no graphics. Just a plain tee was all I needed and the baby/toddler section was a huge disappointment yet again.

I was just about to leave defeated when I remembered Charley is in a 4T now, which is justttt shy of the size 4 in the big girl's department so I wandered over to the other side where people with BIG kids shop. What do ya know? PLAIN tees and the only difference in sizing was the length. So I purchased something from the BIG GIRLS department and I nearly shed a tear. Good thing we get to start all over in the baby department really soon!

And yeah, they fit perfectly. My bayyyybeeee.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new job? Because I really do. It makes me happy. Even if the pennies I'll get while on maternity "leave" (I say "leave" because I'll take a laptop home with me and work when I can/if I can/if I want to - they are pretty flexible) will make it a couple of rough months in the budget - I still would take this 10 times over staying at the old job. Which, the old job didn't make me UNhappy either - I just didn't know how much better I could have it.


Have I mentioned here before how I am anti-plastic in food/drinkware? Because I am. I don't use many plastics ESPECIALLY anything that has to be reheated. Ack! So naturally, we are going with glass bottles this time and I'm pretty excited about it. The things that excite me these days are pretty lame huh?



During the winter my mom and I have to get our thriftiness fix at second-hand shops and thrift shops while it is not yet yard sale season. I feel like I've gotten some pretty good stuff too! 

We are nearing complete in replacing all of the hideous builder light fixtures in the house. The bathrooms still had those awful Hollywood lights, so I scooped these up so fast when I spotted them at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore for only $10 each! And then I had to come home and look them up on Lowe's website where they are priced for a lovely $78 each. Score!


And we had to find a new dresser or something for Charley's room because the one she had worked so great as a changing table we wanted to use that one again in Laney's room instead. I started out looking for just a dresser when I decided a wardrobe would be more fun. I found this one at the same Habitat for Humanity ReStore and one day we'll finish it up and I'll share an after picture with you, because the before requires you to use quite a bit of imagination to see its value. I paid $80 for it.


This is a horrible picture, but one more favorite thrifted item I've gotten lately is this old antique baby stroller which I'm using as decoration in Laney's nursery. It was only $8 or $10 or something. Yay!



We are going to Disney in October! I can NOT wait. It's not a long trip - just a long weekend - but Charley is going to be so beyond thrilled with it all. My parents are also coming because they want to see Charley's reaction too, and of course help out with Laney. 

We are already talking about it with Charley so there will be no "surprise! We're going to the airport to go to Disney" video. We don't have much patience and luckily she isn't the type of kid to ask about it daily. Although she HAS been planning her birthday party for a few months already and we still have 6 months to go for that one.


And finally - 34 weeks! Whoa!


I didn't feel like doing the whole weekly survey thing again. Basically I am getting to the point where I get winded from walking all of 6 feet and I actually have some acid reflux here and there too - which I've never really had before. I had some last night which woke me up around 4, and even though the obvious culprit seems to be the Mexican food we had for dinner, I seriously think chocolate seems to be the common denominator every time I have it. Not cool, body, not cool. And despite appearances I am measuring right on track, but they only measure the front bump and not the back hump so I can't comment on the size of that at this point. 


Now, next up, nursery! Finishing it up THIS WEEKEND. Darn it!