Monday, September 14, 2009

Chicken of the Sea

My precious kitty Tuna:

It may or may not have been mentioned before, but Tuna hasn't always been the smartest kitty around. He can't help it, he just fulfills the "dumb blond" stereotype for kitties. He was put on this Earth to be pretty and prissy (even boys can be prissy!), cute and occasionally whiny. And he does a great job at all 4 things.

But I started thinking, that it might not be 100% Tuna's fault that he is of the duller hues in the box of crayons. Maybe John and I as kitty parents have failed him. How, you ask? Well let me tell you all the nicknames that Tuna goes by in our house:

His official name is TUNA, just so we are clear.

Which led to:

  • Tuna Baloona
  • Tuna Boo
  • Tuna Buna (pronounced Boo-nah)
  • Tuna Bu (pronounced Boo)
  • Tutu, and
  • Tuuuuuuuuussss (pronounced twos....and this one requires drawing the word out and a loud volume)

And he is quite the small little kitty. So that led to:

  • Tiny Tuna
  • Tiny Tu
  • Tiny
  • Tee Tiny
  • Tee Tiny Boy
  • Tee Tees
  • etc.

Which turned into:

  • Teepers (one of the more popular nicknames)
  • Teepers Creepers
  • Teeps
  • Teepees

And then a random one:

  • Nibbles and Bits - because he likes to nibble on any exposed fingers while trying to wake us up on the weekend mornings

I think I am just overcompensating for myself...I always wanted a cool nickname and though a few came close to sticking, nothing really ever stuck. So now we have 20 or so nicknames for Tuna who wasn't the brightest to begin with, and it seems he is just overly confused. Poor little Teeps. He must just come running to us anytime he hears a word that starts with "T". And to think that all this time I thought he was smart for knowing the word "treat"!