Monday, March 19, 2012

Stuff We Like: 3-6 Month Edition

Much like I did for the 0-3 month age range, here is the stuff we really liked for the 3-6 month age. I feel like there is so much more for this age, and this may get long. Here goes.

[Just as an update from the 0-3 month post: We still like the Sleep Sheep and use it every night. The elephant is still a favorite. Still LOVE the stroller, and just use the stroller regularly now without the carseat attachment. Yes to cloth diapers as burp cloths, and yes to the diaper pail, although it's about to be put to the test with SOLID FOOD POOP. Ew. And finally, those socks I mentioned are still the only ones I've ever found that stay on, and Charley is still wearing the 0-6 month size even though they are slightly small for her now.]

The Big Stuff:

Rainforest Jumperoo


Charley absolutely loves this. Her toes now touch the floor and she jumps in it like a crazy woman. Keeps her entertained for good chunks of time, which is a plus for me!

Beco Gemini Carrier

I started out with the Moby as my baby carrier. I do think the Moby is very comfortable, BUT, it is really inconvenient to go anywhere with it because while wrapping yourself up in it (it's just a really long piece of fabric if you didn't know), the ends drag the ground and that wouldn't be so great in a grocery store parking lot. Sure, you can put it on at home without the baby before you go, but, I just never felt that the Moby was convenient for me. We do use it at home sometimes though, for example.

The Beco, though, ohhhh the Beco. I originally wanted an Ergo which looks pretty much identical to this. But, when I found out that you can put the baby in facing forward in the Ergo I knew it wouldn't work for Charley. She NEEDS to face outwards to see what's going on. Then I learned about the Beco, which is designed to be great ergonomically for babies hips and it's very comfortable and distributes the weight on me really well too. This was the one, only, it's $130. Yikes.

So, much like I did with the glider in Charley's nursery, I started stalking Craigslist. Finally I found someone selling one for $70 and thought that price was pretty decent. But, what would be even better is $50! So, I offered $50, they accepted, and it was sold. Charley loves to be in it so much and I wish I would have just gone with this one from the time she could hold her head up.


The Little Stuff:

Taggies Blanket


Charley loves this little blanket. This picture is blurry, but it shows her favorite thing to do with it: put it over her face, kick her legs as fast as they will go and flail her arms about, only to remove the blanket when someone asks, "where's Charley?". This is her peek-a-boo blanket. It is also a carseat toy that stays in her lap and entertains her in the car.


Sophie is proving she is worth the $20 for a glorified dog toy. It has a squeaker in it just like dog toys do, but the creators of them knew what teething babies were looking for when they designed it because Charley loves this little giraffe! (An interesting video about it, if you're interested.)


Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Play Gym


This thing got a LOT of use from a little under 3 months until 5ish months. So it wasn't used for a long time, but it more than made up for that from the amount of minutes she spent playing on it. She would probably still enjoy playing on it, but now that she rolls over her legs tend to get caught on the toys and she ends up collapsing the mat onto herself. Not the best toy for her to play with when you are sucked into Jersey Shore and neglecting the baby and she's kicking her legs and waving her arms for me to come rescue her from underneath the attack butterflies. For example.

Not so fun stuff that we still loved:

Halo Sleep Sacks
The First Years Bottle Warmer
Honeywell Fan - Because the Sleep Sheep only lasts for so long.
Crane Penguin Humidifier
Tuna (the cat, not the stinky stuff in the can)

And finally, stuff I'm not a fan of:
Fisher Price Mirror for the car - Love having a mirror. Wish this one didn't fall down (behind the seat, not onto Charley) every time I do a u-turn or go over a speedbump.
Fenugreek...didn't work for me.
Mother's Milk Tea...nasty (I do like the Yogi one though)

I know many of my bloggy friends have babies the same age-ish as Charley, but if you have an older child what were your favorite things for 6-9 months? I could really use more baby junk in my house!


MillerMama said...

I am seriously impressed by your Craigslist bargains. We never get good stuff where I live!

Amelia loves her Taggies blankie too but she has started sucking incesssantly on the tags which scares the bejesus out of me because I'm afraid she's going to suck one down her throat (logical, right?).

I have a car mirror I love. I'll have to find out which one it is and let you know :)

Heather said...

I love hearing your 3-6 month favorites. Many are the same as us; but many different too.

Tory won't have anything to do with her activity mat these days. I think I may have overused it around month 4 because she gives me a look like "this is so December 2011."

We have the Eddie Bauer car mirror. It was a hand-me-down from a friend and I haven't had any problems with it following down.

Finally, can you post a tutorial on how to get husbands to vacuum? It seems like yours has it down with Charley in the carrier!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

That jumperoo pic is priceless. Makes me wanna get one for myself!

Jess said...

Great list! I now have Beco envy though... although Natalie loves the Ergo, which is a hand-me-down from Nathan. In answer to your 6-9 month question, hands-down the most popular toy w/ every kid I know in that age group is a set of plastic stacking/nesting cups. Apparently they are the perfect heft and shape for grabbing, banging on the table, and teething.