Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Move over Victoria. Gilligan O'Malley has claimed the top spot in the undie department. They are perfect and non-squeezy and therefore non-panty-liney and I just love them so much. I just wish there were more than 4 options.

--- 2 ---
We are opting for no wire shelving in our new house because I've always hated it. John is likely going to build some shelves and such in the closets and pantry. We don't want to spend a fortune, but wouldn't mind some cool little features to make them more organized and fun. Anything you love in your closets or pantries?

--- 3 ---
Yesterday on Facebook I posted a status update that said "That groundhog was a liar." as I was walking into work in the frigid cold. And then today, all of these little memes and pictures start showing up saying the same thing! I bet people think I got it from there and I didn't! I swear it! It was my very own little witty thought and I've been thieved!


--- 4 ---

I had my first physical in 6 years on Wednesday. I'm thinking I shouldn't wait that long in between physicals next time. It really wasn't that bad! Except for the part where the doctor noticed the big fat ZERO in the 'how many times do you exercise weekly' spot, and I got a little lecture.

--- 5 ---

Charley has been in swimming lessons for the past few weeks. It's just a half hour every Saturday morning for four weeks so it's really just getting her comfortable with the water. My bathing suits are all packed away so John has been getting in the pool with her each week. She's doing really well, except for one part. They are supposed to learn to blow bubbles and therefore blow water OUT of their mouths, but Charley refuses. All of her time in the pool is spent with her mouth WIDE open. Even when she went underwater for the first time.

--- 6 ---

I've had a lingering cough leftover from a cold for FOUR weeks now. It's about time it goes away now. And no, I didn't mention this to my doctor on Wednesday because that would have been smart.

--- 7 ---

We still don't have a closing date on the house. We are shooting for early April. Today the well is going in and I'm ordering a rug for the living room.  

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Monday, March 18, 2013


It's a sad, sad day that Google Reader is going away. I am hoping that Bloglovin can pick up where Google Reader left off. Although, once my iGoogle homepage also goes away, I won't be as sad that Google reader is gone because then I'll be left with a homepage of absolutely nothing. No quick page to check blogs, email and my calendar all at once. Google, what are you doing to me? I digress. Anyways, Google followers, would you please continue to follow me here? 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Answers: Part 2

Okay,  so on with Part 2. And as of now, this will be the final part in this riveting Q&A series.

Haley asked a few different questions because she's an overachiever and I love her for it.

First, what is your favorite part of the new house? 



Right now, I am still loving the arches in the entryway the best. I think I may regret having the office arch-ed instead of door-ed at some point in the future when people are coming over and there is no where to hide the mountain of paper in the office, but, beauty is painful right? Maybe it will encourage me to not have mountains of paper. Not likely though.

Most embarrassing moment?

I wrote about a couple here a few years ago and those are always the go-to embarrassing moments I say when this question comes up. But to play fair I figured I needed to come up with something else to share.

I think my problem with these is that I tend to block out anything embarrassing and so when I'm trying to recall something, my brain is like "nuh-uh! That memory is hidden behind this wall and you don't have access to it at the moment. So sorry!" But I promised my mind that it may have this RIGHT BACK if it'd just let me borrow it for a few minutes, and then it's free to lock it away again for good.

Okay so I don't think I've told ANYONE but John this one. Back when I used to work at Dillard's during college, I used to go out after work and drink with some of my coworkers. This one guy used to go out with us sometimes and he happened to live in our same apartment complex too so since it was late when we'd go home, he'd follow me sometimes to be sure I got home safely since our apartment complex wasn't the safest in the world. John had met him, there was nothing shady going on. Just a nice guy.

Anyways, so one night we left the bar and he followed me home. I REALLY had to pee, but have a pretty strong bladder and the bar was close to home so I opted to skip the nasty, no toilet paper, puke in the corner bar bathroom in lieu of my own bathroom at home that I'd be at in just a few minutes. So I get home and out of my car and start running across the parking lot to my apartment. Just then I realized Jason was behind me in his car making sure I was going to get inside okay, and he rolled down his window to chat for a second. My bladder couldn't take it one second longer, and while he sat there talking to me, I peed. It wasn't one of those oopsie pees where only a little gets out and you are good, my bladder emptied down my leg while we talked. It was dark outside, and I wouldn't put it past that apartment complex to have random wafts of urine smells floating through the air so I really don't think Jason had a clue. But I sure laughed when he finally drove away.

What is your go-to dinner meal?

Um, Chick-Fil-A? No, that's not an answer? Fine. If I have to come up with something on my own, I usually make Bubble Up Enchiladas.


Kelly asked:

Where do you get most of your fabric for your birds?

For the most part, I get fabrics at Joann's Fabric because it's the closest fabric shop to me. That store is beyond ridiculously overpriced, but with coupons and sales I can get what I need pretty cheap. Since the birds use such a little bits of fabric, I can buy what are called 'fat quarters' to get a bunch of different fabrics without having to buy a lot so I buy those when it's a color/pattern that I don't think I'll use often. Those are $1.99 at Joann's, and just for comparison, Wal-Mart sells the exact same things for $.99. So yeah, if Wal-Mart has what I need I go there instead, but they have a very limited selection. Occasionally I'll go to Hobby Lobby but they have crazy hours and it's hard to get there if you work full time, and if I'm in Gastonia, NC I'll go to the fabric superstore Mary Jo's that Young House Love has talked about before.

When do we get a walk through of the house?

How about now? I may have already had this recorded when you asked so this was perfect timing on your part!

I doctored up a floor plan for you to follow along with which included mirroring the image since we flipped the floor plans to fit on our land, and made a super easy (ha!) to follow along path through the rooms as that's the route I took when making this video.


Here's a fun little game to play while watching this: Count how many times I say the word 'dark'. Make it a drinking game and drink every time I say it. You'll be guaranteed drunk by the end of the 9 minutes.

Are you drunk? If you refrained from drinking, my shaky camera skills may have had the same effect on you. Lots more has been done to the house since I recorded this last week, so I think next time I may try actual pictures instead. It's what I'm best at. Either that our I should audition to be a camera person in The Blair Witch Project II.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Answers: Part I

From my 'Ask Me Anything' posted here (questions are still welcome!) here are a few of the questions you asked with my answers. A couple of these questions I had already typed up and saved as drafts so these were super easy for me. You just gave me a little kick to finish them up and post them!


Megan asked: when can we see Tuna again?!?!?

Hi Megan! So, I noticed you mentioned Tuna the other day in a different comment and I realized Tuna has been pretty absent from the blog for a long long time and I had already planned on getting some Tuna back over here for ya. But, I wanted to wait until I had a fresh, new picture of Tuna and it's been about 8 weeks since I've seen Tuna so I don't have one. I know, I know. I'm a terrible cat mommy.

Tuna has been living with John's friend Ben since we left the townhouse. My parents don't have inside pets so we found temporary housing for the cats while we wait (and wait and wait) for the new house to be built. John goes over there several times a week to feed them, brush them and give them some attention. I have only been over there a couple times and those times both John and Ben were out of town. I do feel a little bad for not going to visit them often. But that will just make them that much more excited when we are all reunited, right?

Anyways, if you want a real confession I will admit that I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being pet free and therefore pet HAIR free. I will care for Reese and Tuna for the remainder of their lives, but I really think inside pets are not for me.

To hold you over, how about a vintage Tuna picture? This one is an oldie but a goodie. (From here if you haven't been around here for long)

Be back soon, Megan!


MillerMama was playing detective and asked: Where were you on February 17th?

I'm so glad you picked this day, because 99% of the days you could have picked would have been like, um, work then home. Yippee. And if you watch the same amount of crime shows as I do, you know that that alibi NEVER stands up in court.

But this day, no. This day we were at The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta! I have ticket stubs and receipts and pictures to prove it, your honor.



Then, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous asked at 10:04pm: Are you interested in having more children? If yes- in the near future? If no- why not?

And I guess Mr./Mrs. Anonymous couldn't sleep because presumably they followed up at 12:17am with this question: How are you preventing having more children?

Well, I was going to wait to tell you, but I promised answers so here you go:


Just kidding.

(That's a little Charley in that belly! Although I'm pretty sure I could take a picture today that looks pretty similar to this and I assure you there is no baby in this belly.)

Yes, we are interested in having another baby. I'd say also that we are thinking near futurish. (But not now. My parents are just down the hall after all!)

And, I did have the Paragard IUD as my method of birth control up until November. It worked great and I had no issues with it. I had my annual gyno visit in November and knew that I would want to have it removed somewhat soon, so told her to go ahead and remove it then. I like to minimize the amount of doctor's visits in which I have to shave for and I didn't want to come back another time. From then to now, we haven't prevented. I know from charting prior to conceiving Charley approximately when I ovulate, so I know when to be more careful. It's worked so far, and if that method fails it's really no big deal. We're ready-ish.


What else ya got? I'll post some more answers to your questions in a little while but I'd love to prolong me having to actually come up with my own blog topics for longer.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ask Me Anything...

I am a glutton for punishment. Most of the times I've posted any comment-led blog has failed, and failed miserably. I know people are reading (hi! I seeee you!!) but most of the time they don't comment. Which is totally fine, because I'm not writing for the sole purpose of getting the feedback. Plus, I am a rare commenter myself unless something really strikes my fancy so I understand.

Anyways, the small successes I have had with comment-led blog activity has been when anonymity was allowed. Thus, I have turned on the option for anonymous comments for a little while. So, if you have something you've been meaning to ask me, ask! If you want to ask me something but maybe don't want me to know it was from you, ask anonymously. If you don't have anything specific you want to ask me, make something up! Ask a math question. Ask if the sky is blue. Ask anything!

I'll be back to answer a question or two ASAP. And for your cooperation, I will share with you this beautiful piece of toddler specimen: