Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look Mom - No Cavities!

So for the last 15 or 16 years I've been all

until today. I had a dentist appointment this morning. No worries, I don't mind the dentist! Everyone always says how much they hate going to the dentist and I'd think to myself, ha, not me, I don't mind at all. La di da la di da is how I lived in my little dentist loving world.

And then today. This is how the appointment went.

I showed up on time for the first time I think EVER. And for the first time ever, I actually had to wait 10 minutes on them. That should've been my first sign to abort mission.

Finally I go back to the hygienist's' office. She takes my x-rays. Sends the x-rays off to the x-ray picture developing machine thingy. In the meantime she cleans my teeth. La di da, everythings going great. Occasionally she stops for a sec for a little convo:

"Any big trips planned for this year?"

"No, just a couple of beach vacations. Nothing big booked so far."

"Oh yeah, with the economy I think we are all just trying to save some money."

"Mmmm hmmm."And back to teeth cleaning.

I notice she's spending an extra couple of seconds on one spot. And then my x-rays come back. It's the rudest thing actually. The x-ray light board thingy is behind my head. So she puts all of the x-rays on this board that's clearly not in my vision and studies it for a few minutes. Then digs out last years' x-rays. Study study study. Then a "hmmm." Then back to cleaning.

I want to scream WHAT TELL ME LET ME IN ON THIS SECRET THEY ARE MY TEETH AFTER ALL! Or just let me look at the pictures too. Why's it gotta be all secrets up in here??

Then some polishpolishpolish and some flossing action. And then...the dentist...dun dun dun.

She and hygienist chat as if I'm not in the room. "Did you see anything?" "Maybe on 3." "Yeah yeah I agree with you."

The dentist looks at my teeth and tells me I have a cavity. My very first cavity in 15ish years mind you. When I used to get cavities as a kid I was pulling stuff like just wiping toothpaste on my teeth so my mom would think I actually did brush my teeth before school. I don't do those types of things anymore! How could this be!?

She asks if I want silver or tooth colored filling. I don't know! I've never made this decision on my own. Where's my mama?

So all in all, what I'm trying to say is, I've officially joined the I-hate-the-dentist club. And the sucky part is I have to go back Tuesday for my filling. Does it hurt? I think I remember it hurting. I'm scared.

And then, if all of this wasn't bad enough, she gave me a purple toothbrush. Purple? Finally? All this time I've been all "look mom, no cavities" and she would give me ugly green, brown, and yellow toothbrushes, and then the one time I have a cavity and she finally gives me the color I've been hoping to get everytime? Don't try to cheer me up now lady! You've just ruined my day! Is THIS what I have to do to get a good color. Sheesh.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have a secret...

I have told some peeps, but I shouldn't tell yet. And, I'm not good at keeping things to myself! I am not a good secret keeper! At least not a good keeper of MY secrets, but I can keep friends' secrets...sometimes. :-)

Ahhhhhhhh! How do people do this? This....keeping things to themselves crap! I am NOT one of those people...I am an open book and tell everyone everything. Thus the reason I have a Myspace, Facebook, a blog, and a big mouth! (Not literally though, my mouth is actually very little. How little you ask? Well, when I got braces on in middle school, they used the mouth widener thing for my age, ya know, this thing:

and it was bent so much that it snapped! They had to get a kids size! So yeah, that little.)

So where was I? Oh yeah, my secret. Well, if everything works perfectly and all the planets align, and yada yada yada, then maybe, just MAYBE, I'll be able to tell in a few weeks. Don't worry, its killing me not to tell just as bad as it's killing you to know! We're all in this boat together...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life's Not Fair

Everyday when I get off of the train at my station, I am greeted with the most lovely smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies. You know why this sucks? Cause the cookies are all locked away in here: at the Lance Factory across the street and there is no way to get my grubby little hands on them. That's borderline torture...letting me smell the deliciousness day after day, and never really getting to try them. I mean sure, I could go to the gas station and pick up some Lance snacks, but they'd be cold. And preservafied. And not warm, good smelly and gooey. Hmph.

THEN, if that's not enough, when I get closer to my house I smell the stank greasy smell of potato chips. I used to think this smell lingered over to my house from the Lance factory too, like they were all done making cookies and now they were frying up some potato chips, but recently I realized there is a Frito Lay plant closer. Don't get me wrong, I love potato chips. But the constant aroma of grease isn't too pleasing.

But, I guess I shouldn't complain. Life could be worse. At least I don't live near a poop plant.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

So I realize it is January 12th and I'm just now getting around to this. So shoot me. It's been extremely busy at work this year (not that I would EVER blog at work!) and if you aren't nice I might not blog again until March! :-P

So this, is my pictures and some words:

January 1st started out with a new year's party at our house. January 12th I celebrated one of my best friends 21st birthday...2 days late! :-)
February 23rd we attended a friend's wedding...congratulations Andrea and Aaron! And as pathetic as this is...I have NO pictures of the bride and groom. I'm so lame. However, please enjoy this picture of John and I. If you got our Christmas card, you realize this is the same picture I used on it. And if you were observant at all, you realized I had a beautiful Bud Light sign in the background of our picture. Did I mention the fact that I chose this picture for our CHRISTMAS CARD? Classssyyy.
March 22nd was my nieces' 4th birthday party! We celebrated at their house with (almost) my entire family:

March 23rd was Easter. Who says you are ever too old to Easter egg hunt?

April 14th I turned 26. I celebrated with a party with friends on the 11th, and a dinner with family on the 13th. I'm pretty sure I worked on my birthday. Ahhh, the life of an adult...
May 25th through June 1st I went to Alaska with my Mom and Dad. Definitely a trip of a lifetime!

June 13th I attended my only concert for the year! Pathetic! I honestly can't remember who we saw. (Matt, help me out!) I'm sure it was a great show though! :-)
The weekend of June 21st I went to Myrtle Beach to go "camping" with my family. It was so fun we are going again this year...but for a week this time!

July 4th we celebrated on the lake with Matt and his parents, who are so nice to invite us out every year on their boat.

Sorry Matt I had to do it! This is what I'll remember this July 4th by!

Okay, I just now realized that this is the part after I started this blog, so let's make this easy...

Read my archives for the rest of the year! THE END!

I hope 2009 is as great, or even greater than 2008!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day I woke up at 9 and realized I had two hours to cook 2 batches of these cookies (thanks Kelly!) and a hash brown casserole, I still had a few gifts left to wrap and I usually like to get to my mom's early, but that didn't happen this year. It was a very rushed morning for sure! It just didn't seem right to set an alarm clock on Christmas day so that is what I get!

When I looked over the recipe for the hash brown casserole on Christmas Eve, I realized the only thing I needed still was some cream of chicken soup. I told myself to stop by the store on the way to the Christmas play to get it, but in the craziness of the day, I completely forgot. I made an emergency phone call to my mom Christmas morning, and luckily she not only had some, my dad even drove it over for me! You can't get that kind of service anywhere! Thanks Daddy!

Christmas Brunch consisted of ham, rolls, macaroni and cheese, hash brown casserole, cream cheese chicken, breakfast pie, grits, orange danishes, coffee cake muffins, sausage, and I'm sure there was more that I'm forgetting. It was deeeelish!
After brunch, my brother and I passed out allll of these gifts:

Lindsay and Lori had so many they looked like they were in a present fort:
My pile of presents is that one to the right of Lindsay and Lori, so technically I could have made a fort too but I'm not a show-off like those girls! :-) Haha, just kidding, actually the only reason it looks like I get more is because I prefer gifts over gift cards, while most everyone else had lots of gift cards.

Anyways, the day was filled with much present opening and merriment! I see my family all of the time since we all live so close together, and we pretty much have a birthday party once a month (the only months available when I have kids are January, July and October!), but it is still so exciting and so much fun to be with them all on Christmas. It never gets old to be with great family!

I really didn't take many pictures at all. :-( Here are the few I did take:

Daddy, Colt and John C. - my brother-in-laws brother

Lindsay and Lori playing with their new talking twin dolls
My dad and some new tool

Me and John

Christy and I...we don't look alike at ALL! :-)
Mama, Chris and Daddy

Joy, Lindsay and Lori opening gifts
Vince and Seth opening their gifts
And finally, here is John modeling Lindsay and Lori's new tiger purse. Joy has this one on her blog but it is so funny I had to add it here too. John should look into a toy modeling career! :-)

It was such a fun, but exhausting day! John and I definitely took a nice long nap when we got is the best thing to do Christmas evening! Well that and thanking God for giving us Jesus, he is the reason for the season, ya know!

Christmas Eve

I had another wonderful Christmas this year. I'm pretty sure there was only one Christmas in my life that wasn't quite wonderful and was more like Jerry Springer, but we've moved on from that!

This year we went to Christmas Eve Service at my sister's church where my nieces Lindsay and Lori were angels in the Christmas play. After that, we went back to my sister's house for our Christmas Eve tradition of dinner and a gift game. This year we played 2 rounds of Christmas Scattergories,
and many creative questionable answers were given! Then, we totaled how many points we got in both rounds, and these determined what number you were given for the gift exchange game. We just call it "the game" but I guess it's also called lots of other names like White Elephant or Dirty Santa. This year I somehow ended up with my own gift back, a Lil Dipper crock pot! Crazy how that happened, since I did especially want it! :-)

Here we all are that night:


Colt and Holly

Me and John

Mama and Seth
Joy and Colt

Lori and Vince

Chris and Christy

Danny and Joy

And last but not least, Daddy. He was up past his bed time and was ready to go home! :-)
I am SHOCKED that I got a picture of everyone! That normally does not happen. Unintentionally of course, but there are a lot of us to keep up with!

After this we rushed home and got into bed to get ready for Santa to come that night! Well actually some of my family members (coughJoycough) probably didn't bother because they knew they had been naughty all year so it really didn't matter if they got in bed early or not! Haha! Just kidding! Sort of. :-)

We all had a very merry Christmas Eve and I hope you did too!