Friday, January 29, 2010

Spill it!

I've seen this done a lot lately in my blurking, so I thought I'd play along. She had the best title though so I'm gonna give her credit for the idea.

I have never been a fan of the purse. Carried stuff in my pockets as much as possible for as long as I could. (Not bulgy stuff, just cash/cards) When it became absolutely imperative that I carry a purse, I could never think of anything to put in it except my wallet and keys. And I would do just that.

Oh how things have changed.

I still don't like a purse, necessarily. But, it's a necessity these days. Especially since I commute on the train for 25 minutes in the mornings and afternoons, I need stuff to fill up that time. And so, the longer I've been in the working world, the larger my purse has become. It's still not super-mondo gigantic size like many ladies' I see, but larger than I'd prefer. Which is my only explanation for ALL of this stuff:

Yes, it all fits.

But in order to take a picture of it all I had to stand back a bit and you can't really see everything that was in that mustard bag.

So, broken in to 3 sets, here are the innards of my purse:

1. (2) Beaded Black Necklaces
2. Lovely pair of gloves from the faraway land of Alaska
3. Empty glasses/sunglasses case
4. Prescription sunglasses that belong in #3, but spend more time actually swimming around in my purse freely
5. Headphones
6. Dollar bills, y'all. $12 to be exact. Don't mug me! (You would think this would be in a wallet, but no. It floats around freely. George and Abraham told me they didn't like being locked up inside a wallet.)
7. Le old fashioned check book.
8. Work Badge
9. Purse Litter, including lots of receipts, several grocery store lists, and goes as far back as Christmas lists...eek!

10. Make-up bag
11. Rubbermaid container that contained breakfast this morning. Which was (if you must know) a delicious and nutritious turkey bacon, egg, and cheese english muffin, slightly toasted, prepared by my lovely husband who got up to make it for me on his day off. (Awww!)
12. Keys
13. Advil
14. Change purse/Carryover for cards that don't fit in wallet
15. Earrings - Lots of times I get sick of wearing them halfway through the day and just toss them in. I'm happy to report that I still have both earrings for all (4) pairs.
16. Pen, and quite possibly the hardest thing to find while digging
17. Fingernail Clippers
18. Clear nail polish in case of an emergency run in tights, on one of the few days a month that I actually wear tights
19. Kleenex
20. Lidless Tide-2-Go pen
21. Mesh bag for headphones, which clearly I'm too lazy to use
22. Homeless pen cap
23. Coupons
24. Bookmark

25. Various plastic cutlery
26. Current read: "Love the One You're With" by Emily Giffin
27. Lid for Tide-2-Go pen
28. Gold Pond itch relief cream...which has been in my purse since the Daytona vacation last August when I was eaten alive by no-see-ums. Last time I used it also, but ya never know when you might get an untameable itch!
29. Face Lotion
30. Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss
31. Travel sized sunscreens, 1 for face and 1 for body
32. Hand Sanitizer
33. Various hair thingys: bobby pins, barrette and ponytail holders
34. Vitamin C drops and a mint.
35. Lotion
36. iPhone
37. Wallet

So that's all. Not that much at all, right? Righhhhttttt.

I promise I didn't omit anything...I showed it all to ya!!

But on the plus side, this did make me clean out and reduce the amount of junk I carry around on a daily basis. I decided I could do without 2 of the bobby pins and a couple receipts. Feels so much lighter already!

Am I the only one with this much crap in my purse?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been thinkin'...

...lots of random stuff. My brain is full and I need to unload some. This looks like a good dumping ground....

1. I was sitting at a stop light last night with 2 left turn lanes. I look around and notice that every car that I can see that are also in these lanes (about 5 or 6 cars), all have their turn signal on. I didn't...isn't it obvious you are turning if you are in a turning lane? Is this some law I skipped over in Driver's Ed?

P.S. For the record, I DO use a turn signal most other times.

P.S.S. I once knew a guy that OVERused his turn in using it to turn into and out of a parking space, to turn out of his driveway onto the road, etc. You know what happened from his overusage? His turn signal stick (for lack of a better word) broke off of his steering column and just hung there. Major overusage!

2. When using smileys, or emoticons as they are now referred to, there still needs to be appropriate punctuation, regardless of the fact that they are made up of punctuation themselves.

I hate when I see a smiley inside of parentheses like this, (blah blah blah :), and then they either don't close their parentheses or they forgot the smile. I'll never be able to tell! Is it just some eyeballs peeking in the parentheses, or is this all still included in the parenthetic thought that has yet to end? I may never know.

3. I know it seems like I've been slacking on the ol' blog lately, but I haven't, really. While I may not have been updating with new stuff, I had to go back to everything I've ever posted and replace all the pictures. Well not all of them, just everything before August 2009.

Which equals 93 blog posts times an average of 3 pictures each, which equals a lot of freaking time.

Apparently, blogger doesn't store your pictures with your blog. They are stored based on your email address. Even if you change the email address associated with the blog, the pictures aren't included in the package deal. And when I got married I changed my email address since it contained my old last name, and I thought I had made sure everything had been transferred over just fine. So I went ahead and finally deleted it. Oops.

Every picture was deleted and had to be reuploaded. Which, I had started to use Flickr to host my pictures anyways, so it was just a matter of uploading all of the pictures before August 2009 and resizing each one and copying/pasting HTML code for EVERY SINGLE ONE. And then I maxed out the megabytes that Flickr allows with a free account for January. So I have to wait until February to finish. I can't freaking wait.

And sadly, I can't find some of the pictures. So they may be lost forever. Like some of the drawings I did in paint. Those aren't re-creatable. One of a kind, they were. Gone, forever.

4. Facebook statuses are becoming the new annoying forwards. If you don't copy/paste this in your status your leopard printed bra will suddenly start shrinking, squeezing the life out of you. The only way to reverse that is to describe how your hair is styled right now using sexually suggestive adjectives. If you refuse to do that, all of your hair will fall out on your pillow tonight while you sleep. The only way to reverse that is to post a status telling the world that you love/are thankful for/are blessed/etc. for your husband/family/child/dog/ferret.

5. So there were the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, and even the two-thousands, right? Did I just make the two-thousands part up? Regardless, what are we in now? The tens? The teens? I'm confused. And what about in 10 years when we get back to the twenties. Will we replace the "roaring twenties" with the new twenties? How will we distinguish the two??

These are the things that take over my mind. Perhaps these things have annexed part of the memory section of my brain, and that's why my memory is lacking.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drowned Rat

I debated whether or not to post this since the last blog entry had to do with cats. If you post about cats twice in a row does that automatically qualify you for cat-ladydom?


3 of the 4 inhabitants of this household took baths Sunday. (2 of the 4 have actually taken baths/showers SINCE Sunday, thankfully) Reese is the only dirty one among us. Lucky for him Tuna has a lot of fur, requiring a lot of shampoo, and we ran out before it was his turn. And on top of that he has lazy parents that haven't felt like going to the pet store that is literally half a mile away.

Tuna's bath times are quite entertaining. John is the bath giver, and I'm his trusty sidekick. My duties include: handing him the towel, serving as backup in case of a bath time escapee, and laughing at Tuna. This time I was an over achiever and also added to my list: take pictures. Cause I know you'd like to see. Cause he really is only a tiny little thing underneath all that fur and it's funny to look at him.

So without further ado, I present, "Drowned Rat":

Lacey: Look how cute he is hiding in the towel. He doesn't even know what's coming!
Tuna: They don't even let me use the good towels. I get the old ones with bleach stains. And I know what's coming. Why do you think I'm hiding stupid lady?

Tuna: I don't like this. Someone save me.

Tuna: No really. I hate this. And you. And you. I hate you all.

John: You weigh about 5 pounds soaking wet. You really think your gonna wiggle your way out of this??
Tuna: I'm wet. And cold. And I still don't like you.
Tuna: Ahh look at my beauty. Went to the salon a la John and Lacey, got a nice blow out and style out and look at me now. I know I'm pretty.

Monday, January 18, 2010

And then, it was 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Happy 2010!

There, does that catch me up?

It's a lovely 60 degrees out today on January the eighteenth, and a holiday on top of that, yet I sit in front of the computer like every other day. I can't drag myself away! But, in my defense, I have a NEW computer (which is one of those super cool new ones that don't even have a "system unit", just the monitor, keyboard, and huh?)...

...and said new computer has a web cam, which is my first computer that has ever had one. And, I may have spent the last hour taking ridiculous pictures and videos of myself. (Is it just me or does the word "web cam" seem dirty? Trust me, if you googled "dirty" and "webcam" and ended up here, this is NOT what you were looking for! Get outta here! GO!) Poor John is at work and missed out on all the fun!

At first it was innocent enough. Just getting warmed up and figuring out how to use it. Tuna also thought it was way cool as you can tell by the enthusiasm on his face.

Just like photo taken every 3 seconds. We're having fun now! (for those of you that don't know me, re-read that sentence with a bit of sarcasm in your voice.)

Another collage? Don't mind if I do...

Two-headed Lacey monster....runnnn!

Reese wanted in on some of the action.

And then, if I wasn't entertained enough, I found the video option. I chose Tuna to be my co-star, naturally. We played around with some of the audio effects, which change your voice into different things. We started out with munchkin (my personal fave), and moved on to ducky and then robot.

I could have gone on for hours. Blame Tuna for being a party pooper.