Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey guess what?! Easter was 2 full weeks ago and I've had this blog post saved as a draft since then. I figured it was maybe about time to finish and post it.

Brother and Sisters: Colt, me, Joy, Christy
I spent all of Easter with my family. I actually woke up and went to sunrise service at church at the wee hour of 7:00 a.m. I arrived extra early at 6:58 a.m., only to discover that my brother was not there yet and was expecting me to come pick him up. Luckily he only lives .4 miles from the church, but having to leave and go pick him up and bring him back made me late. What was I thinking anyways, trying to be Ms. Early Bird. My nickname is Late Lacey and I might as well live up to it.

After church I went back home and cooked roasted red potatoes and green bean casserole for my family's Easter dinner that started at 1:00. Who am I kidding - John cooked them both. I DID cut up the potatoes. I used the Ulu knife for the first time that my parents bought John from our trip to Alaska last May and was very very impressed. You should buy one. Anyways, I laid on the couch and offered my assistance during commercial breaks of Millionaire Matchmaker.

At 1:00 we went over to my parents house and had a nice Easter dinner.
For dessert, we had my birthday cake since my birthday was 2 days later. Turns out my lungs were still as healthy as ever and I blew out all 27 candles in one swift breath. Hopefully I will get this full lung capacity back soon since I have been sick and can barely walk to Katie's desk and back without losing my breath. I need one of those oxygen cans on wheels.
After we ate, it was time for Easter egg hunting. It was a beautiful day and we probably did 8-10 egg hunts. My parents' house has a very large front and back yard so there are endless egg-hiding opportunities. We started with 119 eggs, and I'm pretty sure that 3 or 4 were hidden too good each time and were never found. We all participate, the young and the old(er), but the only pictures I have are of the young:


Lindsay (and that would be Christy in the background being an egg hog...look at her bucket compared to poor Lindsay's!)

We spent the rest of the afternoon just enjoying the nice weather and taking pictures. We still never got a full family picture. Argh.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.:

My parents and their grand kids:

Me, and my nieces and nephews:
Thanks for not knocking my virtual blog door down demanding this Easter blog post. I'm simply trying to teach everyone a lesson in patience! Congratulations, you all passed...I don't think even one person asked for it...

Anyways, hope you had a most lovely Easter too!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do as the Romans Do

In a few weeks, I will be 'doing as the Carolinians do'. I am attending my very first Nascar race. This should be an experience.

Most people know very little about the Carolinas. Actually, scratch that. Very rarely do I say "Carolinas" which automatically groups me (a NORTH Carolinian) with SOUTH Carolinians. Us North Carolinians know we are better than South Carolinians and I shouldn't speak such degrading language. Regardless, don't lie. If you aren't from the Carolinas all you know about us are our approximate location on the map, and that everyone here loves Nascar. Well you are wrong. Everyone here does not love Nascar, I'd say 90% do, but not everyone! But I'm not mad at you. I have quite a few stereotypes myself. For all I know everyone in Wisconsin loves cheese and talks funny, and everyone in California is a liberal hippie. So as you can see not all stereotypes are wrong.

Anyways, you may be shocked that I've never attended one of these racing extravaganzas. Well I'm finally taking the plunge. I'm going to go see what all this excitement is about. But not to worry, I am sure I will NOT like it. I'm simply going to people watch. And to take documentary worthy pictures for my blog. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! And I should come back with some very good material to share!

So I just need to decide, should I wear my cut off shorts or my overalls? And a bikini top doubles for a shirt in any situation, agreed?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloggy Break

Please excuse my absence. I am having a hard time blogging when I am coughing up my insides. I will be sure to provide a doctor's note upon my return. I have managed to get Bronchitis, most likely from a coworker who claims he only has allergies. Bologna!

I'll leave you with this to look forward to...I have purchased my wedding dress (well, okay my parents actually "purchased" it), I have attended the first garage sales of the 2009 season and found a few items worth sharing, andddddddd that's pretty much it. Not much happens when you are in bed by 8:30 every night.

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dress Shopping

I went wedding dress shopping yesterday with my Mom and sisters.
I really had no ideas on what I wanted the dress to look like. The only requirement was that it made me look skinny. So after we were given the tour of the shop, I just let the three of them go crazy and pick out anything they liked. I tried them allllll on (probably about 20 dresses in all) and had it narrowed down to four.

John reads my blog sometimes so you would think I wouldn't share the pictures of the dresses with you...but like I've said before, we're not very traditional so I figured why not!? Here are the four front runners:





I needed to narrow it down a little bit more so I eliminated two of these four. I eliminated Dress A because it might be a little chilly in October and I didn't want to be cold. Then I eliminated Dress C because I figured the part around my shoulders would prevent me from any eating or drinking. So I'm still SO torn between B and D. So I'll leave it up to you. Which would you choose?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chapter 27

Technically I'm still in Chapter 26 of my life for 3 more days, but I'm a fast reader and decided to go ahead and finish that chapter today. So now starts Chapter 27....this is a biggie. This chapter includes planning a wedding, actually getting married, a honeymoon, 2 beach vacations, winning a million dollars, mysteriously waking up 15 pounds lighter, taking a trip to the moon, discovering the cure for cancer, and discovering that I have the super power of flying. Wow, it's gonna be a great year for me and this blog.
But don't worry faithful lifeoflacey readers, that previous paragraph was not like a movie preview where the entire movie was given away in the previews. There will be plenty of other exciting scenes for me to share with you too. That was just a little tease.

Oh, and since my birthday is Tuesday, I would politely suggest that you get my gifts in the mail today. Thanks!

It's Garage Sale Season!

One of the best things about springtime to me is the beginning of garage sale season! My mom and sisters and I love to get up early on Saturday mornings (well, we don't love the 'early' part) and drive around to garage sales. A lot of people I know have garage sales from time to time, but I honestly don't know of anyone else that actually goes to them.

Check out some of the stuff in my house that came from a garage sale:

These 3 Kirkland's pictures:

This canister set:

These Pier 1 outdoor chairs:
These bar stools:

This wire shelf:

All this stuff:
This Pier 1 kitchen table: These tiles:

This Pottery Barn shelf and other little things:
This painted canvas:
And all of these $1 items:

Not to mention all of the other decor items, kitchen items like cookie sheets, Tupperware, utensils and pots and pans, and seasonal decor! You can find really great stuff at garage sales!

I can honestly say that probably 60-70% of any decor in my house is from a garage sale. And probably 50% of that stuff was all $1!

So I'm obviously a big fan of the garage saling. If I convinced you to go to them, especially if you are going to go to them in the same part of town as me, I'll leave you with these thoughts - "I SAW IT FIRST!" and "PUT IT DOWN, MINE MINE MINE!".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If we were to get married tomorrow...

Unfortunately for me, this picture was NOT already censored.

...this is what our wedding would look like.
We decided to just have 2 wedding attendants on each side and 2 flower girls. My two sisters are my matron of honors, my nieces as my flower girls, John will have his friend Doug as his best man and my brother as a groomsmen. Currently, all of us will be naked. Well wait, my friend Stephanie offered to let me borrow her pearl necklace as my "something borrowed" so I will at least have that on. Whew, at least I'll be covered....sorry to the rest of you.

Our guests will be standing.

We will have lovely ceremony music provided by Christine.

I guess John and I better get to work memorizing the vows and all that. We do not have anyone to officiate the wedding. Which really, that will be better anyways right? I get annoyed with all the repeating. Just do your homework and memorize it all people!

After the ceremony, we will have a lovely reception inside with a DJ playing only the Grease Megamix. I guess he'll just put that on repeat? That is the only song I've provided him with that I want to have played. This junk is hard! How do you pick songs that your grandmother won't be offended by, but yet your friends will be entertained by? Any suggestions?

As far as the reception goes, I think we have centerpieces, but we don't have tables, tablecloths, or chairs. We also don't have anything for anyone to eat or drink. I guess we'll spend our time dancing around to the Grease Megamix! It's a great song! That won't get old at all!

Cake cutting? Nope, no cake.

Bouquet toss? Nope, no flowers.

Wedding favors? Will a simple "thank you for coming" work?

But the best part is yet to come. This wonderful, exciting event will be photographed by a very lovely photographer! Hopefully she can find a way to capture our entire event and not miss anything! It will be hard, but I am pretty sure she can do it!

And finally, if you think you will be invited, count this as your save the date. I'm not even sending those out. (And this part is for real.)

So my question to you is, why am I waiting 199 more days for this wedding? I mean, to me it looks like I'm pretty much done with this wedding planning.