Monday, April 24, 2017


Normally when I need advice of this nature, I'll just make a Facebook post and gather info that way. But, I kept thinking of other things I wanted advice on, and, a lot of my blog peeps are not also my Facebook peeps so I thought that posting this and then sharing on Facebook would give me more answers all at once! So, your advice, please!

First, Disney. We are headed to Disney World pretty soon and I actually am using the Touring Plan thing this time. Which, is pretty awesome I must say. I'll report back how accurate it was and if it was worth the $15. Anyway, we don't really do reserved dining while in the Disney parks and opt for the quicker counter service types of places. (Except for Animal Kingdom - I did snag the coveted 8:00 a.m. reservation at Tusker House) Anyway, my question is mainly regarding lunch and dinners...

What counter service place is your favorite at Magic Kingdom? Epcot? Hollywood Studios? Animal Kingdom?
We normally just eat whatever is near when the hunger bug strikes. But, with this touring plan we could plan our day and pick a place that is particularly better than others if we wanted. I know the internet is LOADED with reviews and advice about anything and everything Disney. But, I like YOUR advice better. There's almost TOO much on the interwebs about Disney so it gets overwhelming.

Laney in Pecos Bills last year

Speaking of Laney, she turns TWO on Saturday. I am really struggling in the gift department for her. I guess that's pretty typical when you have multiple children, especially those of the same sex so I know I'm not alone. But, I just don't know what to get her! I've got a few things that I think she'll like, but I haven't used up my typical birthday budget on her and there's nothing I'm particularly excited about giving her. Nothing that I think she will be crazy about either, though judging what that baby toddler thinks isn't that easy either...ha.

Anyway, anyone have a great gift idea for a two year old? 

She does tend to love Charley's toys, so I'm willing to buy something for her even if she doesn't quite meet the suggested age limits.

Ideas!? I'm typically a pretty good gift giver I think, but, I get my best ideas at the last second. But, her birthday is 5 days away and I'm still drawing a blank. Don't make me stroll through Target late Saturday night in desperation! (Although, that doesn't really sound all that miserable, right?!)


Finally, remember when I mentioned how I get so many calls for Lillian and it drove me crazy? Lacey of 2016 - you knew nothing about being annoyed. Lately, I've gotten SO MANY MORE CALLS and TEXTS for Lillian. Every day I'm getting at least 2 calls and a few texts for Lillian. Mostly student loan telemarketer type things, occasionally something about blood clots, and other miscellaneous things. Y'all - I REALLY don't want to change my number. I've had the same one for almost 20 years.

I've blocked numbers - doesn't work well because they typically use something that gives a new scrambled number each time they call.

When texted, I've put the sender on the Do Not Disturb function on my phone - doesn't work well for the same reason.

I've answered and told them I'm not Lillian.

I've double checked that I'm on the worthless Do Not Call list. It said I had been since 2005 or something and I didn't need to re-do it.

What else can I do?!
On top of all that, a couple texts lately have given me Lillian's last name, and using some light Facebook stalking techniques I've found a Lillian in my same city with that exact name. (Her last name isn't very common so I feel confident this is her.) I briefly considered messaging her, but, what would I say? For all I know she mistakenly gave my number one time and it's been sold all over the world 1,000 times since then.

Ironically, they haven't called once today. So, maybe I've stopped it after all. But, doubtful. I'm sure I'll get double the texts and calls tomorrow to make up for it.

Thanks for any and all advice! I'll keep you posted.




Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

The Lillian thing sounds so frustrating! It might be worth messaging her and specifying a couple of the most frequent callers, just so she can call and update her information with them? I don't know. Might also be a fool's errand!

Kara Keenan said...

Theresa Wilson is my phone Nemesis. I think she put the wrong area code on some paperwork, and now, as a result, I get calls from her Mother's nursing home, her pharmacy, debt collectors, everything. It's been going on for 5+ years. When I answer the phone and tell them, it's usually ok for a few weeks, and then the calls start up again. I do feel bad when a nurse leaves an update like "Mother is doing well today and would like to see you."

jilliene said...

! A post I can comment on :)
We were just at Disney!

I know you asked about quick service places but you -have- to do Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom if you guys can get a reservation! We were there for lunch and it was wonderful! The touringplans has a reservation notifier that you can sign up for (for free) that will search times and text/email you when something comes up, it was so helpful because Be Our Guest reservations are usually snapped up 180 days before!

In Epcot, the quick service place we liked was Sunshine Seasons. Although... you guys should try and book a table service (Via Napoli for the pizza!) just because all the restaurants in the World Showcase are highly rated.

Now in Animal Kingdom, I'm afraid I can't list any quick service places, we went to Tiffins and it was amazing but probably not the best idea for little kids.

Please write about your trip! :)

jilliene said...

Oh I forgot, the best thing about touringplans is the wait times app, their app is much more accurate than Disney's official app, so make sure to download it!