Saturday, January 28, 2017

Extra Tall Bar Stools


For FOUR WHOLE YEARS I've been on a search for extra tall bar stools for our kitchen area. We didn't realize it while we were building, but the bar in our kitchen is taller than an average bar, making the search for bar stools next to impossible.

Extra tall bar stools are not sold in stores. Not that I frequent brick and mortar stores much anyway, but that did make things more difficult when I couldn't find anything I liked online. The different stool heights they sell in stores are counter height at 23-28" (for bars that are the same height as the regular kitchen counters) and bar height at 29-32" (which is the height of most raised bar areas). But not ours. Oh no. The stools needed for our area needed to be 33-36". 

Since some bar height stools are actually 33", we thought we'd be able to get away with finding one that height. We borrowed one from my mom to test it out, but the height didn't feel right when sitting in it. So, we needed stools on the higher end of that extra tall range, to make things even more difficult. 


Occasionally I'd find an adjustable bar stool in the industrial style that I liked that said it adjusted up enough that it just barely cleared that extra tall range. I'd buy one, bring it home, and put it together with high hopes. Once adjusted, though, we felt like we were atop a plate balancing act. Plus, those stools don't look right adjusted all the way up, either. There's a reason they are always photographed adjusted all the way down. Back to the store those went.


A few websites have dedicated Extra Tall Bar Stool sections. Wayfair, Hayneedle, and even Wal-Mart and Target. But most don't. There's not a dedicated section on Amazon to break up the extra-tall from the regular heights. And since the keyword can vary (tall, extra tall, 34" stool, 36" stool, etc), it wasn't easy to shop for them on there either. On top of all that - did you click on any of those websites I linked? The selection for bar stools of this height SUCKS. I know I'm picky, but I should be able to find something I remotely liked. I want something with a back, I'd prefer industrial style (but I'd be willing to compromise on that) and something of the right height that wasn't ugly.

Tobias-Designs-35-Swivel-Bar-StoolTobias-Designs-35-Swivel-Bar-Stool (1)Tory-Furniture-Divine-36.5-Bar-StoolCallee-Hayward-34-Swivel-Bar-Stool

Apparently not being ugly was too much to ask. Bleh. Oh, and each of those pictured above were priced at $300 or more. That blue one being almost $800. Like, even if I started to think I could live with something a little bit ugly, I couldn't even make myself add it to my cart at those prices. It was hopeless.

One day however, I must have found something that I liked, was a good price, and was the right height. It was too good to be true!

Truly, it was too good to be true. It was out of stock with no estimate on when it would return to stock. I found an option on the site to notify me if it ever came back in stock. It must have taken quite some time, because when I got the email to tell me it was back in stock I had absolutely zero recollection of the bar stool at all. But! I clicked through the email and good news! I still liked it! It was still a good price! It was back in stock! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!


It said it would take a few weeks for shipping. Not the worst news ever, but when you are used to 2-day or 1-day or same day shipping, 3 weeks is a long time. So I was even more surprised when they showed up in just 6 days! Yay! I couldn't wait to put them together that night! Don't you just love happy endings?!

Yeah, so, that's not the end. Womp womp. The dimensions on the site were wrong. Instead of listing SEAT height, it had the TOTAL height of the stool, including the back of it, in the field labeled seat height. Making it just a bar height stool after all. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I contacted Wayfair (I love sites with a chat option for those of us who hate the phone!) and they agreed that the information on the site was incorrect and refunded my full purchase price. (They also said, "I have gone ahead and issued a full refund for those stools. You will see that post to the original form of payment in 3 to 5 business days. You will also receive a confirmation email with further details shortly. Please hold onto the item(s) and the original packaging for two weeks in case we need to retrieve the merchandise. If not contacted within that time period, feel free to dispose of or donate the item." Crazy right!?) The customer service aspect was great, thankfully, but now I'm back to being bar stool-less.

I've googled and googled and scrolled and scrolled. I'm not seeing any changes in what is being offered so I'm hoping I'm just not looking in the right places. Have any other sites I should check? Or, even better, have an extra tall bar yourself and a specific stool recommendation? I'm ready to make a purchase and cannot find anyone to throw my money at. Help!


Jodi said...

Do you have a world market in your area? We got our extra tall stools back in the day from there- but it was about 8 years ago!

Jessica Brady said...

These barstools legs extend up to 38 inches and are used in art schools. Might be worth a look.

Tanaye White said...

Did WayFair end up contacting you to return the stools in that 2 week time? I'm asking because I've had issues with them recently where the original piece was damaged and the two replacements were incorrect. I received a refund but the pieces are taking up a lot of space in my tiny apartment and I want to recycle them now.