Monday, October 3, 2016

Week In Review

This is for the week of September 25 through October 1st.

The highs of the week were:

  • Getting our fall family pictures back from the photographer. We (coughLaneycough) didn't give the photographer a ton to work with, so I wasn't expecting any miracles. On the other hand, I LOVE this photographer so much and knew in the back of my mind I'd be pleasantly surprised. And that I was! They are all SO GOOD. 
  • Spontaneously (well, about 10 hours before spontaneously which is almost as spontaneous as it gets when you are parents) deciding to take the kids out to a brewery after work Friday. Ha! They serve food, too, and there's a HUGE outdoor area where a band plays, there are tons of tables, and lots of space for the kids to run around. Plus, BREWERY, so, John and I enjoyed it too. We met one of our best friends there and a couple more of John's coworkers, so while one of us took our shift of walking around with Laney, the other had people to sit and chat with. The weather was good, the pretzels and beer cheese were good, the beer was good, and the company was great! Our friend then came back to our house with us where we played darts and stayed up until almost 1!
  • Untitled
    My two are the ones sitting up in the middle and on the right. They were helping cover the ones laying down in GRAVEL. Filthy dirty kids with pockets full of rocks, but they had fun! I even got a "BEST DAY EVER!" from Charley.
  • Then, at 6:30 the next morning, I got up and went to yard sales with Charley and my mom. It was such a good day, too. We deserved it after a truly bust of a day two weeks prior. Charley got some great things, and I did too! Charley's favorite is a FurReal cat, and then this pink wig. 
My favorite were these two mini globes that I paid $.50 each for. I came home right away and spray painted the cheap looking plastic parts with some Oil Rubbed Bronze (I keep that spray paint color on hand!) and I love them! Perfect bookcase decor for one dollar! 

The lows of the week were:
  • Just all of the rushing around. Saturday especially was non-stop and I even had to cancel one thing I had planned to do. The fall is just so busy with things we have to do and things we want to do (Festivals! Festivals! ALL THE FESTIVALS!).
  • Going hand in hand with that is the way our house is suffering. We've had some help with the actual CLEANING part of it, so it's not dirty, but we just aren't finding time to put everything away. Which is odd because usually it is the opposite where we have all the clutter put away but run out of time with the cleaning part. John and I aren't holding it over each other's head, but it does make both of us feel overwhelmed.
  • A bad customer service experience at Old Navy Saturday. Ran in to do a quick return of 2 things we didn't end up using for our family pictures, and it took almost 20 minutes. They tried telling me the necklace I was returning was not on the receipt that I had. Even though that is the only time I've shopped at Old Navy recently, and the only necklace I've purchased there as well which I politely explained to them. They tried to not let me return it and I was LIVID. The prices matched between the item's tag and the receipt and the description matched as well, but when they scanned it their stupid computer said that item wasn't on that receipt. RAGE RAGE RAGE. Eventually they gave but I got the whole "JUST THIS ONCE" line. Just this once maybe your darn computer should work, jerks. Whew. Sorry. Got mad again just thinking of it. 
The best money I spent was on:
Besides things I've already mentioned (family photos and yard sale goodies) I'm going to have to go with the two cookies I purchased from The Great American Cookie Company on Thursday. Y'all know I used to work there in high school/college, right? Well, I almost always get a double doozie when I visit these days, but this time I went back to a couple of my favorites from back then and OH MY GOSH they were even better than I remembered. First, the DOUBLE FUDGE. It's good, but it doesn't hold a candle to the CHEWY CHOCOLATE SUPREME. Holy moly I forgot how delicious that cookie is. $3.66 well spent.

The book I am currently reading is:

I just need to remove or replace this question because I'm in a very long reading lull.

The TV shows I watched were:

Y'all. I am loving This Is Us. Only two episodes so far, but so so good. Also, my old favorite Survivor. Charley loves Survivor too so that has become something we watch together each week. I think I also watched a couple episodes of Parenthood, too. 

The dinners we had were:
(Guess what - we didn't meal plan again. We are doing better this week so far, but it's only Monday so we have plenty of time left to blow it.)
Sunday: We had leftovers from the Panther's tailgate John was at earlier this day. So, BBQ, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and beans.
Monday: John had a work dinner at a BBQ place, and I made chicken alfredo for myself and the girls. 
Tuesday: I stopped by my weekly happy hour thing my work does while Charley was in gymnastics and quickly scarfed down some chicken strips. John grilled chicken wings, but the girls actually both had leftovers tonight and we saved the chicken wings for lunches.
Wednesday:  Marco's Pizza
Thursday: This is the only night I can't remember. Which makes me think it was a throw something-anything together night. Peanut butter and jelly, crackers, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, any leftover pizza, green beans, Cheeze-Its, and whatever other thing we can find in the pantry or fridge.  
Friday: This was the night we went to the brewery, so pretzels and chips was it for the kids.
Saturday:   Charley and I have eaten lunch at Cookout after her swim lessons each week, and they give you so much food! So, the girls finished off that for dinner (cheeseburgers, hushpuppies, french fries, and I at least cut up some fruit for them too for some semblance of healthiness) and John and I just ate whatever we could find. 
On Sunday we decided to actually make time to grocery shop for the following week, and man, how wonderful it is to have groceries and not to scramble for every single meal all week. Again though, it IS only Monday...

My favorite picture from the week was:


 Not that wonderful of a picture or anything, but this was from a birthday party Saturday. Laney walked around the kids in the circle and seemed to be standing right in front of each one and backing up to where they couldn't see around her. I knew that was Laney code for her wanting to sit in one of their laps, but of course they didn't know that so they all kept moving away from her while I watched and giggled. Finally though, she found her sister who knew what she wanted. They are so darn sweet....sometimes!

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