Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Never Ever Have I Ever II

One of my favorite posts I've written is the Never Ever Have I Ever post from last year. Immediately after I posted it I came up with a couple more items to add to the list so I started a drafting a part 2 right away. 18 months later, I finally have a list long enough to share. I cannot come up with even one more "never". But how much ya wanna bet I'll come up with a couple as soon as I hit that publish button?

Anyway, if you are unfamiliar, this comes from a drinking game where you take a sip every time someone says something they've never done that you HAVE done. So I've never smoked a cigarette but if you have then you would take a sip of your drink. Got it? Ok. Get your drink ready and here goes.


Never ever have I ever....

...smoked a cigarette.

...had mastitis or a clogged duct.

...been scuba diving.

...drank Everclear.

...gone for a test drive. (bought lots of cars - never wanted to test drive them)

...been to a counselor or therapist.

...been to a chiropractor.

...eaten with chopsticks.

...been sailing.

...had a sinus infection.

...been to a rap concert.

...been to a strip club.

...paddle boarded or surfed.

...gone hunting.

...shot a gun.

...played hockey.

...been house shopping with a realtor a la House Hunters. (I've always wanted to though!)

...been to a MLB game. (That's a lie...I just remembered I have been to one!) Let's change this to:
...been to a major league soccer game.

...been to a state fair. Plenty of local fairs, never to THE state fair in any state.

...had an ingrown toenail.

...bobbed for apples.

...attended a protest.

...milked a cow.

...received an "F" as a grade.

...rode a unicycle.

...dyed my own hair.

...gambled in a casino.

...hired a babysitter that wasn't family or a close friend.

...been to the movies in 2016.

How did you do? Can you even read these words any longer? Nice and tipsy for a Tuesday evening?

It took me a year and a half to come up with this second list, so I think next time I need to list weird things I have done so I don't seem as sheltered and inexperienced as these "never" lists make me sound. I've done things! Really! I have! Once I went swimming...WITHOUT waiting 30 minutes after I ate.

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