Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kidpik: Box One

Facebook ads, man. Sometimes they get ya. This was the latest one to suck me in.

One random Sunday morning while laying in bed because my angellic children were both still sleeping at 8:18 a.m., I saw an ad for Kidpik in my Facebook feed. It intrigued me for some reason and I clicked on it to see what it was all about. Found out that it was essentially a Stitch Fix subscription box, but for children. I have broken up with Stitch Fix as of April or May I think, but sometimes dressing my children is just as exciting or even more exciting as dressing myself, so without having a second thought about it I just signed right up. 


That is not like me to sign up for something so willy nilly like that, especially when I did the entire sign up process on my phone which I normally loathe, so I must have been high on getting to sleep in or something. Anyway, our first box showed up today. I was so darn excited to see what we got, I opened it up in the bathroom while Charley and Laney played in the bathtub.


Now, if I were a good blogger, I would have taken a picture of this next part, but you'll just have to take my word for it.

So, I open up the box and all of the clothing is wrapped in a piece of tissue paper a la Stitch Fix style. I break open the tissue paper and the very first thing right there on top was.....

...a tshirt with a WORD on it. BLEH. I contemplated shutting the box right then and there and giving it the ol' "it's not you it's me" speech. But, I decided to power through. I DID answer some survey questions about what style I liked/Charley liked, but I don't recall ever seeing a space for me to have written to them that I don't like wordy clothing. You better believe I'll be adding that to my checkout notes, however.

Charley (while in the bath) and I looked through it all right then, and we were very pleasantly surprised! Several things that I never would have picked up, but Charley was loving it all. She has very particular taste so that was a good sign at least. I promised her that after her bath and after I got Laney in bed we'd do a mini fashion show so she could try it all on.

At the bottom of the box was the receipt. You don't pay a styling fee or shipping fee, but just pay for whatever you keep. If you keep it all you get 30% off of everything. I braced myself before I opened the receipt because I assumed that it would be way more than I'd normally pay for 7 items for a child. But, again, I was pleasantly surprised! If I decided to keep it all I'd only be out $80! I think I was expecting more than that so I was happy with that total.

Finally my children were clean, one was asleep and the other was DYING to try some things on. We went into my bedroom/bathroom so we had a full  length mirror to play fashion show in front of.

First we try on a skirt, dolman tee and pleather moto jacket.


The skirt is cute and fits well, but I'm not loving it with the dolman. The dolman is actually really big and wide, so I don't even know if it is worth saving for next year. The jacket though is adorable and is truly something I wouldn't even pick up in a store. Of course it IS the most expensive thing in the box. Naturally.

We tried to also put these shoes on with that outfit because these shoes are 100% Charley, but they were sized small. Womp womp. It looks like you can exchange for another size though, so these are still a possibility.


Besides making my 5 year old look way too old, we were off to a decent start for our very first box. We moved on to the next outfit...a cute A-Line black and white dress.


ADORABLE. This was Charley's favorite thing in the box by far. Like, she wanted to wear it to bed tonight. It was extra extra cute with the moto jacket, too.



Next we had to try on the dreaded WORD tee. It also had a cat on it, and Charley can't read (nor does she share my hatred for word tees) so she liked it! Also, have I mentioned that Charley's aversion to jeans has ended? This fall she's asked for a couple pairs of jeans to wear, so tonight we went to Target and got her a pair to try from the Cat and Jack line. So, these jeans aren't from the box, but we needed to try them on too so it made sense to try them with the cat tee.


The jeans are very cute, but again, make her look too old (!!) and the tee thankfully is just too tight so I convinced her it was a no. Whew. Dodged that wordy bullet.

The last thing in the box was some sort of strappy wrap bracelet, but it didn't fit well when wrapped two times around her little wrist and I just am not a fan of that style on my 5 year old. So I'm definitely using veto power on it if she asks to keep it.

So, what  do you think? Here's where the math gets me:

If I keep the following:

A Line Dress..............$24.50
Moto Jacket................$29.50
                      I'm at...  $69.50


If I keep it ALL and take advantage of the 30% discount, the total is $81.55. So, I'd save $12 to only keep what we like, but Laney would eventually wear the shoes if we didn't exchange them so they wouldn't be a total loss, and the dolman tee could be a maybe next fall, so, possibly not a total loss either. What do you think? Do you disagree with what we are considering, and think it all is too mature for a 5 year old? I definitely can see that side of it too so that wouldn't be offensive to me at all if you think that. I mean really, the moto jacket while cute, is not very practical at all. And the skirt I could take it or leave it,..although I can really see it with some black and white converse, so, I'm leaning towards keeping it. See?! I change my mind halfway through a sentence, so I'm in no shape to be making these (first world) decisions tonight.

Help me out. What do we think, bloggy friends? I DO think we will continue the subscription box no matter what we decide to keep with this one.

(Also, if you are thinking of trying it for your own daughter (so far they only have clothing for girls sized 4-14), awesome! I wish there was a referral program, but there is not. So, here is a link, but it is not a referral link: Kidpik.)


diana bowers said...

For $12, I'd keep it all and also see if they'll exchange the shoe size.
Loved the dress and jacket on her the most!

Rachael said...

I remember I always got into those dilemmas with Stitch Fix. They make it tough!

In this case I would say just keep the things you really like, because I've found that with saving things for the future, they might not get worn at all because size and season may never match up. Besides, a cute pair of ballet flats with a bow can probably be found lots of other places.

Charley is such an adorable little model, and so stylish!

Sharlette Dinguall said...

I also just got my first box from Kidpik. Like you, my 5 year old loved everything in the box and I only wanted to keep 4 of the 7 items. After doing the math, it was more practical to keep the entire box than to only purchase the 4 pieces. I like that they will exchange an item for another size. So the 5 year old wins, she gets to keep it all. It's also interesting to she her developing her own sense of style. I opted for the 2 per season option. Let's see what the next box offers.