Monday, July 11, 2016

Week In Review

Haven't done one of these in a while. This is for the week of July 3-9

The highs of the week were:

  • Visiting the NC Zoo on Sunday. It was a perfect day weather wise, we had a brief lapse in children sickies, and we had ourselves together enough to get there right at opening so there weren't many people there at all. Charley and Laney were so well behaved too. It was a great day!
  • Taking Charley and Laney to Carowinds' (our local theme park) water park solo on Friday night. I got to skip out of work a little early Friday so I scooped them up and went straight to the water park. We had SO MUCH FUN. I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did solo with two kids in a water park. ::pats self on back:: Good times had by all, and followed by good sleep had by all!
  • So yeah - that good sleep I was talking about. Laney slept the next morning until 9, and although Charley got up at her usual 7 something, she's figured out the TV and how to get to Netflix and all that so she can entertain herself in the mornings until the rest of us wake up. 

The lows of the week were:

  • Sickies. We finally got through a stomach bug thing on Tuesday, but it lingered (infected and reinfected) for an entire week before we finally figured out how to get rid of it. Blah. John and I managed to avoid it completely, thankfully.
  • And then once we were all through that, 3 of the 4 of us (no man cold yet, thank goodness!) have a cold now. 
  • I had my one work-late day of the month this week. So while that sucks, I'm glad it is usually just one (sometimes two!) (sometimes none!) day a month. Still got home in time to see my babies before bed though.
The best money I spent was on:
I love a photo booth so much. I was pretty happy to spend the $6 at the zoo and add to our collection of these on the side of our fridge.

The book I am currently reading is:

I've been reading Jojo Moyes 'One Plus One' in an effort to get back on the reading train. It is good so far, I'm just so slow in reading it.

The TV shows I watched were:

We finished season 2 of Bloodline and anxiously await another season. We then started the newest season of Orange is the New Black.

The dinners we had were:

Sunday: We were camping and had grilled chicken and fruit, followed by lots of s'mores. 
Monday: Charley's FAVORITE, chicken and dumplings.
Tuesday: I had an after work thing, so I had awesome chicken strips from a local wing place, and John and the girls had chicken fried rice
Wednesday:  I worked late, so John made them chicken alfredo pasta
Thursday: Domino's pizza with more chicken alfredo pasta
Friday: I took Charley and Laney to Carowinds this evening, so we grabbed Wendy's on the way home.
Saturday:  Grilled chicken, baked potatoes and sauteed squash and zucchini 

Reading this back over and I just now realized we had chicken EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week. Hahahaha. We like chicken! And obviously we did not meal plan this week at all.

My favorite picture from the week was:

Not one picture stands out to me as my absolute favorite this week. My pictures on my good camera from the zoo aren't that great because it was SO HUMID out that day that every time I put the camera up to my face everything would fog up. Not even joking. My glasses, the viewfinder, the lens. I swear, all of it. So, with all that said, the next day at home I tried to recreate my favorite picture from the 4th last year and I just don't love it as much. I forgot to use flash to get rid of some of the shadows, there was a smudge on the lens right over Charley's face (likely from the constant fogging from the day before) and it just isn't my favorite. But, these people ARE my favorite so I'm choosing it anyways.



Heather said...

we're watching Bloodline, too, and I love it! anxiously awaiting the new season.

can't believe how big the girls are growing. slow down, time!

Elizabeth said...

Those photobooth pictures are adorable. I love how Laney has the same expression on her face as that seal.