Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Laney - 13/14 Months

Well, I said I was going to quit doing these updates, and here I am doing another one anyway. I guess I forgot how much changes and how quickly it changes during the second year.


...does NOT give kisses. She gets about a million a day but she refuses to give kisses back.

...loves to eat. She's usually the first to begin eating and the last to finish. She'll eat every little crumb on her tray.

...loves her bunny blankets. EXACTLY like her big sister, she sucks/chews on the corners to soothe herself to sleep, or just when sleepy in general. I thought it was so weird that I have TWO children that did this strange behavior, until John brought out his bunny blanket from when he was a kid and showed us the corners that were in the same condition as theirs. So it's a genetic thing, apparently! completely done with bottles. And we sort of skipped sippy cups too and went straight to the Take N Toss straw cups. So much easier. a chatterbox. Lots of new sounds and words these days. Some recent favorites - 'nana (banana), sshhshshshs (shoes), and while pointing to herself she says something that doesn't really sound like 'Laney' at all but I know that's what she's trying to say. I love this stage. still a slow(er than her sister) teether. Charley had all 16 teeth at this same age and she got her teeth in the correct order too. Ha. Laney is all over the place. She's all uneven and stuff in there with her 7 teeth. 2 molars on one side, 3 up top, 2 on the bottom. She may have a 4th up top too, and then a new molar is coming in on the upper right side. But no canines at all!

...walks. She began right at 13 months like Charley. Once she walked, she walked. Rarely crawls any more. a snuggler. Mama's girl. Can't get close enough to me if I'm home so she spends a lot of time on my hip. a climber. Nothing scary yet though, just more climb-y than her sister was. a very serious baby. I love when strangers try and get her to smile and her brow just furrows further. She's got no time for your antics.

...sleeps great. Goes to sleep at 8:00, sleeps until we get her up at 6:30. Gives us an 8:00 or even 9:00 wake up pretty regularly on the weekends. Still 2 naps a day for a couple hours each. a light sleeper. So, she sleeps great, AS LONG AS nothing disturbs her. It's actually kind of perplexing. She's a light sleeper if she hears one of us outside of her room, or a slight floor creak if we are tiptoeing into her room, or if we are tending to her sister with a stomach bug in the middle of the night. But, last night the fire alarm went off in our house (smoke from a machine John was using in the basement) and she has an alarm IN HER ROOM and not a peep was heard from her. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy. getting a mullet. I know this is a normal hair growth stage for babies, but I'm pretty close to evening it out. Or, rather, having someone even it out. It's just hair, and it's not like she's got any curls that we'd be losing by cutting some of it. I am not a fan of this messy hair stage at all. such a love. We love this little sugar muffin so much.

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lifeofadoctorswife said...

Oh she is so cute! Love love love how serious she is (and those cheeks!) in the footie pajama/climbing picture. What a fun age!