Tuesday, June 7, 2016




Eventually this basement will get finished. Our goal was to have it done by this coming Saturday June 11 for a baby shower I'm hosting. Well, that's not going to happen. We have all the flooring and paint and materials purchased, but unfortunately we haven't yet found a place to buy time. Well, plenty of places sell other people's time (painters, floor installers, etc) but we try to save money in that department since John is so handy. So, eventually.



We gleefully ran around that cruise ship and around Nassau on our cruise a few weeks ago with no children! We pretended we still knew how to drink (we don't, and/or we need many naps to do it) and pretended we still knew how to sleep in (we don't). I AM going to post about the whole cruise thing, so this is just one picture, and I'll photo dump a bunch of 'em in the separate post soon.



This desk lamp is the best desk lamp ever. A blog friend recommended them at Christmas when it went on sale so I grabbed one because Charley's desk needed some light. I am obsessed with it and how bright it is! But if bright isn't your thing, it even dims! I know that if we (eventually) get that basement done that (eventually) I'll have a craft desk down there, so I ran back to Amazon and ordered a second one for myself while they were on sale. (Paid $30 for the first one on a lightning deal, and then $36 for the second one.)


I messed up big time, y'all. I have let Charley play on my phone periodically throughout her 4.5 years. Mostly at restaurants if she finished eating before we did and we were trying to buy ourselves a few more minutes or something like that. It hasn't been a big deal until the last 6 months or so, where she has gotten into a routine of being allowed to play on my phone every other day on the way home in the car. Charley loves a routine and she follows them as much as she can. But, I was getting tired of listening to the stupid toy review videos and also was thinking ahead to the near future where I have two girls and just one phone and the drama that would cause. So, I started saying no. And, as dramatically as she could, she started letting me know how much of an impact I was having on her life by denying her my phone. On one particular ride home one afternoon:

Charley: Come ON Mama. You've got to do this for me. You've GOT to do this for our family.

And then later in the conversation...

Charley: I will never let you down Mama. I promise.



One of our camping trips lately was at a state park and the park had a bird event scheduled that same weekend. We knew nothing about it at all, but figured we would give it a try anyway, and it ended up being a cute little activity for children! Even better, my mom, Charley and I were the only participants in Bird Day so my mom and I got to play along too.

One of the activities was to color some birds on our bird books that were handed out. When Charley began coloring hers, she fancily declared, "The wings are going to be a different color and I think I'm also going to add some lipstick."

Nervously and Deliberately

Two good adverbs to describe how Laney has begun walking. She's very deliberate with her steps and she's working to get over her nervousness. She hasn't stepped more than maybe 6-8 steps at a time yet, but it is coming soon! Love the beginning walking stage!


On more of my part than Charley's, I'm eagerly waiting each night for my turn to read to her. I convinced her to let me begin reading chapter books to her and the first one we are trying is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We usually only do a chapter or two a night and we are up to chapter 8 and she hasn't given up on me yet, so hoping this sticks! I'd much prefer to read a chapter of a longer book each night instead of another picture book. Plus, I'm having a harder and harder time finding books we haven't read yet (and that are still something she's interested in) in our local library. So, tomorrow night 2 more of the golden tickets are claimed and I can't wait!


Maybe, just MAYBE I can promptly post about our recent adventures. I really, really want to so I just need to do it. I miss it over here!


Ok, time to quickly finish this up. John has decided our next show to watch together is Bloodline and he's waiting on me to begin the first episode. Thoughts?


Rachael said...

I love your adverb-y post. So clever!

I know how hard it is to take something electronic away from a 4-year-old, especially when it's part of their routine. Tim was letting Timmy have the iPad every afternoon after lunch for awhile, so he could nap without any interruptions. I was relieved that while Tim was away, I could tell him he can't have it, Daddy took it with him. And he hasn't asked for it for awhile, so maybe we managed to break one habit.

Is Bloodline on Netflix? Tim and I need a new show to watch once Joey starts going to bed consistently at the same time again. We watched all 5 seasons of The Walking Dead on Netflix, and then we thought we'd be able to watch the 6th on AMC.com with his dad's password, but that was a no-go too. Ha! I'm every bit as bad as a four-year-old, the way I get addicted to things.

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