Thursday, May 5, 2016

Darn Lillian, Biopsies & Backup Cameras, For Short

Another bulleted list type post because I have several short thoughts swirling around in my head that I want to share.


Let's start with Lillian. Remember in school in French or Spanish class you had to pick a French or Spanish name for yourself? I took French in middle and high school and my French name was always Lillian. So, it is pretty ironic that for the last year or two I've periodically gotten phone calls over and over and over asking for Lillian. Mostly seem like telemarketers (and not my previous French class classmates) so my theory is this - there is a Lillian somewhere that has a junk phone number she gives out when filling out surveys or the like. Much like my junk email address I use for the same kind of deal, Lillian's junk phone number is likely one digit different from her regular phone number so it is easy for her to remember. But listen here, Lillian. Unless you purchase a burner phone and use that number to give out instead of your real number, it's not the same as using a junk email address. There is actually a person with that phone number you are giving out getting really annoyed with your brilliant idea!


Recently I had to go get a biopsy of a nodule or two that have developed on my thyroid. They caused me mild discomfort for a few days when they first developed so I went to get them checked out by my general practitioner who sent me for an ultrasound. Ultrasound confirmed they were thyroid nodules that were mostly fluid filled, but also had some cells in them as well. So then they sent me on to an endocrinologist who STABBED ME WITH A NEEDLE TO THE NECK to drain them. But I'm being dramatic. It sounds worse than it was. The needle was smaller than the one they use to do blood draws so I didn't feel the stick at all. I did feel some discomfort while the needle was in my neck, but I wouldn't even call it painful. I think I made one wincing noise and that was it. Much better than I expected. I already got the results back too and there were no signs of malignancy. I really wasn't too concerned though - another family member also has these nodules and has had many biopsied before with no scary results, so I was hoping for the same.

Thinking back to the throat discomfort that caused me to go get them checked out in the first place though - it felt sort of like my throat was constricted a little. It was just something I hadn't felt before and the doctor is so close to my work that I thought "oh why not?" and just scheduled a quick visit during lunch. I'm not one to even go to the doctor often so I was actually surprised at how quickly they knew what it was and how the ball got rolling from there. And had I waited it out - that discomfort that I felt those first few days completely dissipated by the end of that week. So I would have gone on thinking I was healed and never thought about it again. What I'm saying is - I think I may run to the doctor for every mild discomfort from now on! This whole process has me feeling like I'm turning into a hypochondriac. How will I know whether or not I should go to the doctor for the next mild discomfort I feel?


In other biopsy news, I also had a skin thing biopsied earlier this year. I go to the dermatologist twice a year for a full body check (twice a year instead of the usual once a year because I had Basal Cell Carcinoma on my face 10 years ago or so) but that full body check really only covers about 95% of the body. You keep your underwear and bra on, so those portions of the body don't really get checked. Soooo, for the last couple of years there's been this spot on my butt. It wasn't a pimple and it wasn't irritated or anything, but it came out of nowhere and then just stuck around. It really only bothered me after a shower when it would sometimes be itchy. (Isn't that a great visual? Naked Lacey scratching her butt after a shower.) Every appointment I'd chicken out from telling the doctor to take a look at it because the whole pulling your underwear to the side to expose your bare butt cheek makes an already awkward appointment awkwarder. But I finally did it back at an appointment in November. He just took a little piece of it to test it but was feeling pretty certain it wasn't nothing.

But, yay me! It wasn't nothing. He said it was an atypical spitz tumor that they couldn't 100% say was cancerous or non-cancerous, so the recommendation was to take the whole thing off. So I had to go back a second time for him to take the whole thing. And, yay me, again! The tumor went pretty deep so to get it all out he had to cut a large football shaped hole and then give me 5 stitches to close it all back up. It was pretty darn painful for those first couple of days, but I survived. And I have a lovely Frankenstein scar that I'll never show a soul but I'll tell the entire internet about.


I'm still going strong(ish) on the whole Weight Watchers thing. To date I've lost 16 pounds and my ultimate goal is to lose 5.8 more. The deadline I gave myself for the goal is exactly two weeks from today so realistically I could actually make that. Two pounds a week is pretty standard, so that's just being extra good for a mere 14 more days and then I can switch to just maintaining. It sounds so doable, right!?

So doable in fact that I didn't DO it at all today. We had lunch brought in at work today from Firehouse Subs. Their subs are very high points, so I knew before I ordered that I'd get no chips and eat just half of my sub. And then I got it and ate the whole thing. That was all of the points I had remaining for the day.

At dinner, I truly wasn't that hungry (likely because I ate so many points at lunch) so I decided I'd just snack on something if I got hungry. I never got hungry actually, but then as I'm cleaning up dinner (Charley had a leftover piece of pizza as part of her dinner) I see that Charley left about three quarters of her piece of pizza untouched on her plate. It would be a shame to toss that pizza, and it wouldn't make much sense to save the last piece of pizza that had been eaten 1/4 of the way already. So. I ate it. Of course.

But all is not lost! If you eat too many points in the day, just exercise to earn some points back and get out of the hole! Easy peasy! We've got a gym in the basement!

And yet. Here I sit. Blogging.

TOMORROW. TOMORROW I jump back on my wagon for a strict two weeks! I can do this!


A couple weeks ago John got some work done to his truck which took a while and left us with just one car for a week and a half. My mom very graciously allowed us to use her car as often as we needed to, so many days I took her car to work with me. I really loved driving her CR-V except for one thing - no back up camera! Isn't that so ridiculous?! When I bought my Pilot almost 5 years ago now, that feature was a cool-to-have feature, but by no means did I consider it a must-have. But I had no idea how reliant I've become on the feature! I was so confused with just where to look when backing! It sounds so dumb - I know - but it really threw me for a loop. On top of that I've been back-up anxious ever since I backed into that van after dance class so I was doing my best to find pull through spots every time I drove her car.

Speaking of car features though - isn't it funny how with each car you own you develop a new must-have-feature? Maybe it is just me. But I feel like with the six cars I've owned since I started driving at 16, each was an upgrade and each one added something to my must-have list for the next car. I gained a sun-roof from my first car (Civic) to my second (Celica). Then when I got the next one (Scion TC) I gained auto-shut off headlights and boy - definitely cannot go back after that unless I like dead car batteries. With the next (Trailblazer) I gained, well, not sure what I gained there. It was more of a lateral move because we needed a vehicle that could tow a boat. From there I got another Civic and got in-dash navigation and blue tooth capabilities. Thought I couldn't go back on those two things. They were must haves for sure. And then baby came along and compromises had to be made and I lost both of those things. Womp womp. I thought they were must haves, but the must-haviest thing at that point was more space, so I compromised on not having those but I did get leather upholstery! And a back-up camera! And a bigger (coughmoreexpensivecough) car to carry my babies around! So. Yeah. Where was I going with this again?


I mentioned dance above. Charley was trying out dance this year and we were just about through with it. She really wasn't enjoying it much (besides the candy they passed out every single week at the end of class, which coincidentally was right at dinner time. Ugh!) so I was just determined to make her stay and finish it out. I had several things happen over the year (season?) that made me very irritated with the dance school so if we continued on with dance, I knew it wouldn't be at the same place. But, then they announced the recital for the recreational classes and it was on the Saturday of freaking Memorial Day weekend. Ughhh. Noooooooooo. NOooooooooooobody has plans on that weekend. Especially those with parents that both work and like to take advantage of holiday weekends. So, more annoyed.

Then a couple weeks ago the dance teacher calls in the parents after class to tell us about the recital. We'd need to buy new tights ($8) on top of the UGLIEST OUTFIT OF ALL TIME that I'd already purchased ($75), and here are some "optional" things we could buy, but we were strongly encouraged to buy these things because the ones that didn't receive these things on recital day would be very upset when everyone else WAS getting these things. First, was an ad in the program ($40) similar to the senior advertisements placed in year books. My kid can't even read, so no. Then, a message could be purchased ($2) and placed on the chair where they get ready. Again, kid can't read - no thanks. And then there are personalized frog stuffed animals in tutus ($12) available to order. And of course flowers bouquets after the recital was over ($15). And pictures (price TBD)! And the video of the recital of course (another price TBD). That may be it, but I swear it went on and on and on. My head was spinning. So all of that, on top of Charley not enjoying dance, on top of the stinking recital being on a weekend where we had planned to go camping as a family and we decided we were done. It just wasn't for us. We of course let Charley decide and not surprisingly, she chose camping over the recital.

I do feel like we have no closure since I never got to see a recital (but did see mini-performances in class a couple of times) but oh well. She's four. She's got plenty of time to find something she likes (or something else she doesn't like) where I can make her stick it out until the end. This wasn't it for us - we are not dance people. Just ask my friends after I've had a few drinks.


We do have a super adorable (lies!) hot pink, zebra print and polka dot dress if anyone wants it! That thing is too ugly even to keep in the dress up box. Bleh!


And a picture from tonight. Laney found a cheerio on the floor from who knows when. (Well, likely from within the last 5 days since the house was pretty clean before her birthday party last weekend.) Anytime she sees food she says "mmmmmmmmmmmm" and I think you can almost hear her saying it by looking at this picture. Love it.



april said...

I loved this post. I'm glad the thing in your butt and your thyroid turned out okay. :)

Jessica said...

When we had to get a van to fit three kids it wasn't that I didn't WANT a van. I think they're great. I just didn't want to give up my Taurus because I loved it. I had to, though (ugh), so the van is "mine" and the Taurus is my husband's. Well....I refuse to drive anything but the van now because I can't survive without a backup camera any more. How is backing up even supposed to WORK? I can't see behind me! I'm not a superhero!

Megan said...

Yay for your thyroid being okay and for your weight loss! Great job!! And of course I love seeing your girls :)

I also see the dermatologist every 6 months and always have something biopsied. Funny thing is the one that was pre-cancerous and I had to have more taken out, stitched up, etc. was on my BOOB! Isn't it funny how they are in the places that see no sun?! I'm glad you got it checked this time. Cora had to have a mole/birth mark taken off recently and it was somewhat abnormal too, ugh.

diana bowers said...

My derm always does the butt check during mole's why I find reasons to reschedule the appointment! But glad you got yours checked when you felt something was up!

Before I owned a Ford, I thought the exterior security code thing was silly, but now it's on the must have list. Sadly it's a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury feature only.

Rachael said...

Before I met my husband I happily drove a Toyota Corolla with NO bells and whistles. Automatic windows and a/c, that was it. But once we had kids and I got the Jeep Grand Cherokee with leather seats, I decided I really liked leather. Then we traded that in for the first Chevy Traverse, which had leather seats and a back-up camera, and a subscription to OnStar that we didn't renew. Then that one got totalled, and I now have the Chevy Traverse with the dashboard navigation, heated and cooled leather seats, and a sunroof in the front and back. I blame him for turning me into a car snob -- ha!

I hate dance too. My girls did a year of dance and hated it the whole time, suffered through the recital. That was last year, and they just brought up dance again recently and insisted they really liked it and want to try again. Ugh.