Saturday, April 2, 2016

Laney: 11 Months

Welp. The countdown to the first birthday is on. I can't believe ONE is just 4 weeks away.


The biggest change this month as far as milestones go is that Laney is standing up all over the place. She is pulling up and standing up as often as she can. She is getting more steady on her feet, but she can't stand without holding on to anything just yet.


Nothing changed size wise - 12 month clothing, 18 month pajamas, size 4 diaper. I realized the other day that I have absolutely no clue what size shoe she wears because I never put her in shoes. I think over these 11 months I've put her in shoes exactly 3 times.

Laney is generally a pretty happy baby, but so very serious. She really makes you work for a smile most of the time & bubbles were not doing the trick this particular day.


She really loves to swing (despite appearances), loves to eat, loves Charley and hanging out in Charley's room, loves her Grandaddy, loves to crawl around outside in the grass and dirt, and loves her bunny loveys.

She doesn't like getting strapped into her carseat, having her diaper changed, being told and forced back into a sitting position (from standing) in the bathtub (goodness how long did this stage last?!), and that's really all I can think of on the dislike list. She's pretty agreeable!


We are up to TWO teeth now. Charley had 7 or 8 by this point so I don't know what the hold up is. Haha. She doesn't seem to be as easy a teether as Charley was, so maybe I shouldn't be wishing for more teeth at this point. She eats perfectly fine with just those two.

"Charley's Kitchen" needs an upgrade to include baby sister, AND all the kitcheny stuff we've acquired over the years. Possible birthday gift in the works.

I don't think she's saying much new from last month - Mama, Dada, cat, dog, ::barks::, bye bye, hi. She mimics sounds - like if Charley shouts something she mimics the tone and volume. She holds objects up to her ear to pretend they are a phone, shakes her head no, and points in the directions she wants you to take her.


She also celebrated her last first holiday, Easter, this month, though John looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that. It's a big deal! How often do you realize when it is the LAST of something, ya know? The baby book doesn't care about any holidays from this point forward, after all!


Laney, Charley

Just 4 weeks until we get to celebrate the first year of Laney bug's life with a bug themed party. I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

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JEN said...

Sooooo sweet. I love this age.