Thursday, April 7, 2016

Charley Lately

Hey guys - guess what?! I'm blogging...FROM WORK! At lunch, obviously. I'm so excited. Flickr is still blocked though so I may resort back to using the ol' Blogger photo uploader tool. Anyway, high five IT guys!

So, it has been a while since my biggest girl Charley had an update post. (Oh wait just realized I did do a 4 year old post too.) I haven't done one since before Laney was born and she not only looks so different to me now, she is so much more mature too.  Excuse me while I have a little cry over this.

Anyway, this is Charley at age four (and a half).


Some little Charley funnies lately.

John is finishing up loading the dishwasher and was about to add the Finish tablet to the dispenser when Charley asks if she can do it instead. He hands her the tablet and upon walking up to the opened dishwasher gets a whiff of the dirty dishes.

C: What's that smell!??
J: That's the dirty dishes.
C: ::drops tablet and runs away:: Get me outta this smell!

C, while pointing to a valentine hung on the fridge: Mama this one was yours!
Me: Yes I really liked it!
C: Then why did you throw it in the trash?!
I've GOT to learn to bury stuff in the trash can better.


The AT-TI-TUDE of a four year old. Whew. Charley is as sweet as she can be most of the time, but when that switch flips and the attitude comes out, watch out. This morning I was lucky enough to witness a bit of this attitude.

We were attempting to get dressed for the day when the incident occurred. Per usual, because MANY of our issues come during this time or task. We have some workarounds to avoid this, but this morning none of those things happened so I knew even last night that this morning would be rough. (we got home late last night and she was already exhausted, she laid in bed for over an hour before falling asleep, we didn't pick out clothes last night, she ate breakfast BEFORE getting dressed, to name a few)

So, her and I are standing in front of her wardrobe trying to decide on an outfit. I have a dress picked out that is perfect for today's weather (short sleeves for the warmer afternoon, but not sleeveless where she'll be cold in the morning) so I'm trying to convince her of that dress. She will NOT wear something I pick unless she deems it a "Mama pick day" which is rare. But I'm trying to hurry us along. Finally she decides on a short-sleeved shirt. But of course now we need something on the bottom. Leggings are the obvious choice but she doesn't love wearing leggings without a skirt or dress over them so then she wants to pick a skirt. There's just one that would match, but she says "that one makes walking harder" so that one is out. I say something trying to hurry her along and she says "THIS TAKES TIME, MAMA" and I go on to explain that it doesn't need to take time - Daddy, Laney and Mama had clothing picked out and on our bodies in minutes so I didn't think it needed to take this long. That struck a nerve so the tears started to flow and she shouts "YOU ARE THE WORST THE WORST THE WORST MAMA AND DADA EVAH!". (I can't even remember what poor John did to get lumped in there with me.) This is her go to lately when she feels defeated. I just go along with it and tell her that even if I'm terrible, I love her an awful lot. Eventually she comes around after getting herself dressed in the tee and just leggings, but it was touch and go.

On the way out of the house she did tell us she is just kidding when she says that and that she still loves us. I sense a bit of her Mama's guilty conscience, especially before separating for the day, in my little mini me. She's got my sensitivity AND my guilty conscience. You're welcome, baby.


The 2016 Spring school picture

Charley has done really well in preschool these last two years. She's in the three year old class this year and they did parent-teacher conferences that I really enjoyed. It's not often that someone else gets to tell me about my daughter, especially in instances that are different than ones I know her in. Her teachers love her; I could just tell from the visit. They mentioned how mature she was and that she stayed away from some of the three year old drama that occurred with some of her classmates. This very well could be because she's the oldest in the class, but it made me proud anyway.

She's got a handful of "best friends" that she talks about all the time. She doesn't tell me a whole lot about her school days unless I dig and dig, but she's getting better about it. The thing I seem to hear most often is that she tells her teachers when a classmate is not following the rules or if they hurt someone else...even if the person that got hurt doesn't tell the teachers. She's leaning towards being a tattle, but I don't want to discourage her from talking to her teachers if she feels the need to, so I'm going to let that sort itself out. She's just a rule follower that maybe doesn't always want to follow the rules so she gets a little jealous when so and so wears sandals to school instead of tennis shoes and socks like is recommended, for example. I have to do the whole "well, their Mom and Dad make decisions that they think is best for their child, so we have to make decisions on what is best for Charley and those things may differ." Does she get it? Probably not, but I'm going with it.


Speaking of making decisions that others may not deem as good for their child(ren), I strapped Laney into the passenger seat of Charley's little car last weekend and Charley thought it was the BEST. THING. EVER. She's been begging to do it again ever since.

Laney may not have agreed with Charley that this was the BEST THING EVER.

I used our Beco carrier and tightened the straps as tight as they'd go, and they just so happened to be just the right length to go around Laney's torso and the back of the seat. So since there are three buckles (one over each shoulder and one around the waist) I felt that the triple buckle was secure enough to let her ride around in the grass while I ran alongside them. I am positive that Beco designed their carriers to be able to double as a seat belt. ;)

Anyway, again, Charley just loved it. She gets so darn excited that Laney is starting to be able to be included in play. While Charley does get jealous of snuggles if she feels Laney is getting more than her, she is still pretty great with sharing toys with her. When she isn't in the mood to share, or she's worried that the small pieces of something may hurt Laney, she just shuts her bedroom door to play. She's very concerned with helping us keep Laney safe and Charley will just SOB if she accidentally hurts Laney.

So far so good on the sister thing.


Gaga (my mom) remains one of Charley's very favorite people on the planet. They share dirt soup together, they go on walks in the woods together, they pretend to be Fred and Daphne together (my moms favorite activity to do with her - ha!), they plant flowers together. I struggle with keeping Charley at our house on the weekends so that Gaga can have time on weekends to do as she pleases too because if we step foot outside Charley immediately starts walking in Gaga's direction. 

I love their close relationship.


I just love my girl. 


Megan said...

Yay for work blogging! I loved this update. They sure say some funny things, huh?! I need to do the same update, so thank you for the inspiration :)

Rachael said...

Timmy makes a huge production out of getting dressed sometimes too. It's so annoying. 'Just pick a top and pick a bottom, it doesn't have to be that hard!' Oh, and I told Tim last night we should just put him to bed in his school clothes, but he wasn't impressed with that idea.

JEN said...

She is just so beautiful.