Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Weekend

It was a good one!

Not a whole lot planned but we seemed to get a whole lot done, despite the house still being messy as we go to bed tonight. But we were on a major project kick, so anytime we weren't playing with our girls we were working on projects around the house. I feel accomplished!

So, I really have to give John so much of the credit. While I come up with things I'd like to do or buy, he really is the 99% doer. While I know my task is important too (keep the kids alive and the house in order-ish so one of us can work on house stuff), his really takes the cake when I think about how much that man can accomplish in such a short amount of time. Y'all - HE. DID. NOT. STOP today. Until around 8:45 when he headed to my sister's house to watch The Walking Dead with my brother-in-law, he worked. And man. Let me tell you - I am THANKFUL. Truly.

So. Lets do a paragraph 'Day In John's Life'. Wake up when Charley comes in our room around 7. She gets in the bed to snuggle, so he goes ahead and gets out. Makes coffee, realizes we don't have much for breakfast and heads to the store. Comes back, makes breakfast and feeds us all. Goes to the basement and brings up our end tables that he put the last coat of paint on last night. Reassembles the drawers and puts them in place. Then we go to Home Depot to pick out tile for a little project I came up with last week. Stopped by my parent's house to get a tile saw and got straight to work on that. Thinset, tile placement, cuts, etc etc. Gets the entire project done and says we'll have to wait 24 hours for grout. Then goes outside and cuts the grass. I left for one hour and while I'm gone (both girls were sleeping) he hangs up a porch swing I scored at a garage sale. I get back home and we test out the swing and it squeaks a little, so then he gets the ladder and tools back out to fix the squeak. Comes in, makes dinner for all of us. Feeds Laney her dinner and then eats his. Then, realizes he can actually grout today, so mixes up some grout and finishes that. Wipes it down, invites me to admire it (I LOVE it!) and then cleans up all the tools. Throw in doing the dishes a couple times and then leaving to go to my sister's house and that's basically his day. Insane, right?

So! The tile project. I was trying to think of what I wanted inside the mantel surround in our bedroom. I knew I didn't want to do the same thing as we did in the living room with the log pieces, but I just couldn't figure out what to do. Finally one day at work last week it came to me and I emailed him - tile! We went and picked it out today and I really couldn't be happier with it. It goes so well with our freshly painted walls (thanks to John from last weekend).


Charley's desk was starting to always be a total disaster. We had upgraded her little desk we started out with to a larger desk that we scored for free, but it just wasn't functional still and remained messy at all times. I came up with a couple ideas to help it be more functional but just needed a couple things from IKEA to make it happen. We went to IKEA yesterday morning to get those things, and then spent a good chunk of time afterwards hanging stuff up and reorganizing.


We used the curtain wire hangers to hang up artwork above the desk where a shelf used to be. (Oh yeah - yesterday when we took the shelf down John patched the holes and repainted too. Ok, ok. I'll stop.) And then we used a couple of IKEA spice racks on the inside of the desk to hold her paints and glitter and all. I really needed a place for coloring books and paper so I took a peruse around our storage room in the basement and saw these flower window boxes that I got at a yard sale a few years ago and hadn't used yet. Those were perfect, so we hung them up to store that kind of stuff. I love it! It looks a tad cluttery, but it is tucked away in a corner that you don't really see and it already is so much more functional for Charley. She plays at this desk every single day so I'm hoping it continues to be functional for her.


It wasn't all work all weekend though! We also spent a lot of time outside yesterday and today. Yesterday my sister and brother-in-law had a fire/hot-dog cookout at the property they bought next door so we hung out and played over there for a couple hours.

We had hot dogs and s'mores, and then we played with a Chinese jump rope we got at IKEA earlier in the day. Then we used it as a limbo bar until dark.

12806255_10153896996336772_1126927991422248863_n 12794506_10153896996671772_5477820274098243345_n12717928_10153896996751772_6250267405848823349_n

That is John limboing in that last picture. Proof he didn't work the whole weekend away! We had a lot of fun though and we were home before 8:00! Perfect evening! But it did make me want to go camping ASAP. So, we are planning something soon!

Oh! So that porch swing John hung. Last weekend I spontaneously decided to check out 2 yard sales (we don't go in the winter usually - no need to get up early for only a couple sales) and one of them was SO GOOD. I ended up getting a really nice porch swing for $40 and then an iron kid's bench for $5, not to mention TWO really big nice woven rugs for $5...FOR BOTH. They were moving and were just trying to get rid of it all, so they had some awesome deals. They didn't include the hardware for hanging up the porch swing, though, just the chains and actual swing. When I got it home John remembered that last year I came home with swing hardware still in the package from another yard sale that I got for just $1 because I thought it might work for the swings we hung under the deck. It didn't, though, but he hung onto it anyway. It was actually just what we needed for this swing though! How crazy, right? So that is now hung, and there is a tiny spot for my two little loves to sit, too. 


Man, I love a productive weekend. On top of that I finished up tagging stuff for a consignment sale and dropped that stuff off today. As crazy as it sounds though, there was still time for tire swings and just having fun.

But now? Now it is time for bed. Remind me how thrilled I was with our productive weekend when I'm struggling through the morning at work. 

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JEN said...

Wow! You should clone your husband. I like your swing!