Thursday, March 31, 2016


Y'all. The big ol' meanies at work are blocking websites left and right. A few weeks ago Facebook was blocked - first time in NINE years that I haven't been able to get on Facebook from work. I spend many a lunch at my desk perusing the internet, so having that suddenly blocked has dampened my lunchy spirits. How dare they! But, blogger was safe, so I was happy that I could at least attempt to blog during lunch here and there. But I guess they weren't done on stripping me from all of my lunchtime happiness because a couple days ago, blogger too was blocked. And I quietly wept at my desk. I am afraid to mention that I am still able to read blogs both through my reader and on the actual blog pages (so blogger is blocked, but anything with blogspot is still ok, for example) because I'm sure they are just looking at our browsing history and axing things. It's not nice, guys. I know you have seen this site listed in the browsing history and are reading without me knowing (I know), but it really isn't nice. Have you ever tried blogging from a phone? TERRIBLE. Oh! And before blogger got the ax I still wasn't able to finish a post and publish it during lunch time because the site I use to host my pictures, Flickr, had already been blocked too. THEY ARE STEALING MY JOY, Y'ALL. So now I'm blogging from home instead of over lunch and darn it - this is my time to crawl in bed and Netflix. But I'm not giving this place up. I'll fight for you, bloggy friends! Post some (non) threatening comments to our IT guys so they'll accidentally move blogger (and Flickr!) back over to the safe list.

So. What else has been going on? Well, I'll tell you!

We are about 95% done with our bedroom updates. I hesitate to use the word 'updates' because it was never originally set up/painted/decorated to begin with. Just plopped our furniture down almost 3 years ago and it had been that way ever since. But regardless, it looks much better now! 


One day I'll learn to take pictures in the daytime so the colors aren't all wonky and the natural light helps me out. One day.


Laney had croup again last week. Her second time with it, but Charley never had it so we are still newbies with it. But that cough is instantly recognizable so at least it is pretty darn easy to diagnose. She is just now getting over the 7-10 day cold that follows it. And she was generous and shared it with me as well. But! I woke up with it Monday morning and my nose ran like a freaking faucet all day Monday and then again on Tuesday, but maybe not quite as bad as Monday. Then yesterday and today - all clear! I don't do cold medicines if I can help it since my doctor once told me that cold medicines make you feel better in the interim, but prolong the length of the cold overall. So far it seems what he said was right though! Go immune system, go! Ha.

Snuggling with Aunt Christy on one of her sickly days. Or maybe a teething day. I can't remember.
In related news, as Laney is getting over her cold she is pulling at her ears. She is prone to the after-cold-ear-infection, so that would just be lovely too. But no fever so far and ate, drank, and slept great today so I'm leaning more towards the ear pulling being a teething symptom. Why can't teething symptoms be as clear as croup symptoms?!


So I downloaded Snapchat because two of my very bestest friends are not on Facebook but are both Snapchatters. It is.....interesting. My main problem is that I don't think I can snapchat a picture I took earlier. Like it has to be a live, just took it kind of deal. And most of the time I snap the picture and post it to Instagram or Facebook later when I get a chance, so it is not second nature to open the app and send it right away. Maybe I'll get the hang of it and I'll be cool again. Doubtful, though.


How does this always happen? So, y'all know I do Stitch Fix, right? (That's a referral link) Well, I have gotten some great things with it but the last couple have irritated me because I felt like they weren't listening to what I wanted AT ALL and just sending me every last black top that ever existed in the world. So I had decided to quit altogether or maybe just pause the service for a while. Then my sister joined through my link and I got $25! YAY! So, obviously I decided I'd quit after just one more fix so I could spend my referral dollars. The shipment should get here tomorrow, but guys. It looks like it might be my best one ever!


How do they DO that?  As soon as they detect my interest was waning they pulled out all the stops and gave me a fix that is right up my alley. Well, mostly up my alley. I don't think there is a question on the personal style questionnaire about skin tone. Because if there was and I told them how pale I was I doubt they would send me that all white dress. But the rest of it just screams Lacey to me. So, hope it fits! 

And after that - what do I do?! Do I ask to keep the same stylist and continue on? Or do I stick with my guns and give it a rest for a while? Decisions are so harddddddddd.


Speaking of fitting in my clothing, clothing is fitting much better these days. I joined Weight Watchers on March 1st, and have lost 10 of the 20 pounds I'd like to lose so far. GO ME! Of course I remember from doing it before that it comes off much quicker at first and then levels out to maybe a pound or two a week from there, but still. I'm really happy with the results so far. I knew Weight Watchers worked for me since I did it pre-wedding back in 2009, so it was more of a mental thing to be ready to get back on the plan and re-learn what healthy portion sizes were. And well, healthy food in general. Which, as you know, is tough for a non-vegetable eater like myself. I may or may not have Googled "diets for picky eaters" prior to giving Weight Watchers another go. Guess what? There really aren't any. I know that shocks no one. So I'm glad that Weight Watchers works with my ridiculous eating habits that I cannot grow out of so I'm not forced to eat lettuce. DON'T MAKE ME EAT LETTUCE!


Jekyll Island, Georgia. Have you been there? What's there to see? What's there to do? We are going there this summer and will all be newbies to the island so we want to see it all and do it all! Of course I'll rely on my trusty friend Trip Advisor, but I've gotten great advice on other trips we've taken from y'all, so hoping someone will come through for me this time too. 

And while we are on the topic of vacations, John and I are also going on a quick cruise to the Bahamas soon (that's where the whole Weight Watchers motivation originated!). Neither of us have ever cruised, or Bahamaed, so some suggestions on cruising and/or stuff to do on our one port day in Nassau is welcomed! I got a ton of great advice when I asked on Facebook already, but maybe you have something super awesome that we hadn't considered yet. 


Ok. Obligatory pictures of my babies to follow, and that's it for now. If you guys get my work IT department to change the block settings of Blogger by leaving them really nice persuasive comments, (they really are nice guys!) then I'll send all of you a cookie! 


They are so big, right!? 


diana bowers said...

I get so aggravated when I post comments from my phone, and they get eaten.

For four years, all social networking sites have been blocked at work. On top of that, no reliable Internet at home, so my blog has slowly died. :(
So Lacey's IT, pleeeeeaaase unblock the social sites because I need to read Lacey's blog. It's funny and entertaining (ad I'm sure you now know).

Awesome work with WW. SF did well this month, but I would make a comment about skin tone if you keep using SF.

All I remember about Jekyll Island is riding bikes during the day all over the island and ghost crab hunting at night. I was maybe 5. My brother was 3, amd he kept up!

Jessica said...

Back when I wanted to hide my blog from the IT people at work I'd just write in Microsoft Word and copy-paste into my (personal) email when the post was "done." At home I'd transfer into blogger and add pictures.

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