Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Laney: 10 Months

Laney is 10 months old now and is so darn big already! Goodness.


At her 9 month appointment a couple weeks ago, Laney was 18 pounds 9 ounces and 27.5" long. So far there has been about a pound between Charley and Laney's stats at the same ages, but Laney has taken a leap this month. Charley was just 16 pounds 12 ounces and 27.5" long at the same age. So, same height, but Laney has a full two pounds on her.

She has definitely moved out of most of her 9 month clothing (just an outfit or two still work) and 12 month clothing fits the best. However, we really don't have much 12 month clothing for chillier temperatures and have a ton of 18 month long sleeved/pant items, so we've been wearing that size during the season transition. They really aren't that big at all and I don't see the point in buying clothes that are only going to be useful for another few weeks. Her 12 month pajamas were all too short so she is wearing 18 month in pajamas too. I went ahead and moved her up to a size 4 diaper. I think she could have stayed in the 3's for another pound or two but I already had several size 4 boxes so I chose the lazy route.


Laney is on the move! She crawls, although sometimes not in a very traditional crawling stance, but it works for her. It seems like the majority of the time she does her weird crawl with one leg up when she is on the hardwood floors, so maybe it makes it easier to not slip by crawling this way.

This particular day Charley was in her room crying over something and little sister was very concerned and made a beeline to her room to go check on her. She had just started crawling a day or two before this so this was the first time she was making her way across the house and I thought it was so cute!
She pulls up to her knees pretty often, and this morning was actually the first time I'd seen her pull up to standing, too. She was standing in her crib waiting for us this morning and I about died from the cuteness. It goes way too fast.


Laney. LOVES. Food. All kinds, every kind. She definitely seems to be like her daddy so far in the eating department because he also eats everything. I remember Charley being a much better eater as a baby though so I know not to put too much stock in this stage as a sign for their future eating habits. So far they are both TONS better than me so I hope it stays that way. Laney also loves water, and can chug some water down in a straw cup.

Also, we are done nursing. She just wasn't getting enough from nursing anymore so formula it is. It was almost exactly the same amount of time as I nursed Charley too which was really weird. I do feel a little sad to be done with nursing forever but I am so thankful that I was able to experience it with both my girls.



We have one tooth! (Last month I said both bottom teeth were poking through but I was wrong - just the one.) It is still not all the way in and is taking its sweet time coming in, but it is there. The pediatrician pointed out some bulging gums up top a couple weeks ago at her appointment but we haven't seen any activity there yet.


Laney says Mama, Dada, bye bye, cat, dog and mimics some barking sounds. She can nod her head yes and no and sometimes she really floors me when I ask her a question and she nods yes or no in response. I'm not sure if she really understands what I ask, but she sure knows how to fake it. She can also wave which we all know is one of the cutest baby things ever. But why won't these stubborn babies do it on demand to the stranger in the store?! Wave, baby, WAVE. She's also very LOUD and very talkative. Two things I most definitely am not.


She is still very much attached to her bunny lovey blankets. She also loves that hairbrush she's holding in that picture, and I think her favorite toy of all is the Little People Zoo she got for Christmas. She loves that thing and can sit and play with it for 30 minutes. She's just about over the jumperoo and the other baby wrangling piece of equipment that she walks circles in (this one). She doesn't mind the walker and can get all over the house in it.


She's just a happy little chunky thing and I love her so much. Her and Charley truly love each other and I can't wait to see the ups and downs of them growing up together.


Charley on the left, Laney on the right

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JEN said...

She is such a little sweetheart. Enjoy every second!