Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not Cool

It's not cool...... be a picky eater. I will never be a cool foodie. be an accountant. "Bean counter! Bahahahah!" be a thrifty shopper/yard sale shopper/consignment sale shopper. Unless of course you call it thrifting or if you are buying vintage. be pale and unable/unwilling to tan.

Baby or no baby - this white girl stays under the umbrella! watch Survivor anymore. Or maybe ever? I'm so uncool that I don't even know if it ever was cool in the first place. Much less to still be a big fan and still watching. (Started back tonight! Woo!) have a cat instead of a dog. be a non-athlete. enjoy puzzles - either of the jigsaw variety or even the Variety Puzzle book variety. NERD ALERT! have been in band in school. Band dropout or not, I was still a band geek.

scan0004 carry around a gigantic camera and flash attachment. Nor does my neck think that's very cool, either. wear glasses. Gah. This is a fairly new thing for me so I'm still getting used to this one too. FOUR EYES!

Untitled BLOG for goodness sakes. 

You know what is cool(ish)?

To own it. I'm uncool to the nth degree!


Jessica said...

Glasses-wearing, puzzle-loving, band dropout, cat owner, and accountant over here!

Rachael said...

You're funny! And you're cool in my book (although I could have written one of these posts about myself, so it's doubtful you want my endorsement.:)