Saturday, February 6, 2016

Laney: 9 Months

Before I start typing each monthly update, I go back and read the prior month's update so I can see what has changed. This little phase we are in right now is just amazing with how quick everything changes. Every month when I reread the prior month's entry I am just shocked at how things were so different just one month prior! Crazy!

Laney is now 9 months old. We're moving right along at great speed.


As of just 3 days ago, we officially have teeth poking through her gums (which technically would be month 10 but whatever). I think we were absolutely sure Laney was teething for about 4 months. Ha. Either those were the slowest teeth ever to break through the gums or we were just wrong. Regardless, I've yet to see those teeth and it is a fight to try to feel them. That girl can hold her mouth closed so tight and if you get a finger in there her tongue will push it out or block your efforts. But, a few times I have confirmed the tops of those two bottom teeth while feeling her gums with my finger and making her MAD at the same time. She's a feisty one for sure!


Since last month, she's moved her bedtime up even more. She now cannot really last a minute past 8:00. We need to have pajamas on and a sleep sack at the ready around 7:50 and should go ahead and make the nighttime bottle because she will be D-O-N-E right around that time. If you save those tasks until after she's d-o-n-e she will let you know you've messed up. At 8:00 on the dot she needs to be finished with her bottle if not already done. She then gets laid down in her crib with a bunny lovey on either side of her. She immediately grabs one of them, stuffs a bunny ear or a corner into her mouth and rolls over to her side and falls asleep. She usually wakes up somewhere in the 7-8:00 range.


Despite appearances, she's still not officially mobile . Although she can scoot and maneuver herself all over a room, she doesn't do anything you would consider being mobile like crawling, army crawling or rolling. With just a combination of reaching and twisting, she somehow she moves herself from one side of the room to another. (I just had an idea! I need to capture that on time lapse because I'm still not really sure exactly how she does it!) Also, my sister and I have both noticed that she will be on her belly somewhere playing and then a few minutes later she will be sitting up again. Which, yes, is something babies learn how to do but neither one of us have ever actually seen it happen. Tonight I tried to pay close attention when I noticed she was on her belly while I was folding laundry. I dug through the basket for a sock - I swear it was just that fast - and I looked back down and she was sitting up! But I saw NONE of the maneuvering it took to sit back up. It's magic! Haha.


She's a sneaky one too. Although she won't even move her feet or bend her knees when you hold her hands to try to get her to walk, she is a pro at that walker. She loves going through drawers and anything at her level. Charley never really got into cabinets and all that so we still have an unopened package of cabinet door locks that we may be using this time. And she's also sneaky with putting things she finds in her mouth. We've had to pay really close attention to spot all small objects before she does after we dug two different possibly dangerous things (a screw from a battery compartment and a bead from Charley's necklace!) out of her mouth this month. This one isn't letting us get by with anything!


She is my chunkster for sure. There are just a couple 9 month outfits that still fit (mainly length is the problem - the outfit fits but pants are too short) so she is wearing 12 month for the most part. I may even see what the size 4 diapers look like on her after we finish our box of size 3's. I don't have an official 9 month weight yet as her appointment is next week, but I'm guessing 17 pounds or so.


She saw her first snow ice mixture of white stuff and went down her first hill on a sled. Just kidding. She came out for all of 5 minutes for that picture and that was it.


Fun fact! This swinging picture and that icy/snowy picture were taken exactly 1 week apart. Ahhh Charlotte.

But y'all. This baby has the best hair! I love love loved having my bald baby Charley but having a baby with some hair is fun too. It's getting fuller and fuller and is so baby soft and fuzzy. And blonde! I rub my cheek on that fuzzy head about a bajillion times a day.


So, food! Besides eating plastic chocolate chip cookies, she also is a fan of... everything else we've given her. She can chow down on some food these days. We usually do a spoon fed breakfast and lunch, but at dinner time she has bites of food that she feeds herself. She loves it all. We tried peanut butter last week and she didn't show any signs of an allergy so I think we are in the clear there. I can't say what her favorite is because she eats anything and everything with such tenacity. She likes to EAT!

She's also mastered the straw sippy cup too somehow. I remember it being something we had to keep practicing with Charley, but I think because Laney sucks those pouches down she knew just what to do when we gave her a straw cup. She enjoys feeding herself dinner and washing it all down with sips of water she gives herself. Such a big girl!

She only nurses in the mornings now and has formula for all other bottles of the day.


Laney has started saying Mama(mamamaa) also this month! She has said it with intention several times so I'm counting it. I cannot believe she said Mama before Dada! (Take that, John!) She is definitely a Mama's girl so far too. If she sees me, she wants me as close as possible to her. I'm not complaining though.

She also signs "more" and "all done" on occasion. It's not consistent yet but she has correctly used both signs a couple of times. Sometimes with "more" she also starts saying the "mamamamamaa" thing which I think she is trying to say "more more more more more" instead of Mama but it's too soon to tell.


This was the last month we were able to do the blanket picture with Charley so we will see if Laney will still cooperate next month. These two sisters totally love each other so far and I am constantly amazed at how sweet and helpful Charley is to her.


Happy 9 months Laney Bug!


diana bowers said...

I love her snow picture! Can't believe she's 9 months already...sounds like Laney is going to keep you on your toes though

Heather said...

Such a sweet girl! This is one of my favorite ages; smiley, squishy thighs, kind of mobile... but not really. And, I love the princess pic of Charley and Laney. :)