Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Laney: 7 Months

My goodness this little love of mine. She's the SWEETEST little baby & we all love her so.


7 months!

Guess what? Another good month in Laneyville. Not a whole lot new to report that has changed from last month, either.


She's still sleeping great and I've even figured out naps at home, too. She's taking 2 good naps each day (2-3 hours in the morning, 1-2 hours in the afternoon) and still sleeps the same at night - from about 9-6:30 on weekdays, 9-7:30/8 on weekends. She is also getting really attached to her lovey blankets. This is the same age that Charley got really attached to hers also and the love for them is still going strong 4 years later, so I'm prepared to see her little bunny blankets around for a long time. I always thought it was pretty odd how Charley sucked on the corners of her blankets to self soothe as I hadn't heard of or seen many other babies do that before. But Laney seems to be doing the same thing! She either finds the tag of them and sucks on that, or just grabs a corner and shoves it in her mouth just like her big sister does. Weird right? But hey, whatever works.

She does not sleep on me at all, except if she falls asleep after nursing and I remain COMPLETELY still. Even the slightest adjustment and she wakes up. So I tend to stay put for a few minutes just to soak up this sweetness since it is so few and far between. Darn independent babies.


We are doing 2 "solid" meals a day still this month. Still purees for the most part, but I do let her try tiny pieces of whatever we are having pretty often also. So far only pears remain on the yucky list. She's also working on that pincer grasp and feeding herself puffs and Cheerios. Nursing is still the same - once in the mornings and 3 times in the evenings. I'm down to just pumping once at work and I'm very ready to drop that too. She has gotten over her hate of formula which also helps me with the breakup with the pump. With Charley I'd already quit pumping at this point and was just nursing her when we were together so I bet I'll be doing the same with Laney very soon.


She's celebrated two of her first holidays this past month - Halloween and Thanksgiving. I tried to give her a few bites of a real Thanksgiving meal but she wasn't too interested. I tried giving her sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and macaroni but she wasn't really a fan of any of those yet.


She's still not very mobile. She doesn't really like to lay down much these days so she doesn't even roll much anymore. She prefers sitting so she just sits there. (Which, lets be honest, is the BEST part of babyhood as far as mobility goes. They are happy to sit and play play play!) She's starting to reach further and further for toys while sitting which I think I remember leading to crawling with Charley. I did break out the walker and she's had a tiny bit of practice in that. [What am I doing!? Encouraging mobility!?]


No teeth yet, either, but I am feeling pretty confident they will be here before the next monthly update.


In the nickname department, the names that John and I call her most often (besides Laney, of course) are: Laney Boo, Laney Bug, Shuggie, or just sweetie or baby. My sister calls her Squishy and my mom calls her McGillicuddy, which, has no meaning whatsoever but is just what came out one day and has stuck. (She calls Charley tootsie.)

Laney loves: baths, eating, her sister, laughing, swinging, jumping (in her jumperoo), being outside, and being tickled.

Laney's not a fan of: carseats, having her face wiped, or laying down to play.


She was 15 pounds 7 ounces a couple weeks ago and 26.75" long. In comparison, Charley was 14 pounds 6 ounces and 25 inches long at the same time. Laney has stayed about a pound and an inch larger than her sister since birth. At least they are consistent! She's still wearing 6-9 or 6-12 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.


I cannot get enough of her gummy WIDE open mouth smiles. Happy 7 months, doll baby!


JEN said...

She is the sweetest!

Kara Keenan said...

She is adorable.

My kids liked sucking on tags too. There's a whole line of products called "Taggies" that have those satin loops on them specifically for this. Blankets, dolls, toys, everything.