Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Laney: 6 Months

This whole second child thing speeds up the aging/growing process to WARP SPEED. 6 months already when I still feel like I have a newborn! What the what?! I remember reading other moms say this before I had baby number 2, so basically I'm just saying I get it and I agree.

So, 6 months!


This month brought a lot of firsts. First time....

sitting unassisted
flying on a plane
reaching to be held
going to Disney
getting sick (colds & croup)
spending a night away from Mama
trying formula
swimming in a pool


It was another good month for little miss Laney bug.

She's still sleeping great overall, but is not as consistent as Charley was. She will have a random wake-up in the middle of the night which always makes me think we aren't feeding her enough during the day. Hence us starting solids last month. And then just last night she woke at 4 to nurse so today I sent solids to my sister's house to add on another meal during the day. Ha! Not sure if that is really the issue but the answer is always: MORE FOOD. Maybe that is my personal problem too.


Naps are still the same. Wonderful at my sister's, not so much at home. (Very similar to Charley! Assuming this is another ME problem. I should just let my sister adopt them!) On Halloween she napped for a whopping ONE hour the whole day. She usually gets 4+. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but at least she's with my sister for 5 days versus me for just 2.

So, solids. We don't do the whole baby-led weaning thing so we are doing purees right now. I've even given her (GASP!) oatmeal cereal. [Apparently some people feel strongly against baby cereal these days. Most of them also feel strongly against buying baby food so obviously I'm not in their camp. Mama ain't go no time to be making baby food.] Anyways, oatmeal was what we started Charley with to get some practice with the spoon and fill up her little belly more, so I bought a box to give Laney sometimes as well. It is much easier to throw a veggie or fruit pouch and a spoon and a bib in a bag though so she gets purees more often. Regardless, she's doing really well with them and has only turned her nose up at pears so far. Loves any of the orangey ones best: sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes.


She is sitting up so well and is even learning to fall more gently. She's had a few head bonking falls too and a few of those were my fault. Either reacting too slow or trusting her new abilities too much. But my goodness I cannot wait to sit her and her sister in front of the Christmas tree and take their picture. I think that was the thing I was most giddy about when she started sitting up a few weeks ago. Hopefully the timing will work out where she is still not very mobile so I can just sit her there and snap pictures to my heart's content! But she may surprise me and start crawling soon. Charley was closer to 9 months before she crawled.


Bring out the baby toys. She's really enjoying toys now and tends to love blocks (which are harder for her to grasp and get in her mouth but she still loves them) and anything with a tag the best. She is very content to plop her in the floor with toys all around and just play. And toys are still new and interesting enough that just handing her one when she gets fussy in the car or on the changing table will calm her down instantly.


At her sick visit 2 weeks ago she was weighed and was around 15 pounds. I'll get an official measurement at her well appointment next week but I can definitely tell our time with the infant seat is ending soon. I am still finishing up the last of the size 2 diapers but she is ready for size 3. She is solidly in 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothing and I need to go ahead and take the 3-6 month out of her drawers.

In the comparison department, Charley was still about a pound smaller than Laney at the same age. She was scooting and rolling both ways (I still haven't seen Laney roll belly to back) and had her first two teeth pop through right at 6 months old. No signs of teeth yet for Laney, but she is sitting up already which is a little sooner than Charley. They both have been pretty attached to Mama at this age. No complaints about that at all. I think they are not looking as much alike these days, either.

Laney, Charley

I am still pumping twice a day at work (down from three times a day) and our frozen stash will be all used up this week. So that means next week 2/3 of her daily milk will still come from me pumping, and 1/3 will be formula. She tried formula this past month but didn't take much before she refused it, so we will have to work on her acquired taste for it over the weekend.

She can be a very serious baby at times!
Charley is truly a great big sister so far as I knew she would be. She constantly talks about how she cannot wait until she is old enough to play with her. I think that is coming very soon so I hope she doesn't change her mind when she's got to start sharing!


6 months have gone by in a flash! Love you Laney Beth!


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