Saturday, October 3, 2015

Laney: 5 Months

A few days ago Laney turned 5 months old! Here's the latest.


First let me say that month 5 is the BEST for taking pictures. They are so darn smiley and poseable at this age. They aren't mobile enough to escape from wherever you place them but they can pick up their heads really well for those awesome shots from this angle, which is my favorite angle for babies:


Basically, I love this month in babyhood!

Earlier this month she had her 4 month well check and was 13 pounds 7 ounces and 24.5". She's definitely moving into size 6-9 month clothing and is finishing up the last of the size 2 diapers. I debated before opening the last large box of diapers if I should exchange them for size 3, but I think we'll be okay in these before moving on up. So far the amount of diapers we have stockpiled has been the perfect amount for each size. And yay for another baby that has no brand preference.


Just in the last few nights (which technically was month 6 since the 29th was her 5 month birthday) Laney has woken up in the middle of the night. I obviously was not loving that. The first night was Wednesday night and she woke up at 2 in the morning and started fussing. I let her fuss for a few minutes hoping she'd go back to sleep but the fussing escalated to crying so I had to go in. I hoped for some belly rubs or something to get her back to sleep but she was having none of it. I ended up having to nurse her and 20 minutes later she was back asleep so I went back to my bed too. THEN! She woke AGAIN at 5 and it was the same deal. I was super tired at work that day. (Not to mention Charley was up twice that night too which was really odd. Luckily she goes to John at nights though so while she did wake me I didn't have to get up to take her back to bed.) The next night she slept all the way until 5 and woke to nurse again then too. I was getting a little worried that our good luck was about to end but the last two nights she went back to sleeping through the night and am hoping it continues.


Naps have still been really great....for my sister. She gets two really great naps out of her every day. Sometimes the afternoon one is 3+ hours long! At home, I get a couple hours in the morning for sure, but sometimes only an hour long one in the afternoons. And I have to work for those too. My sister has the magic napping touch for sure. (Charley still even takes long naps over there!)


Back to the waking in the night thing. So. Since it seemed she was waking because she was hungry I decided to fix that before it became a habit. If she was hungry, I'd give her more to eat at non-vampire hours! The doctor suggested six months to start solids, but I broke the rules a bit. I started giving her a bit to eat the last couple of evenings and she LOVES it. She's only had sweet potatoes so far but she was LOVING it both nights. So, I guess we're doing that now too. Otherwise we are still breastfeeding/pumping. The freezer stash took a hit this month but I will for sure be able to make it until at least 6 months before I may have to start supplementing. Funny - that's exactly when I had to start supplementing with Charley too.

Laney has officially quit the pacifier and has absolutely no interest in it anymore. She actually keeps putting her clothing or her sleep sack in her mouth and sucking on those whenever she gets the chance, so I went ahead and ordered her a lovey blanket like Charley's. So weird that they both (at least for now) like sucking on cloth items.


Also this month Laney became a very distracted eater. While both nursing and bottle feeding she will stop to look at whatever around her may be making noise. While annoying, it's not THAT big of a deal at home because who cares if she exposes me over and over and over. However, we will be in Disney World very soon and I'm a little concerned with how that's going to go there. I really didn't want to have to hole up in the nursing stations all day long since she takes so long to nurse so hoping we can figure out how to nurse in the Beco or if she will just do well with the nursing cover. We'll see! I definitely don't want to hassle with bottles and the pump and all that.

Laney and Charley LOVE each other so much right now. Charley is still very rarely jealous (let's wait and see how that is after Laney is mobile) and of course Laney just lights up when she enters the room. THAT is obviously a big part of our distraction problem too. But, oh well. Not a whole lot I can do about that.

I am still loving comparing the babies every month.



The hair and the chunk are still the biggest differences in their looks. I frequently read back over Charley's monthly blog updates and so far it is really surprising to me how similar they are reaching milestones and all. I have a feeling that as they get older their babyhoods are going to be blurred in my memory so I'm glad I'm a obsessive photo taker.

Some of her firsts this month include: first solids (even though technically after her 5 month birthday), first time swinging & first time in the bath with no infant tub or anything. Next month we will add first flight, first Disney trip & first sleepover to the list so it'll be a big month for Laney bug!


On to month 6! Love this baby doll!

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The Mrs./The Mom said...

If your sister is the nap whisperer- I'm sending my kids to her house too! I can see how the girls favor each other and that last picture... The cuteness!!!